Where To Play Golf In November

Where To Play Golf In November? Top Destinations to Tee Off!

Last Updated on June 9, 2023

Golf is an extremely popular sport, and the game can be enjoyed in any season. November can often be a great time of year to play golf, as there are many courses around the world that offer ideal weather and conditions for playing. This article will explore some of the best places to go golfing in November.

Popular Golf Destinations In November

November is a great time for golfing, with temperatures generally mild and pleasant. Golfers from around the world seek out destinations to enjoy their favourite sport during this month. There are several popular golfing destinations where people can play in November.

The United States boasts some of the best courses in the world, and many make excellent choices for a November golf holiday. Florida is one of the most sought-after spots for golfers due to its warm climate; places like The Villages, Doral Country Club and TPC Sawgrass offer an unforgettable experience year-round. Other top US locations include Las Vegas, Pebble Beach in California, Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, and Arizona’s Troon North Golf Club.

A golfer playing golf on a green course, surrounded by tall trees, with a beautiful lake visible in the background.

For those looking to get away further afield while still enjoying optimal weather conditions, Europe offers plenty of stunning options too. Portugal remains a firm favourite among many travellers due to its combination of beautiful scenery plus top-quality courses such as San Lorenzo Golf Course or Quinta do Lago. Similarly attractive countries on the continent include Spain – specifically Marbella – Italy (Costa Smeralda), France (Saint-Tropez) and Greece (Athens). With so many breathtakingly picturesque settings available across Europe, it’s no wonder why it’s become increasingly popular over recent years for playing golf.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Destination

When choosing a golf destination in November, there are several factors to consider. Seasonal fluctuations can influence the climate and weather conditions at a particular course and may even impact what type of activities can be enjoyed while on vacation. Lastly, booking availability is an important factor as well since some courses might not have enough space for large groups or may require advanced reservations.

In order for travellers to make informed decisions about their upcoming golf holiday, they should:

  • Consider seasonal fluctuations that could affect the overall experience
  • Research travel restrictions before planning a trip
  • Check if booking availability is sufficient for them and their party
  • Compare different courses and amenities offered by each destination

Availability Of Courses During The Month

November is an ideal month to play golf in many parts of the world. Depending on location, some courses are open throughout the year, while others may close during winter months due to weather conditions or government regulations. In areas with milder climates, there should be plenty of opportunities for playing golf in November.

When researching available courses, it is important to review their course openings and tee times, as these can vary from season to season. Some courses offer discounts when booking a playing slot at certain times of day or week; therefore, researching these deals beforehand can result in significant cost savings. Additionally, players must ensure that they meet any age requirements or have appropriate memberships for access to specific courses.

By considering all these factors ahead of time, one will have a greater chance of finding suitable availability for playing golf during the month of November.

Weather Conditions And Temperature Range

A golfer stands on the edge of a lush green fairway

November is a great month for golfing in many parts of the world. The weather conditions during this time are usually mild and comfortable, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Temperature ranges vary by location; however, most places can expect an average temperature of between 50-65°F (10-18°C). It is important to note that while temperatures may be warm enough to enjoy playing outdoors, some days may still require extra layers or rain gear due to potential bouts of precipitation. Due to its moderate climate and consistent weather patterns, November is generally considered one of the best months for golfers looking to hit the links.

Types Of Terrain At Different Locations

Golfing in November can take place at a variety of different terrains. There are links courses, which feature a large expanse of sandy terrain with often rolling hills and plenty of water hazards to contend with; some examples include the Old Course at St Andrews in Scotland or Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. Then there are desert courses, such as Saguaro Golf Club located in Arizona, that require golfers to navigate through cacti and other vegetation native to the area.

Below is a table highlighting three popular November locations for playing golf and the type of terrain they offer:

LocationType of TerrainDescription
Pebble Beach Links, CaliforniaLinksWide open sand-based fairways and undulating greens surrounded by white dunes with views of the Pacific Ocean
Enchanted Canyon Golf Club, UtahDesertVast expanses of emerald green grass set against tall pines characteristic of this part of the country, peppered with strategic bunkering.
The Dormie Club, North CarolinaLushVast expanses of emerald green grass set against tall pines characteristic to this part of the country, peppered with strategic bunkering.

The above highlights just a few various types of terrain available when it comes to golfing during November—there are many other options depending on where you choose to go. With so much diversity among landscapes found throughout the world, one can experience any number of unique topographies while enjoying their favourite sport.

