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Woman Behind the Man: Who Is Westwood’s Golf Caddy?

Last Updated on November 6, 2023

Lee Westwood is one of the most successful golfers in history, but few know who helps him stay at the top: his caddy, Helen Storey. But who exactly is this mysterious woman? Is she simply a typical caddie, or does her contribution to Westwood’s success run deeper? In this blog post, we’ll explore her background and find out how she has helped Lee Westwood become such an incredible golfer. So let’s dive right into it – Who is Westwood’s Golf Caddy? Let’s get to know Helen Storey.

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Meet Lee Westwood’s Caddy: Helen Storey

Helen Storey is a professional caddy who has been working with golfer Lee Westwood since 2017. With a decade of tournament experience, Helen Storey’s golfing pedigree is clear to see in her partnership with Lee Westwood. Her expertise on the course is evident in her work with Westwood, where she provides invaluable support during his rounds.

From a young age, Storey developed an intense love for golf and soon began competing in junior tournaments across England before becoming a professional at 21 while also providing instruction to novice players. She competed in junior tournaments throughout England before eventually turning pro at 21. During this time, she also worked as a teaching assistant to help teach new players the fundamentals of golf. In addition to her competitive experience, Storey has extensive knowledge of different courses around the world, which helps her plan out strategies for Westwood while they are on tour together.

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Storey’s job as caddy requires more than just carrying clubs and providing advice on shots – it involves being an emotional support system for Westwood during stressful times on the course. She often acts as his sounding board when he needs someone to talk through difficult decisions or offer encouragement after making mistakes during play.

Additionally, Storey uses her experience and knowledge of various courses to make sure that Westwood plays each hole strategically by providing insight into club selection and shot placement based on weather conditions or other factors that could affect performance. By doing so, she can ensure that he gets off each tee box successfully and puts himself in good positions going into greenside approaches shots. Ultimately, Storeys’ dedication to helping Lee reach peak performance every time they step onto the green makes her an invaluable asset not only to him but also to any player looking for top-notch caddying services.

Key Takeaway: Helen Storey is a highly skilled caddy who has been with Lee Westwood since 2017, providing invaluable support on the course. With her extensive golfing background and knowledge of different courses around the world, she helps him strategise his shots to ensure peak performance every time they step onto the green. She’s truly an ace in her field.

Helen Storey’s Golf Background

As a child, Helen Storey’s interest in golf flourished, leading to her achieving an impressive handicap and invitations to join prestigious tournaments. She began honing her skills on the links of nearby courses, eventually rising to prominence with a remarkable handicap that set her apart from other golfers. Her dedication to improving her skills led to invitations to join elite golf tournaments, where she earned several top-10 finishes before graduating high school.

Professional Career

After graduating, Helen took a job working as an assistant professional at a club near London and worked hard to build on her existing skill set while learning more about how the sport is played competitively by professionals around the world. During this time, she also honed her caddying abilities by accompanying some of Britain’s best players during tournaments both domestically and abroad – including Lee Westwood himself. As word spread about Helen’s talents on the course, it wasn’t long before she was offered full-time positions as both a caddy and coach for various European Tour events throughout Europe, eventually leading to a role as one of Europe’s most sought-after caddies today.

When asked why he chose Helen Storey over other potential candidates for his personal caddy position, Lee responded, “Helen has been there every step of my journey since I first picked up my clubs back home in England. I knew if anyone could help me get back into form it would be her. Not only does she know all my strengths and weaknesses but we share similar philosophies when it comes to playing our best game – so having someone like that on your side makes all the difference”. And sure enough, ever since their partnership began, they have gone from strength to strength together, with multiple wins under their belt already this season alone.

Key Takeaway: Helen Storey has become a much sought-after caddie in Europe, her handicap and commitment to golfing having earned her this distinction. Her partnership with Lee Westwood has been a match made in heaven, as they have achieved multiple wins together since their collaboration began. Helen truly knows how to bring out the best in him – an invaluable asset for any golfer.

How Helen Storey Helps Lee Westwood

Helen Storey is the caddy for professional golfer Lee Westwood. Her contribution to Westwood’s success on the golf course is immense, having been with him since 2013.

Club Selection

Helen’s expertise in golf allows her to help Lee select the right clubs for each shot, depending on the lie, wind conditions, and other factors. She can quickly evaluate a situation and provide advice on which club will give him the best chance of success.


When it comes to strategy, Helen is invaluable to Lee. Her experience playing competitively gives her insight into how different courses play, as well as what types of shots are most effective given certain situations. By providing strategic advice throughout his rounds, she helps keep Lee focused on executing his plan instead of getting distracted by potential hazards or tricky pin placements.

Course Management

One area where Helen really shines is course management – knowing when to go for a risky shot or layup, depending on what’s at stake during any given round. Her knowledge of green reading and understanding exactly how far away from danger he needs to stay makes all the difference between winning and losing tournaments for Lee Westwood.

Key Takeaway: Helen Storey is an invaluable asset to Lee Westwood, her expertise in club selection and strategy, along with course management knowledge, gives him the edge he needs to win tournaments. She’s like a secret weapon that can’t be underestimated – she has all the right moves when it comes to golfing success.


Lee Westwood is a world-class golfer, and his caddy Helen Storey has been an integral part of his success. With her extensive golf background and experience, she knows how to read the course better than most other caddies out there. She helps Lee strategise each shot in order to maximise performance on the green. Without question, who is Westwood’s golf caddy? The answer: Helen Storey.

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