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Where Is the Belfry Golf Course? Tee Off to Find Out!

Last Updated on May 29, 2023

The Belfry Golf Course is a legendary golfing destination located in the heart of England. It’s been the site of many major tournaments and has hosted some of the world’s best players over its history, but for those who don’t know where it is or what it offers – Where is The Belfry Golf Course? This blog post will explore this very question by looking at both its location and facilities, as well as providing a brief overview of its rich history. So whether you’re an avid golfer seeking to test your skills on one of Europe’s most challenging courses or simply curious about what lies beyond these hallowed grounds – join us as we delve deep into discovering exactly where The Belfry Golf Course can be found.

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Location of the Belfry Golf Course

Belfry Golf Course, in Warwickshire’s Wishaw, England, is conveniently situated near the M42 motorway and close to Birmingham Airport and East Midlands Airport. It is situated just off the M42 motorway and within easy reach of Birmingham Airport and East Midlands Airport. The course itself covers an area of over 200 acres, making it one of the largest golf courses in Europe.

Since its opening in 1975, the golf course has been a favoured spot for players and has held some important tournaments, including four times hosting the Ryder Cup. This makes it one of only two courses to have held this prestigious event more than once.

The course itself consists of three 18-hole championship courses: The Brabazon Course, The Derby Course and The PGA National Course, which are all set amongst picturesque parkland scenery with mature trees lining many fairways. There are also several practice areas available for those looking to improve their game or warm up before a round.

In addition to these facilities, there is also a clubhouse offering excellent food and drink as well as a pro shop where you can purchase equipment from leading brands such as TaylorMade, Callaway and Titleist, among others. There are also plenty of other amenities available at the club including changing rooms with showers, saunas and steam rooms plus free Wi-Fi throughout the complex so that you can stay connected while enjoying your day out on the course.

History of the Belfry Golf Course

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The Belfry Golf Course has a long and storied history. In the early 1800s, it was a private estate owned by the Earl of Aylesford that hosted many notable gatherings, including some attended by King George IV and Queen Victoria. The estate was renowned for its majestic gatherings, with illustrious guests, including King George IV and Queen Victoria, being welcomed to the festivities. In the latter portion of the 1800s, Sir William Beresford acquired it with the intention of converting it into a golf course.

In 1925, after much planning and construction work, The Belfry opened its doors for play on April 30th – making it one of the oldest courses in England still open today. Since then, The Belfry has become renowned for its championship-level golfing facilities, which have hosted numerous professional tournaments over the years, including four Ryder Cups (1985-1993).

The course itself is an 18-hole par 72 parkland layout set amongst 400 acres of the beautiful English countryside. Its signature holes are undoubted ‘the Brabazon’ (the 9th) and ‘the Derby’ (the 17th), both featuring challenging water hazards that require precision from even experienced players. There are also two additional nine-hole loops – PGA National & Killeen – allowing visitors to enjoy 36 holes during their visit if they wish.

The Belfry also offers a variety of practice facilities, such as driving ranges with floodlit bays, short game areas, putting greens, chipping greens and bunkers. Furthermore, they provide video analysis rooms where visitors can review their swing technique or learn new skills under the guidance of PGA professionals. For those who wish to stay longer than just a day trip, there is an onsite hotel offering luxurious accommodation.

Since opening almost 100 years ago, The Belfry Golf Course has been enjoyed by thousands of people – amateurs and professionals alike – all drawn together by their love for this classic British venue that offers something special for everyone who visits.

Key Takeaway: The Belfry Golf Course is a unique and timeless experience, offering 18 holes of championship-level golf as well as two additional nine-hole loops, practice facilities, video analysis rooms and luxurious accommodations.

Facilities at The Belfry Golf Course

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The Belfry Golf Course, a renowned landmark in the UK’s golfing landscape, has been a favourite amongst players since its inauguration in 1973. Boasting an 18-hole championship design crafted by Peter Alliss and Dave Thomas, it provides an exciting challenge to golfers of all abilities. Situated in the town of Wishaw, Warwickshire, Belfry Golf Course has been a beloved spot for golfers since its inauguration in 1973. The course features an 18-hole championship layout designed by Peter Alliss and Dave Thomas that offers a challenge to players of all levels.

