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What Is A Double Eagle In Golf: Meaning, History & Benefits

Last Updated on November 2, 2023

Golfers everywhere have heard of the term “double eagle,” but what is a double eagle in golf really mean? For those who are unfamiliar with the sport, a double eagle is an impressive feat that occurs on the golf course. In this article, we’ll explain exactly what it means to hit a double eagle and why it’s so special for any golfer who achieves such a feat.

History of the Double Eagle

The origin of the double eagle dates back to the late 19th century when golfers began using two clubs, instead of just one, to hit shots from distances farther than they could reach before. This was seen as an impressive feat at the time, but not until 1904 did someone officially earn the title of ‘Double Eagle’ after making three consecutive strokes on par-5 holes. Since then, records have been broken numerous times by some of the greatest golfers ever, including Jack Nicklaus, who holds the record for most double eagles scored in his career (19). In short, it takes skill and accuracy to achieve this remarkable milestone; something only achieved by true masters of the game.

How to Achieve a Double Eagle

To score a double eagle, accuracy off the tee box is key. You need to be able to hit long drives with precision, so you have shorter approach shots into the green for better scoring opportunities. This means not just hitting the ball straight but finding fairways consistently and keeping it out of hazards like bunkers and water hazards. Along with accuracy off the tee box, practice controlling trajectory with irons so you can set yourself up for great approaches onto greens without having to worry about obstacles between you and the pin. Additionally, take time to assess each shot before you make it as this will give you more insight into how to play each hole strategically instead of recklessly attacking pins from afar.

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Finally, while playing keep an eye on your overall strategy rather than getting sidetracked by distractions on the course, such as other players or changes in weather conditions. With these tips in mind and enough practice, landing a double eagle should become much easier if not possible altogether!

Benefits of Making a Double Eagle

A double eagle in golf is an extremely rare yet prestigious shot. It happens when a golfer scores three strokes under par for the hole. For example, on a par 4 hole, if the golfer scores one stroke instead of two or more, it’s considered a double eagle. Making this difficult golf shot comes with many benefits to your overall golf game.

For starters, making a double eagle puts you at least two strokes ahead of where you would normally be and can give you great momentum heading into the next few holes. Additionally, any time you score lower than what’s expected – such as shooting two under par instead of four over par – it gives you confidence in your abilities and encourages you to take risks that could help improve your score even further.

Finally, achieving the coveted score of three-under par will contribute positively to your handicap and show other players how skilled you are at the game of golf. As such, sinking a double eagle is not just an impressive feat but also has serious practical benefits that can significantly impact your round of golf – both mentally and physically!

Tips for Improving Your Chances at Achieving a Double Eagle

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Achieving a double eagle is no easy feat, but with the right strategies and techniques, you can increase your chances of success. To get started on the road to becoming a double-eagle master, it’s important to focus on two key areas: long drives and bunker shots. Long drives are essential for setting up those all-important second shots, so work on improving club distance by focusing on technique, fitness and wind conditions. Bunker shots also require precision; practice makes perfect when it comes to these tricky short game manoeuvres.

Course strategy is another factor that should not be overlooked. Knowing how aggressive you can be off the tee box or which green will give you more opportunity for birdies or eagles is an integral part of achieving great scores. Therefore, take some time to study course architecture before tackling a round of golf – this will help inform your approach in terms of risk vs reward options at any given hole.

Finally, make sure that practice forms part of your routine as often as possible; consistency is key if you want to become better at golf! Start by working through drills designed to improve accuracy and power off the tee, then move on to different types of chip & putt shots around the greens. With enough dedication and perseverance, a double eagle could soon be within reach!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between a Double Eagle and an Albatross?

A double eagle and an albatross are two impressive accomplishments in golf. A double eagle is a score of three-under par, while an Albatross is a two-under-par. Both scores offer financial benefits to the golfer, and both can be considered rare feats on the course.

Is a Double Eagle More Difficult to Make Than a Hole-In-One?

Comparing a double eagle to a hole-in-one on the difficulty scale, it’s clear that there are some key differences. Achieving one over the other requires different skill sets and levels of commitment from the golfer. To make a double eagle, golfers need to hit their tee shot two strokes under par for the hole. This means shooting an albatross or three-under par score – something which is incredibly difficult even for experienced players. On the flip side, making a hole-in-one only requires getting your ball into the cup with just one stroke.

Of course, both feats require immense accuracy and skill but they differ in one major way: distance. While a double eagle may be more challenging overall due to its rarity, holes-in-one do have their own level of difficulty, depending on how far away you’re hitting from the pin. For example, if we compare a 200-yard hole-in-one versus a 50-yard double eagle, then clearly the former will take much greater precision and effort than the latter.


So, what is a double eagle in golf? In summary, a double eagle is an exciting and rare occurrence in the world of golf. It brings a sense of great accomplishment to any golfer lucky enough to make one, and it can be immensely satisfying. Whether or not you’re able to make a double eagle at some point during your golf career is something only time will tell. But if you ever find yourself having made this amazing feat then don’t forget to savour every moment – as there may never come another one!

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