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Best Golf Rain Gear: Essential Picks for Dry Rounds in 2024

Golf requires adaptability to changing weather, and rain gear is essential for playing in wet conditions. In this guide, I’ve used my extensive experience to focus on selecting the best golf rain gear, considering waterproofing, breathability, and mobility. We’ve evaluated products like jackets, pants, and waterproof bags, ensuring they provide comfort and maintain swing freedom without sacrificing protection. Our aim is to recommend gear that offers a perfect balance of water resistance and comfort, enabling you to enjoy your game, rain or shine.

Our Top Choices

When we’re on the golf course, unexpected rain shouldn’t hinder our game. That’s why we’ve selected the top golf rain gear that combines waterproof technology, comfort, and style. Our choices ensure you stay dry and focused on your swing, even when the weather is against you.

BALEAF Men’s Rain Jacket

We recommend this jacket for its impressive balance of waterproofing and breathability, making it a top pick for golfers braving the elements.


  • Excellent water and wind resistance
  • Lightweight and packable design
  • Enhanced safety with reflective elements


  • Hood not stowable
  • Sizes may run small
  • Material may feel clingy against the skin

Out on the greens under ominous clouds, we put the BALEAF Men’s Rain Jacket through its paces. It shrugged off the rain without any sign of penetration. The lightweight polyester construction didn’t weigh us down, and it packed down small enough to tuck into our golf bag with ease.

When the wind picked up, we appreciated the windbreaker capability just as much as the waterproofing. Equally worthy of mention is the reflective detailing, which provided that additional safety measure during those dimly lit dawn tee times.

While the performance is solid, a minor gripe is the non-stowable hood which flaps about in the wind when not in use. Additionally, be mindful when selecting your size – err on the side of ordering up if in doubt. And a note for texture-sensitive golfers: the fabric can feel somewhat clingy on bare skin. Overall, we find this BALEAF rain jacket to be a reliable ally against the weather.

Fit Space Golf Rain Pants

We think these rain pants are a solid pick for any golfer looking to stay dry on the course without sacrificing comfort or mobility.


  • Exceptionally waterproof, holding up well under rainy conditions.
  • Lightweight and easy to pack, making them convenient for travel.
  • Comfortable fit allows for full range of motion during your swing.


  • Sizing can be tricky, and you may need to order a size up.
  • Though durable, some users report fraying after a wash.
  • The pants run a bit long, which might require adjustments for some golfers.

During a recent golf outing amidst a downpour, we were genuinely impressed by the water repellence of the Fit Space Golf Rain Pants. They kept us dry hole after hole, allowing us to focus on our game rather than the weather.

Their lightweight design is a game-changer. Not once did we feel burdened by heavy, clingy fabric, a common issue with lesser quality rain gear. Throwing them into our golf bag was a breeze, and they took up minimal space compared to others we’ve tried.

Additionally, the flexibility and comfort of these pants really stood out. Even in the wet conditions, our movement wasn’t restricted, which is essential for maintaining a natural golf swing.

However, dealing with the inconsistent sizing was a bit of a challenge. We recommend checking the sizing chart carefully to avoid delays from exchanging for a better fit. And be mindful when washing; although our pair kept its integrity, there have been mentions of fraying which raise some questions about long-term durability.

Fit wise, they tend to run long, but they didn’t impede our game after getting used to the initial feeling. It’s something to keep in mind if you prefer a more tailored length right out of the packaging.

Overall, based on our experience, the Fit Space Golf Rain Pants offer top-notch protection from the rain without diminishing your golfing experience. The minor inconveniences are worth overlooking in favor of the overall performance they provide on the course.


No products found.

We recommend this SWISSWELL Men’s Rain Suit for its effectiveness in keeping you dry during your outdoor pursuits.


