Where Is Wells Fargo Golf Tournament

Where Is Wells Fargo Golf Tournament? Follow the Trail!

Last Updated on November 16, 2023

Golf is a popular sport that draws spectators from all over the world. The Wells Fargo Golf Tournament is one of the most renowned professional golf events, featuring some of the best players in the game. This article will provide an overview of where this iconic tournament takes place and how to access it.

Overview Of Event

The Wells Fargo Golf Tournament is an annual golf tournament that takes place in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is part of the PGA Tour and occurs each year at Quail Hollow Club during the first week of May. The tournament started as the Wachovia Championship in 2003 and rebranded in 2013.

Wells Fargo is a sponsor for the event, which features more than 120 professional players competing across four rounds of stroke play. Players compete for a purse of $7 million dollars, with the winner taking home $1.26 million dollars from this prize pool. Additionally, there are also awards given out for the most accurate drive, longest drive, closest-to-the-pin contest, and other challenges throughout each round of competition. Spectators are welcome to attend all four days or purchase daily tickets for admission into select areas around the course.


wells fargo golf course in charlotte north carolina

The Quail Hollow Club was designed by renowned architect George Cobb and first opened its doors in 1961. It has hosted several high-profile tournaments throughout its history, including two PGA Championships as well as this year’s Wells Fargo Golf Tournament. With lush fairways and strategically placed bunkers, it provides an excellent challenge for even the most experienced players. The club also boasts state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, including a driving range, putting green, practice greens, pro shop, dining areas and locker rooms. All these features make it an ideal location for any major golfing event, such as the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament.

Format And Structure

The format of the tournament varies from year to year based on the number of players participating. Generally speaking, it consists of four rounds: two practice rounds, one competitive round, and a final championship round known as “the cut”. Players must be within 10 strokes of the lead after three days to qualify for the cut. After this point, only those who are within five shots of the leader can advance to Sunday’s final round.

When it comes to structure, there is a modified Stableford system used at the tournament; each player earns points depending on how they finish a hole compared to par or other predetermined targets. At the end of four rounds, all scores are totalled up, and the person with the highest score wins.

In addition, cash prizes are given out to winners in various categories, such as Low Amateur or Most Improved Player. In order to participate in any prize money competitions, participants must have their handicaps verified by the USGA Handicap System before registering for play. Here are 4 things you should know when considering playing in this tournament:

  • Entry fees vary according to participant age and membership status
  • Complimentary parking is available at select locations around the Piedmont Community College campus
  • Players may bring up to 3 caddies per group during practice rounds but only 1 caddy per golfer during competition rounds
  • All competitors must abide by rules established by both the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) Tour and Wells Fargo Golf Tournament officials

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Attending The Wells Fargo Golf Tournament?

The cost of attending the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament can vary depending on the type of ticket purchased. There are general admission tickets, as well as VIP packages and various other options. General Admission tickets offer access to all tournament activities, including player practice rounds, competitive rounds, complimentary grandstand seating and more. However, if a spectator wishes to have access to exclusive viewing areas or special amenities, purchasing one of the VIP packages may be necessary.

These VIP packages typically include an upgraded level of hospitality in premium locations around the course, as well as food and beverage services available throughout the day. Additionally, some packages may even provide access to private lounges with dedicated TV coverage for fans who want to stay up-to-date on their favourite players’ progress during each round. Prices for these additional experiences can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per person, depending on any additional benefits that come along with them, such as souvenirs or memorabilia signed by professional golfers at the event.

Overall, there is no set price tag when it comes to attending the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament; however, patrons seeking out a more luxurious experience should consider investing in one of the many VIP packages offered at varying price points.

Are Spectators Allowed To Attend The Wells Fargo Golf Tournament?

The question of whether spectators are allowed to attend the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament is often asked by potential attendees. Knowing the spectator cost and attendance rules for this event can help individuals determine if they should attend or not. It is important to consider these factors because there may be restrictions on who can attend as a spectator.

When it comes to the cost of attending, it is important to note that tickets for spectators vary depending on what day one chooses to go. Tickets range from free admission for certain days to fees for other days. Additionally, some areas within the tournament grounds may require additional fees or specific passes in order to gain entry into those sections. All such costs must be taken into account when planning a visit so that appropriate budgeting can occur.

In terms of attendance rules, there are various policies which need to be followed while at the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament. These include following all safety guidelines set out by officials as well as adhering to any dress codes put in place by staff members. Furthermore, visitors will also have access only to certain areas of the course; restricted zones are off-limits unless authorized personnel allow access. As such, understanding where one is able and unable to go beforehand helps avoid issues later on during their visit.


Overall, The Wells Fargo Golf Tournament provides an exciting opportunity for both professional and amateur golfers alike to test their skills against some of the top talents in golf while enjoying a competitive atmosphere filled with fun activities throughout each round. With its high-stakes competition and large cash prizes, it’s no wonder that this tournament continues to draw attention year after year. For those looking to experience a premier golfing event like no other, then look no further than The Wells Fargo Golf Tournament.

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