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Best Golf Shoes for Beginners: Top Picks for New Players

Last Updated on March 2, 2024

For beginner golfers, the right shoes are key to mastering the sport, offering stability and support for perfecting their swing. In this guide, we focus on selecting the best golf shoes for beginners, considering crucial aspects like comfort, traction, and waterproofing. Comfort is vital due to the extensive walking involved in golf, while traction aids in effective ball striking and waterproofing ensures dryness in various weather conditions. We’ve tested a variety of shoes, aiming to recommend options that provide value and durability for those new to the game, enhancing their confidence and technique on the course.

Our Top Choices

Selecting the right golf shoes can be a pivotal step for any beginner looking to enhance their game and comfort on the course. We’ve researched various brands, designs, and features to present you with the best options tailored for those just starting out. Our choices strike a balance between quality, performance, and value to ensure a solid foundation for any new golfer.

Adidas S2g Sl Golf Shoes

These Adidas Men’s S2g Sl Golf Shoes are a solid choice for beginners who prioritize comfort and style on the green.


  • Excellent grip and stability during swings
  • Stylish design that translates well off-course
  • Great fit and comfort right out of the box


  • Not fully waterproof, may not be ideal in wet conditions
  • Durability concerns with fabric after extensive use
  • Some users found the fit a bit tight

Walking the course in these shoes, we immediately noticed the comfort and snug fit. The size 11 we wore felt true to size, cradling the foot comfortably without any unnecessary tightness, ensuring that we could focus on our swing and not on our feet.

The grip is commendable, too. While practicing our long shots, the soles provided enough traction to keep us firmly planted — a must-have for those of us looking to improve our game. It’s as if the shoes were locked onto the turf, boosting our confidence with each stroke.

Finally, let’s talk aesthetics. The sleek white and grey color scheme of the Adidas S2g Sl pairs easily with any golfing outfit and even looks good in a casual setting after the game. It’s always a bonus when golf shoes fit in well at the 19th hole.

We must point out, though our feet stayed dry, we haven’t tested them in the rain. Hence, if you frequently play in wet conditions, these shoes might not keep your feet as dry as some other options. Plus, after heavy use throughout the season, we began to see signs of wear in the fabric — a point to consider for golfers who are out on the course day after day.

Lastly, for those with wide feet, the Adidas S2g Sl Golf Shoes were a breeze. They didn’t pinch or constrict, which can be a concern with other models. Just keep in mind, a few golfers mentioned the shoes felt tight, so it might be wise to try them on before committing if you’re able to.

For a beginner stepping onto the course, looking for reliable, comfortable, and stylish footwear without breaking the bank, these shoes are a promising starting point.

PUMA Men’s Fusion EVO

We find these golf shoes to be a smart choice for beginners who prioritize comfort and require extra space in their footwear.


  • Ample room for wide feet
  • Lightweight and supportive during long walks
  • Aesthetically versatile for on-and-off course use


  • The mesh fabric upper can attract dirt easily
  • Might receive the wrong color variant upon delivery
  • Limited to one closure type, which may not suit every golfer’s preferences

Stepping onto the course with the PUMA Men’s Fusion EVO, one thing becomes immediately apparent: comfort is key. The extra-wide design generously accommodates our feet, preventing any of that pinched-toe discomfort we’ve felt with other brands. When we took these shoes for a test on the greens, the lightweight PU sole kept fatigue at bay, even as we traversed the back nine.

Another thing that stood out was the versatility. The sleek design meant we could wear these shoes to the clubhouse or the grocery store after finishing our round. And it’s not just about looks; these shoes kept their promise of a secure fit with their lace-up closure. They felt like a true ally in our game, providing stable footing during swings and putts.

However, like any product, they have their downsides. After a few games, we noticed the mesh fabric on the upper began trapping dirt, making them tough to maintain that fresh-out-of-the-box look. And while ordering online, there’s a slight risk of receiving an incorrect color, which can be a tad frustrating. Plus, if you’re someone who likes adjustable fit options, like Velcro or BOA systems, you might find the lace-only option a bit limiting.

Still, our time with the PUMA Men’s Fusion EVO was largely positive. They combine snug fit and style all in one package—making them an excellent contender for any beginner looking to step up their golf shoe game.

Adidas Tech Response

Providing comfort and stability throughout 18 holes, the Adidas Tech Response is a solid choice for beginners.


  • Comfortable fit for long walks
  • Dependable grip during swings
  • Affordably priced with good value


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Material quality could be higher
  • Lacks tools for spike removal

In our recent round on the course, we noticed right away how the Adidas Tech Response shoes cradled our feet in comfort. Walking from hole to hole, the lightweight design kept our strides easy and our steps well supported. It was especially noticeable on the back nine, where comfort is key to maintaining focus and form.

The grip the shoes provided stood out when it was our turn to swing. Feeling the stability through our feet gave us confidence to go for those extra yards, a testament to the design Adidas has integrated into these shoes.

