How to Lengthen Golf Clubs

How to Lengthen Golf Clubs and Unlock Your Best Swing!

Last Updated on November 8, 2023

Golfers looking to get the most out of their game should consider lengthening golf clubs. While it may seem like a daunting task, understanding how to lengthen golf clubs can improve performance is key to improving your swing. Understanding the advantages of lengthening golf clubs and which type of shaft length is best for various players can help you decide if this alteration will enhance your drive. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of lengthening golf clubs as well as what type of shaft length works best for different types of players. Let’s explore how extending your club shafts can provide an advantage.

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Understanding the Benefits of Lengthening Golf Clubs

The size of a golf club can be pivotal to the sport, and stretching it may offer multiple advantages. It’s important to understand why you may want to increase the length of your clubs before making any changes.

One reason for lengthening a golf club is that it can help create more power when swinging. A longer shaft increases the amount of leverage available, allowing you to swing harder with less effort. This means that you’ll be able to hit the ball further and with more accuracy than if you were using shorter clubs. The average driver shaft length is 45 inches, but many players opt for even longer lengths in order to maximize their distance off the tee box.

Another benefit of having longer golf clubs is improved accuracy due to increased control over shot direction and trajectory. With a longer shaft comes increased stability as well as a greater ability to shape shots from side-to-side or high-to-low trajectories without sacrificing accuracy or consistency in your swing path. Shaft extenders are also available, which allow players who are too short for standard lengths to still enjoy some of these benefits without having custom fitted clubs made specifically for them – ideal if you’re shorter than average.

Before deciding to modify your equipment, it is wise to seek professional advice from a custom fitting centre. A qualified specialist can assess the best setup for you based on variables such as swing speed, shaft flex and material (steel or graphite), weight distribution throughout the club head and back end of each club, arm length etc., while taking into account individual playing style preferences like desired spin rates on drives. This way, any changes that are made will be tailored specifically for maximum performance gains instead of just randomly adjusting something here or there. In other words – get an expert opinion before making any decisions.

Finally, remember that getting yourself set up correctly isn’t just about hitting balls farther down range; it’s also about finding success on the course by consistently striking solid shots time after time, no matter what lies ahead. Don’t forget this piece, either.

Lengthening your golf clubs increases accuracy and distance. Now, let’s investigate the best way to opt for a shaft length that fits your playing style.

Key Takeaway: Lengthening a golf club can increase power, accuracy and control when swinging. It’s important to seek professional advice from a custom fitting centre before making any changes in order to maximize performance gains for your individual playing style – don’t ‘shank’ this one.

Choosing the Right Shaft Length

Choosing the right shaft length is an important part of golfing success. Selecting a shaft that is tailored to your body type and playing style can significantly influence the outcome of your game.

The first step in selecting the right shaft length is understanding how long you should go. Generally speaking, most players opt for a club between 43-45 inches long for their driver, which gives them maximum distance off the tee. However, this may not be suitable for everyone; shorter players often benefit from clubs that are closer to 42 inches in length, while taller players may find more success with longer clubs up to 46 inches or more.

Another factor to consider when selecting a shaft length is swing speed and tempo. If you have slower swing speeds and/or tend to take larger backswings, then opting for a slightly longer club could help you generate additional power and distance on your shots. Conversely, if you have faster swings and shorter backswings, then choosing a shorter club might give you better control over your ball flight trajectory without sacrificing too much distance off the tee box.

It’s also worth noting that different types of golfers require different lengths of clubs depending on their preferred playing styles: Tour pros generally prefer longer drivers due to their ability to generate greater distances; meanwhile, amateur golfers usually opt for something around 45 inches, so they can hit straighter drives with increased accuracy rather than relying solely on power alone. Additionally, senior golfers often benefit from using even shorter drivers (42-43 inches) as they provide extra forgiveness while still allowing them enough reach off the tee box without having to sacrifice any control or accuracy during their swings.

Before taking each shot, it is essential to ensure that the chosen club feels comfortable in your hands for consistent results on the course. Don’t jump ahead of yourself and buy an overly lengthy driver only to find yourself struggling with poor contact due to a lack of confidence when swinging it; make sure your arms feel relaxed yet secure at the address position. Have a good grasp of what you can handle before attempting more difficult tasks.

In conclusion, finding the perfect fit when it comes to selecting an ideal shaft length isn’t always easy, but once done correctly, its rewards will definitely be worth the effort put into making such a decision. When considering new clubs, do your research and get fitted by a qualified PGA Professional for the best results.

Choosing the right shaft length is essential for optimizing your golf swing and improving performance. To maximize your swing, consider extending the length of your golf club shafts.

Key Takeaway: When selecting the right shaft length for your golf clubs, it’s essential to consider factors such as body type, swing speed and tempo. Figuring out the ideal fit may be tricky, but with some investigation and expert counsel, you can get off to a great start – literally.

Extending Your Golf Club Shafts

different length and extended golf clubs

Improving your golf club performance can be achieved by adjusting the length of your shafts. It’s important, however, that you do it correctly and understand the benefits of lengthening or shortening them. The wrong length could result in poor shots and incorrect posture during play.

When picking the length of your golf club shafts, it is essential to contemplate both the golfer’s stature and their swinging technique. For example, taller players may benefit from longer clubs as they will have more room for their arms to move freely during their swing, while shorter players may need shorter clubs for better control over their shots.

The next step is choosing the right shaft length for each club type in order to maximize performance on the course. Generally speaking, drivers should be between 43-45 inches long, while irons should range between 37-41 inches depending on individual preferences and body type. Woods typically measure 41-43 inches, while wedges are usually around 35-37 inches in length.

If you’re increasing the total club length by an inch, it’s prudent to raise the grip size in tandem by half an inch. Likewise, if you’re shortening your clubs by one inch, reduce the grip size proportionally to ensure balance and optimal power transfer without sacrificing accuracy. Put simply, keep all parts of your golf club shafts in sync for maximum performance on the links.

Finally, it is important to get professionally fitted when extending your golf club shafts. Custom equipment should be used that is designed specifically for each individual golfer based on their unique physical characteristics such as height, weight etc. This will ensure maximum accuracy and consistency with every shot, which can lead to lower scores and greater success on the course, whether playing competitively or just having fun with friends.

Key Takeaway: When extending golf club shafts, it’s important to take into account the golfer’s height and swing style for optimal performance. Professionally fitting your clubs with custom equipment tailored to your unique physical characteristics will ensure you’re teeing off in top form.


Lengthening your golf clubs can enhance control and power, improving your game. With the right shaft length, you’ll achieve better shot control and increased power. Properly extending your club shafts can help you gain extra distance and improve your overall performance on the golf course. If you want an edge on the links, consider extending your golf clubs for greater control and power.

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