why are golf fans called patrons

Mystery Solved: Why Are Golf Fans Called Patrons?

Last Updated on October 19, 2023

Why are golf fans called patrons? The origin of this title is steeped in history and tradition. In modern times, being a patron has its advantages and can make a huge impact on golf events. Uncover the mysteries of being a patron and how you can become one as we take an in-depth look at the history and modern benefits associated with this title. We’ll explore the historical roots of patronage, examine its benefits today, and discuss how patrons influence tournaments around the world – all without ever leaving your home. So grab your clubs (or virtual ones) and join us for an insightful journey into why golf fans are called patrons.

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The History of Golf Patrons

The term “patron” has been used to describe golf fans since the 15th century. During this time, patrons were people who supported a particular sport or activity by offering financial support and other forms of assistance. In the case of golf, these patrons would often provide equipment and facilities for players to use.

Golf’s patrons have undergone a continual transformation over the years, adapting to shifting trends in the sport. Moving forward, we will explore how patronage in the modern age is helping shape today’s game.

Key Takeaway: Patrons have been the driving force behind golf since its inception, providing financial and moral support to the game. Sponsorships offer a great opportunity for individuals or businesses looking to get involved with their passion while also gaining recognition in return; not to mention that patrons make professional tournaments possible by offering up generous prize money.

Patronage in the Modern Age

Patronage in the modern age is still a major factor when it comes to golf events. Patrons have long been an integral part of golf, and their role remains essential in the modern age. From providing financial support for tournaments to offering valuable advice on courses, patrons are essential for keeping the sport alive and well.

One way that patrons can help out is by sponsoring events. Sponsorship can take many forms, from simple donations of money or goods to providing full-fledged support for a tournament or event. This type of patronage often includes advertising rights as well as access to exclusive VIP areas at tournaments. By investing in golf events through sponsorship, patrons show their commitment to growing the sport and ensuring its success in the future.

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Another key role that patrons play is offering feedback on courses and rules changes throughout each season’s competition schedule. Experienced players often provide invaluable insight about how certain holes should be played or what types of modifications could improve course design overall – something that would otherwise go unnoticed without their input. This kind of “in-the-trenches” knowledge helps keep competitions running smoothly while also helping develop better strategies for upcoming rounds.

Finally, one more way that patrons contribute to golf culture is by attending tournaments themselves – both professional ones as well as amateur ones. Not only do these fans provide moral support, but they also give players a much-needed boost during tough matches with their enthusiasm and cheering them on throughout each round. Plus, spectators bring additional revenue streams into play, which allows organisers to cover expenses associated with putting together large-scale competitions like PGA Tour stops or The Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club every year.

The modern age of patronage has seen a resurgence in the appreciation and support for golf fans, providing them with an opportunity to engage more deeply with their favourite sport. With this increased engagement comes a range of benefits that can be enjoyed by becoming a patron – something we will explore further in the next section.

Key Takeaway: Patrons are an integral part of the modern golf game, offering invaluable advice on course design and rules changes as well as financial support for tournaments. Spectators also play a key role in boosting morale and providing additional revenue streams to help cover tournament expenses. Patrons truly go above and beyond when it comes to supporting their favourite players.

The Benefits of Being a Patron

Being a patron of golf has many advantages for both the golfer and the club. For the golfer, it provides access to exclusive events, discounts on equipment, and opportunities to network with other patrons. For clubs, patronage can help attract new members and increase revenue from sponsorships.

Patronage allows golfers to gain insight into their game that they may not have had otherwise. They get access to special tournaments hosted by top players in the industry or private lessons with renowned instructors at discounted rates. Patrons also receive discounts on gear such as apparel, balls, shoes and more. Patrons gain a competitive advantage due to their access to exclusive tournaments and lessons with well-known coaches, as well as discounted gear.

