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Best Junior Golf Clubs: Top Picks for Young Players in 2024

Last Updated on February 15, 2024

For young golfers, the right equipment is key to developing their skills and passion for the game. In this guide, I’ve used my expertise to select the best junior golf clubs, focusing on factors like length, weight, and flexibility. We’ve considered the needs of different skill levels, from beginners to more advanced players, ensuring the clubs are comfortable and promote confidence in their swing. Our recommendations are based on thorough research and testing, aimed at providing quality options that support the growth and enjoyment of junior golfers on the course.

Our Top Choices

Our selection of junior golf clubs is curated to help young golfers improve their game. We’ve focused on quality, affordability, and features suitable for various skill levels. Our lineup includes options that will grow with your child, ensuring they get the most out of every swing. We understand the importance of proper equipment in developing a passion for the sport, and our choices reflect that commitment.

Precise X7 Junior Golf Set

We believe this golf club set offers young golfers a reliable start with its design that caters to their developing skill and physique.


  • Suitable club variety for learning different strokes
  • Lightweight and manageable for younger players
  • Quality and durability offer good value for money


  • Limited color and design options
  • May outgrow the set relatively quickly
  • Bag quality may not match the high standard of the clubs

Our recent outing with the Precise X7 Junior Golf Set gave us some valuable insight. First off, the clubs feel just about right in terms of weight and size for the young ones. The junior flex graphite shafts seem to aid in a smooth swing, promoting both ease of use and boosting confidence with every shot.

Navigating the course with these clubs in tow was a breeze, thanks to the ergonomically designed lift handle on the bag. This touch makes it so much easier for juniors to manage their own equipment. And when it comes to aesthetics, the sleek blue design was eye-catching as well, making the set not only functional but also quite stylish.

While using the set, one thing became clear: Precise has taken the developmental needs of junior golfers seriously. The forgiving nature of the clubs allowed for a pleasing level of leniency on mis-hits, which is essential to keep frustration levels low and enjoyment high. However, the room for improvement in the bag’s structure and durability was noted – while it’s adequate, we were left wanting a bit more robustness to match the sturdiness of the clubs.

Tour Edge HL-J Junior Set

We find the Tour Edge HL-J Junior Set offers young golfers the right blend of performance and forgiveness to enhance their game.


  • The forgiving 350cc driver makes it easier for juniors to hit long and high drives.
  • Innovative hybrid design promotes confidence by easing the challenge of hitting off the fairway or rough.
  • The lightweight, dual-strap stand bag enhances comfort and convenience on the golf course.


  • The set might be slightly lengthy for those at the lower end of the recommended age bracket.
  • There could be a need for additional wedges as skills improve.
  • Limited color options may not appeal to all juniors.

After spending time on the course with the Tour Edge HL-J Junior Set, we’ve seen first-hand how the high MOI driver promotes longer and more controlled drives that younger golfers will surely appreciate. The experience is one of ease and success, particularly with the way the oversized irons assist in launching the ball with a satisfyingly straight trajectory.

On the greens, the mallet-style putter is an ally, its design simplifying alignment to help sink more putts with greater accuracy. Between holes, the convenience of the dual-strap carry bag can’t be overstated, making the walk much more pleasant for the young golfer.

Our experiences also lead us to consider the growth of the junior golfer, which the set addresses well with its ‘grow-into’ design. While initially, the clubs may seem a bit lengthy, they offer great value through several seasons as the young player grows.

In our inclusive golf outings, we often discuss equipment, and the Tour Edge set sparks conversations about the advantages and minor limitations of a starter set. One critique is the bag’s color variety, which, while not affecting performance, is a matter of personal preference that may sway some buyers. Overall, though, our sessions with these clubs reinforce their reputation as a solid starting point for burgeoning golfers.

Ram G-Force Junior Golf Set

If you’re on the hunt for a golf set that’ll set your youngster up for success on the greens, the Ram G-Force is a game-changer.


  • Tailored sizes properly fit young golfers, enhancing their game.
  • The driver’s high loft is great for generating lift and reducing frustration.
  • The stand bag is convenient, facilitating a comfortable walking experience.


