Which President Played The Most Golf

Fore the Record: Which President Played The Most Golf?

Last Updated on November 1, 2023

The game of golf has long been associated with the US Presidency. The perception that Presidents play a significant amount of golf has persisted over time and is largely accurate in many cases. This article will discuss which President played the most rounds of golf while serving as President of the United States.

This post will explore the extent to which Presidents used golf as a form of recreation throughout history and how those figures compare against each other. It also provides insights into why some presidents may have chosen to use more or less recreational activities than others while they were in office.

Overview Of Presidential Golfing

Presidents of the United States have a long-standing relationship with golf, as many presidents throughout history have enjoyed playing the sport. With few exceptions, almost every president in modern times has been a golfer. Presidential golfers range from recreational players to avid enthusiasts; some even had courses built on their properties while in office.

Golfing Presidents often used the game as an opportunity to socialize and network with other political leaders or celebrities. For example, President Dwight Eisenhower was known for inviting world dignitaries such as Winston Churchill to play at his greenhouses located near Washington D.C., Camp David and Augusta National Golf Club. Similarly, President Bill Clinton hosted several high profile figures, including Tiger Woods, during rounds of golf at Andrews Air Force Base. As these examples illustrate, presidential golfing is a way for politicians to build bridges between different countries or cultures through socializing and networking over 18 holes of golf.

Though all presidents since Taft played golf regularly, one stands out above the rest: Woodrow Wilson. During his time in office (1913–21), he reportedly logged over 1,000 rounds—the most by any U.S. president in history.

A miniature of a president standing in a golf course

History Of Presidential Golfing

The history of presidential golfing dates back to the 19th century. William Howard Taft, who served as President of the United States from 1909-1913, was an avid golfer and is often credited with introducing the sport to his predecessors. Since then, numerous presidents have been known for their love of golf, including Dwight D Eisenhower, John F Kennedy, George W Bush and Barack Obama.

Other notable presidential golfers include Gerald Ford, who had a 22 handicap; Richard Nixon, who played over 1000 rounds during his presidency (1969-1974); Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan both enjoyed playing on the links throughout their presidencies. It is estimated that Donald Trump has spent more time on the course than any other president in US history since taking office in 2017. He reportedly plays every weekend when he can get away from Washington, DC. While some presidents preferred to keep their golf game behind closed doors, others were not shy about showing off their skills on public courses around the world.

Different Presidents’ Golf Games

The history of presidential golfing reveals that many presidents have enjoyed the sport. Of these, certain individuals stand out as devoted presidential golfers who have played the game frequently and with enthusiasm. One such president is Dwight Eisenhower, who holds the record for most rounds played by any United States President at over 800. He was also fond of playing on exclusive courses, having been a member of Augusta National Golf Club since 1948 and regularly playing its renowned course in Georgia.

In addition to Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy achieved notoriety for his frequent trips to Palm Beach Country Club in Florida and Burning Tree Club in Maryland; Ronald Reagan often visited Rancho del Cielo in California; George H. W. Bush had a membership at Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey; Bill Clinton favoured Farm Neck Golf Course on Martha’s Vineyard Island; and Barack Obama used courses near Camp David for weekend playtime during his presidency. Evidently, there is no shortage of iconic venues where America’s leaders can enjoy their favourite pastime: presidential golfing on presidential courses. As this practice continues today, each U.S. president brings their own style to the game while continuing an enduring tradition among American presidents throughout our nation’s history.

The Most Popular Courses For Presidents

A golf course featuring lush greens and a backdrop of majestic mountains

The most popular presidential golf courses have been used by several US presidents over the years. These include Augusta National Golf Club, which has hosted many U.S Presidents, including Dwight D Eisenhower and Jimmy Carter; Burning Tree Country Club in Maryland, where President George W Bush was a member; and Trump International West Palm Beach, Florida, where Donald J Trump is a frequent golfer.

Other notable presidential golf clubs are The Links at Gettysburg, owned by former president Ronald Reagan; Meadowbrook Country Club in Michigan, where Gerald Ford was a longtime member; Seminole Golf Club in Juno Beach, Florida, the favourite course of John F Kennedy; and Torrey Pines South Course in San Diego, California, home to Bill Clinton’s regular Saturday games. Each of these courses possesses unique features that make them attractive to visiting presidents as well as avid golfers alike.

How Presidential Golf Is Funded

Presidential golfing is often funded through taxpayer dollars. According to the Congressional Research Service, in 2019 alone, President Trump spent approximately $102 million on his trips and visits that included golf outings. This amount was used for Secret Service protection, travel expenses, housing costs, food and beverage fees, as well as other related costs associated with presidential golfing excursions.

The use of federal funds to finance Presidential golfing has been an ongoing debate since President Eisenhower first began playing the sport while in office during the 1950s. Other presidents have also come under fire for using taxpayer money to pay for their personal leisure activities, including George W. Bush, who reportedly spent more than $24 million on golf-related trips between 2001 and 2009. Despite this criticism from some lawmakers, a majority of citizens accept that there are certain security concerns when it comes to a president’s safety which necessitates additional funding be allocated towards presidential golfing occasions.

This issue continues to spark debate amongst Congress members; however, both sides can agree that a large portion of resources must be dedicated toward protecting any sitting president, regardless of whether or not they choose to partake in recreational activities such as golfing.

Media Coverage Of Presidential Golfers

Media coverage of presidential golfers has been an ongoing source of conversation for many years. The discussion often centres around which president played the most rounds on the golf course, with some critics arguing that it was taking away from their duties as head of state and commander in chief. Although presidents have always been avid golfers throughout history, President Trump is one example of a modern-day leader who continues to be criticized by his opponents for how much time he spends playing golf.

