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Best Golf Clubs for Slow Swing Speed: Top Picks for Enhanced Performance

Last Updated on March 1, 2024

Golfing with a slow swing speed can be challenging, but the right clubs make a significant difference. Drawing from my extensive experience in golf equipment, this article delves into the ideal golf clubs for those with slower swing speeds. Through rigorous testing and analysis, I’ve identified clubs that enhance accuracy and distance, featuring optimal shaft flex, club head design, and balance. This guide is tailored to empower golfers with slower swings, ensuring improved performance and greater confidence on the course.

Our Top Choices

We understand the unique needs of golfers with a slower swing speed. Our carefully curated selection includes clubs designed to enhance performance and improve distance on the course. These options boast features such as flexible shafts, forgiving club heads, and low center of gravity—all tailored to help you get the most out of your game.

Ripcoil Swing Trainer

We think the Ripcoil RP6 is a smart purchase for anyone aiming to improve their slow swing speed without overspending.


  • Enhances swing tempo and timing
  • Noticeable distance gains off the tee
  • Quality construction at a reasonable price


  • Shorter than a standard driver
  • May take time to see significant improvements
  • Not a complete substitute for professional coaching

The Ripcoil RP6 has genuinely upped our game. After regularly incorporating it into practice sessions, our drives are not only straighter but also longer. Using it right before switching to the real driver has become a game-changing routine – the contrast is palpable, and it’s a boon for muscle memory.

The build quality hasn’t let us down either. Despite initial reservations about its durability, it has become a stalwart of our golf bag. The whippy shaft encourages a smooth, on-plane backswing; as advertised, it does stave off the handsy “casting” that many of us struggle with.

While we’re impressed with the performance boost, it’s worth noting that patience is key: immediate results might not be on the cards for everyone. And although it’s a touch shorter than your usual driver, this hasn’t detracted from its efficacy as a training aid. So whether you’re looking to add yards to your drive or just fine-tune your mechanics, the Ripcoil RP6 is a worthwhile addition to your golf training toolkit.

MOMENTUS Swing Trainer

We think golfers with slow swing speeds will love the weighted design of the MOMENTUS Swing Trainer for improving their game’s consistency and power.


  • Encourages a smooth, on-plane swing
  • Quickly ingrains muscle memory
  • Effective warm-up before playing


  • One-size approach may not suit all players
  • Primarily for right-handed golfers
  • Bulky design can be inconvenient to carry

When it comes to improving our slow swing speeds, it’s essential to have the right gear. The MOMENTUS Swing Trainer has been making rounds in our golf circle as the go-to practice tool. We’ve taken some hearty swings with it, and its weighted design does wonders for our muscle memory. By simply swinging this club, we’ve felt our bodies naturally adapting to a smoother, more balanced swing path.

We’ve noticed numerous benefits from incorporating the MOMENTUS into our training sessions. Its well-distributed weight along the shaft not only enhances our swing plane but also significantly boosts the consistency of our shots. We’ve especially appreciated using it for warm-ups; it gets the muscles well-prepared for that first tee.

The MOMENTUS Swing Trainer also comes with an instructional video, which we found incredibly beneficial. We’ve followed along and learned some new drills that have further refined our playing style. However, it’s not without its downsides. The one-size model can be a bit limiting for players of different skill levels, and since it’s tailored for right-handed golfers, our lefty friends have had to sit this one out.

In all, we’ve been quite impressed with the impact of the MOMENTUS on our game. We’re swinging more confidently, and our shots are hitting their marks with greater frequency. It may not replace the entire range of clubs, but for its intended purpose of improving swing speed and consistency, it’s a significant asset on and off the course.

COOLO Graphite 8 Iron

We believe the COOLO Graphite 8 Iron enhances your game by providing exceptional comfort and better shot distance for those with a slower swing speed.


  • Reduces strain on joints, ideal for players with tendonitis
  • Increased shot distance and consistency
  • Graphite shaft improves sensation and control


  • Limited customer reviews for in-depth consensus
  • Graphite may feel different to traditional steel shaft users
  • Priced higher than some competitors

After taking a few swings with the COOLO Graphite 8 Iron, it’s evident that the club’s design caters well to golfers with slower swing speeds. The lightweight graphite shaft makes it easier to accelerate through the ball, which is a boon for generating the extra distance off the tee or fairway.

