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Best Intermediate Golf Clubs: Top Picks for Upgrading Your Game in 2024

Last Updated on February 14, 2024

As golfers progress from beginners to intermediates, their equipment needs evolve. In this guide, I’ve used my extensive experience to focus on the best golf clubs for intermediate players, balancing forgiveness and control. We’ve considered factors like clubhead design, shaft material, and flex, aiming to find clubs that enhance playability and support skill development. Our recommendations cater to players seeking to refine their game, offering features like cavity back irons for forgiveness and adjustable drivers for optimising swing. This selection is the result of thorough research and testing, designed to help intermediate golfers elevate their game.

Our Top Choices

We understand the importance of having the right equipment as you progress in your golfing journey. Upgrading to a set of intermediate golf clubs can significantly impact your game, offering a blend of control and forgiveness to help improve your skills. Our selection caters to those looking to take their game to the next level, with options that promise quality and performance. Whether you’re focusing on irons, woods, or a complete set, we’ve got you covered with some of the best intermediate golf clubs available on the market.

Robin Golf Men’s Set

If you’re looking to elevate your game with a stylish and accessible set, Robin Golf’s Men’s Set has got you covered.


  • Aesthetic and cohesive design makes you stand out on the course
  • Improved sweet spot enhances forgiveness, ideal for intermediate players
  • The quality and versatility of the clubs offer great value for the price


  • Limited club selection compared to larger sets might require additional purchases
  • May not cater to the nuanced preferences of very advanced golfers
  • While sleek, the matte finish can show wear and tear more noticeably

Having just hit the course with the Robin Golf Men’s Set, the first thing we noticed was the standout matte black finish that looks sharp from the driver to the putter. The lightweight, backpack-style golf bag felt comfortable during the entire round, and the head covers were a snug fit, adding to the kit’s sleek aesthetic.

Out on the fairway, the clubs felt surprisingly comparable to higher-end models we’ve swung in the past. The driver’s forgiveness was impressive, allowing for solid strikes even when the ball wasn’t hit dead center. Swinging the irons brought a pleasing balance of weight and control, contributing to our confidence with each approach.

Approaching the green, the wedges proved their mettle. Whether blasting out of sand traps or executing delicate chips, each shot landed with more precision than anticipated. The milled putter provided a soft yet responsive touch, rounding off a truly satisfying golf experience.

Taking the Robin Golf Men’s Set through its paces showed us its capability to meet the demands of intermediate golfers who value both style and substance. When matched against the competition, this set makes a convincing case as a solid choice within its price bracket.

Callaway Strata 12-Piece Set

We found this Callaway Strata set to be the ideal upgrade for golf enthusiasts looking to step up their game without breaking the bank.


  • Impressive distance and forgiveness off the tee
  • Versatile hybrid club makes long shots more approachable
  • Mallet putter design aids in better alignment and improved accuracy


  • Limited club selection for advanced skill sets
  • Carry bag durability could be an area of improvement
  • Basic grip feel may prompt eventual upgrades

After swinging the 460cc driver and feeling the satisfying contact, it’s clear Callaway has tailored this Strata set for the intermediate player seeking reliability and performance. It’s always exhilarating to get that extra yardage, and this set doesn’t disappoint, providing a generous sweet spot that helps keep shots on target even with off-center hits.

Transitioning through the set, the fairway wood and hybrid have become fast favorites in our arsenal, offering confidence to tackle a variety of shots. It’s not just about distance; control is equally crucial, and the stainless steel irons deliver it. Maneuvering the ball around the course felt more effortless with each swing.

We’re particularly fond of the mallet putter as it features a design with alignment aids, ensuring our putts roll true to the target. The feel it provides during the stroke certainly adds to one’s confidence on the greens. It’s gratifying to sink a few more putts than usual during a round.

In conclusion, our experiences in the fairways, on the tees, and across the greens suggest a robust thumbs-up for the Callaway Strata set. Its curated club mix adeptly supports the developing golfer’s journey toward lower scores.

Precise M5 Men’s Golf Set

We recommend the Precise M5 Men’s Golf Set for those improving their game, offering a balance of performance and style.