  • Fully waterproof, ensuring a dry experience even during heavy rain
  • Lightweight design does not restrict movement, perfect for active wear
  • The suit includes a hood for added protection against the elements


  • Sizing can be inconsistent, so be sure to check the size chart carefully
  • May not be fully windproof in gusty conditions
  • It seems there have been occasional reports of leakage in light rain

Having just used the SWISSWELL Rain Suit on the links, we found the freedom of movement to be impressive, nothing hindered our golf swing, and staying dry was a given even as the rain persisted. The fabric is light enough to prevent any feeling of bulkiness, yet it stood resilient against the downpour. This is an essential quality for anyone serious about not letting the weather disrupt their round of golf, hike, or any outdoor activity.

On a particularly blustery day, we noted that while the suit did an excellent job at repelling water, it provided less protection against the wind. So if you’re heading out in stormy weather, layering might be necessary to combat the chill.

One thing to mention is that some fellow outdoors enthusiasts have noted the sizing to be a bit off, particularly in the chest and shoulder areas. To avoid any discomfort or potential risk of tearing, it’s worth double-checking the size chart before ordering. Despite these considerations, the SWISSWELL Rain Suit remains a reliable choice for staying dry and comfortable—a staple in our outdoor wardrobe now.

COOFANDY Men’s Rain Suit

We found this COOFANDY Men’s Rain Suit excels in lightweight comfort and sleek design, ideal for those unexpected downpours on the green.


  • Suit is highly lightweight and unrestrictive for full swings
  • Breathable fabric prevents overheating
  • Functional zippers and drawstrings allow for a customizable fit


  • Hood design may offer insufficient face protection in heavy rain
  • Suit may not withstand prolonged or extreme weather conditions
  • The jacket’s sleeve length may run short for taller individuals

We’ve been out on the course with COOFANDY’s Men’s Rain Suit, and it’s a real game-changer. Offering freedom to move, it’s like you’re wearing your usual golfing attire, but with an added, invisible shield against the rain.

The breathable fabric is what stood out to us most. Even as conditions get humid, our play stayed cool and unflustered under the COOFANDY suit. A breath of fresh air compared to the claustrophobic feels of typical rain gear.

Another thing we appreciate is how the rain suit doesn’t just hang off your body. The adjustable drawstrings and smooth zippers make it almost tailor-fit, which is crucial when preciseness in golf is everything.

While we revel in its lightweight build, there’s an inkling of doubt for days when the weather turns full tempest. The hood’s fit around the face could be tighter, and for those of us with a longer reach, the sleeves might feel a tad short.

On the whole, we’ve discovered that COOFANDY’s two-piece suit hits the sweet spot for most conditions and players, and for that breezy afternoon when the heavens decide to open up, it’s got you covered – literally.

Acme Rain Suit

We think this Acme Rain Suit is an excellent choice for golfers who want to stay dry without sacrificing comfort on the course.


  • Extraordinarily waterproof with a high level of breathability
  • Robust and reliable YKK zipper
  • Good adjustability features for a custom fit


  • Sizing may be slightly large
  • The pants might feel a bit bulky over normal attire
  • On rare occasions, it appears less effective in intense downpours

The thoughtful design of Acme’s Rain Suit left us impressed after a round of golf in unpredictable weather. The breathability factor meant we stayed comfortable, and the waterproofing did its job keeping us dry in light to moderate rain. There was no distracting swish-swish noise as we moved, which can be a deal-breaker with some suits.

Adjustability features like elastic fittings and Velcro fasteners worked well to seal out the rain. These details were a highlight, allowing us to modify the fit to our specific needs. Whether hitting a long drive or bending to putt, the suit moved with us, adding to the day’s enjoyment.

We donned this suit for a wet day on the links and the protection it offered was palpable. The pants slipped easily over shorts, but adjusting the size was a bit tricky. During a brief torrential downpour, some dampness crept in, but overall, the suit held up solidly, and we remained mostly dry as the rain eased. For the price, we felt confident in the suit’s ability to withstand the elements for future rainy rounds.

SWISSWELL Waterproof Golf Rain Gear

If staying dry and comfortable is your priority during a wet round of golf, then the SWISSWELL Rain Suit is worth the investment.