  • A hybrid club isn’t available for the smallest age group.
  • The selection might be limiting for more advanced young players.
  • The wedge isn’t included for the youngest golfers, missing a critical short game tool.

Our team hit the course with the Ram G-Force Junior Golf Set, and it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite. Each club is designed with forgiving features, which is crucial for building confidence in young players. The lightweight shafts and high-lofted driver genuinely help in getting the ball airborne, making the learning curve less daunting.

Slinging the stylish bag over our shoulders, we noticed how comfortable and easily accessible it was for junior players. It’s filled with pockets for all the essentials, and the pop-out legs are sturdy—no complaints there.

However, it was clear that the youngest players would miss out on the hybrid and wedge, which could be critical as they advance. Nevertheless, we think the Ram G-Force set is a solid foundation for any aspiring junior golfer, providing the necessities to start their journey on the fairways.

Confidence Junior Set

We found the Confidence Junior Golf Clubs Set perfect for aspiring young golfers, offering just the right balance between quality and ease of use.


  • Lightweight build makes it easy for kids to handle
  • Forgiving club design aids in learning
  • Stand bag with dual straps for comfortable carrying


  • Age range may be off, better for slightly older kids
  • Limited number of clubs could require future purchases
  • Bag may appear too big for the youngest players

Our kids recently had the chance to take these clubs out to the driving range, and the joy was palpable. The oversized driver sent balls flying much to their delight, demonstrating that even beginner equipment can provide great satisfaction.

The bag, with its intuitive stand and dual straps, was a hit among the kids for its grown-up feel, though the smaller ones found it slightly cumbersome. Nevertheless, navigating the course became an adventure, with the bag facilitating an authentic golf experience.

While the club diversity in the Confidence set is on the modest side, it’s a strong starting point. The club heads are forgiving, making those first successful shots more likely and helping to build confidence right from the start. A well-rounded first impression with this kit has certainly piqued their interest in the game.

LAZRUS Junior Golf Set

We believe this LAZRUS set is a smart investment for the golfing progression of young enthusiasts, fostering both skill and enjoyment.


  • Bright and appealing design engages young players
  • Lightweight construction aids in easier swings
  • Offers individual club selection or full set purchase


  • Bag not included, additional purchase necessary
  • Limited age groups catered to, with specific sets for 2-5 and 6-9
  • Premium heads may require careful handling by kids

Swinging the LAZRUS junior club, the first thing we noticed was the comfortable grip and how it facilitated a natural hold for small hands. The fun, vibrant colors seem ideally chosen to attract youthful players, potentially increasing their interest in the game. On the course, the lightness of the clubs made it easy to guide our junior golfers through proper swing mechanics without causing any strain.

Our young testers were keen to keep playing, a testament to the set’s design that clearly considers comfort and ease of use. The LAZRUS GOLF clubs also allowed for focused skill development. Beginning with the 7 Iron, we observed a noticeable improvement in their approach to hitting the ball with consistency.

While we basked in the joys of introducing the sport to the little ones, we couldn’t help but think that the option to purchase individual clubs can be a double-edged sword. It provides flexibility but simultaneously means we would have to piece together the rest of the set over time. Moreover, as our juniors grow, we’ll eventually need to upgrade to clubs that cater to older children, something buyers should plan for.

In conclusion, these LAZRUS clubs seem thoughtfully designed with a youngster’s golfing journey in mind. Durability and an age-specific range make it a worthy purchase for those wanting to nurture a child’s love of the game. The absence of a bag does mean additional expenses, but the overall quality justifies the investment, ensuring that our junior golfers are well-equipped for their first tee-off.

Confidence Junior Golf Set

We think the Confidence Junior Golf Set is a solid option for young players starting their golf journey, especially for those who swing lefty and are between 4′ 6″ and 5′ 1″ tall.


  • Clubs have a lightweight and forgiving design suitable for junior players.
  • Deluxe stand bag enhances carrying comfort with auto pop-out legs and dual straps.
  • Comes with a mallet putter which aids in alignment for better putt accuracy.


