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Unveiling the Golfing Haven: How Many Golf Courses in Portugal?

Last Updated on June 11, 2023

Golf has long been a popular sport in Portugal, with the country’s beautiful coastlines and mild climate providing the perfect setting for teeing off. But just how many golf courses are there in Portugal? In this article, we’ll explore that very question and discover why so many people choose to enjoy a round of golf on holiday in Portugal.

Overview Of Golf In Portugal

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Golfing holidays in Portugal have become increasingly popular over the last few years, thanks to its fantastic climate and luxury resorts. The Portuguese weather is perfect for golfers, with mild winters and long summers providing plenty of opportunity to enjoy a round or two. Furthermore, there are numerous upmarket resorts located along the country’s stunning coastline which offer world-class facilities and amenities for visitors looking to take an unforgettable break.

The scenery around these courses is spectacular too – from rolling hills to pine forests, not forgetting some amazing views across the Algarve region. And if you’re after something extra special then there are some truly luxurious hotels to stay at during your visit. With so much on offer it’s no surprise that Portugal has become a premier destination for golf enthusiasts all over Europe!

Popular Golf Destinations

Portugal is home to an abundance of golf resorts, making it a great destination for your holidays. There are over 90 courses located throughout the country, ranging from championship links layouts and modern parkland designs in the north through to rolling hillsides and long-established portuguese courses in the south. Many of these courses are situated near some of Portugal’s most popular holiday destinations such as Lisbon, The Algarve, Porto and Madeira islands; meaning visitors can enjoy a round or two during their stay.

Golfing facilities tend to be superb at many locations, with high quality equipment available for hire alongside expert tuition from PGA professionals. For those who wish to combine leisure activities with their holiday there are large resorts offering swimming pools, tennis courts and spa treatments – all within reach of local beaches and other attractions. With its warm climate, friendly hospitality and stunning scenery wherever you turn; Portugal offers the perfect setting for anyone looking to visit one of Europe’s premier golfing destinations.

Types Of Courses Available

The types available range from links courses to coastal courses, and mountain courses. Here is a list of the main varieties:

  • Links Courses – these are typically located near the sea or coastline, with flat terrain and few trees. They involve wide-open areas covered by grass, sand dunes and bunkers;
  • Coastal Courses – as their name suggests, these are situated along Portugal’s stunning coastlines. Expect undulating fairways, spectacular views and numerous water hazards;
  • Mountain Courses – usually set at high altitudes within Portugal’s mountainous interior regions, this type of course often involves tricky tee shots over ravines and creeks.

No matter what kind of experience you’re after, there’s sure to be something for everyone in Portugal’s huge selection of golf courses. With so many on offer, it’s no surprise that Portugal has become one of Europe’s top golfing destinations!

Best Times To Visit For Great Course Conditions

When it comes to golfing season in Portugal, the best time of year for enjoyable course conditions is from late spring through early autumn. This is when temperatures remain mild and rainfall relatively low. With an average temperature range between 14-20°C (57-68°F) and typically dry sunny days during these months, this is the ideal time for a great round of golf.

MonthGreen FeesWeather Conditions
AprilModerately pricedMild/dry weather with little rain
MaySlightly higher prices than AprilMild/dry weather with little rain
JuneHighest green fees due to peak season demandWarmer weather; more sun exposure; increased chance of afternoon showers
July & AugustHigher prices again as tourists flock in drovesHotter days with occasional thunderstorms that come quickly but pass just as fast
September & OctoberLower fees as tourist numbers decline; good value!Milder temperatures with some afternoon showers possible

The summer months are generally considered the most popular times to visit, however they can also be busiest and expensive when it comes to paying green fees. It’s worth noting that although the weather might not always be perfect – particularly during July and August – Portuguese courses will still offer quality playability throughout the whole year. All things considered, a golfer can’t really go wrong choosing any month within the late spring-early autumn window for their course conditions. So grab your clubs and get ready to hit those fairways!

Safety Tips For Playing On Portuguese Courses

Playing golf in Portugal can be a great experience, but there are some safety tips to keep in mind while playing on the country’s courses.

Firstly, it is important to familiarise yourself with all the course hazards before teeing off. This includes looking out for water hazards, bunkers and other obstacles that may affect your shot. Additionally, pay attention to any warning signs posted around the course as these will indicate areas of danger or caution.

