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Best Golf Cart Phone Holders: Secure Your Device on the Course

In the dynamic world of golf, a reliable phone holder for your golf cart can revolutionize your game. It’s a game-changer for using golf apps, tracking scores, or filming your swing, all while ensuring your phone’s safety. With over a decade of experience in golf accessories, I’ve rigorously tested numerous phone holders to determine the most effective options. This article will guide you through selecting the best phone holder for your golf cart, combining practical insights and expert recommendations.

Our Top Choices

With the myriad of options available, finding the perfect golf cart phone holder can be a challenging task. We’ve researched and tested numerous models to bring you our selection of holders that stand out for their secure grip, ease of installation, and durability. Whether you’re navigating the course or keeping score on your favorite app, these phone holders are designed to enhance your golfing experience by keeping your device safe and accessible. Here are the best golf cart phone holders that meet our high standards for functionality and reliability.


If simplicity and stability are your top priorities on the course, this phone holder is a solid choice.


  • Effortless phone access
  • Broad compatibility
  • Secure mount attachment


  • Pricey compared to competitors
  • Learning curve for optimal grip
  • Limited to certain phone dimensions

On the course, we’ve found that the DESERT FOX GOLF Phone Caddy offers a straightforward and reliable solution to keep our mobile devices secure. The clamping mechanism allows us to quickly slide our phones in and out without interrupting the flow of the game. There’s a sense of assurance with this caddy; it feels built to last, which is what you want when traversing bumpy terrain.

Adjustability is a key feature, suitable for a variety of phone sizes. This came in handy since we often switch cases, and the caddy adapted each time, holding our devices snugly. The sturdy strap attached to the cart with ease and stayed in place throughout the rounds; we enjoyed not having to worry about our phones amidst our swings and putts.

Our experiences hint at a trade-off in price for quality with this phone holder. Some of our fellow golfers balked at the cost, especially when comparing it to other models. However, getting used to securing the phone properly took some attention to detail. We’re reminded that it’s wise to confirm your phone’s dimensions before buying, as the size constraints might not accommodate the largest models.

Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy

For golfers seeking a secure and convenient way to keep their phone handy on the course, this caddy is a solid pick.


  • Ensures phone stability during the ride
  • Fits various phone sizes with ease
  • Built sturdy and designed in the USA


  • Initial adjustment might be tricky for some
  • Requires careful attachment to prevent slipping
  • May not work with certain golf cart models

Gripping tightly onto the steering column of the golf cart, the Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy stands out on the course. Its solid construction reassures us that our phone won’t take an accidental tumble as we zip from hole to hole. We’ve experienced firsthand the convenience of having our smartphones safely docked and within arm’s reach—especially beneficial when using a GPS app to navigate the links.

Tailoring the holder to snugly fit our devices, one-time, was straightforward. Although some might find the sizing system a bit fiddly at first, we appreciate it doesn’t need daily readjustment. Once set, our phones slide in and out without a hitch, proving ideal for quick photo captures or responding to messages.

What we truly value is the peace of mind this caddy provides. Unlike magnetic alternatives, its secure strap mechanism holds firm even through vigorous movements. Granted, it’s worth double-checking the fit before setting off, as a loose attachment can lead to shifts. We’ve noticed it may not suit all golf cart models, but for the most part, this holder delivers as promised, keeping our phones steady and accessible throughout the game.

Roykaw Magnetic Phone Mount

We found this phone holder to be a reliable choice for golf enthusiasts, thanks to its sturdy magnetic grip and ease of use.


  • Exceptionally strong magnet secures the holder in place
  • Convenient one-handed operation for quick phone access
  • No installation required, making it user-friendly


  • Might not lock onto certain phone models without manual adjustment
  • The magnet’s strength may interfere with some electronic devices
  • Limited to metal surfaces due to its magnetic nature

After clamping the Roykaw Magnetic Phone Mount onto our golf cart, we immediately noticed the secure hold that the N52 neodymium magnets provided. The holder latched onto the frame with certainty, suggesting that it wouldn’t budge during a rugged 18-hole round.

Fitting a range of phones was a breeze. Its universal design easily expanded to grasp our devices snugly, and the silicone corner protection meant we didn’t stress over potential damage during a bumpy ride.

Convenience peaked when we realized how effortless the mount made our golfing experience. With a simple press of the red button, we locked and released our phones with one hand, keeping the other free to jot down a score or take a sip of our beverage. The 360° rotation allowed us to view our GPS app from any angle, which came in handy when measuring distances to the next hole.

Despite these advantages, we did note a couple of peculiarities. Users who have very unique or irregular sized phone cases may require some additional fiddling to ensure the device is completely secure. Furthermore, those with sensitive electronic devices should exercise caution, given that the strong magnetic field might have unintended consequences.

In conclusion, for golfers looking to seamlessly integrate technology into their game, this magnetic mount is a godsend. It’s quick, reliable, and thoroughly user-oriented.

