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Be Fashionable: What Do Women Wear for Golf?

Last Updated on May 29, 2023

Golf necessitates focus and commitment, but it also calls for a certain panache. The question of what do women wear for golf has been asked since the days when ladies first took to the green. While there are certainly some basics that need to be taken into consideration, such as comfort and functionality, there’s no reason why you can’t accessorise with flair or even go bold if your personality allows. From choosing the right fabrics to finding those perfect accessories – we’ll look at all aspects of dressing appropriately while still looking fabulous on the course. So come along with us as we explore “what do women wear for golf” in detail.

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The Basics

Golf is a game demanding an exacting sartorial standard for both sexes. Women should wear collared shirts, slacks or skirts, and proper footwear when playing golf.

Collared shirts are essential to the game of golf. They provide an extra layer of protection from the sun’s rays while also giving you a more polished look on the course. Look for lightweight fabrics such as cotton or polyester blends that will keep you cool in warm weather and won’t wrinkle easily during your round. Avoid any bright colours or patterns; stick with classic shades like navy blue, white, black, grey, beige or khaki instead.

When it comes to bottoms, choose either slacks or skirts, depending on your personal preference and comfort level. Slacks should fit comfortably without being too tight around the waistline; they can be cropped at ankle length if desired, but make sure they don’t drag along the ground when walking. Skirts should hit just above the knee for maximum mobility during swings – avoid anything too long, as this could restrict movement and affect your performance negatively. Both options should be made from breathable materials, such as linen or cotton, so you stay cool even in hot temperatures outside.

Footwear is another important factor when dressing for golf: shoes must have a good grip on grassy surfaces to prevent slipping during swings. Invest in a pair of waterproof shoes designed specifically for golfing – these will help keep feet dry even after hours spent out on wet terrain. Also, make sure there’s enough cushioning inside each shoe so your feet don’t get tired quickly throughout playtime; some brands offer extra arch support, which can help alleviate pain caused by standing up all day long. Finally, remember not to wear sandals – open-toed styles are prohibited due to safety reasons (they could get caught in clubs).

By following these simple guidelines when selecting clothing items for golfing sessions, women can ensure their attire meets dress code requirements while still looking stylish and feeling comfortable throughout their rounds. With the right collared shirt, bottoms, and shoes in tow, they’ll be ready to hit the green with confidence.

Key Takeaway: Women should invest in a comfortable, breathable collared shirt, slacks or skirt and waterproof golf shoes to ensure they meet dress code requirements while looking stylish and feeling comfortable on the course.

Accessorise With Style

a green golf cap

Golf necessitates that participants don appropriate attire; however, there are still possibilities to personalise one’s look with fashionable accessories. While the rules may be strict, there are still ways to accessorise with style and flair. Hats are one of the most popular accessories for golfers, as they provide protection from the sun and can also make a statement about your personality. There are many different types of hats available, such as baseball caps, visors, beanies, fedoras and more. Choose one that matches your outfit or expresses your individual style.

Belts are another great accessory for golfers who want to look their best on the course. A belt can help keep pants up while you swing or add an extra touch of class to any outfit. Look for belts made from leather or canvas with buckles in gold or silver tones – this will ensure you’ve always dressed appropriately while playing golf.

Jewellery is another way to express yourself on the course without breaking any rules. Opt for pieces that won’t get caught in your clothing when swinging – think earrings instead of necklaces. Small studs and hoops look great paired with a polo shirt or blouse; if you prefer something bolder, try wearing bracelets or rings made from metals like stainless steel or titanium, which won’t tarnish easily over time due to sweat and moisture exposure during playtime outdoors

Finally, don’t forget about sunglasses. Not only do they protect eyes from UV rays, but they also complete any golfer’s ensemble – choose frames that match your hat colour, so everything looks cohesive together. Just remember not all sunglasses styles fit everyone, so take some time trying them out before making a purchase decision; no matter how stylish it looks on someone else, it might not work well on you.

Key Takeaway: No matter what your style is, there are ways to accessorise for golf that won’t break the rules. Choose hats, belts, jewellery and sunglasses that express your individual flair while keeping you protected from the sun.

Dress for Comfort

making a stance to make a weak shot

The key to dressing comfortably for golf is choosing lightweight fabrics that will keep you cool in hot weather. Natural fibres like cotton or linen are great options because they breathe easily and won’t trap heat against your skin. For cooler days, opt for synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon, which provide insulation without adding bulkiness or weight.

