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Best Golf Putter for Beginners: Top Picks for New Players in 2024

Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Mastering golf starts with the right equipment, particularly a suitable putter for beginners. In this guide, I’ve used my expertise to select putters that offer forgiveness and aid in developing a consistent stroke. We’ve focused on features like alignment aids, balanced weight distribution, and comfortable lengths, ensuring beginners find a putter that enhances their confidence on the greens. Our recommendations are based on thorough testing and aim to provide beginners with putters that are both easy to use and effective in improving their game.

Our Top Choices

When starting out in golf, having the right putter can immensely shape your experience. We’ve curated a selection specifically tailored for novice golfers, focusing on ease of use, forgiveness, and quality build to foster skill development. Our list includes putters that promise a blend of value and performance, ensuring you get a great start on the greens.

Golfupp Easy Putt

We find the Golfupp Easy Putt is a sound choice for beginners seeking confidence on the greens with a user-friendly design.


  • Excellent feel that enhances the putting stroke
  • Alignment aid supports accurate putts
  • Portability makes it ideal for travel or outdoor use


  • May feel too lightweight for some players
  • Limited adjustability for smaller golfers
  • Only a 1-month warranty can be concerning for long-term durability

In our hands, the Golfupp Easy Putt radiates class—an important factor in a putter. The solid head and hollow shaft combine well, offering a satisfying feel during each putt. This sensation accompanied by its stylish look instills a sense of confidence from the outset.

The reticle alignment aid on the clubface is an advantage I’ve personally found useful. It’s brilliant for improving alignment on those critical short putts, a feature that’s particularly beneficial to beginners or those wanting more assurance before taking their stroke.

Portability is another strong suit. The putter’s ability to be divided into parts plus the included golf balls makes it a great travel companion. You can easily set up for a practice session whether you’re at the office, home, or on a trip. However, its light nature might not resonate with everyone; those accustomed to a heavier putter may need time to adjust.

Despite being a capable tool in the hands of a novice, golfers, particularly younger ones, might find the lack of adjustability a drawback. As such, a putter that can grow with the player’s size would have been preferable. Furthermore, a mere one-month warranty does raise some concerns about whether it will stand the test of time and extensive use.

Kacezugi Golf Putter

After taking a few swings, we recommend the Kacezugi Golf Putter for beginners for its ease of use and handy features suitable for all new golfers.


  • Versatile for both right and left-handed golfers
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with due to its disassemblable design
  • Comfortable grip enhances control and feel during your putt


  • May be too lightweight for those who prefer a heavier putter
  • Assembled putter might not feel as solid as single-piece putters
  • Included practice golf balls are plastic, which may not replicate the true feel of putting real golf balls

Having just come off the green, our time with the Kacezugi Golf Putter was quite a revelation for its user-friendly design. The ambidextrous feature is a smart inclusion, saving beginners the hassle of finding a specific right or left-handed putter. The experience of putting with it was straightforward, reinforcing confidence with each putt.

On the move, this putter was a breeze to handle. Dividing into four parts, it neatly fit into our golf bag, making it ideal for those golfing trips where space is at a premium. The aluminum shaft managed to keep the bag light without adding unnecessary bulk.

Once gripped, the putter felt secure and comfortable, no doubt thanks to the anti-slide rubber grip. This feature allowed for a stable and consistent putting stroke, which is critical when you’re trying to develop a reliable routine on the green.

The Kacezugi Golf Putter, as an entry-level club, managed to tick many boxes for us. We found it offering a good balance and a pleasant tactile sensation upon contact with the ball, although the lightweight nature may not appeal to all. Moreover, while the practicality of a putter that assembles is appreciated, some of us noted it lacked the solid, one-piece feel we’re accustomed to with more traditional putters.

PLAYEAGLE Beginner Putter

We find the PLAYEAGLE Putter to be an excellent choice for beginners for its versatility and ease of transport.


  • Easily disassembles for convenient storage and transport
  • Ambidextrous design caters to all players
  • Constructed with quality materials for durability


  • Lighter than typical putters, which might affect stroke feel
  • Segmented design may not appeal to all users
  • Some may find it too short for their preference

As we took the PLAYEAGLE Golf Putter out for a test on the greens, its removable design impressed us the most, given how simple it made transportation. Carrying this putter in a backpack or a small bag to practice anywhere was a breeze, making it an excellent choice for anyone on the go or with limited storage space.

The putter’s ability to serve both right and left-handed golfers stood out during use. We didn’t need separate clubs for different handedness, which is particularly beneficial for beginners trying to find their comfort zone or families with mixed preferences.