  • Entirely waterproof, keeping you dry under moderate rain
  • Lightweight design ensures comfort and effortless movement
  • The overall quality offers great value at a fair price point


  • Lack of breathable fabric can lead to moisture build-up inside
  • Pants pocket may have a flaw in stitching
  • Hood design differs slightly from product images

On a drizzly day at the course, we had the chance to put the SWISSWELL Rain Suit to the test. Pulling the jacket over, the initial impression is its feather-light touch, surprisingly keeping any additional bulk to a minimal. It became immediately evident that the fabric couldn’t let a drop of rain through, which kept spirits high and scores low.

The rain pants were a breeze to slip on even over golf shoes, though we did miss the convenience that zippered openings could have provided. Out on the fairways, unrestricted swings were a given thanks to the suit’s flexibility. However, storing a scorecard proved tricky when it plunged through the pocket lining—something to watch out for.

Comparing this gear to some high-ticket items our friends sported, the SWISSWELL holds its own, notably in bang-for-the-buck territory. While it triumphs against the elements, an internal dampness did creep up by the 18th hole—breathability isn’t its strongest suit. But when it comes to a reliable barrier against rain, this suit delivers as promised.

Fit Space Golf Rain Gear

We think you’ll appreciate the Fit Space Waterproof Golf Rain Suit for its overall performance and comfort on the course, regardless of the weather.


  • Impressive water repellence keeps us dry even in persistent rain.
  • The stretchy fabric ensures full freedom of movement during swings.
  • Thoughtful features like Velcro cuffs and zip-off sleeves enhance adjustability.


  • The trousers might run a bit long for shorter individuals.
  • Pants could feel snug, depending on your build and the layers worn underneath.
  • It hasn’t been tested in extreme weather conditions yet by some users.

When we tried on the Fit Space Rain Suit, its ability to repel water was immediately evident. The fabric not only kept us dry in a drizzle, but it also stood up to heavier rain without any sign of leakage. We were particularly pleased with the breathable material that prevented us from feeling clammy as the game progressed.

The freedom to move is crucial when we’re teeing off, and this suit delivered. The four-way stretch polyester allowed us to swing unimpeded, a feature we find essential in rain gear. Plus, the smart design of the Velcro cuffs and adjustable ankle cuffs helped us perfect the fit, so there wasn’t any excess fabric getting in our way.

Wearing this suit for a full round, we noticed how the small details, like the zip-off sleeves and adjustable features, came in handy for adapting to changing conditions. While pants length and fit might be an issue for some, we found choosing the right size quite manageable. Though this suit hasn’t faced a downpour yet, we’re optimistic about its capabilities and feel prepared for any wet weather round.

SWISSWELL Waterproof Golf Pants

When the downpour starts and you’re mid-course, these SWISSWELL Waterproof Golf Pants are a trusted companion to keep you dry and swinging freely.


  • Highly waterproof while maintaining breathability
  • Lightweight design doesn’t impede movement
  • Abundant pockets for practical on-course use


  • Sizing may require careful consideration
  • Inseam length could be short for taller users
  • May fit more like overpants rather than stand-alone golf pants

From the moment we stepped onto the soggy fairways, the SWISSWELL pants shielded us effectively from the lashing rain. Their 100% polyester fabric didn’t just fend off water – it also allowed our skin to breathe, preventing that clammy feeling you get with inferior rain gear. The pants were light enough to allow for a full range of motion, which is critical for not inhibiting our golf swing.

Pocket placement on the SWISSWELL pants was smart, giving us easy access to our tees and scorecard without fumbling. Despite the heavens opening up, our personal items stayed dry, tucked securely in the generous pockets.

The one caveat we noted was the sizing. The pants are ideal for slipping over a pair of jeans when the weather takes a turn, but it’s essential to check the size chart rather than rely solely on Amazon’s recommendation to ensure a good fit. Also, for taller members of our group, the inseam was slightly on the shorter side, especially when worn over mid-rise boots.

In our experience, these pants kept the elements at bay without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Sure, you need to be sharp about sizing, but once you nail that, you’ll find these SWISSWELL pants to be indispensable for golf amidst the ever-changing weather.

BALEAF Rain Jacket

We recommend the BALEAF Women’s Rain Jacket for its superior waterproofing and comfort during wet weather activities.


