What Is Footgolf

What Is Footgolf? Unlock the Secrets of This Exciting Sport!

Last Updated on May 30, 2023

Are you seeking a novel activity to experience the game of golf? Look no further than footgolf. But what is footgolf? It is an exciting sport that combines elements from both soccer and golf. Combining the elements of soccer and golf, footgolf is an easy-to-learn yet exciting sport with all the benefits associated with playing either one alone. Let’s dive into the exciting world of footgolf and discover how it combines soccer and golf, why it’s worth playing, and what you need to get started. So grab your ball (and cleats), and let’s get started on our journey into the world of footgolf.

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What is FootGolf?

FootGolf is a sport that combines the rules of golf and the skill of soccer. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the UK, with more people playing it every day. The game consists of kicking a regulation size 5 soccer ball into 21-inch diameter cups cut into specially designed FootGolf courses.

The American FootGolf League (AFGL) is responsible for setting up official rules and regulations for players to follow when playing on certified FootGolf courses across America. The AFGL also organizes tournaments throughout the year, including an annual World Cup event where teams from all over compete against each other in a tournament style format.

If you’re looking to play FootGolf, there are plenty of places to find courses around your area. Lake Forest Golf Course in Illinois has been offering FootGolf since 2014 and has become one of the premier destinations for those looking to experience this unique sport firsthand. Other great places include Topgolf locations nationwide as well as various municipal parks throughout England and Wales that have recently added dedicated FootGolf holes alongside their existing golf course offerings.

When playing at these locations, be sure to bring along your own regulation size 5 soccer ball as many courses will not provide them for you upon arrival. Also, remember that just like regular golf, you’ll need to keep score, so make sure everyone knows how many strokes they’ve taken before moving onto another hole or else things can get confusing pretty quickly. Lastly, don’t forget about proper etiquette; no yelling or screaming during someone’s turn, and always give way if someone needs to hit ahead due to slow play by others behind them on the course.

Whether you’re looking for some fun competition with friends or want something new and exciting outdoors – try out footgolf today. You won’t regret it – guaranteed.

Key Takeaway: FootGolf is a growing sport that blends the rules of golf with soccer. It can be played at certified courses across America and even some municipal parks in England & Wales. If you’re looking for something new and exciting outdoors – give FootGolf a shot today – it’s sure to be an experience like no other.

How to Play FootGolf

Combining the rules of golf and soccer, FootGolf has gained considerable popularity in recent years, with courses appearing around the world. In recent times, FootGolf has seen a surge in popularity, with courses springing up globally. The AFGL was established in 2011 to help popularize and structure the sport of FootGolf, now boasting over 400 courses across North America.

Players use a regulation-size #5 soccer ball on designated footgolf courses at traditional golf facilities. Just like regular golf, each hole is assigned a par rating based on its length and difficulty level. Players must finish each hole within that number of shots or kicks – whichever they prefer.

Footgolf ball at the field

To play FootGolf, you’ll need some basic equipment: a soccer ball, comfortable shoes for kicking it around the course (cleats are not allowed), plus any additional items you’d bring to an ordinary round of golf, such as clubs or tees if needed. When teeing off at each hole, players should stand behind their respective markers; these are usually cones placed directly behind the tee box area.

Scoring works much like traditional golf, too – your goal is to get your ball into the cup using as few shots/kicks as possible per hole. A scorecard can be used to keep track of everyone’s progress throughout their round; simply write down how many strokes it took you to complete each hole next to its corresponding number on your card. Keep in mind that penalties may apply if balls land out-of-bounds or interfere with other players’ games during playtime – so make sure you know where yours goes before taking aim.

So why not grab some friends and head out onto your local green for an afternoon full of fun? Who knows, maybe someday soon, you could even compete against some serious opponents from around the globe.

For a unique and enjoyable take on golf, why not give FootGolf a go? Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with playing FootGolf.

Key Takeaway: Head out to your local FootGolf course and challenge yourself with a game of soccer-golf. Put on your cleats, grab some clubs (or just use the trusty ol’ #5), and keep track of each hole’s par rating as you kick around in search of that coveted cup. With its ever increasing popularity, soon enough, you’ll be competing against pros from across the globe – so get practising now.

Benefits of Playing FootGolf

If you’re looking for an exciting new way to enjoy a round of golf, then FootGolf might be just what you need. Here are some of the benefits of playing this fun and fast-paced sport:

1. Variety – One great thing about FootGolf is that it adds variety to your typical golf experience. You can still play traditional golf if you want, but by adding FootGolf into the mix, you get to try something different while still getting all the benefits of playing on a real course.

2. Accessibility – Unlike traditional golf courses, which often require expensive memberships or high green fees, most FootGolf courses are open to everyone at affordable prices. This makes them much more accessible than their counterparts and allows people from all walks of life to give this sport a go.

3. Fun Factor – Let’s face it, kicking a soccer ball around instead of swinging clubs can be quite enjoyable. The added challenge also makes things more interesting as players must use their skill and strategy when aiming for those holes-in-one shots. Plus, there’s no better feeling than seeing your shot sail right into its target, like scoring a goal in football (or should we say “footgolfer”).

4. Social Benefits – Playing sports together is always beneficial for both physical health and mental well-being – especially during these uncertain times when social distancing measures remain in place across many parts of the country. With footgolf being played outdoors on well spaced out courses, groups can safely enjoy each other’s company whilst taking part in this unique activity.

5. Professional Opportunities – There are even professional opportunities available within footgolf thanks to organisations such as The American FootGolf League (AFGL), which host tournaments worldwide, including an annual World Cup event where players compete against one another for big cash prizes. Aspiring professionals can even become certified through AFGL’s official training program, which provides comprehensive instruction on how best to play footgolf, along with advice on setting up courses too.

So why not take advantage of these great benefits today? Visit Lake Forest Golf Club located near London, or check out any other certified footgolf course near you now. With its variety, accessibility, fun factor, social benefits and professional opportunities, FootGolf is an exciting way to enjoy a round of golf in the UK.

Key Takeaway: Combining the best of soccer and golf, FootGolf is an exhilarating game that can provide a dynamic twist to your usual round. With its accessible prices, fun factor, social benefits and professional opportunities, FootGolf has become increasingly popular in the UK – so why not give this unique activity a go?


FootGolf is a fun and exciting sport that combines the skills of football with golf. It can be played by anyone, regardless of age or ability level. Not only does it provide an enjoyable way to exercise outdoors, but it also offers players the chance to develop their physical and mental abilities in a competitive environment. FootGolf provides an opportunity for everyone to enjoy some friendly competition while enjoying nature at its finest. So why not give footgolf a try today?

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