  • Comprehensive selection of clubs tailored for taller players
  • Large driver head enhances distance and forgiveness
  • Stylish stand bag with convenient pockets and durable headcovers


  • Some users report durability issues with the driver
  • Bag stability could be improved when fully loaded
  • Grips may feel uncomfortable for some, necessitating a potential upgrade

Our recent time on the course with the Precise M5 Men’s Golf Set showed us why it’s a solid investment for golfers taking their game to the next level. Its oversized heads really help in getting the ball airborne, a godsend for players honing their swing.

The 460cc driver impressed us with its forgiveness and distance capabilities. Even on off-center hits, the ball maintained a respectable trajectory, which is crucial for building confidence in your game.

However, during a few rounds, we noted the bag’s legs struggled under the weight. We had to be mindful of this when positioning the bag on uneven lies. Additionally, after extended play, a few of us considered re-gripping to enhance comfort and feel.

Overall, this set from PRECISE stands out as a stylish choice with an array of clubs that could really bolster your performance on the course.

PGA Tour G1 Series Orange Set

We highly recommend this set for young golfers with a passion to improve their game; the comprehensive kit and thoughtful design make it a worthy investment.


  • Ideal club variety for varied shots
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Helpful alignment aids for better accuracy


  • May be too light for more experienced youth players
  • Bag can be prone to tipping in windy conditions
  • Limited club numbers might necessitate additional purchases

Our time on the green proved the PGA Tour G1 Series Orange Set is a catch for up-and-coming golf enthusiasts. The driver adds a generous uplift to tee-off shots, and we’ve seen the hybrid smoothly navigate through fairways and rough patches alike. Approaching the green, the irons offered a controlled, responsive feel, maintaining a reliable trajectory shot after shot.

The lightweight nature of these clubs didn’t go unnoticed; carrying the set around the course felt nearly effortless. The bag’s padded straps provide comfort that lasts throughout an 18-hole journey. A little rain didn’t dampen our spirits either, with the rain cover coming in handy to protect our gear.

While initially skeptical about the impact of non-slip grips and alignment aids, we soon observed their effect on our swing and shot precision. It was a delight to see putts roll true to line, thanks to the midsize putter. Our confidence over the ball improved markedly, allaying fears of missed short games.

However, during gusty days, the bag showed a tendency to take a tumble, which, while not a dealbreaker, is something to bear in mind. For those kids honing their skills and outgrowing junior sets, this kit may be a transitory step, as the lightness of the clubs could underserve stronger swings. Lastly, as the player’s skill progresses, expanding the club selection may become necessary, but this set lays a solid foundation for growth in the sport.

PGA TOUR Junior Set

We think this PGA TOUR set will boost any young golfer’s game with its top-notch quality and junior-friendly design.


  • Optimized for junior players with lightweight, flexible graphite shafts
  • Non-slip rubber grips and club head alignment aids improve accuracy
  • Comes with a comfortable carry bag and rain cover for all-weather play


  • Limited to basic clubs, potentially outgrown as skills improve
  • Stand bag balance could be improved
  • Designed specifically for the 5-8 age range, not suitable for all juniors

Our firsthand experience with the PGA TOUR Junior Set was nothing short of a revelation. The forgiving club heads gave us an impressive level of control and confidence, particularly evident with the airy swing of the driver and the satisfying clink of the putter. Navigating the turf with the lightweight stand bag, we appreciated the dual comfort straps that made toting the clubs almost effortless.

The non-slip grips demonstrated their value when one of our team, notorious for sweaty palms, stepped up to the tee. There was a noticeable stability in his grip, a key factor that translated to a square clubface at impact. Indeed, those little aids on the grips guiding hand placement were an ingenious touch.

Addressing durability, after multiple rounds, it became clear these clubs are ready to handle the rigors of frequent use. While initially skeptical about how the fiberglass materials would hold up against both turf and temper, our concerns were rapidly dispelled. Not a dent to declare nor a wobble in the wedges; they stood up to the task splendidly.

It’s a straightforward recommendation from us for budding enthusiasts looking to level up their links life.

Believe Ladies Set

We think the Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set is perfect for intermediate golfer ladies seeking to improve their game with specifically designed, forgiving clubs.


