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What Happened to MD Golf? The Truth Behind the Brand

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

It was once a giant in the golf industry, but what happened to MD Golf? After years of success and market dominance, it seemed that overnight this powerhouse had gone from being at the top of its game to disappearing into obscurity. But why did this happen? In this blog post we will explore how such an iconic brand could go so quickly downhill and what became of their assets after they were no longer around. So grab your clubs and let’s take a deep dive into understanding exactly what happened to MD Golf.

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The Rise and Fall of MD Golf

Once renowned in the UK, MD Golf was established by Mike and Dave Simons in 1979 as a small business. It started out as a small business in 1979, founded by brothers Mike and Dave Simons. Over time, MD Golf grew to become an international brand with over 500 stores across Europe and North America.

The rise and fall of MD Golf is a cautionary tale for all businesses, highlighting the importance of staying ahead in an ever-changing industry. By examining the reasons behind its demise, we can better understand what factors contribute to success or failure in business.

Key Takeaway: MD Golf had a meteoric rise to fame but eventually fell on hard times due to increasing competition and mismanagement. The firm’s holdings were sold off in a sale to cover debts, leaving no recompense for shareholders or those who had been let go from their positions.

The Reasons Behind MD Golf’s Demise

MD Golf was once a successful and well-known golf equipment manufacturer. However, the company suddenly ceased operations in 2017, leaving many wondering what happened to cause such an abrupt end. This article delves into the reasons behind MD Golf’s downfall.

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One of the main contributing factors to MD Golf’s downfall was their lack of innovation in product design. Despite being one of the first companies to produce high-quality graphite shafted woods and irons, they failed to keep up with new technology as other manufacturers began introducing newer designs with improved performance features. This put them at a disadvantage in terms of competitiveness and caused sales numbers to suffer significantly over time.

MD Golf failed to keep up with the changing tides of consumer preferences, as they were slow on their feet when it came to adjusting and adapting new products or making changes within existing lines. Consequently, customers began opting for competitors’ offerings instead due to feeling short-changed by MD Golf’s offerings – leading to a decrease in sales figures that eventually snowballed into bankruptcy proceedings. With no light at the end of the tunnel, MD Golf sadly had its curtains drawn shut.

The company’s poor management decisions also played a role in bringing about MD Golf’s untimely downfall. The early success of the firm had caused them to become complacent and miss out on opportunities while making some ill-advised choices, such as investing heavily into advertising campaigns without proper due diligence or overextending themselves with rapid expansion that could have been avoided if they had taken into account any potential risks associated with it – leading to an unsustainable financial path until there was no other option but to pull the plug.

The root cause of MD Golf’s failure was a blend of economic oversight and industry trends. Now we will look at what happened to the assets left in the wake of this tragedy.

Key Takeaway: MD Golf’s demise was due to their lack of innovation, slow reaction time in adjusting and adapting to consumer preferences, as well as poor management decisions, which ultimately led them down a path of no return. MD Golf was unable to stay abreast of the changing times, resulting in decisions that ultimately sealed its fate.

What Happened to MD Golf’s Assets?

MD Golf, once a well-known golf equipment and apparel company in the UK, has all but disappeared from the scene. The firm had been a presence for more than three decades before its unexpected demise. What happened to MD Golf’s assets? This article will investigate what became of its products and services after it closed down.

When MD Golf announced that it was closing its doors in 2017, many wondered where their investments would go. Unfortunately, most of the company’s assets were sold off at auction shortly afterwards to pay creditors and other debts associated with the closure.

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The first asset up for sale was MD Golf’s extensive range of golf clubs, bags and accessories, which had been a staple part of the business since day one. Many famous names such as Rory McIlroy used these products, so they fetched high prices at auction – some going for more than £1 million. Other items, such as clothing lines, also went under the hammer, although not as highly priced as expected due to a lack of demand from buyers on that particular day.

Another major asset owned by MD Golf was its chain of retail stores across Europe which included outlets in England, Scotland and Ireland, among others. These stores allowed customers to buy directly from them rather than through third parties so they generated significant profits over time until their closure in 2017, when all remaining stock was sold off cheaply or given away completely free, depending on who bought it first.

Scouring the internet, one can still find some websites offering second-hand goods related to this now defunct company if they dig deep enough. Although MD Golf’s official website and various social media accounts dedicated to promoting its brand have been deleted or left inactive following news of its closure, it is not impossible for savvy shoppers to get their hands on items associated with the company.

While most of MDGolf’s assets were liquidated upon closure – with some being sold off at auctions – others, like its online presence, remain accessible albeit inactive today, providing access to any remaining goods available for purchase should you be willing and able to find them.

Key Takeaway: MD Golf’s assets were liquidated when the company closed its doors in 2017, with some being sold off at auctions and others remaining accessible though inactive today. It’s a buyer beware situation for anyone willing to scour the internet for second-hand goods associated with this now defunct brand.


The story of MD Golf’s demise is a cautionary tale for businesses everywhere. It serves as an example of how quickly things can go wrong if the proper steps aren’t taken to ensure success. Despite its failure, many people are still curious about what happened to MD Golf and why it failed. The risk of the enterprise may not always be worth the reward in the end; this is a lesson that has been made evident by MD Golf’s downfall.

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