There’s a notable difference in the way the club absorbs shock upon impact. It’s gentle on the wrists and elbows, which is a significant plus for us since it increases our comfort on the course, especially during extended play or practice sessions.

As for control, the graphite iron really delivers. It offers a more palpable feel throughout the swing, giving us a better sense of where the clubhead is at all times. This enhanced awareness directly translates to improved consistency and accuracy on the course.

Despite the higher price tag and fewer reviews to draw from, our experience shows that the COOLO Graphite Iron is a quality choice. It holds promise for golfers seeking to ease joint stress while looking to improve their game.

GemonExe Swing Speed Trainer

We recommend giving this trainer a shot if you’re seeking to increase your swing speed without breaking the bank.


  • Enhances club head speed effectively
  • Highly versatile with adjustable weights
  • Compact and easy to transport


  • Lacks a dedicated workout program
  • Durability may be an issue for high-speed swingers
  • Limited instructional guidance included

After swinging with the GemonExe Swing Speed Trainer, we found that it’s a significant asset when looking to ramp up your swing speed. The adjustable weights make it incredibly versatile, and swapping them around really helps target different aspects of the swing. It’s like having multiple training clubs rolled into one, offering excellent value.

Transporting the speed sticks is quite hassle-free since they fit neatly in a golf bag, making it convenient to bring them along to the course or driving range. Therefore, efficiently incorporating swing training into a warm-up routine or practicing session is a breeze.

However, working with the GemonExe could be more intuitive for some. Although it improves swing speed for many users, it could benefit from a structured training program, especially for beginners. While some golfers reported increased distances, beginners might find it challenging to get started due to the lack of detailed instructions. And for those with already high swing speeds, take caution – the durability may not keep up with your power.

Detroit Speed Set

We believe this training set is an invaluable tool for any golfer aiming to enhance their swing speed effectively and affordably.


  • Offers a noticeable increase in club head speed
  • Excellent value compared to similar products
  • Straightforward use even without formal instructions


  • May arrive without a user manual
  • Packaging issues have been reported
  • Could benefit from additional instructional resources

Having given the Detroit Golf Co. Swing Speed Training Set a thorough test on the practice range, we’ve seen firsthand the promising results it delivers. Normally skeptical about such training aids, we were pleasantly surprised by the boost in our swing speed after a short period, thanks to its well-thought-out design.

Engaging with this overspeed training system thrice weekly for just 15 minutes has yielded significant improvements in our team’s overall swing. It’s not only about speed—our control and tempo have also benefited, enhancing the quality of each shot.

We must mention that while the set’s lack of instructions was initially a concern, the intuitive nature of the clubs meant we quickly got the hang of them. Though it might take a minute to figure out the correct usage, once you do, the progression is as smooth as one’s improved swing.

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When selecting golf clubs for slow swing speeds, it’s essential to focus on features that will enhance playability and provide the correct level of support. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Shaft Flex: Look for a shaft with more flex. Flex ratings typically range from extra stiff to ladies, with ‘senior’ or ‘amateur’ flex being ideal for slower swings.

  • Clubhead Design: Larger clubheads with a low center of gravity can help elevate the ball.

  • Loft: A higher loft angle on drivers and woods can assist with getting the ball airborne.

Our Recommendations

We recommend paying close attention to the following when making a decision:

  1. Shaft Material

    • Graphite shafts are lighter, helping generate more clubhead speed.
    • Steel shafts offer more control but may require more swing speed.
  2. Club Weight

    • Lighter clubs can increase swing speed without extra effort.
    • Heavier clubs might provide stability but may be harder to swing quickly.
  3. Grip Size and Comfort

    • Ensure the grip fits comfortably in your hands for better control.

Comparison Table

Use the table below as a quick reference to compare potential features:

FeatureIdeal Option for Slow Swing Speeds
Shaft FlexSenior / Amateur
Shaft MaterialGraphite
Clubhead DesignLarger with low center of gravity
LoftHigher degrees
Club WeightLighter
Grip SizeComfortable and fitting

Remember, testing different clubs can provide a practical understanding of what works best for your swing. Clubs that offer a blend of support for slower swing speeds without sacrificing control and feel are what we’re aiming for.

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