The clubhouse at The Belfry Golf Course is one of the finest around. It boasts stunning views over the surrounding countryside and provides excellent facilities for members and visitors alike. There are two bars, a restaurant, a pro shop and changing rooms as well as private meeting rooms available to hire for special occasions or corporate events.

The driving range at The Belfry Golf Course allows you to practice your swing with ease on their large grass tees or synthetic mats, depending on what type of surface you prefer. They also have floodlights, so you can practice into the evening if needed. If you’re looking to improve your game further, then there is also a short game area where you can work on chipping and putting techniques with bunkers and greenside targets to aim at.

Finally, The Belfry Golf Course also offers tuition from PGA professionals who will be able to help identify any weaknesses in your game while providing advice on how best to improve them. Whether it is just getting started or honing existing skills, they will be able to provide expert guidance tailored specifically towards helping each individual reach their goals faster than ever before.

Key Takeaway: Golfers of all levels can enjoy the 18-hole championship layout at The Belfry Golf Course, with its clubhouse boasting stunning views and excellent facilities, a driving range for practice and tuition from PGA professionals.

FAQs in Relation to Where is the Belfry Golf Course

Why is The Belfry famous?

The Belfry is a world-renowned golf resort located in the West Midlands of England. The Belfry’s legacy as one of the world’s most renowned golf resorts is firmly established, having hosted The Ryder Cup four times and witnessed many historic moments in the game. Its reputation as one of Europe’s premier golf destinations is well deserved; it boasts three championship courses, two luxurious hotels, and an array of other amenities that make it a top destination for any golfer. From its stunning views to its challenging layout, The Belfry provides an unforgettable experience for all who visit. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or are searching for your next great round of golf, The Belfry should be at the top of your list.

Who owns the Belfry Golf Course?

The Belfry Golf Course is owned by the KSL Group, a privately-owned leisure company based in London. Originally opened in 1975, the Belfry Golf Course has become renowned for its four Ryder Cup tournaments held between 1985 and 2002. The KSL Group purchased the Belfry from former owner Crown Golf Ltd in 2012 for an undisclosed sum. It now operates as part of its portfolio of luxury hotels, resorts and golf clubs across Europe. The Belfry’s renowned layout, offering a challenge and beautiful vistas, draws golfers from near and far.

Do you need a handicap to play The Belfry PGA?

No, you do not need a handicap to play The Belfry PGA. This championship course is open to all golfers of any skill level. Whether you are an experienced player or just starting out, the challenging layout and stunning scenery will provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. The Belfry offers a range of facilities, including tuition from professionals, practice areas and equipment hire – so whatever your ability, there’s something for everyone. So don’t worry about your handicap, just come and enjoy the game.

What are the 3 courses at The Belfry?

The Belfry is home to three championship golf courses: The Brabazon, PGA National and Derby. The Brabazon Course is the most renowned of the trio and has hosted numerous Ryder Cup matches since 1985. It’s a challenging par 72 layout with wide fairways, strategically placed bunkers and undulating greens. PGA National is an impressive parkland course that features tight driving areas, tricky doglegs and plenty of water hazards. Finally, the Derby Course offers a different challenge with its open fairways, large greens and subtle elevation changes throughout the round. All three courses provide an exciting test for all levels of golfers.


Situated in the heart of England, The Belfry Golf Course has been providing a challenging and exciting golf experience since 1975. With its picturesque views, lush fairways and perfectly manicured greens, it’s no surprise why so many ask, “where is the belfry golf course?” This beloved venue offers something for all levels of golfer – from novice to professional – ensuring an unforgettable round every time you visit. With its stunning views, lush fairways, and well-maintained greens, it’s no wonder why so many people ask, “where is the belfry golf course?” Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, The Belfry Golf Course will provide you with an unforgettable experience that will have you coming back time after time.

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