Secondly, consider the weather conditions when planning your round of golf. Portugal experiences hot summers and mild winters, so dress appropriately for both types of climates respectively. Wear lightweight clothing during summer months and bring an extra layer such as a windbreaker if you’re hitting the links during wintertime.

Thirdly, ensure that you take adequate precautions against sunburn by wearing sunscreen throughout your game and bringing along a hat or cap to shield from direct sunlight. Also avoid becoming dehydrated by drinking plenty fluids and carrying refreshments with you at all times during your match.

By following these safety tips, you can rest assured that your golfing experience in Portugal will be enjoyable and free of any mishaps!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Playing A Round Of Golf In Portugal?

Wondering what the cost of playing a round of golf in Portugal is? It’s an important consideration when planning any trip to this European nation, and there are several factors that will affect how much you end up paying. Here’s some more information on costs associated with rounds of golf in Portugal:

  • Pay attention to green fees – these can range from €20-€100 depending on the time of day and season you’re visiting
  • Consider booking a package deal if you plan to play multiple courses over your stay
  • Look for discounts or special offers that may be available online

Green fees vary greatly between courses, so it pays to do some research before committing to one. Many courses offer discounted rates outside peak hours, which could help keep costs down. Also look out for packages that cover multiple rounds at different locations; they often provide good value for money. Additionally, check websites such as TripAdvisor or for exclusive deals and promotions that might be running when you visit Portugal.

Overall, playing a round of golf in Portugal doesn’t have to break the bank! With careful planning and research ahead of time, it’s possible to find great value options that suit both your budget and desired schedule.

Are There Golf Courses Located Near Major Cities In Portugal?

Are there golf courses located near major cities in Portugal? This is an important question for anyone looking to take up golfing in the country. Portugal has some of the best golf courses in Europe, and it’s important to know if they are conveniently located near populous areas.

The answer is yes; there are plenty of excellent golf courses located close to Portugal’s most popular cities. Lisbon, the nation’s capital city, has dozens of world-class golf clubs nearby. Golfers will find a number of top-notch facilities just outside the city limits. Similarly, Porto offers many great options for those wishing to hit the green while exploring this stunning northern Portuguese city. Lastly, Algarve is known as one of Europe’s premier golf destinations – boasting numerous championship level courses around its coastline and inland regions. Whether you’re looking for a challenging round or just a leisurely stroll on the fairway with friends, there’ll be something suitable available when golfing near any of these locations.

Overall, visitors to Portugal can rest assured that no matter where their travels may lead them, quality golfing opportunities await nearby!

How Accessible Are Portugal’s Golf Courses To International Players?

When it comes to golfing abroad, Portugal is an attractive destination for international golfers. With over 100 courses across the country, accessibility of these courses and the amenities offered are important considerations for any golfer travelling from overseas.

The good news is that there is a range of options in terms of portugal’s accessibility for international players. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Public Courses – Open and accessible to all, with varying levels of difficulty depending on your experience level;
  • Fees – Prices can vary based on seasonality or time of day;
  • Facilities – Many have restaurants, bars and spas available making them ideal locations for relaxing after a round.
  • Private Clubs – Exclusive clubs which offer more challenging layouts but require membership or guest passes;
  • Fees – Generally higher than public courses due to exclusive access;
  • Facilities – Often include luxurious features such as spa services and fine dining options.

Whether you want an easy-going game at one of the many public courses or would prefer to take on a more challenging layout at a private club, Portugal has something to suit every golfer’s needs. From picturesque coastal links to lush inland forest tracks, whatever your preference may be – you’ll find it here!


In conclusion, Portugal is a great place for golfers of all levels to enjoy. With over 200 courses throughout the country, there are plenty of options when it comes to playing a round. Prices vary depending on the course and amenities offered, but overall they remain affordable. There are numerous courses located near major cities in Portugal as well as some with special features like spas or restaurants. International players should have no problem accessing Portugal’s golf courses either; many offer discounts or package deals especially geared towards tourists. All in all, if you’re looking for an enjoyable round of golf while vacationing in Portugal, rest assured that you’ll find something perfect for your needs!

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