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Look Your Best on the Course: What to Wear Playing Golf

Last Updated on May 29, 2023

Golf is an ever-evolving sport, and so too are the rules around what to wear playing golf. Sure, there’s a general understanding that you should look neat and tidy out on the course, but there’s more to it than just that. From shoes all the way up to hats – here we’ll take a closer look at how your wardrobe can make or break your game when wearing playing golf. We’ve got some amazing advice for ensuring your attire is on point from head to toe without compromising fashion, plus a few added extras just for good measure. So let’s get started by looking at dressing for different courses before delving into our clothing options and top style tips – stay tuned.

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Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are an essential part of any golfer’s wardrobe. Golf shoes are a must for any golfer, not just to give them the necessary grip and stability when taking their shots but also to shield their feet from weather conditions and keep them comfortable during extended play. When it comes to buying golf shoes, there are several features that you should look for to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase.

The first thing to consider is fit. Golf shoes should be snug but not too tight; if they’re too loose, then you won’t have enough stability when making shots or walking around the course. You should also look for breathable materials such as leather or mesh so that your feet don’t overheat during play. Additionally, many golfers prefer waterproof materials like Gore-Tex, so their feet stay dry even in wet conditions.

When it comes to styling, there’s a vast array of possibilities depending on individual taste and spending capacity. For those who want a classic look with modern performance benefits, traditional leather golf shoes are always a great choice; however, synthetic models can offer similar comfort at a lower price point if cost is an issue. If fashion is more important than function, then spikeless designs may be preferable since these types of the shoe allow for greater flexibility while still providing adequate grip on various surfaces like grass or sand traps without leaving marks behind after each shot

Finally, accessories such as spikes and laces can further enhance both form and function when playing golf by providing extra traction in slippery conditions or helping secure footwear better onto one’s foot respectively. Spikes come in different sizes depending on the type of terrain encountered while playing, whereas laces come in various colours allowing players to customise their individual style preferences. All these factors combined can help make sure that every round played is enjoyable no matter what kind of weather Mother Nature throws at us.

Key Takeaway: Golf shoes should be chosen based on fit, breathability, waterproofing, style and accessories for the best performance and comfort while playing.

Clothing Options

a pro golfer wearing sunglasses

For golf apparel, there’s a wide range of selections for both men and women. Shorts are the most popular choice for hot days on the course, as they allow your legs to stay cool while still providing some coverage. Trousers or slacks can be worn when the weather is cooler or if you prefer more coverage. Polo shirts are a great way to make a fashion statement, coming in an array of colours and designs. Sweaters provide an extra layer of warmth and protection from windy conditions, plus they look stylish too.

Complementary items such as caps, mittens, straps and shades should be thought of when selecting an outfit for the golf course. Hats help keep the sun out of your eyes while protecting your head from overheating in warm weather. Gloves will help improve grip on clubs during wetter conditions or cold temperatures. Belts add a touch of sophistication to any outfit while keeping trousers securely fastened at all times – perfect for those who like their clothes fitted properly. Finally, sunglasses not only protect against harmful UV rays but also reduce glare off surfaces like water hazards which can make it difficult to focus on shots accurately.

For those who look for something a bit more fashionable than traditional golf attire, there are plenty of stylish options available too. Women’s apparel often features bright colours and patterns that stand out from standard polo shirts and trousers – think skorts with bold prints or cropped jackets with intricate detailing around collars and cuffs. Men’s fashion has evolved over recent years, too; slim-fit trousers paired with tailored blazers give off an air of sophistication without compromising comfort levels during playtime rounds.

No matter what type of clothing you choose to wear on the course, whether it is classic golf attire or something more modern, make sure that whatever you select is comfortable enough so that it does not distract you from playing well. With all these choices available now, finding something suitable should not be hard at all – remember: dress appropriately according to weather conditions and always feel free to express yourself through fashion while having fun playing this wonderful game we call Golf.

Key Takeaway: No matter what style of golf apparel you select, make sure it is snug and appropriate for the conditions so that your performance on the course can be optimal. Express yourself through fashion while having fun.


a golf course with big trees around it

Golfing gear is a great way to show off your unique style and stand out on the links. Hats are an essential part of any golfer’s wardrobe. They can be used to keep the sun out of your eyes or add some flair to your look. There is no shortage of options when it comes to hats, from classic visors and caps with team logos to more modern bucket hats and straw fedoras. Gloves are also important for keeping a good grip on your club while playing in all kinds of weather conditions. Whether you prefer leather gloves for a better feel or synthetic materials that provide extra breathability, there is something for everyone’s needs.

Sunglasses are another must-have accessory for golfers who want protection from the sun’s rays without sacrificing their vision during play. Polarised lenses help reduce glare off water hazards and other reflective surfaces so you can spot every detail on the green before taking your shot. Sunglasses are available in an array of designs, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your look.

