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Where Is Sawgrass Golf Course? Let’s Tee Off and Find Out!

Last Updated on May 30, 2023

For avid golfers, the question of “where is Sawgrass golf course” has been asked for years. This legendary course, located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, offers some of the best and most challenging courses around. From its history to its modern-day design, this iconic location will have you wanting more after every tee-off. Come explore with us as we uncover all that Sawgrass Golf Course has to offer and find out why it’s become such a popular destination among professional players worldwide.

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Exploring the Legendary Sawgrass Golf Course

Situated in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, TPC Sawgrass Golf Course is renowned as one of the most celebrated golf courses globally. Since its inception in 1980, TPC Sawgrass Golf Course has welcomed the world’s best players and tournaments to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The course features two distinct nines – The Players Stadium Course and Dye’s Valley Course – which have been designed to challenge even the most experienced golfers.

The Players Stadium Course is known for its difficult par-3 17th hole, nicknamed “Island Green” due to its location surrounded by water. This hole has become a signature feature of TPC Sawgrass and a favourite among golf fans around the world. Professional golfers who have played this course often describe it as “tough but fair”, with well-placed bunkers, narrow fairways, and fast greens that make every shot count.

For those looking for a less challenging round of golf, there is also Dye’s Valley Course at TPC Sawgrass, which offers an enjoyable yet still competitive game experience for all levels of players. With wide fairways lined with towering pines and rolling hills throughout, this course provides plenty of opportunities to work on your game without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by more advanced players nearby. Plus, you can take advantage of practice facilities like putting greens and driving ranges before teeing off.

TPC Sawgrass stands out from other famous courses such as Pebble Beach or Bay Hill because it offers something unique that no other course does: A chance to play alongside professional PGA Tour players during their own tournaments at Players Stadium Course. This gives amateur players a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test their skills against some of today’s top professionals while experiencing firsthand what it takes to compete on tour-level courses like these found here in Northeast Florida.

Overall, playing at TPC Sawgrass promises an unforgettable experience for any golfer, regardless if they are starting out or already considered pros themselves. From testing your skills against some tough competition on the Players Stadium Course or simply enjoying a leisurely round on Dye’s Valley – you won’t be disappointed when visiting this legendary venue near Jacksonville Beach.

Key Takeaway: TPC Sawgrass is a legendary golf course in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida that offers something for every golfer – from the challenge of its Players Stadium Course to the leisurely round on Dye’s Valley. TPC Sawgrass offers a chance for amateurs to take on the pros, making it an ideal spot for any golfer wanting to challenge themselves against some of today’s top talent.

Teeing Off at Sawgrass

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TPC Sawgrass is a legendary golf course located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. It’s home to the Players Stadium Course, which hosts the annual Players Championship on the PGA Tour. A renowned venue for golfers of all levels, TPC Sawgrass, is an iconic course that has long hosted the Players Championship on the PGA Tour.

The layout at Sawgrass is unique and challenging. The fairways are narrow, with deep bunkers and water hazards that come into play on almost every hole. To make matters worse, there are no trees or other obstacles to help you navigate your way around this difficult track – just thick rough and fast greens.

For those who have never played here before, teeing off at Sawgrass can be intimidating. You need to be precise with your shots because any errant shot could end up wet or buried in a bunker. This is why players practice their short game so much before they arrive – putting accuracy is key when playing this course.

As for strategy, many pros recommend taking an aggressive approach at Sawgrass by hitting driver as often as possible off the tee boxes instead of laying up with irons or woods due to how tight some of the fairways are. While you may not always hit it straight down the middle each time, going for it can pay off if you find yourself close enough to reach par 5s in two shots or get birdies on par 4s where longer hitters have an advantage over shorter ones due to their ability to carry more distance with their drives.

Playing TPC Sawgrass isn’t like playing Pebble Beach or Bay Hill; it requires a different kind of mental toughness that only comes from experience and knowledge gained through trial and error during practice rounds leading up to tournament week. If you’re looking for an unforgettable round of golf while visiting Northeast Florida, then look no further than Dye’s Valley Course at TPC Sawgrass – remember that precision trumps power here every time.

Key Takeaway: TPC Sawgrass is a renowned golf course known for its difficult layout, deep bunkers and water hazards. Players must be precise with their shots, as any errant shot could end up in trouble. Aggressive driving off the tee can pay dividends here; however, precision trumps power every time at this legendary venue.

The History of Sawgrass

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The Sawgrass golf course is a legendary venue renowned for its iconic 17th hole and unique layout. Since 1982, The Players Championship has been held at the Sawgrass golf course annually due to its iconic 17th hole and unique layout designed by renowned golf architect Pete Dye. Its history dates back to 1974, when it was designed by renowned golf architect Pete Dye. He used his signature style of shaping bunkers and contours that make up the landscape of this iconic course.

Though the original design was altered to accommodate modern technology, these changes have only served to enhance its appeal and allure. For example, one notable change was the addition of an island green on the famous 17th hole, which has become an instantly recognisable feature around the world. This “island green” provides an exciting challenge for even seasoned professionals as they attempt to hit their ball onto it without taking too much risk or ending up in water hazards surrounding it.

Key Takeaway: Sawgrass is a renowned golf course, home to The Players Championship and other tournaments. It’s known for its iconic 17th hole with an island green that tests even the best players in the world; it also offers top-notch amenities such as practice facilities and locker rooms, making it one of America’s most beloved courses – truly a “hole in one”.

FAQs in Relation to Where Is Sawgrass Golf Course

How much does it cost to play the Sawgrass golf course?

The cost to play at Sawgrass golf course varies depending on the time of year and day. Generally, during peak season (April-October), it costs $459 per person for 18 holes with a cart included. During the off-season (November-March), the price drops to $349 per person for 18 holes with a cart included. Additionally, there are discounts available for seniors and military personnel, as well as twilight rates which start at 4 pm daily. All prices are subject to change.

Can the public play golf at TPC Sawgrass?

Yes, the public can play golf at TPC Sawgrass. The championship-style course is located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and has hosted some of the world’s most prestigious tournaments, such as The Players Championship and Web.com Tour events. It features 18 holes with a par 72 layout over 7,189 yards of the stunning scenery that includes lakes, bunkers and undulating greens to challenge players of all levels. Visitors are welcome to book tee times online or by phone for an unforgettable round on this legendary course.

Who owns the Sawgrass golf course?

The Sawgrass golf course is owned by the PGA Tour. It is located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and has been a staple of professional golf since its opening in 1980. The TPC at Sawgrass boasts two 18-hole courses: the Stadium Course and Dye’s Valley Course. The Stadium Course hosts the annual Players Championship, one of four major tournaments on the PGA Tour schedule each year. Each May, the Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass draws some of the top golfers from around the globe to vie for hefty sums in prize money.


From the stunning beauty of its natural surroundings to its challenging and memorable golfing experience, Sawgrass Golf Course is a must-play destination for any golfer. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable round or simply curious about where is Sawgrass golf course located, this legendary venue offers something special that will leave you with lasting memories. So don’t wait – book your tee time today.

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