In addition to providing perks for golfers themselves, patronage can be beneficial for clubs as well. By having patrons involved in various aspects of their operations – from running tournaments to helping with fundraising – clubs are able to generate additional income, which can be used towards maintenance costs or expanding their services further down the line. Furthermore, since most patrons tend to be influential people within their respective communities (e.g., business owners), this increases exposure for clubs which leads more potential members to be interested in joining up or participating in events hosted by said clubs.

Being a supporter of golf can yield various advantages, both for the person and for the sport as an entire. With that in mind, let us now explore how patrons have impacted major golf events over time.

Key Takeaway: Patronage of golf offers many advantages to both players and clubs alike; providing exclusive events, discounts on gear, networking opportunities with influential members in the industry and recognition programs for successful participants. It’s a great benefit for both sides.

The Impact of Patrons on Golf Events

The most obvious way that patrons have impacted golf is through their financial contributions. Patrons provide funds to tournaments which allow them to run smoothly and attract top-tier talent. This money often goes towards prize pools, player appearance fees, and other costs associated with running a tournament. 

Patrons are instrumental in ensuring that tournaments remain competitively fair for all involved, as well as providing an enjoyable experience. Feedback from patrons is hugely important for putting together events and keeping up with what’s going on, making changes when needed. In addition, patrons contribute financially towards prize pools, player appearance fees and other associated costs; without their support, many tournaments would not be able to take place on such a grand scale each year. Thus, they play a pivotal role in keeping the golf world ticking over smoothly.

The impact of patrons on golf events has been immense, from providing financial support to creating an atmosphere that brings out the best in players. Being a patron offers an exciting chance to be near your favourite golfers and competitions, as well as help the sport.

Key Takeaway: Patrons are the lifeblood of golf, providing financial support and feedback that keeps tournaments competitively fair and enjoyable. Without their patronage, many professional golf events would not be able to take place on such a grand scale each year – they truly keep the sport ticking over.

How to Become a Patron

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Decide what kind of backing you wish to pursue. Whether that be sponsoring a player or team, organising tournaments, or investing in golf courses and clubs. There are several options available, including sponsoring a golfer or team, hosting tournaments, and investing in clubs or courses. Before deciding, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each form of patronage, investigate thoroughly.

Once you have decided on which type of patronage suits you best, it’s time to start looking into who or what you want to support. If you are interested in sponsoring a golfer or team, then look at their tournament results as well as their off-course activities, such as charity work and endorsements they may have secured over the years. You should also consider if there is potential for growth within this sponsorship opportunity – after all, if your chosen golfer/team isn’t performing well, then there won’t be much point in continuing with them.

When it comes to hosting tournaments yourself, then make sure that these events meet the criteria set out by governing bodies such as The R&A (Royal & Ancient Golf Club) and USGA (United States Golf Association). These organisations will provide guidance on everything from course length requirements to player eligibility rules. Failure to adhere could result in hefty fines. Additionally, bear in mind that running tournaments requires considerable financial investment, so make sure that costs don’t outweigh profits when making decisions about where money should be spent during event planning stages.

If investing directly into clubs or courses is more up your street, then take note of local regulations regarding ownership rights – particularly if purchasing overseas properties – plus ensure that due diligence checks are carried out thoroughly prior purchase agreement taking place. Once again, this could require significant capital expenditure so factor this into budgeting plans accordingly before signing anything off.

Key Takeaway: Become a patron of golf and reap the rewards by sponsoring an individual or team, hosting tournaments, or investing in clubs and courses. Before committing to any form of patronage, however, do your research thoroughly – from tournament regulations to ownership rights – as failure to adhere could result in hefty fines.


So, why are golf fans called patrons? In conclusion, golf fans are called patrons for a variety of reasons. From the historical patronage system to modern-day sponsorship opportunities, being a patron has its advantages and impacts on the game we all love. If you have an interest in supporting your favourite golfer or tournament event, becoming a patron is one way to do so while enjoying exclusive access and benefits.

Ultimately it’s up to each individual fan how they want their support expressed – whether through traditional means or more contemporary methods such as social media promotion – but either way being part of this special group known as ‘patrons’ can be very rewarding indeed.

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