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Behind the Greens: Who Owns Pebble Beach Golf Course?

Last Updated on June 7, 2023

Pebble Beach Golf Course is one of the most iconic golf courses in the world, known for its stunning views and challenging fairways. It has been a dream destination for many aspiring golfers since it opened to the public in 1919. But who owns this beloved course? This article seeks to answer that question by exploring Pebble Beach’s ownership history and current proprietor.

History of Pebble Beach Golf Course

Pebble Beach Golf Course is a world-renowned golf course located in Pebble Beach, California, on the Monterey Peninsula. It was first opened as the Del Monte Golf Club in 1897 and has since become one of the most iconic courses in the country, hosting six U.S. Open Championships from 1972 to 2019. The course is known for its stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and its challenging par-72 layout that incorporates several famous holes, such as “Hole 7” and “Hole 17.”

The ownership of Pebble Beach Golf Course has changed hands multiple times throughout its history. Originally owned by industrialist Charles Crocker, it was sold to entrepreneur Samuel Finley Brown Morse in 1919, who then donated it to Stanford University two years later due to financial difficulties. In 1929, after Stanford had failed to make improvements on the property, Pebble Beach was purchased by a group of investors led by Joseph Ritchie and Marion Hollins, who redeveloped and redesigned it with help from renowned golf architect Dr Alister MacKenzie. Today, Pebble Beach remains an independently owned enterprise managed by a private company called Pebble Beach Company which operates four championship golf courses along with other amenities at the resort, including dining options, hotels and spas.

Ownership Throughout the Years

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Pebble Beach Golf Course has seen a number of ownership changes throughout the years. In 1919, Samuel Morse purchased Pebble Beach and Cypress Point Club from the estate of James Phelan for $820,000. His family would go on to own it until 1947, when they began selling off parcels of land thanks to financial constraints.

In 1947, KSL Corporation was formed by prior owners such as David Jack Neville and other previous investors in order to purchase the remaining 2,800 acres that made up Pebble Beach. Under KSL’s guidance, Pebble Beach opened its first golf course – The Links at Spanish Bay – in 1987, while two more courses were added over time: Spyglass Hill in 1966 and Del Monte Golf Course in 1897.

KSL sold their interest in Pebble Beach Resorts & Hotels to Japanese billionaire Minoru Isutani’s company in 1999 with subsequent investments from various corporations, including International Motorsports Corporation (IMSA), later leading to an eventual sale to current owner Arnold Palmer Company for an undisclosed amount in 2018. Throughout its history, many have become invested in preserving this iconic golf course so future generations can enjoy it just as much as those before them have.

Ownership Since 2018

A new era of ownership for Pebble Beach took place in 2018. A group of golf course investors, which included the TGR Group, purchased the majority stake in the property from the current owners, a consortium led by Arnold Palmer and Clint Eastwood. The purchase marked a turning point for Pebble Beach, as it now had an established team that was committed to preserving its history while modernising it into one of the premier resorts in the world. In order to provide insight into who is part of this ownership group, a 3-column and 5-row table has been provided below:

Tiger Woods & TGR GroupFounder & Managing MemberProfessional golfer and entrepreneur Tiger Woods founded the TGR Group, providing investment opportunities with long-term goals throughout his career. He serves as a managing member of the ownership group at Pebble Beach.
Discovery Land CompanyInvestment PartnerSpecialising in development services and private club management, Discovery Land Company joined forces with TGR to help invest capital towards improving all aspects of Pebble Beach’s resort amenities.
The Miller Family TrustsOwnership PartnersLed by Larry Miller’s son Steve Miller Jr., this trust helps manage day-to-day operations and provides financial support for future investments into Pebble Beach Golf Links.
Baird CapitalInvestment PartnerBaird Capital manages global growth equity strategies through their venture capital firm that has helped fund numerous successful projects at Pebble Beach over recent years.
Arnold Palmer/Clint Eastwood ConsortiumPrevious OwnersThis consortium previously owned Pebble Beach since 1999 until they sold their majority stake to TGR Group in 2018; they remain minority shareholders today.

Since 2018, these five entities have come together to form an ownership network dedicated to preserving and enhancing both the historical legacy and worldly appeal of Pebble Beach Resort. From investing capital towards expanding recreational activities such as golfing or spa visits to renovating guest rooms or making improvements to dining experiences – each partner brings something unique and essential to ensure success for many years ahead. By forming such a strong alliance between individual members with different areas of expertise not only does it benefit those within but also every visitor that comes upon this timeless destination nestled along California’s central coastline.

Investment Group in Charge of the Course

Pebble Beach is owned by the Pebble Beach Company, an investment group that acquired the golf course in 1999. This company operates a number of other facilities and courses, such as The Lodge at Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill Golf Course, Del Monte Golf Course, Spanish Bay Links and Peter Hay Golf Course.

The primary purpose of this investment group is to ensure that these various properties are maintained for public use and enjoyment. To achieve this goal, they have implemented several policies, including:

  • Ensuring all properties remain accessible to guests without bias or discrimination
  • Preserving natural resources through responsible management practices
  • Creating jobs and economic opportunities within the local community
  • Supporting educational initiatives related to environmental conservation efforts

In order to maintain their mission statement and continue operating Pebble Beach successfully, the investment group strives to uphold high standards with regard to customer service experience and overall quality. They provide amenities such as dining options, lodging services, spa treatments, entertainment activities and more which contribute significantly towards making Pebble Beach one of the most desirable golf courses on the planet.


Pebble Beach Golf Course is one of the world’s most renowned and iconic golf courses. Located in Pebble Beach, California, this course has become synonymous with championship golf and continues to draw avid golfers from all over the world. The sheer beauty of the landscape, combined with its challenging layout, make it a favourite among professional players as well as recreational ones. From the breathtaking views to the unique design, Pebble Beach provides an experience like no other.

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