ARMOLABX Magnetic Mount

We think this magnetic phone holder is a must-have for any golfer looking to securely mount their device on a golf cart.


  • Strong magnetic hold ensures the phone stays in place
  • Compatible with a wide range of phones, including larger models with thick cases
  • Easy setup with 720-degree rotation for optimal viewing angles


  • Metal surface requirement limits versatility
  • Upgraded metal joint lever’s durability can be a concern over time
  • Additional metal plates may be needed for non-metal surfaces

On a bright early morning, we clipped our phones onto the ARMOLABX Magnetic Mount before teeing off. The strong magnet gripped the device firmly, even as we navigated the cart through the rugged terrain of the back nine. We quickly realized that the fear of our phones tumbling out was a thing of the past.

This mount’s adaptability was immediately apparent. Despite the varying sizes of our smartphones, each nestled securely within this holder’s grasp, including those armored in the bulkiest of cases. Pivoting our devices to the desired angle was a breeze thanks to the dual 360-degree rotating balls.

As we wrapped up at the 18th hole, the simple removal of our phones from the mount was as pleasing as sinking a putt for birdie. While the magnetic attachment requires a metal surface—which might limit some off-course uses—we’ve found it perfectly suited for its main purpose on the golf cart. The need for additional metal plates for non-metal surfaces, however, could inconvenience those who switch between different environments frequently.

Overall, the ARMOLABX Magnetic Mount proved to be a reliable partner during our golf outing, making sure our latest scorecard was just a glance away without missing a single swing.

UYODM Magnetic Phone Holder

For those seeking a dependable and easy-to-use golf cart phone holder, the UYODM Magnetic Mount is a strong contender we believe warrants your attention.


  • Attaches and detaches in a snap with its powerful magnets
  • Robust grip secures phone through bumpy rides without slipping
  • Wide compatibility accommodates most smartphone models


  • Magnetic attachment limits use to iron surfaces
  • May lack installation guidance for first-timers
  • Strong magnets could interfere with electronic devices if not used carefully

Upon clamping our smartphones into the UYODM Magnetic Phone Holder, we immediately felt reassured by the firm grip it maintained. The installation process was as simple as placing the mount onto our golf cart’s iron frame – no wrenches or screws necessary. With its six potent magnets, this holder faced every dip and turn with unyielding tenacity, keeping our devices in place without a hint of wobble.

Even while navigating the more challenging terrain of a rough, undulating fairway, we appreciated the one-handed operation of the device. The ease with which we could both secure our phones and set them free did not go unnoticed – a definite plus when you’re trying to focus on your game and not on your equipment.

We must acknowledge the consideration UYODM seems to have invested in the design of their product. The rubber padding is a thoughtful touch, preventing any scratches that might occur with daily use. Compatibility is also a well-addressed aspect, fitting a wide range of phone models including the latest releases. This mount, clad in an understated black, seamlessly blended with the interior of our carts, further affirming its position as an accessory that complements rather than commands.

However, our time on the course revealed a couple of areas for potential improvement. Those brand-new to magnetic mounts might face a slight learning curve given the absence of instructions, although the straightforward mechanism is, to an extent, self-explanatory. And even though we didn’t experience any issues, we’re conscious that the powerful magnets could potentially affect other electronics if not handled correctly, a caveat worth considering.

In summary, our rounds of golf were definitely enhanced by the UYODM Magnetic Phone Holder. Its magnetic design proves incredibly practical, despite a few minor drawbacks that are easily outweighed by its robust performance and user-friendly features.

Buying Guide


First, we must ensure our phone holder is compatible with both our device and golf cart model. Most phone holders are designed to be universal, but it’s prudent to check the grip range to confirm it fits our smartphone’s size.

Mount Stability

A stable mount is crucial to prevent our phone from shaking or falling during movement. We look for options with sturdy clamping mechanisms and strong attachment points to the golf cart.

Ease of Use

We prioritize phone holders that offer easy installation and removal. The holder should allow for one-hand operation to ensure we can quickly access our device when needed.


Considering the outdoor environment of a golf course, we seek phone holders made of materials that are resistant to weather and the wear and tear that comes from regular use.


We favor a holder that provides flexibility in viewing angles. This means a mount that can rotate or tilt for better visibility and use.

Price Point

We balance the cost with the features offered to find a phone holder that provides value without compromising on quality.

Customer Reviews

We look at customer feedback to gauge performance and reliability, ensuring we choose a widely approved product.

FeatureImportanceWhy It Matters
CompatibilityHighEnsures our phone fits snugly and the mount attaches well to the golf cart
Mount StabilityHighPrevents our phone from falling off during movement
Ease of UseMediumAllows quick access to our device
DurabilityHighEnsures the phone holder withstands various conditions
AdjustabilityMediumProvides optimal viewing angles
Price PointMediumEnsures we don’t overspend for quality

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