In terms of performance, the zinc alloy head and aluminum alloy shaft felt sturdy in hand. The rubber grip provided a comfortable, firm hold without strain. However, some of us noted that the lightness of the putter needed some getting used to, as it varied from the standard weight we were accustomed to on the course.

On the downside, a few of us weren’t fond of the segmented construction. While it didn’t hamper the putter’s functionality, it did give a different feel in comparison to one-piece putters. Additionally, those of us with a taller build wished for a longer shaft option.

Overall, the PLAYEAGLE Golf Putter serves as a practical entry-level club that is both durable and user-friendly. Whether it’s for backyard practice or a casual game with friends, this putter is bound to be a worthwhile addition to a beginner golfer’s arsenal.

Syhood Golf Putter Sets

We find the Syhood Golf Putter Sets an excellent choice for beginners seeking an easy-to-carry practice set that offers usability at various locations.


  • Ideal for frequent practice with multiple putters and balls included
  • Detachable design makes it simple to transport and store
  • Sturdy material construction enhances durability and playing experience


  • Uniform size may not suit all height ranges
  • Limited to right-handed individuals
  • Basic design might not appeal to those seeking a professional feel

Our initial impressions on the green with this set were quite positive. Its right-handed orientation and comfortable grip made it a joy to practice with. The fact that it comes with not one, but three putters and six golf balls means you’re always prepared, whether you’re going solo or involving friends in a casual putting challenge. It’s quite convenient for anyone looking to improve their stroke without the hassle of lugging around a full-size club.

The ability to disassemble the club into compact components has been particularly useful. We were able to easily fit the set in our travel bags, making it ideal for impromptu practice sessions wherever we go. From office breaks to family gatherings in the backyard, this set has proven its worth time and again.

When it comes to longevity, the Syhood golf putter set has held up impressively. The combination of an aluminum alloy shaft with a zinc alloy head stands up to repeated use, and the synthetic rubber golf balls maintain their form and playability well over time. Its durability reassures us that this set is able to withstand the typical wear and tear of a beginner’s practice regimen.

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter

We think the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter is a smart choice for new golfers because of its forgiving design and excellent alignment features.


  • Straightforward alignment, thanks to the bi-color sightline
  • Soft feel at impact from the TPU face insert
  • Includes a headcover at no additional cost


  • Standard grip may not suit all preferences
  • Some players might prefer a heavier feel
  • Not as many customization options

Holding the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter, the high MOI design’s forgiveness is evident, which is especially encouraging when you’re just starting out and your strokes aren’t always dead-on. The contrasting sightline pops against the green, enhancing focus and simplifying the task of aiming.

The soft TPU face insert distinguishes itself by delivering a responsive feel upon making contact with the ball. The feedback to our hands with each putt is crisp and controlled, without any unwanted vibration. It’s something that not only fosters a better connection with the putter but steadily builds our confidence on the green.

However, the standard grip might not align with everyone’s comfort or hand size. But that’s easily customizable, should you feel the need. In our various trial rounds, the putter’s weight feels balanced, but some of us tend to prefer a putter with a bit more heft. As for customization, the Orlimar comes as is, which works wonderfully for us beginners but might not be the right fit for someone looking to personalize every aspect of their club.

Buying Guide

a man testing a golf putter for beginners on the course

When we’re in the market for a golf putter as beginners, we need to consider several key features that can enhance our experience and improve our game. Let’s navigate through them to ensure we make an informed decision.

Key Features to Consider

  • Length: The length of the putter is paramount. We should look for a putter that matches our height and stance to ensure a comfortable and natural putting stroke.
  • Head Design: Putter heads come in various shapes and sizes, with the two main types being blade and mallet. Beginners may find mallet putters more forgiving due to their larger sweet spots.
  • Weight: The weight of a putter affects the feel and the stroke. A well-balanced putter can help us maintain a steady hand and a smoother stroke.

What to Look For

FeatureDesired Characteristic
BalanceChoose a putter with good balance to assist in a consistent stroke.
Alignment AidsClear alignment guides assist us in aiming and can improve accuracy.
GripA comfortable grip size and material can help reduce hand tremors and improve control.
PriceAs beginners, we don’t need to break the bank. Start with an affordable yet reliable option.

By prioritizing these aspects in our selection process, we set ourselves up for a better performance on the greens. Remember, our choice of putter can greatly influence our learning curve and enjoyment of the game. Choose wisely and practice diligently.

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