Costs Involved With Playing Golf In November

A golfer stands on a green fairway, with a backdrop of majestic mountains.

The costs associated with playing golf in November can vary depending on the location and type of course. Many courses will offer seasonal rates, making it more affordable to play during this time. Golfing costs may include greens fees, cart rentals, range balls, club rental if needed and any extra services provided by the course, such as equipment repair or instruction. Travel expenses should also be taken into consideration when planning a round of golf in November. Depending on where you are going, transportation costs could add up quickly.

Golfing Costs

  • Greens Fees: These are typically per person per round but can vary based on the day of the week and seasonality
  • Cart Rentals: Most courses require carts for each player – these can range from $15-$50 per person
  • Range Balls: Some courses charge an additional fee for using their practice facilities
  • Club Rental: If necessary, some courses provide clubs for rent at an added cost
  • Extra Services: Any other products or services offered by the course that need to be purchased separately

Travel Expenses

  • Airfare/Transportation: Depending on how far away your destination is, airfare or other forms of transportation might be required, which would increase costs significantly
  • Lodging & Food: Accommodations and meals should always be factored into travel plans – they can often account for a majority of the overall trip expense
  • Seasonal Rates: Many courses offer special discounts during certain times of the year, including November – make sure to inquire about any available deals before booking your tee time!

Safety Considerations For Traveling To Play Golf

Travelling for golf can be a risk, and it is important to consider safety precautions before heading out on the course. Playing golf in November may involve colder temperatures or more rain than in other months, which can affect visibility, footing, and overall comfort levels. To ensure that the trip is safe and enjoyable, there are several considerations to take into account:

Golfing SafetyWear proper attire; avoid playing during hazardous weather conditions; bring sunscreen/insect repellent; stay hydrated; keep an eye on your surroundings; know how to handle emergency situations (e.g., lost ball)
Travel SafetyKeep contact information of local police station; book a hotel near the course location; research local laws/regulations regarding travel restrictions; check insurance coverage in case of accidents while travelling to play golf in November.

In order to get the most out of any golf experience, travellers should plan ahead and prepare accordingly by taking these safety measures into consideration. By researching relevant information about the area prior to leaving home and following basic protocols for both golfing safety as well as travel safety, players can enjoy their time on the green with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Golf Courses That Are Open Year-Round?

Golf is a popular pastime that many people enjoy playing year-round. While the weather may affect where golf can be played, there are some courses that remain open even during colder months. This begs the question: Are there any golf courses that are open year-round?

The answer to this query depends largely on location and climate. In areas with milder climates or those located in warmer regions, it is often possible to find a course that remains open all year long. Additionally, some indoor facilities offer year-round opportunities for avid golfers to practice their game regardless of external conditions. For those who live in more extreme climates like northern Canada or certain parts of Europe, outdoor courses might not be available during winter months due to snow and ice buildup. However, if one lives near an area with access to a covered driving range or heated putting green, they could still take part in the sport despite cold temperatures outside.

Is There Any Extra Equipment Needed For Playing Golf In November?

Playing golf in November requires certain pieces of equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Golfers need to be aware of the type of gear, apparel, and accessories that are necessary for this season.

Golfing gear typically consists of clubs, balls, tees, head covers, bags or carts to store the items. Clubs should fit properly and be suited to one’s individual needs; otherwise, it can affect the accuracy and distance of their shots. A full set includes woods, irons, wedges, putters, as well as any other specialty club needed by the golfer. Balls must also be appropriate for the course conditions; generally, good-quality ones will provide optimal performance. Along with these items come extras like tees which hold up the ball on a tee box before being hit. Lastly, head covers protect clubs from damage when placed in bags or carts between shots.

The next essential element is golfing apparel since it shields players from colder temperatures while keeping them comfortable during playtime. It usually involves layering lighter clothes such as t-shirts under sweaters or jackets, along with hats and gloves if needed. Aside from gaining protection against varying weather conditions throughout November, the right clothing helps improve mobility, so golfers don’t become weighed down when swinging a club or putting on greens.


The month of November is a great time for golfers to get out and enjoy the game. While some courses may be closed due to weather, many are still open and offer discounts during this period. Caddies can usually be found at most courses, though it is best to inquire ahead of time if they are available, as not all courses have them on hand. Golf lessons also remain an option in November, with instructors able to provide personalized instruction tailored specifically towards individual needs or goals. In addition, there is no extra equipment needed when playing golf in November; regular clubs and balls should suffice. All in all, the month of November provides plenty of opportunities for those looking to play a round or two of golf.

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