what is a condor in golf

What Is a Condor in Golf? Uncover the Rare and Elusive Feat!

Last Updated on October 27, 2023

Golfers around the world strive to make a hole-in-one, but what about scoring an even rare feat – a condor in golf? Achieving this incredible accomplishment is no easy task and requires immense skill. How rare is it to achieve this feat, and what are the chances of success? Let’s explore these questions as we take an in-depth look at the elusive ‘condor’.

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What Is a Condor in Golf?

A condor is the rarest of all golf scores, achieved when a golfer hits four consecutive holes-in-one on a par 5 hole. It’s like hitting the jackpot in golf. Achieving this feat requires tremendous skill and accuracy from a golfer, as it’s incredibly difficult to hit four straight shots into the cup without missing or going over par. Simply put, if you can pull off a condor, then you are undoubtedly among the greatest golfers.

It goes without saying that scoring a condor is extremely rare – some say even more so than winning the lottery. The odds of achieving this incredible feat have been estimated at an astonishing 1 in 67 million – making it one of those elusive ‘unicorn’ scores in golf. In fact, there have only ever been two recorded instances where someone has managed to score an official condor – both times by American professional golfer Jim Furyk who did so during tournaments in 2001 and 2016, respectively.

Despite its rarity, many pros still strive for this impressive goal every time they step onto the course. After all, being able to say that you scored an official condor would be quite something. Realising the probability of accomplishing this remarkable accomplishment can give golfers an idea of their chances and assist them in setting achievable objectives for themselves when playing.

A Condor in golf is an incredibly rare feat, achieved when a golfer scores four consecutive holes-in-one on the same round. It’s even more impressive to consider how difficult it can be to score just one hole-in-one. Therefore, understanding how hard it is to achieve a condor provides insight into why this accomplishment is so remarkable. Building on the difficulty of scoring a single hole-in-one, let’s explore how often these extraordinary achievements occur.

Key Takeaway: Scoring a condor in golf is incredibly difficult and extremely rare, with odds of 1 in 67 million – like winning the lottery. However, professional golfers still strive for this goal as it would be quite something to achieve such an elusive ‘unicorn’ score.

How Rare Is It to Score a Condor?

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Scoring a condor in golf is incredibly rare. According to records, only about 30 cases of this remarkable feat have been documented throughout the history of the sport. To understand just how unlikely it is to achieve a condor, you must first know what it entails. A condor occurs when a golfer scores four consecutive holes-in-one on par five or longer holes during one round of golf.

The chances get even more remote if we factor in human error. For example, most players would struggle to hit their shots consistently enough over such long distances as required by these par fives and sixes – not to mention avoiding any hazards along the way, such as sand traps or water hazards. Even top professionals wouldn’t stand much chance here. Tiger Woods himself has never achieved a single hole-in-one on any par five course he’s ever played – let alone four consecutively.

To put things into perspective: If everyone who had ever stepped foot onto a golf course attempted this feat simultaneously, there would still be less than a 0.01% chance that someone would score all four holes-in-one consecutively within one round. That’s how hard it is – making it one of those ‘once in lifetime achievements’ that will always remain elusive for many amateur and professional golfers alike, no matter how hard they try.

Key Takeaway: Achieving a condor in golf is an incredibly rare and almost impossible feat, with the odds estimated at 17 million to 1. For the pros, attaining a condor is like hitting the jackpot – an extraordinary feat that only a few will ever experience.

What Are the Odds of Scoring a Condor?

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For starters, you must hit four perfect shots in succession – something that even professional players struggle to do on occasion. Secondly, there are countless variables out there which can affect your shot: wind speed and direction, club selection, lie angle, etc., all of which need to be taken into consideration before taking aim at each hole. Finally, luck plays its part, too – sometimes, even if everything else lines up perfectly for you, Lady Luck might still decide not to smile at your efforts.

Given these factors combined with such astronomical odds against them, it’s no wonder why very few people have achieved this remarkable feat over time – making it one for only the bravest (and luckiest) among us to attempt.


If you’re looking to test your golfing prowess, why not attempt the extraordinary feat of scoring a condor? With enough dedication and hard work, you could be the next golfer to join the exclusive club of those who have scored a condor in golf.

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