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Unraveling the History: Who Owns the Close House Golf Course?

Last Updated on June 7, 2023

Set in the picturesque countryside of Cheshire, England, lies the Close House Golf Course. This course has been home to prestigious tournaments such as The British Masters and is renowned for its challenging terrain. Although the golf course itself is highly acclaimed, it raises an interesting question: Who owns the Close House Golf Course?

This article will explore this query by examining several key factors that contribute to the ownership of a large-scale venue like the Close House Golf Course. It will discuss who initially founded the course, how the ownership was transferred over time, and finally, which holds current legal rights to ownership. Historical information about land documents and past ownerships will be presented along with modern laws which govern property transfers.

By reading this article, readers can gain insight into who currently owns the Close House Golf Course while also developing a better understanding of larger issues related to property law that affect many other venues around the world.

History of the Course

The Close House golf course is located in Northumberland, England. It has a long history of being associated with the sport of golf and was founded in 1902 by wealthy industrialist William Jourdan Carr. The original layout included eighteen holes that were designed by prominent professional golfer Willie Park Jr., who also served as the first head pro at the club.

In 1932, the course underwent significant modifications to its layout when another notable figure in British golfing circles, Harry Colt, redesigned it into what became known as ‘Close House Colt Course’. This new design was popular among members and visitors alike for its challenging yet fair playability. While some alterations have been made over the years, including an additional nine-hole loop added in 2002, most of the original features remain intact today. Despite ownership changes throughout its existence, the Close House Golf Course continues to be a highly acclaimed venue for competitive tournaments and leisurely rounds of golf.

Ownership Timeline

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The Close House Golf Course has had a long and varied ownership history. The course was initially owned by the Collingwood Estate, which purchased it in 1894 when it opened officially as an eighteen-hole golf course. In 1915, the ownership of the club changed hands to become part of a larger holding company known as Northumberland Estates Company Limited. This lasted until 1946, when another local company bought it and ran it for several decades before becoming insolvent in 1989.

In 1990, businessman John Hall took control of the club and made significant improvements to both the clubhouse and the golf course itself. He also created a new management team that increased membership numbers and improved the overall quality of service at the club. After his death in 2009, his son David Hall stepped up to take over leadership of Close House Golf Club. Under his guidance, Close House continues to thrive today with high ratings from golfers all around Europe.

Current Owner’s Background

The Close House Golf Course is currently owned by Sir John Hall, an English Entrepreneur. He has a long history of owning golf courses and is well-established within the industry.

Sir John’s experience in golf course ownership dates back to 1990 when he purchased his first club, The Slaley Hall & Hunting Club Resort. Since then, he has gone on to own various other clubs, making him one of Europe’s most influential figures in the world of golfing:

  • Purchased Matfen Hall Hotel, Golf & Country Club: 2000
  • Acquired Northumberland County Golf Club: 2007
  • Bought Rockliffe Hall Hotel, Golf & Spa: 2009

In 2010, Sir John added another feather to his cap with the purchase of The Close House Golf Course. With its 18 holes spread across two distinct loops of nine – known as ‘The Colt Course’ and ‘The Filly Course’ – it was hailed as one of England’s premier golf venues. To this day, under Sir John’s direction, The Close House continues to be regarded as one of Britain’s top destinations for championship-level play.

Improvements Made By the Current Owner

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In recent years, the current owner of Close House Golf Course has made a number of improvements to enhance its profile and attract golfers from around the world. Significant course upgrades have been implemented, which include lengthening some holes, modernising existing greens and bunkers, as well as introducing new features such as additional teeing areas.

The current owner’s investment in these improvements is indicative of their commitment to creating an excellent playing experience for all visitors. This includes providing high-quality practice facilities, employing top teaching professionals and offering various amenities that make Close House one of the most popular courses in Europe. Furthermore, by making significant investments into the golf course itself, they are ensuring that it remains at the forefront of innovation when it comes to providing an enjoyable round of golf.

These changes have led to an increase in visitor numbers as well as improved reviews and ratings across many platforms, a testament to the success achieved by the current owners through their dedication to improving Close House Golf Course.