Durability is vital in any golf shoe. While the materials of the Tech Response might not feel top-of-the-line, they have held up thus far without any signs of wear and tear. However, it’s worth noting they aren’t entirely waterproof. Our early morning round left our socks a bit damp from the dew, suggesting these shoes might be better suited for dry days.

Overall, these shoes have the essentials down pat. They offer great value for their price point and are a fantastic entry-level option for beginners. Our time on the links was enjoyable, and these shoes played no small part in that.

Tech Response 2.0

We recommend the Adidas Men’s Tech Response 2.0 for beginners for their outstanding blend of comfort, performance, and value.


  • Offers excellent grip and stability
  • Breathable design keeps feet cool
  • Great value for the price


  • Durability may be an issue over time
  • Not water-resistant
  • Limited color options

Having recently spent some time on the course with the Tech Response 2.0, we can attest to the comfort they offer right out of the box. It’s evident that Adidas has put thought into the design, catering specifically to a golfer’s need for balance and support in their footwear. The synthetic sole’s grip is reassuring, particularly when playing on moist grass, ensuring your feet stay planted during your swing.

Durability, however, presents a mild concern. These may not be the shoes that withstand years of heavy use, but considering the affordability, they represent a reasonable trade-off. Their breathability is impressive, especially on warmer days when keeping cool is paramount. Yet, that same feature means wet conditions can be a problem; your feet might get soaked if the weather turns on you.

The availability of different widths is a strong selling point for the Tech Response 2.0, considering how tricky it can be to find a proper fit. For beginners not wanting to invest a fortune before they’ve honed their skills, but seeking quality footwear, this model hits the sweet spot. We walked multiple rounds in these shoes and the comfort level never waned, which speaks volumes to their on-course performance.

Adidas S2G Golf Shoes

If you’re stepping onto the course as a beginner, these Adidas golf shoes offer fantastic comfort and stability without breaking the bank.


  • Superior comfort with the Bounce midsole
  • BOA® Fit System provides a precise, adjustable fit
  • Water-resistant upper and spikeless versatility


  • Some may find the tongue design slightly cumbersome
  • Wide-fit seekers might find them less accommodating
  • Sizing issues have been reported, leading to exchanges

Stepping into the Adidas S2G Golf Shoes, we immediately notice how the Bounce midsole cradles our feet. It’s like walking on a soft, well-manicured fairway even when you’re actually traversing the harder ground. The cushioning helps us stay comfortable throughout an 18-hole round, which beginners will undoubtedly appreciate.

The dial-in BOA® Fit System is a highlight – no more fumbling with laces mid-round. We find it exceptionally convenient to tighten or loosen the fit to our exact preference, ensuring our feet are secure yet comfortable from the driving range to the clubhouse. Combined with the water-resistant upper, it keeps our feet dry during the morning dew or an unexpected drizzle.

The spikeless outsole with V-Traxion lugs impresses us by offering plenty of grips, which is crucial for stability during your swing. These shoes hold their own, ensuring we maintain our footing without the traditional spikes. But, we do notice some drawbacks. The tongue is slightly longer than usual, and while it doesn’t affect performance, it’s noticeable when putting them on. Also, the fit may not be ideal for all; players used to wide-fit shoes might find these a bit snug.

In our use, though, the Adidas S2G Golf Shoes shine as a well-rounded option for rookie golfers looking for a blend of comfort, performance, and value. They look and feel like they’re designed for players dedicated to learning and enjoying the game.

Buying Guide

a golfer testing out new golf shoes for beginners

Essential Features

Comfort & Support

We understand that as a beginner, the amount of walking involved in golf means that comfort cannot be overlooked. Look for shoes that offer:

  • Adequate padding
  • Arch support
  • A comfortable fit


The right material contributes significantly to comfort and durability. Consider:

  • Leather for durability and a premium feel
  • Synthetic materials for a more budget-friendly option
  • Waterproof materials if you play in wet conditions

Traction & Stability

When assessing the sole, aim for a balance between grip and flexibility. A good sole should:

  • Provide stable footing during your swing
  • Offer spikes or spikeless options depending on your preference
  • Be flexible enough to walk comfortably
Spike TypeUse case
SpikedEnhanced grip, especially on wet terrain
SpikelessVersatile, can be worn on and off the course

Fit & Sizing

We stress the importance of proper sizing to prevent blisters and discomfort. Ensure to:

  • Try on golf shoes with your regular golf socks
  • Pay attention to both length and width
  • Leave a little space to accommodate foot movement

Style & Breathability

While style is a personal choice, we encourage you to consider shoes that offer breathability, especially for warmer conditions. Adequate ventilation:

  • Helps keep feet cool
  • Reduces moisture buildup
  • Enhances overall comfort

A well-chosen pair of golf shoes is essential for beginners to ensure a positive experience on the course. Focus on comfort, material, traction, fit, and breathability when making your selection.

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