It’s also important to choose clothing with plenty of stretches so you can move freely during each swing. Look for shirts with raglan sleeves (which have seams running from the neckline to the armpit), as these allow a greater range of motion than traditional set-in sleeves do. And if possible, try wearing shorts instead of pants – not only are they more comfortable, but they’ll help keep you cool when temperatures rise.

When selecting shoes, look for ones made from breathable mesh fabric rather than leather or canvas, which can cause feet to overheat quickly on hot days. Also, be sure to wear socks designed specifically for golfing; these often feature extra cushioning around the heel and toe areas where most pressure points occur during swings and other movements associated with playing this sport. Finally, consider investing in a pair of gloves; even if you don’t usually use them while playing, having them handy will ensure that your hands stay dry throughout a round, regardless of how sweaty yours may get.

Finally, remember to dress appropriately according to the weather conditions at any given time. Layering is always best when it comes to keeping warm while still allowing freedom of movement during a round of golf. Additionally, don’t forget sun protection as well.

Key Takeaway: When golfing, donning lightweight apparel that’s both comfy and airy is key. Look for shirts with raglan sleeves, shorts instead of pants, mesh shoes and specialised socks for extra cushioning. Sun protection is also a must.

Functional Fabrics

a golf field with a black flag sign

Fabrics that efficiently draw away moisture can help maintain a comfortable temperature during warm weather, as well as provide an extra layer of insulation on chillier days. Moisture-wicking fabrics also help prevent chafing and discomfort caused by sweat buildup during long rounds of golf. Look for shirts made from polyester or nylon blends, as they tend to be lightweight yet durable enough to last through multiple washes.

Sun protection is another important factor when choosing your golf wardrobe. Many brands offer UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rated clothing which helps protect against harmful UV rays while still allowing airflow, so you don’t overheat in the sun. If possible, opt for light colours such as white or pastels, which reflect more sunlight than darker colours like navy blue or black do.

Finally, breathability is key when selecting your golf attire – especially if you live in a warmer climate where temperatures can soar during summer months. Fabrics like cotton blend with spandex allow airflow without sacrificing style; these materials are perfect for keeping cool even when temperatures rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius).

Ensure the fabric you select fits well and provides flexibility in your golfing motion without being overly snug or restrictive around the arms and shoulders. This will ensure maximum comfort while out on the course

Key Takeaway: Golf apparel should be chosen based on functional fabrics that wick away moisture, provide UPF protection and are breathable for maximum comfort and performance.

Be Bold

Golfers are always seeking out novel ways to distinguish themselves on the links, and one of the most effective methods is by donning an attention-grabbing golf ensemble. Bright colours and patterns can help you make a statement while still staying within the boundaries of traditional golf fashion.

Colourful Choices

When it comes to colour, don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Bold shades like hot pink, bright yellow, or electric blue can add some flair to any outfit without going overboard. If you’re feeling adventurous, try pairing two contrasting colours together for an eye-catching look that will turn heads on the green.

Pattern Play

Patterns are another great way to express yourself on the course. From classic stripes and plaids to modern geometric designs and abstract prints, there’s something for everyone when it comes to patterned clothing in golf fashion. For a less ostentatious look, try muted shades like navy or grey as opposed to vibrant hues such as red or orange.


Accessories are also key when it comes to making a bold statement on the links. Consider adding colourful hats or belts into your ensemble – they’ll give your look an extra pop without being too over-the-top. And if you really want people talking about your style game? Invest in some brightly coloured shoes – they’ll definitely get noticed.

Functional Fabrics

Don’t forget about fabrics either – lightweight materials like cotton and linen will keep you cool during those long summer rounds while still allowing plenty of room for personal expression through vibrant colours and patterns. Plus, breathable fabrics will ensure maximum comfort so you can focus solely on playing your best game ever.

No matter what kind of golfer you are – whether a casual weekend warrior or a competitive tournament player – expressing yourself through fashion is always encouraged and appreciated. So don’t be afraid, take the plunge and make a statement with your golf wardrobe today.

Key Takeaway: Golfers can make a statement with their wardrobe by incorporating bold colours, patterns, accessories and breathable fabrics to express themselves on the course.


In conclusion, when it comes to what do women wear for golf, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Women should opt for an ensemble that makes them feel secure and self-assured while they swing their clubs. Whether you choose to keep it simple with basic pieces or go bold with bright colours and patterns, make sure your outfit reflects your individual style. Remember that function is just as important as fashion when selecting the perfect look for a day of golfing.

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