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Decoding FedEx Golf: Scoring, Rules, and Strategy

Last Updated on November 20, 2023

In the world of professional golf, there’s more to the game than simply swinging a club and hoping for a hole-in-one. Behind the scenes lies an intricate system that determines not only players’ rankings but also their eligibility for major tournaments, ultimately shaping their careers. One such system is the FedEx Cup, introduced in 2007 by the PGA Tour as a means to crown a season-long champion whilst adding excitement to the sport.

If you’ve ever found yourself watching golf on the telly and wondering how this points-based competition works, look no further. In this article, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty details of FedEx Cup golf: from its inception through to its current format, including rule changes over time and strategies adopted by players aiming to secure their spot at the prestigious finale – The TOUR Championship. So sit back with your cuppa tea and let us unravel the mysteries behind one of golf’s most exciting competitions.

Understanding The Playoff Structure

To understand the FedEx Cup playoffs in golf, one must first grasp the playoff structure. The PGA Tour’s season consists of a series of events culminating in the season-ending competition known as the FedEx Cup Playoffs. This prestigious tournament aims to determine the overall champion golfer of the regular season by pitting them against each other in an intense battle on various courses.

The playoffs are structured around four individual tournaments that whittle down the field from 125 competitors during the initial event to just 30 for the final showdown at East Lake Golf Club, where they vie for victory at the Season-Ending Tour Championship. Throughout these playoff events, golfers accumulate points based on their performance, which ultimately determines their position within this elite group. With millions of dollars in bonus money at stake, it is no surprise that tensions run high and rivalries are fierce during this highly anticipated portion of the PGA Tour calendar.

Prize Earnings For Playoff Winners

It has been theorised that FedEx Golf playoff winners are handsomely rewarded for their efforts. Upon investigating, one can confirm the veracity of this theory as prize earnings in the FedEx Cup Playoffs are indeed substantial. The bonus pool for players participating in these playoffs is a staggering $60 million, with eligible players vying to secure their share of the winnings at prestigious events such as the PGA Championship and the FedEx St. Jude Championship.

The prize money payout structure for playoff winners includes:

  • First place: A cool $15 million
  • Second place: An impressive $5 million
  • Third place: A respectable $4 million
  • Fourth place: A solid $3 million
  • Fifth place: A commendable $2.5 million

These generous sums not only reward outstanding performance but also help incentivise golfers to strive for excellence throughout the 2022-23 season. This competitive atmosphere ultimately benefits both spectators and sponsors alike, creating an exhilarating environment where each swing could potentially lead to millions in prize money.

As one marvels at the lucrative opportunities available to successful competitors within FedEx Golf playoffs, it becomes apparent why so many athletes dedicate themselves tirelessly to perfecting their craft. With such immense rewards on offer, every stroke takes on greater significance and importance within each tournament’s context.

Tour Championship Functioning

the tour championship held at the wilmington country club 1

The Tour Championship, held at the Wilmington Country Club, serves as the culmination of the FedEx Golf season. Top golfers such as Billy Horschel, Jordan Spieth and Cameron Smith compete in this prestigious event to determine the overall winner of the FedEx Cup. The competition is structured so that those players who have performed well throughout the season are rewarded with exemptions into subsequent tournaments.

Throughout the tournament, one can witness a diverse range of playing styles from competitors like Dustin Johnson, Tony Finau and Viktor Hovland. Liv Golf plays an important role in showcasing these talents by providing extensive coverage on their platform for fans worldwide. By doing so, they promote not only individual performances but also contribute to raising awareness about professional golfing events among sports enthusiasts everywhere.

As we move towards discussing how pre-tour championship scoring systems work within FedEx competitions, it is essential first to understand how rankings play a significant part during this final event. Players’ positions rely heavily upon accumulated points earned over several tournaments leading up to the Tour Championship. This method ensures fairness while simultaneously allowing room for potential comebacks, even amongst lower-ranked participants.

Pre-Tour Championship Scoring System

Now, you may be thinking that the FedEx golf pre-Tour Championship scoring system is too complicated or unnecessary. However, it adds a layer of excitement and intrigue to the PGA Tour season by rewarding consistency and exceptional performance in regular-season events.

To shed some light on this captivating process, let’s delve into how the FedEx golf pre-Tour Championship scoring system works. During the PGA Tour season, players accumulate points based on their performances in each event they participate in. These points are awarded for various achievements, such as making cuts at cut events, finishing with low scores (also known as greens in regulation), and securing an official victory at any given tournament. The better a golfer performs throughout the year, the more points they receive. This point-based structure encourages consistent play from week to week while also highlighting those who can truly excel when under pressure.

The conclusion of the regular season sees these accumulated points translated into starting positions for the all-important Tour Championship, thus determining which participants have earned themselves a shot at glory. Players enter this final showdown with varying score advantages commensurate to their overall ranking within that particular season – ensuring that every stroke counts towards achieving success on professional golf’s grandest stage.

Outcomes For Non-Tour Championship Participants

Although the FedEx Cup is primarily focused on identifying and rewarding the top finisher in each season, it also provides an opportunity for non-Tour Championship participants to make their mark. These golfers may not have a chance at lifting the coveted trophy, but they can still earn bragging rights by putting up impressive scores throughout the tournament. By consistently performing well, these players showcase their skills and enhance their reputation on the tour.

Some standout finishes from recent years include:

  • Collin Morikawa’s strong performance in 2020, where he finished 10-under par.
  • Corey Conners’ remarkable showing in 2019 that saw him secure multiple top-ten finishes.
  • Joaquin Niemann’s unforgettable run during his rookie year in the same season as Matsuyama, when both young talents made waves with their exceptional play.

It must be noted that while winning remains out of reach for those who do not qualify for Tour Championships, there are rewards aplenty for those who seize this opportunity. Golfers like Hideki Matsuyama and Collin Morikawa have used such stages to propel themselves into stardom through consistency and determination. The FedEx Cup has proven time and again that talent rises above all else; regardless of one’s status within the tournament rankings, any golfer can make an impact if they demonstrate unwavering dedication towards achieving excellence.


In conclusion, the FedEx Cup has undoubtedly transformed the landscape of professional golf since its inception in 2007. The continuous tweaks to the format have not only heightened competitiveness but also added an extra layer of excitement for both players and spectators alike.

One could compare the FedEx Cup playoffs to a thrilling game of chess, where each move is meticulously calculated, and every ounce of skill matters. Sponsorships like that of FedEx are essential knights on this board, contributing significantly to the growth and success of PGA Tour events. As passionate fans, let us relish in the sporting spectacle that unfolds before our very eyes during these enthralling playoff showdowns.

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