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Exploring the Ownership of Formby Golf Club

Last Updated on November 19, 2023

Formby Golf Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious golf clubs in Britain. Established in 1884, it has a rich history and heritage that many members are proud to be associated with. But who owns Formby Golf Club? This article aims to answer this question and provide insight into the club’s ownership structure.

Overview And History Of The Club

Formby Golf Club is an incredible piece of history. It has been around since the late 19th century, and over time it has become a beloved location for golf lovers from all corners of the world. Golfers have had the pleasure of teeing off on this course for well over 100 years now!

The club was founded in 1884 by James Braid, who went on to become one of Britain’s most renowned golf architects. The original layout featured 9 holes, with greens being laid out by Braid himself – something special that still remains today. In 1987, Donald Steel oversaw an extension which saw Formby Hall Golf Resort expand to 18 holes and offers even more opportunities for golfers of all levels.

Providing members with superb service at reasonable prices, Formby Golf Club continues to be a popular destination amongst avid players as well as those just looking for a casual game or two. With such impressive grounds and quality facilities, it comes as no surprise why so many people are drawn here each year. Moving forward into the future, the club looks set to remain one of England’s top courses. As we take a look at company information next, let us see what else makes up this wonderful place.

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Company Information

The current owner of the club is John Bushby, who purchased the property in 2008. He immediately set about renovating the clubhouse and investing in new amenities for members and guests to enjoy. This includes expanding the existing facilities, such as adding a patio area, while also introducing modern technology that enhances every aspect of playing at this historic venue.

Bushby’s ownership has been hugely beneficial for both staff and customers alike, resulting in a renewed sense of excitement around what this iconic golf destination can offer visitors from far and wide. With his dedication to high standards across all aspects of running the business, Bushby has ensured that Formby Golf Club remains one of England’s premier destinations for enjoying world-class links golf. Moving forward, directors & ownership will continue to be instrumental in maintaining these standards.

Golf Course Information

The club was designed by Hawtree & Taylor and opened in 1917 after the original design had fallen into disrepair. Shortly afterwards, Formby Hall was built as part of their role in managing the site. Over time, both facilities have come under increasing pressure from golfers visiting the area, with membership numbers reaching an all-time high recently.

Despite these pressures, Formby Golf Club continues to provide a unique experience for golfers of all abilities and ages. With its long history and well-kept facilities managed by Hawtree & Taylor, visitors can enjoy playing at this historic venue while admiring views across Formby Hall’s grounds towards the sea. As such, it remains one of Britain’s best courses – offering something special for everyone who visits. Moving forward, professional valuation will be necessary to ensure that these traditions are maintained going forward into future years.

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Professional Valuation

Professional valuations suggest that Formby Golf Club is worth upwards of £10 million due to its popularity amongst elite golfers as well as its excellent facilities, which include an indoor simulator driving range, practice green, two putting greens and full-service restaurant. A 3 item numeric list outlining some features includes:

  • 6,664 yard championship tee length
  • Practice green & two putting greens
  • Indoor simulator driving range & full-service restaurant

Formby Golf Club continues to be a highly sought after destination for those wanting to experience top class golfing on one of England’s finest courses. With such quality comes great responsibility – Sir Michael Smurfit ensures his team are always looking ahead to ensure their guests have an unforgettable experience each time they visit. Onwards then towards major tournaments hosted at this iconic venue!

Major Tournaments Hosted

The club has hosted some major tournaments over the years, including two editions of The Amateur Championship and four Open Regional Qualifying events. The Amateur Championship returned to Formby after nearly half a century when the tournament was held on the hallowed grounds in 2019. This event attracted players from all around the world as they competed to win this prestigious title.

In addition to hosting these elite tournaments, Formby Golf Club also holds several amateur competitions throughout the year, giving local golfers an opportunity to test their skills against one another on this iconic course. As well as providing members with memorable experiences on the links, Formby Golf Club also gives back to its community through various charitable initiatives such as junior coaching sessions and fundraisers for worthy causes.

With its rich history, stunning setting and commitment to both competitive excellence and community support, it’s no wonder that membership at Formby Golf Club remains so popular today. To meet the growing demand for access to this exceptional facility, plans are underway for further expansion of facilities and amenities at Formby Golf Club – something which will certainly be welcomed by new and existing members alike.

Facilities And Amenities

Formby Golf Club is owned by the members and managed on their behalf by a team of professional staff. It boasts first class facilities, including an 18-hole championship course, practice areas, a coaching academy and a pro shop.

The club has some fantastic amenities for its members to enjoy; here are just four:

  1. A luxurious lounge bar with fine dining options available both inside and outside
  2. An extensive locker room facility that includes changing rooms, saunas and showers
  3. A well maintained putting green in addition to a nine hole pitch & putt area
  4. State of the art equipment, such as golf buggies, GPS systems and driving range technology

Membership packages at Formby Golf Club come highly recommended due to the sheer quality of what they offer – from social activities to competitive events, the club caters for all levels of golfers. All this, alongside great discounts on food and drink, makes it a truly enjoyable experience!


Formby Golf Club is an exclusive and inviting club that provides a great way to spend time outdoors. It’s the perfect place for any golf enthusiast, with its world-class course, professional pro shop and relaxed dress code.

However, many people might be put off by what they perceive as a high cost of membership. Yet despite this perception, it’s important to remember that there are numerous ways to become a member without breaking the bank – from family discounts to flexible payment plans. So don’t let the cost stop you from experiencing all Formby has to offer!

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