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Who Owns Rife Golf? Learn Its History Right Here!

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

Who owns Rife Golf? It’s a question that has been asked for years and the answer is not as simple as it may seem. Guerin Rife, an innovator in golf technology, was the original owner of this popular brand until 2011, when Innovex Golf acquired it. This acquisition brought about many benefits to both companies but also raised some questions regarding who now owns Rife Golf. In this blog post, we’ll explore these topics further by looking at Guerin Rife’s story and how Innovex Golf came to own his beloved company. We will then look into what advantages have come from their purchase and why they are now considered the owners of one of golf’s most iconic brands -Rife.

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Guerin Rife: The Man Behind Rife Golf

Guerin Rife is the founder of Rife Golf, a golf equipment manufacturer that has been producing quality products since 1997. Guerin’s enthusiasm for golf began in North Carolina, where his father owned a driving range, giving him the opportunity to hone his skills with various clubs and balls. His father owned a driving range, which gave Guerin access to all sorts of clubs and balls. As he grew older, his passion for the game only increased and eventually led him to start his own business manufacturing putters.

Innovative Design:

From the beginning, Guerin’s goal was to create innovative designs that could help players improve their performance on the course. He spent countless hours experimenting with different materials and techniques until he found what worked best for each club head design. His commitment to innovation has paid off over time as Rife Golf now offers some of the most advanced putters on the market today.

High-Quality Materials:

In addition to creating unique designs, Guerin also insisted on using high-quality materials in every product he made. Every component used by Rife Golf is carefully selected from trusted suppliers around the world so customers can be sure they are getting a durable product that will last them many years of playtime out on the green or fairway.

Customer Service:

On top of making great products, Guerin always strived to provide excellent customer service as well – something he still does today through his team at Rife Golf headquarters in Carlsbad, California, USA. They are always available to answer any questions you may have about their products or services, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance with anything related to your purchase.

Guerin Rife has been a major innovator in the golf industry, revolutionising club design and manufacturing processes. His legacy lives on through his company, Rife Golf, which was recently acquired by Innovex Golf to continue creating quality clubs for avid players around the world. Moving forward, we will explore how this acquisition is set to shape the future of golf equipment.

Key Takeaway: Guerin Rife is the pioneering force behind Rife Golf, an innovative and high-quality golf equipment manufacturer. He has gained a repute as an industry leader due to his passion for excellence, providing golfers with quality gear and excellent customer service.

Innovex Golf Acquires Rife Golf

In 2011, Innovex Golf acquired Rife Golf. This merger of two renowned golf equipment makers formed a dominant force in the industry.

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Rife Golf was founded by Guerin Rife, who had a passion for crafting high-quality putters and wedges that would help players improve their game. He devoted his time to devising imaginative patterns that could satisfy the precise requirements of golfers, regardless of their level. His attention to detail and dedication paid off, as his products quickly gained popularity among amateur and professional players alike.

Innovex Golf saw an opportunity to expand its product line with this purchase, allowing them to offer more options for golfers looking for top-notch equipment without sacrificing quality or performance. The acquisition also gave Innovex access to some of Rife’s patented technologies, such as their Face Balanced Technology which helps optimise clubhead speed on impact for greater distance and accuracy.

The union of the two firms has been advantageous, providing them with mutual access to resources, tech, R&D proficiency, promotion plans and global distribution networks – affording them an advantage over other brands in the market. As a result of this partnership, customers have access to even more premium clubs from two well-respected names in golfing gear; something every golfer can appreciate.

The acquisition of Rife Golf by Innovex is an exciting development that will bring new opportunities and possibilities to the golfing world. Let’s investigate the potential advantages this merger offers to both companies and their patrons.

The Benefits of Innovex’s Acquisition

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When Innovex Golf acquired Rife Golf in 2023, it marked the beginning of a new era for both companies. The acquisition brought with it a number of benefits that have been felt by golfers and businesses alike.

For starters, the merger gave Rife access to Innovex’s vast resources and capabilities. The combination enabled Rife to broaden its product line-up, expand output potential, and improve consumer service. Golfers now have the opportunity to obtain precisely what they desire without having to pay too much due to a greater range of items being accessible at more reasonable costs.

The acquisition has also enabled Rife to develop innovative technologies that make playing golf easier and more enjoyable than ever before. For example, they’ve created putters with revolutionary face-milling technology that provides maximum forgiveness on off-centre hits as well as improved accuracy on long shots. They’ve also developed clubs with adjustable weights so players can customise their swing weights for optimal performance in any situation.

The merger has also opened up a world of possibilities for increased collaboration between industry professionals such as club fitters and engineers, who can now join forces to customise clubs or design new components from the ground up using 3D printing technology. By leveraging the combined expertise of club fitters and engineers, golfers can now enjoy equipment that is custom-made to their individual needs – something truly remarkable. By leveraging these collaborations, both parties are able to provide golfers with the highest quality equipment available on the market today.

Overall, it is fair to say that Innovex’s acquisition of Rife Golf was an absolute success when it came to enhancing value across multiple fronts. From providing consumers access to high-quality goods at competitive prices to giving employees greater job stability – everyone benefits.

Key Takeaway: Innovex’s acquisition of Rife Golf was a stroke of genius, providing golfers with access to top-notch gear at an affordable price while offering employees job security. This merger has enabled the companies to benefit from economies of scale and leverage collaborations between industry professionals for cutting-edge products tailored specifically for each individual golfer.


In conclusion, the story of who owns Rife Golf is an interesting one. From Guerin Rife’s vision to Innovex Golf’s acquisition in 2011, it has been a journey that continues to shape the golf industry today. With its new owner and innovative technology, Rife Golf is sure to be around for many years ahead, providing quality products and experiences for all levels of golfers.

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