  • Exceptional water repellency
  • Packs away easily for travel
  • Highly visible for safety


  • Hand wash only, less convenient
  • Sizing can be tricky, may need to size up
  • Not designed for extreme cold without layering

From our experience, BALEAF’s rain jacket proves to be a fortress against the rain, especially during a downpour on the golf course. Its lightweight polyester fabric not only repels water effectively but also makes it a breeze to pack into our golf bag. The reflective elements have been a boon for visibility on those early morning or overcast days when we need an extra safety edge.

We’ve appreciated the multiple pockets which come in handy for storing our scorecards and tees. The adjustable hood stays in place even when we’re swinging, and doesn’t obstruct our peripheral vision – a big plus on the green.

However, we found that your usual size might not be the best fit with this jacket. It’s worth ordering a size up, especially if you’re planning to layer underneath for those chilly mornings. Additionally, you’ll want to set aside time for handwashing this garment, as machine washing isn’t an option.

In conclusion, it’s hard not to be impressed by the BALEAF Women’s Rain Jacket. It keeps us dry and comfortable, and the jacket’s overall performance on the golf course has been nothing short of reliable.

Founders Club Rain Suit

We think this suit is a solid purchase for golfers seeking dependable protection from the elements without sacrificing comfort.


  • Highly water-resistant, keeping you dry in heavy downpours
  • Versatile design suitable for multiple outdoor activities
  • Stylish look that doesn’t compromise on functionality


  • Limited breathability may cause discomfort when sweating
  • Pants sizing can be challenging to get right, especially in length
  • Waistband may feel tight, making the pants difficult to slip on for some

When we headed out to the greens under a brooding sky, the Founders Club Rain Suit made a striking first impression. Outfitted in its sleek, black ensemble, the suit elevated our look while promising to shield us from forthcoming rain. On swinging the clubs, its waterproof capabilities truly shone through, repelling water efficiently and affirming the material’s quality.

Beyond the links, this suit catered to our ventures in other outdoor pursuits. Whether we found ourselves hiking misty trails or perched by a lakeside on a drizzly morning, the gear adapted seamlessly. It proved its versatility as an all-weather ally, much to our satisfaction.

Conversely, we noticed that during more intense activity, the suit’s breathability fell short. A buildup of internal moisture reminded us that while we stayed safe from external wetness, the internal climate wasn’t as regulated. Moreover, the pants’ fit presented a minor hurdle. The waist required a bit of a tug, and the excess length was notable—even though these are mere inconveniences, they could be deliberated over before purchase.

In sum, the Founders Club Rain Suit stands out as a strong contender in the golf rain gear arena. It’s a functional, fashionable choice for those who prioritize staying dry without losing touch with style. The minor drawbacks, while worth considering, do not overpower the reliability and versatility that this suit offers.

Buying Guide

a man testing a golf rain gear on the course

When selecting the best golf rain gear, we consider several key features to ensure comfort, durability, and performance.


The material of our golf rain gear needs to be both waterproof and breathable. We look for a balance where the gear repels water effectively without causing us to overheat.

  • Waterproof: It should have a high waterproof rating, ideally measured in millimeters.
  • Breathability: Measured in grams, indicating how much moisture can escape.

Fit and Comfort

A proper fit is crucial for our range of motion and overall comfort.

  • Adjustable Features: Look for gear with adjustable cuffs, hems, and hoods.
  • Comfort: Make sure it’s flexible enough to allow for a full golf swing.


Good design ensures that the gear serves its purpose without hindering our gameplay.

  • Pockets: Enough space for our essentials, ideally with waterproof zippers.
  • Closure Systems: Front closures should be easy to manage, even with gloves on.


We want gear that can withstand the elements and the test of time.

  • Seams: Fully sealed seams are a must for preventing water leaks.
  • Material Strength: Durable fabric resists tears and punctures.

Additional Features

Invest in gear with extra features that enhance our golfing experience.

  • Packability: Gear should be easy to pack and carry when not in use.
  • Visibility: Reflective elements are useful for low-light conditions.

By examining these features, we ensure our golf rain gear will keep us dry and comfortable, allowing us to focus on our game rather than the weather.

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