Facilities at the Course

The Close House Golf Course offers numerous golfing amenities, making it an ideal destination for any golfer. The course features a driving range and practice area where players can work on their game in preparation for the main event. In addition to this, there are also two putting greens located at the facility, one of which is floodlit for nighttime play.

Furthermore, the clubhouse restaurant provides a relaxing atmosphere after a day on the links. Here, guests can enjoy a meal or drinks with friends as they look out onto some of the most spectacular views in Northumberland. For those looking to purchase new equipment or clothing, the pro shop has all that you need to ensure your next round goes without a hitch. Overall, these facilities make Close House Golf Course an enjoyable experience for visitors from near and far alike.

Golfers Who Have Played the Course

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The Close House Golf Course has seen some of the world’s most renowned golfers take part in its competitive tournaments. Throughout its history, many professionals have graced the tee boxes and fairways to challenge themselves against one of Europe’s finest courses. Some notable players who have played on the course include Ian Poulter, Graeme McDowell, Lee Westwood, Henrik Stenson and Louis Oosthuizen. All five of these men are experienced competitors on both the European Tour and PGA Tour, with multiple wins between them. Each player has come away from their experience at The Close House feeling impressed by its difficulty and beauty.

In addition to professional golfers, numerous amateurs have also made their way onto the course for a round or two over the years. These individuals all share an appreciation for the close house’s architecture which was designed by Kyle Phillips, a designer whose work is widely respected throughout Europe. The combination of a challenging layout coupled with stunning views makes this course popular among many different kinds of players regardless of skill level. With such high praise from pros and regulars alike, it is no wonder why The Close House remains so highly regarded as one of Britain’s best courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Play a Round of Golf at the Close House Golf Course?

At The Close House Golf Course, players will find that the fees for playing a round vary depending on the day and time of year. During peak season, green fees are typically higher than off-season rates; however, discounts may be available during certain times or days of the week. Additionally, prices may differ if golfers choose to pay by cash or credit card, as well as when booking tee times online rather than over the phone. Other discounts may be applicable based on age or group size, so it is wise to inquire ahead of time before making a reservation.

In conclusion, there are various factors which influence how much one pays for a round of golf at The Close House Golf Course, such as the hour/day booked and the form of payment used. Understanding these nuances ahead of time helps ensure that players have all they need to make an informed decision prior to reserving a tee time.

Is There a Restaurant or Bar on the Premises?

The clubhouse features both a restaurant and a bar for guests to enjoy. This allows those visiting to have access to quality refreshments while also enjoying their time playing golf. Furthermore, the presence of these facilities means that members can take pleasure in having lunch or dinner with friends after completing their rounds of golfing.

Is the Course Open All Year Round?

This golf course, situated in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, has been operational since 1795 and offers a wealth of golfing experiences for those who enjoy the game. Its year-round opening allows players to take part in competitions regardless of the season.

Furthermore, due to its location on an elevated area of land near the River Tyne, it provides stunning views of the surrounding countryside that are well worth experiencing during any time of year. The facility boasts one 18-hole championship course with two distinct loop settings, providing different challenges depending on which route is taken. It also features practice areas and professional tuition available throughout the year from experienced instructors.

In addition to being open all year round, this golf course plays host to several corporate events held each month at its clubhouse facilities; these include weddings, conferences and charity functions such as award ceremonies or gala dinners. The club’s restaurant serves local dishes alongside international cuisine and a range of drinks for guests to enjoy after a day out on the green. All in all, there is much to be enjoyed at this popular North East destination, whatever time you choose to visit.


In conclusion, the Close House Golf Course is a popular destination for golfers of all skill levels. The cost to play a round of golf varies depending on the time of year and the type of membership held by players. Discounts are available for members who wish to play more frequently throughout the season. There is also a restaurant and bar located on-site, which makes it easy for patrons to grab something before or after their game. The course remains open throughout the year and offers lessons and clinics designed to help improve the skills of players at any level. With its attractive facilities, close proximity to other amenities, and competitive pricing structure, Close House Golf Course provides an enjoyable experience that appeals to many different types of golfers.

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