Where Is Quail Hollow Golf Course

Where Is Quail Hollow Golf Course and What Makes It Special?

Last Updated on November 8, 2023

Have you ever wondered where Quail Hollow Golf Course is located? It’s one of the most famous golf courses in America, and any avid golfer would love to visit it. In this article, we’ll take a look at the exact location of Quail Hollow, as well as its history and what makes it so special for golfers.

This championship course has been around since 1961, when it opened as a private club before becoming semi-private in 1969. Since then, it’s hosted some of the biggest tournaments on the PGA Tour, including the Wells Fargo Championship and the 2017 PGA Championship. So if you’re looking to find out more about this iconic golf course, keep reading.

Quail Hollow Golf Course is situated in Charlotte, North Carolina and offers stunning views of both countryside and cityscape alike. Its lush fairways have made it popular with professional players from all over the world who come here to challenge their skills. With its challenging layout and spectacular setting, there’s no doubt why Quail Hollow continues to be one of America’s premier golf destinations.

Location Details

Quail Hollow Golf Course is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s a popular destination for golfers looking to take on the challenge of its rolling terrain and lush flora. The course was designed by noted architect George Cobb and opened in 1961. Its signature hole is the par-five 18th, which has been known as “The Green Mile” since 1965.

It features an 18-hole championship layout that measures 7,230 yards from the longest tees. Quail Hollow also offers players a full driving range, practice greens, chipping areas and bunkers with complimentary access when playing at the facility. With its close proximity to downtown Charlotte, visitors can find plenty of nearby attractions, such as NASCAR Hall of Fame and SouthPark Mall, for shopping opportunities during their stay.

History And Background

Moving on from the location details, it is time to delve into the history and background of Quail Hollow Golf Course. This golf course opened in 1961 and has been a fixture ever since then. It was founded by James Harris and John Robinson, who wanted to create an 18-hole championship golf course that would be challenging yet enjoyable for players of all levels.

The design of Quail Hollow Golf Course is unique and has withstood the test of time over nearly six decades. The original designers incorporated rolling terrain and matured trees which have made this course one of the most popular ones in Charlotte, North Carolina. Over the years, several professional tournaments have been held at Quail Hollow, including Wells Fargo Championship events as well as PGA Tour Championships.

Some key points about its design history include:

  • Its signature hole, known as “Green Mile” or “Amen Corner”, features a severely sloping green which creates a challenge for even experienced golfers
  • The first nine holes were designed by architect George Cobb while Ellis Maples created the back nine
  • It is rated among the top 75 public courses in America according to Golf Digest magazine

Quail Hollow offers something special no matter what level of golfer you are – a combination of spectacular views and challenging play makes it a must experience destination.

Course Overview

a beautiful view of quail hollow golf course

Quail Hollow Golf Course is located in Charlotte, NC and is a premier golf course for the area. It offers 18 holes of championship golf that are challenging yet enjoyable for all levels of play. This course provides players with an array of different tee boxes to choose from, as well as strategically placed hazards throughout the course. The fairways are tree-lined, creating an inviting atmosphere and allowing players to focus on their game without distractions. Along with its traditional layout, Quail Hollow also features several signature holes that provide additional challenge and excitement. These signature holes include the infamous “Green Mile”, which consists of three par threes surrounded by water hazards, making them particularly difficult to navigate.

Additionally, Quail Hollow includes practice facilities such as both a driving range and chipping green where one can hone their skills prior to playing out on the main course. There is also a full-service clubhouse with locker rooms and dining options available so guests can relax after their round or before they head out onto the greens. With its diverse set of offerings, it’s easy to see why Quail Hollow Golf Course has become such a popular destination for avid golfers in Charlotte, NC.

Holes, Yards, Par And Slope Ratings

Quail Hollow Golf Course is located in Charlotte, NC and consists of 18 holes. It has a total yardage of 7,521 yards from the championship tees with a par rating of 72. The golf course also features an additional set of tees for players who are not as advanced.

The following table provides a detailed overview of each hole’s yardage, par rating and slope rating:

HoleYardsParSlope Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Dress Code To Play At Quail Hollow Golf Course?

When it comes to playing golf, one of the most important things to know is whether or not there’s a dress code. Quail Hollow Golf Course is no exception, and players should be aware of what’s required before they hit the links.

At Quail Hollow specifically, understanding the dress requirements is essential for any golfer wanting to play at this beautiful course. The clubhouse requires that all male players wear long pants when on the course. Additionally, collared shirts are mandatory as well; sleeveless shirts are prohibited without an accompanying sweater or jacket. On the other hand, women can opt for either long pants or knee-length shorts, with skirts being allowed but only if accompanied by tights. A shirt must also have a collar regardless of gender. Also worth noting: denim jeans and cargo shorts are strictly forbidden from both men’s and women’s apparel choices.

A thorough knowledge of the dress code helps ensure each player has an enjoyable experience at Quail Hollow Golf Course while following its regulations. Following these guidelines will help get you ready for your round so you can focus on enjoying your time out on the greens.

Does Quail Hollow Golf Course Offer Lessons?

Yes, Quail Hollow Golf Course does offer lessons. The instruction program at the golf course provides experienced and knowledgeable instructors to help players of all ages and abilities improve their skills. From beginner classes for those just starting out to advanced sessions that focus on specific areas such as putting or chipping, there is something for everyone.

The quail hollow golf course lessons are tailored to each individual student’s needs with a combination of video analysis, guided drills, on-course play, and more. Instruction is available in both private and group settings, so you can choose what works best for your particular goals. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to the game or want to take your game up a notch, these lessons will provide the guidance needed to reach success.

Whether you’re striving for better accuracy off the tee box or trying to perfect your bunker shots, Quail Hollow Golf Course has expertise in providing professional instruction that helps make it happen. With customized lesson plans designed specifically around your goals, they have everything necessary to get golfers ready to take their game further than ever before.


Quail Hollow Golf Course is an incredible place to golf and enjoys the outdoors. It’s conveniently located in Charlotte, North Carolina, making it a great spot for locals as well as visitors. The course has something to offer everyone – from lessons to discounts and even a pro-shop on site.

The dress code at Quail Hollow Golf Course is quite lenient, meaning you can wear whatever nice clothing you feel comfortable playing in. You’ll also find convenient golf carts available so that you don’t have to walk around the whole 18 holes. And if you’re looking for some extra help with your game, there are plenty of instructors who provide lessons tailored specifically to your needs.

Overall, Quail Hollow Golf Course is a great spot to play or practice your golfing skills. With its convenience, range of amenities and services offered, I definitely recommend giving this course a try.

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