  • Enhanced forgiveness thanks to the 460cc driver
  • Trouble-free shot launching from both tee and fairway with low profile 3 wood
  • The included hybrids are a great substitute for challenging long irons


  • Graphite shafts may not be suitable for all swing styles
  • Petite size might not fit all women golfers
  • The placement of the bag strap could be improved for aesthetics and cleanliness

Upon our first round with the Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set, their light weight and comfort stood out immediately. These clubs elegantly blend performance with style, especially the purple hue that adds a personal touch. The 460cc driver maximizes forgiveness — a quality we’ve found invaluable when our swings haven’t been pinpoint accurate.

Swinging the low profile “Fly High” 3 wood brought confidence to our tee shots, its design aiming to simplify what can often be daunting fairway hits. The transition from wood to iron felt natural, as the 2 hybrid irons provided a welcome relief, sparing us the frustration typically associated with traditional long irons.

Finally, we appreciate the thoughtful composition of the set. From a practical designer cart bag that is as lightweight as it is visually appealing to the wide-soled irons that launch the ball with ease, this set considers an intermediate player’s needs. However, we did find the strap design on the bag to place form over function — an oversight when considering the potential for dirt stains.

In conclusion, the Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set strikes an impressive balance between form and function. It’s a comprehensive package that provides both the essential and the extra, all while encouraging an enjoyable and effective golfing experience.

Confidence Kids Golf Set

Our young golfers found the Confidence Kids Golf Set a fantastic choice that offers a great blend of fun and practicality for growing enthusiasts.


  • Set includes a variety of clubs perfect for young intermediate players
  • The lightweight stand bag with auto pop-out legs makes for easy carry and setup
  • Graphite shafts in the clubs provide the right flex for a junior’s swing


  • Limited to three clubs, which may restrict a player as they improve
  • Sized specifically for 8-12 years old, so they may outgrow it quickly
  • Ball flight might be less consistent for advanced juniors with stronger swings

We recently had the chance to take these clubs to the green and came away impressed by how well they suited young players around the course. The clubs are light, which is critical for lessening fatigue and maintaining proper swing mechanics throughout the round. Our junior golfer had no trouble lifting the bag and setting it up on his own, which gave him a sense of independence.

The oversized driver boasted a forgiving sweet spot, influencing our drives to be both longer and straighter. We noticed that the irons, with their cavity back design, were forgiving on off-center hits, giving our junior golfers increasing confidence with every shot. Playing around with the putter revealed a favorable alignment aid that truly helped to improve putting accuracy.

Despite the positives, we also recognized some limitations. As the golfers’ skills flourished, the desire for a more comprehensive set with additional irons and a wood became evident. It was clear that as our junior golfers grew in height as well as skill, they would soon need to graduate to a larger set. For those who are approaching the higher end of the age range, or for those who hit the ball with more power, the provided clubs may not offer the technical progression needed for their developing game.

In summary, the Confidence Kids Golf Set is an excellent starting point for young golfers. It delivers a practical, enjoyable, and quality experience on the course, helping to build a solid foundation in the game for kids in the 8 to 12 age bracket.

Founders Club Believe Set

We think this set is a smart choice for women golfers who value both style and substance on the course.


  • The large driver design enhances forgiveness, boosting confidence for intermediate players.
  • Includes hybrids, easier to strike than traditional long irons, improving playability.
  • A portion of each sale supports breast cancer research, adding a charitable aspect to your purchase.


  • The specific design may not appeal to all personal tastes.
  • May not suit advanced players seeking more specialized club features.
  • Limited color options restrict personalization preferences.

We’ve taken the Founders Club Believe set out for a few rounds and were pleasantly surprised by the consistent playability. The driver’s expanse embraces forgiveness, so our less-than-perfect swings didn’t always result in less-than-perfect outcomes. Striding down the fairway with the sleek cart bag, we appreciated the ample storage and the ease of handling providentially crafted into its design.

Hybrids were a welcome addition to our game, offering a welcome midpoint between unwieldy long irons and high-lofted woods. We saw notable improvements in our shots from the rough—these clubs seem to have a knack for launching balls with graceful ease. Our putts rolled true, thanks to the balanced mallet-style putter, rounding off a holistic package.

The set betrays a charm beyond functionality—an emblem for an enduring cause. It’s more than golf; it’s a statement. Yet, for some of us, the rose-hued theme underscores a limit in customization, a quality that might deter a golfer whose style leans away from the predetermined aesthetic. However, in the grand scheme, we found the positives heavily outweigh these points. The Founders Club Believe set, in our experience, stands out as a robust ally to the intermediate golfer.