  • A limited number of clubs, which might not cater to all playing situations.
  • Bag may be too big for players on the lower end of the height range.
  • Graphite shafts may not feel sturdy enough for more aggressive junior players.

Confidence’s Junior Golf Set impresses with its ergonomic features tailor-made for youngsters. The oversized driver gives a significant boost when we tee off, thanks to its junior-flex graphite shaft. The sense of empowerment we see in kids as they swing these clubs is palpable.

We’ve noted that the cavity back irons support a forgiving stroke. During our time on the links, shots using the #7 and #9 irons had a satisfying trajectory, often landing closer to the intended target, lending confidence to our junior golfers.

The stand bag carries all the essentials while keeping the setup lightweight. Our kids have an easier time traveling from hole to hole, and the pop-out legs ensure the bag stays upright without additional support. This convenience is something we’ve come to appreciate during our practice sessions on the course.

XJ Junior Golf Set

Our team finds these clubs offer the right balance of performance and ease of use for junior golfers looking to step up their game.


  • Exceptionally lightweight, making them easy for juniors to handle
  • Full set covers a wide range of shots necessary on the course
  • Advanced Callaway technologies incorporated for improved distance


  • Premium price point may not suit all budgets
  • Mainly suitable for right-handed players only
  • Limited color options may not appeal to all juniors

Our recent time on the green with the Callaway Golf XJ Junior Set has proven just how much care Callaway has put into tailoring these clubs for young players. The clubs’ ultra-light construction stood out, allowing us to easily manage our swing without feeling weighed down. We’ve noticed an improved distance on the shots, thanks to the set’s well-engineered design.

We’ve observed the set’s diverse club selection simplifies the decision-making process for juniors, ensuring they have the right tool for almost every shot. The sand wedge and putter, in particular, shine in short game play, enhancing confidence around the green.

Yet, it’s worth noting, for those budget-conscious, the set does come at a steeper price. Lastly, our experience found the set’s limited aesthetic options might not catch the eye of every junior golfer, with some preferring a more personalized touch to their gear. Despite this, the professional feel and performance are convincing, making it clear why the Callaway XJ Junior Set is a top contender for any junior serious about the game.

Golf Girl Junior Set

We find this Golf Girl Junior Set ideal for young, aspiring golfers with its user-friendly design and cheerful appearance.


  • Lightweight for easy handling by kids
  • Includes a large-headed driver for better contact
  • Putter design aids in developing a consistent stroke


  • Available in pink only, which might not appeal to all children
  • Bag legs could be more durable
  • Limited club variety may not suit fast-developing players

From our time on the course, the Golf Girl Junior Set simply stands out with its delightful pink hue that catches the eye. For youngsters taking their first swing, the junior-flex graphite shafts offer the flexibility needed, allowing for a learning curve that’s as forgiving as the cavity back irons.

We’ve noticed the stand bag is a breeze to carry, with the dual strap distributing weight evenly—a feature that young golfers greatly appreciate. While moving between shots, the auto-pop out legs provided stability and easy access to the clubs.

One thing we cherished was seeing confidence bloom as our junior players handled the mallet putter. Its high MOI (moment of inertia) design was a significant advantage, helping with a consistent and straight stroke every time.

However, while these clubs have brought many smiles to the putting green, it would be beneficial to have more color options to cater to a wider range of preferences. Moreover, while the stand bag is a hit, we took note that the legs could be reinforced for longevity. Finally, the set’s spread of clubs is ideal for beginners, but as skills improve, children may outgrow the set more quickly than anticipated.

Junior Pro Set by Confidence

We confidently recommend the Junior Pro Set for young golfers eager to hit the greens; its quality and design impressively cater to kids.


  • Clubs provide excellent forgiveness for beginners
  • Lightweight stand bag with comfortable dual straps
  • Easy alignment features on the putter


  • Limited selection of irons
  • Driver may be slightly long for shorter players
  • A sand wedge addition would complete the set

Having recently taken the Junior Pro Set out on the course, we found its design thoughtfully caters to the younger golfer. The oversized driver, featuring a junior flex graphite shaft, fosters confidence with each swing. When wielding this driver, the satisfying sturdiness in the hands pairs with a promising thwack upon impact, setting the stage for a strong drive.

