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Uncover the Secrets of Southern Hills Golf Course: Where Is It?

Last Updated on May 30, 2023

For a golf course with all the bells and whistles, Southern Hills Golf Course is the ideal destination. Located in the USA, this 18-hole championship golf course offers stunning views and challenging play. But if you’ve ever wondered, “where is southern hills golf course?” don’t worry – we have all of your answers here. So grab your clubs and get ready – let’s explore what makes Southern Hills such an incredible experience.

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Exploring Southern Hills Golf Course

Nestled in the rural Tennessee countryside, just outside of Nashville, lies Southern Hills Golf Course – a Donald Ross-crafted par 72 masterpiece that has been lauded as one of America’s premier courses. This par 72 course was designed by renowned golf architect Donald Ross and has been rated one of the top courses in the country.

Perched atop rolling hills and boasting lush greenery, Southern Hills Golf Course is the perfect place to tee off. It’s easy to find as well – take Exit 32 off I-65 South, and you’ll be there in no time.


As soon as you arrive at Southern Hills Golf Course, you’ll be greeted with all sorts of amenities that will make your experience enjoyable. The clubhouse features a full pro shop where you can purchase any last-minute items or rent equipment if needed. There are also locker rooms available for changing into golf attire before hitting the links.


taking a stance to make a weak shot

When it comes to playing golf at Southern Hills, there are plenty of features that make this course stand out from others nearby. For starters, each hole offers four sets of tees, so players can choose their own level of difficulty when teeing off. Additionally, there are several water hazards throughout, which adds some challenges but also makes for some great photo opportunities. Finally, each green is carefully manicured to ensure accuracy when putting – something every golfer loves.

At Southern Hills Golf Course, any golfer looking to challenge their skills can expect an unforgettable round on one of America’s premier courses with its stunning views and challenging layout. Whether you’re visiting Nashville or simply passing through town while travelling along I-65 South, do not miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Key Takeaway: Southern Hills Golf Course, located just outside of Nashville and designed by renowned golf architect Donald Ross, is a par 72 course that offers four sets of tees with water hazards throughout. It provides an unparalleled experience for any golfer looking to take on the challenge and enjoy some breathtaking views in the process.

Teeing Off at Southern Hills Golf Course: Tips for a Great Round

Choosing the Right Clubs

When teeing off at Southern Hills Golf Course, it’s important to have the right clubs for your skill level. Beginners should opt for a hybrid club or a driver with plenty of lofts, as this will make it easier to get the ball airborne and reduce the chances of slicing. More experienced golfers may want to consider investing in an iron set specifically tailored to their swing.

Mastering Your Swing

Your swing is one of the most important aspects when playing golf at Southern Hills Golf Course. Make sure you’re taking practice swings before each shot and that your grip is consistent throughout your round. You’ll also want to ensure you’re following through on every stroke and not leaving any power behind – otherwise known as ‘hitting fat’. Practice makes perfect.

Getting Around the Greens

The greens can be tricky at Southern Hills Golf Course, so it pays to know how they work before heading out onto the course. When putting, aim low and take into account any breaks in the green due to contours or bunkers nearby – remember, ‘the lower you go’. For chipping, try using a lob wedge if possible; this will help keep shots from rolling too far away from where you need them to land on tight holes with lots of obstacles around them, like trees or sand traps (known affectionately by some as ‘bunkers’).

Key Takeaway: Golfing at Southern Hills requires the right clubs, a consistent swing and an understanding of how to get around the greens. Putt low, chip with a lob wedge, and don’t ‘hit fat’ when you follow through – practice makes perfect.

FAQs in Relation to Where is Southern Hills Golf Course

Where is the PGA Southern Hills course located?

The PGA Southern Hills course is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is a championship golf course designed by legendary architect Perry Maxwell and opened in 1936. Over the years, PGA Southern Hills has been host to many high-level tournaments, including four U.S Opens, three PGA Championships, two Senior US Opens and one Women’s U.S Open Championship. This par 70 layout features tree-lined fairways that are bordered by thick roughs with numerous sand bunkers strategically placed throughout its design to challenge even the most experienced players of the game of golf.

What happened at the Southern Hills golf course?

In 2007, Southern Hills Golf Course in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was the proud host of the 101st PGA Championship, which saw Tiger Woods win his fourth major title and join an exclusive club of three players to have won all four professional majors. At the 101st PGA Championship held at Southern Hills Golf Course in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tiger Woods achieved a historic feat by becoming only the third player to win all four professional majors and claiming his fourth career major championship title. The course also saw some of golf’s biggest names competing for glory, including Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Vijay Singh. It is known as one of the toughest courses on tour due to its narrow fairways and thick rough, which can cause trouble even for experienced players. Southern Hills has been host to many other events, such as the U.S. Open Qualifying rounds, since it opened in 1936, making it an important part of golf history.

Is Southern Hills a tough course?

Southern Hills is one of the most challenging courses in golf. Its long par 4s and narrow fairways require precision off the tee, while its small greens make it difficult to find birdies. The course also features deep bunkers and a plethora of water hazards that can add strokes quickly if not avoided. All this makes Southern Hills a formidable test for even experienced players, making it an ideal choice for those looking to hone their skills on a tough course.

What makes Southern Hills golf course difficult?

The terrain of the course is undulating, featuring several steep hills and deep valleys that require precise shot-making to navigate successfully. Additionally, the course has various water obstacles that must be approached cautiously to stay away from them. The greens on Southern Hills are also known for their small size and challenging contours, making them tricky to hit accurately even when playing from ideal positions off the tee or fairway. Altogether, this synthesis of components renders Southern Hills one of the most formidable courses in golf.


Southern Hills Golf Course is an iconic golfing destination that has been around for decades and continues to provide a challenging yet rewarding experience. From its stunning views of the surrounding countryside to its historical significance as one of the oldest courses in America, Southern Hills Golf Course offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quick round or planning on spending several days here perfecting your game, this course will not disappoint. So if you’re ever wondering, “where is southern hills golf course?” now you know – it’s right here, waiting to be explored.

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