Tour Edge Junior Golf Set

We found this set to be an excellent transition for young golfers moving to a more serious level of play, offering the right balance of playability and forgiveness.


  • The high MOI driver delivers impressively consistent drives.
  • Perfectly weighted hybrid supports an easy transition from irons to woods.
  • Stand bag and dual straps exemplify comfort and convenience on the course.


  • Some users may outgrow the club sizes quickly.
  • Limited number of clubs could mean additional purchases.
  • Color options are restricted, which might not appeal to all tastes.

After taking a few swings with the Tour Edge Junior Golf Set’s driver, the most striking feature is its ability to produce long and stable drives, an essential aspect for intermediate players looking to improve. The fairway wood follows suit with its low profile, making wood shots less intimidating and more successful, instilling confidence with every shot.

Transitioning to the hybrid, its wide sole and low center of gravity become apparent when effortlessly lifting the ball into the air. This club is a real game-changer for those tricky shots where an iron would struggle, as it glides through various lies with ease and precision.

Finally, the putter deserves a mention for its simplicity in alignment, offering a much-welcome boost towards lowering those putting scores. After carrying the lightweight bag around the course for a full round, the comfort of the straps and the practicality of the stand really shine through. Overall, our experience suggests that this set is a wise investment for aspiring young golfers and serves as a solid stepping stone in their development.

Tangkula Complete Golf Set

We recommend this Tangkula Complete Golf Set for its comprehensive offerings that cater to the versatile needs of intermediate golfers, providing both quality and style.


  • Full set covers all the essential clubs
  • Large driver sweet spot aids distance
  • Putter design enhances line and forgiveness


  • Bag stability could be improved
  • Long-term durability for frequent users
  • Missing a club some golfers might need

The Tangkula Golf Set has found its way into our game recently and it’s made quite an impact. The balance of functionality and style is immediately evident. Out on the fairway, the 460cc driver with its satisfying large sweet spot made getting distance off the tee a more frequent occurrence for us. We’ve all felt that gratifying ‘thwack’ when the ball soars—it was no different with this one.

When we tackled the greens, the putter was a performer. Thanks to its low weighting and the alignment aid, we noticed our puts staying on course more often than not. Accessorizing was a breeze too; pockets were ample and getting the clubs in and out of the compact, yet spacious bag was effortless. We even appreciated the touch of class added by the headcovers—keeps our gear looking sharp.

However, nothing is without its drawbacks. Although the stand bag is lightweight and a breeze to carry around, we did experience a few instances of wobbliness when deploying the stand. Over time, we’ve started to keep an eye on how the clubs handle consistent use. So far, so good, but the real test will be as the months roll on.

In summary, the Tangkula Golf Set has been a welcome addition to our golfing excursions. The comprehensiveness of the set, coupled with the well-thought-out design of the clubs, gives us a seamless playing experience. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they stand the test of time, as we’re planning on enjoying many more rounds with them.

Buying Guide

a man testing an intermediate golf club on the course

When selecting intermediate golf clubs, we consider several important features to ensure a good match for our skill level and playing style.

Club Composition

We look for a mix of iron types, including hybrids that can offer easier long-range shots. The ideal set includes a balanced range of clubs to navigate different situations on the course.

Shaft Material

Shafts come in steel or graphite. For us, the key is to find a balance between control and flexibility. Steel shafts offer durability and control, whereas graphite is lighter and increases swing speed.

Clubhead Design

A perimeter-weighted clubhead is often preferred by intermediate players. It offers a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Club Flex

Choosing the right flex for our shaft is crucial. It should match our swing speed to improve accuracy and distance. Typically, we adhere to the common flex ratings: Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff.

Set Composition

Our set should include a variety of clubs, such as:

  • Drivers
  • Fairway Woods
  • Hybrids
  • Irons (mid to high-range)
  • Wedges
  • Putter

Here’s a simple table to help us decide on the right mix of clubs:

Club TypePurpose
DriverTee-off on longer holes
Fairway WoodLong shots from the fairway
HybridVersatile for various situations
IronsPrecision for mid-range shots
WedgesShort game and getting out of traps
PutterFinishing the hole

By adhering to these principles, we ensure our set will contribute positively to our game, allowing for both growth and consistency on the course.

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