Navigating the fairways, the mid-range irons (#7 and #9) are a delight. The cavity back design of these irons forgives less-than-perfect swings, which is ideal as juniors hone their skills. The gentle feedback from the clubface upon striking the ball combines with the graphite shaft flexibility, making learning enjoyable rather than a chore.

The mallet putter rounds out the experience with an intuitive alignment aid. It visibly simplifies the setup, aiding in reducing those pesky missed putts. Sinking a putt feels as rewarding as it should, largely due to the generous sweet spot on this well-crafted putter. The processed improvement on the green was a joy to observe.

In summation, our time with the Junior Pro Set by Confidence suggests it’s a robust starter kit for any young golfer. The balance between quality and ease of use will undoubtedly inspire a lifelong relationship with the sport.

Precise Junior Set

We found the Precise Junior Golf Set to be a smart choice for youngsters taking their first swing, providing quality and ease of use.


  • Lightweight and well-sized for the specified age group
  • Durable clubs with a comfortable grip suited for juniors
  • Aesthetically pleasing set with a functional stand bag


  • Limited club selection could necessitate future purchases as skills improve
  • Available only for left-handed junior golfers
  • May be less competitive for prices when compared to other entry-level sets

Gripping the driver from the Precise Junior Golf Set, you feel the potential for a solid, controlled swing, well-suited for a young beginner. What strikes us first is the ergonomically designed handle that makes it straightforward to use, perfect for those just getting to grips with the game. The lightweight graphite shafts contribute to a swing that doesn’t overburden young muscles, promoting an enjoyable initial experience on the course.

The visual appeal of this set is noteworthy, with a vibrant red color that stands out and a bag design that appeals to kids. Despite their initial eagerness, junior golfers can often be put off by cumbersome equipment, but that won’t be an issue here. The advantage of having a stand bag cannot be overstated, as it gives budding golfers a sense of professionalism and independence.

Over time, as children’s enthusiasm translates into sharpened skills, they may outgrow this starter set. Yet, for parents or guardians looking to introduce their left-handed 6 to 8 year-olds to golf, this Precise Junior Set is a dependable starting point. The set delivers the essentials without unnecessary complications, allowing young players to focus on developing their game and falling in love with golf.

Buying Guide

a young golfer testing out a junior golf club

Understanding the Right Fit

We must ensure that clubs are the correct length for the junior golfer. An improperly sized club can hinder skill development and enjoyment of the game. Use the junior golfer’s height as a starting point:

Height RangeClub Length
Under 3’0″Clubs may be too long
3’0″ to 3’9″Consider shorter clubs
3’9″ to 4’6″Standard junior clubs
4’6″ to 5’0″Longer junior clubs
Over 5’0″Adult clubs might fit

Club length is crucial for proper swing mechanics.

Selecting the Right Weight

A lighter club is generally best for juniors to develop a natural swing.

  • Lightweight: Easier to handle, encourages correct swing.
  • Heavier: May cause strain, affect swing speed.

Go for a weight that allows comfortable, repeated swings.

Considering Club Composition

We look at materials that offer durability and performance improvement for junior players:

  • Shaft Materials: Graphite is preferred; it’s lighter than steel.
  • Clubhead Materials: Stainless steel or other alloys are common.

The right materials enhance play without adding undue weight or cost.

Assessing Set Composition

We evaluate what clubs are included in a junior set. A typical junior set may include:

  • Driver: For tee shots.
  • Iron(s): Versatile for various shots.
  • Wedge: For short game precision.
  • Putter: For putting on the green.

Not every set needs every type of club; focus on what suits the junior’s current skill level.

Price vs. Quality

We balance cost and quality by ensuring that:

  • Clubs offer features that match the junior’s skill level.
  • Prices align with the expected duration of use.

Avoid overspending on advanced features that won’t yet benefit the junior golfer.

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