Various news sources have monitored the number of rounds each president plays over their tenure. According to an article published in The Washington Post, former President Barack Obama had played 333 rounds during his two terms while President Trump has reportedly exceeded 400 rounds since taking office in 2017. This analysis also indicates that Presidents George W Bush and Dwight D Eisenhower were among the top four presidents who spent the most time on the links out of all sitting Commanders in Chief from 1900 until today.

Public Opinion On Presidential Golfers

A close up of golf ball in the green lawn

The debate over presidential golfers has been long-standing and complex. Many people have strong opinions about the role of a president in relation to their recreational activities, especially when it comes to playing golf. The public’s opinion varies greatly depending on the person in the office and how much time they spend away from work for leisure pursuits such as golfing. Supporters often argue that taking some time off is necessary for any leader to remain productive, while critics consider the activity an inappropriate use of time.

President Dwight Eisenhower became known as one of the most prolific presidents when it came to golfing during his presidency. He reportedly played 800 rounds throughout his eight years in office, leading him to be dubbed “the greatest golfer ever” by Golf Digest magazine. Despite this impressive record, there were still many who criticized Eisenhower’s choice of recreation at the expense of other, more important duties. Consequently, subsequent presidents have taken varying approaches towards their own engagements with the game — some opting not to play at all, while others choosing selectively or less frequently than before. Nevertheless, regardless of individual preferences and choices made, presidential golfers will always remain a divisive issue amongst members of the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Difficult Golf Course For A President To Play?

When it comes to presidential golfing, the most difficult golf course for a president to play is an important factor. There are many elements that come together to create a challenging and unique experience for those playing on this type of course. It requires knowledge of both the game and the environment in which it is being played, including factors such as terrain, wind speed, and other conditions.

In order to fully understand what makes a presidential golf course so difficult, one must consider several key aspects:

  • Terrain – The terrain of any given course can make or break its difficulty level; hills, sand traps, and water hazards all contribute to making a course more demanding.
  • Weather – Depending on where the course is located, certain weather conditions may also add another layer of complexity. For example, courses near oceans will be affected by heavy winds, while mountainous courses require endurance from players due to their steep inclines.
  • Crowds – Presidential golf courses typically attract larger crowds than regular public ones due to the presence of high-profile players. This adds yet another element of a challenge since dealing with distractions from onlookers can throw off even seasoned players’ concentration levels.
  • Course Length – Longer holes tend to take longer for players to complete, thus increasing fatigue and difficulty as time passes throughout the round. Additionally, obstacles like bunkers and trees can further elongate hole lengths if avoided correctly.
  • Green Complexity – Greens often vary in terms of their shape; complicated contours can cause balls to roll away from flags when hit too hard or too soft, depending on the player’s aim accuracy. Understanding every corner in detail takes lots of practice before finally mastering them during actual rounds.

These elements combine together, creating an atmosphere where only experienced players with great mental strength has been able to overcome its challenges consistently over time; truly exemplifying why it remains one of the toughest types of courses available in golf today.

Who Was The First President To Play Golf?

Golfing has long been a popular pastime amongst politicians, and the first president to play golf was William Howard Taft. Taft began playing in 1909 while he was still serving as President of the United States. He quickly developed a love for the sport, becoming one of its earliest enthusiasts.

Taft’s influence on American golf was felt well beyond his term in office. In 1912, he founded the Golfers Club at Burning Tree Country Club near Washington, DC, which continues to be an influential centre for the game today. His enthusiasm led him to become involved with other clubs like Chevy Chase and Columbia Country Clubs – both of which are considered some of America’s oldest courses- and these efforts ultimately helped establish golf as an important part of American culture.

It is clear that President William Howard Taft played a significant role in introducing golf into American society. Through his own enthusiasm for the sport, his involvement in various clubs, and even his founding of the prestigious Golfers Club at Burning Tree Country Club, Taft established himself as a foundational figure in the history of US golf.

Does The President Golf With Members Of The Public Or Just His Own Team?

The current H2 questions whether the president golfs with members of the public or just his own team. Presidential golf is a well-established tradition, beginning with President William Taft, who was the first to play in 1913. It has been an activity enjoyed by many presidents since then and continues today.

In regards to presidential golfing with members of the public, it depends on the individual president’s preference. Some have chosen to invite select individuals or groups, such as lawmakers, foreign dignitaries and celebrities, while others have chosen not to do so at all. For example, former President Barack Obama occasionally invited people from outside of government circles when he went out for a round of golf during his presidency; however, other presidents like George W Bush exclusively played with his own team comprising Secret Service agents and White House aides.

It appears that while some presidents choose to engage in golfing activities with members of the public, others prefer only their own teams accompanying them on their rounds. As such, what’s important here is understanding the individual preferences of each president regarding how they spend their leisure time engaging in recreational activities such as playing golf.


Golf has been a popular recreational activity for presidents of the United States since its introduction by President William Howard Taft in 1909. The most difficult golf course for a president to play is one that allows public access, as this requires considerable security measures and additional personnel resources. Despite the difficulty, many U.S. presidents have taken up golfing while in office, some playing more frequently than others.

The amount of golf a president can play depends on several factors, including their schedule and availability of suitable courses. Public opinion may also be affected by how much time the sitting commander-in-chief devotes to leisure activities like golf instead of focusing solely on official presidential duties. Ultimately, it is up to each individual president to decide if they wish to engage in any sport or recreational activity during their term in office.

Overall, the current record holder for most rounds played by a United States president goes to Donald Trump, who reportedly played over 400 rounds from his inauguration until October 2020. Whether you agree with him politically or not, there is no denying that he has set an impressive benchmark when it comes to presidential golfing habits!

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