Finally, don’t forget about belts. Not only do they hold up those stylish pants, but they also come in various colours and patterns, which makes them perfect for adding some personality to any look – especially if you have bright-coloured shoes like yellow or pink. A belt buckle is also a great way to show off some bling without going overboard; think of small details like rhinestones or metal studs instead of large logos or designs that could distract from the game itself.

No matter what type of accessories you choose, remember that comfort should always be a top priority when dressing for golf. It is not just about looking good but feeling comfortable too. With these tips in mind, go ahead and hit the links with confidence, knowing that no matter what kind of outfit you put together, it will still be suitable and stylish enough for 18 holes.

Key Takeaway: Golfers should choose accessories that not only look good but also provide comfort, like hats, gloves, sunglasses and belts – all of which can be personalised to express individual style.

Style Tips

When it comes to golf, style is just as important as technique. After all, it’s essential to maintain an attractive appearance when you’re out on the links. Here are some tips on how to dress for the course:

Colour Coordination

Wearing a colour scheme that complements each other can make you stand out from the crowd and give you an air of sophistication. Choose colours like navy blue, light grey or white for a classic look or go bold with bright shades of pink and yellow if you’re feeling adventurous.


Layering your clothing is key when it comes to staying comfortable in any weather condition – whether it’s hot or cold outside. Base it off with a fundamental layer, like maybe a tee or tank top, then incorporate some more layers, such as cardigans, vests, coats and shawls, depending on the climate.

Golf Shoes

Investing in good quality golf shoes will not only help improve your performance but also keep your feet comfortable throughout the day (and night). Look for waterproof materials that won’t get soggy after walking through wet grass, and opt for breathable fabrics, so your feet don’t overheat during those long rounds of golf.

Golf Accessories


Don’t forget about accessories. A hat can be a great way to protect yourself from sunburns, while sunglasses can help shield against the glare of the green grasses – both essential items when playing outdoors. And don’t forget about gloves; they’ll provide extra grip on clubs while helping prevent blisters from forming due to friction between hands and club handles during swings.

Finally, recall that fashion isn’t just about the present fads; it’s more about discovering items that suit your unique sense of style. Have fun experimenting with different looks until you find something that makes you feel confident on the course.

Key Takeaway: Golfers should choose a stylish and comfortable outfit for the course, including layers, waterproof shoes, accessories such as hats and sunglasses, and gloves to ensure optimal performance.

FAQs in Relation to What to Wear Playing Golf

How should I dress to play golf?

When playing golf, it is important to dress appropriately. It is recommended that you wear light-coloured clothing such as khakis or shorts with a collared shirt. A hat and sunglasses are also necessary for protection from the sun. Make sure your shoes have non-metal spikes, so they don’t damage the course’s turf. Finally, bring an extra layer of clothing in case the weather turns cold during your round. Be prepared to tee off in style with these helpful tips.

What do I wear to golf if I don’t have golf clothes?

If you lack golf-specific apparel, there are still many choices to choose from. Generally speaking, a collared shirt and trousers or shorts should be worn while playing golf. Polo tops combined with trousers or khakis are a great option for those looking for something more relaxed. Additionally, comfortable shoes such as sneakers or golf shoes should be worn to ensure your feet stay supported throughout the round. Finally, make sure to wear sun protection like sunglasses and a hat in order to protect yourself from the elements during your round.

What do beginner golfers wear?

Golf attire for beginners can vary depending on the type of course they are playing. Golfers should dress in apparel that permits unrestricted motion and is comfortable to wear. This could include a collared shirt or polo, shorts or trousers, socks and shoes designed specifically for golfing. When selecting apparel, take the climate into account; lighter materials like cotton are great for hotter days, while woollen items may be better suited to chillier weather. A hat or visor should be donned by golfers to shield their eyes from the sun’s rays. Ensure you are adequately prepared with a copious amount of sun protection.

What is the normal golf dress code?

Golf attire is typically quite laid-back, yet there are some essential standards that must be abided by. Firstly, it’s important to wear clothing that is appropriate and comfortable; collared shirts or polo shirts with trousers or shorts are usually acceptable. Jeans, t-shirts and other more informal clothing should be avoided when playing golf. Shoes must also be suitable for the course – typically, soft spikes or flat-soled shoes are recommended. Finally, hats and visors can help protect from the sun, but they must not have any logos on them as this could be seen as advertising. Following these simple rules will ensure you look smart while playing golf.


When it comes to wearing playing golf, the key is to be comfortable and stylish. Whether you are looking for a classic look or something more modern, make sure your clothing allows you to move freely and that your shoes provide enough grip on the course. Accessorise with hats, gloves and shades to bring a dash of panache while shielding from the weather. Be equipped with these suggestions, and you’ll be able to take on the golf course in style.

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