how to remove the governor from a golf cart

Speeding Up: How to Remove the Governor From Your Golf Cart

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

Removing the governor from a golf cart is an important step to improve the performance of the vehicle. This article provides information on how to remove the governor from a golf cart safely and effectively. It outlines all necessary steps, as well as considerations that should be taken into account prior to beginning the process. Furthermore, it includes helpful tips for avoiding common mistakes associated with this task. By following these instructions correctly, the removal of the governor can be accomplished easily and efficiently.

What Is a Governor

A governor is a device that is used to limit the speed of an engine. It works by controlling how much fuel and air can be supplied to the engine, thus limiting its revolutions per minute (RPM). The purpose of this is to ensure safety and efficiency when running engines at high speeds.

Governors are commonly used in golf carts as they allow for a controlled speed so as not to exceed predetermined limits set by local regulations or manufacturers. In these vehicles, governors restrict the amount of power available from the motor while also maintaining optimal levels of performance, such as torque and acceleration. This ensures that drivers stay within legal limits without compromising overall performance. Additionally, it prevents accidents due to excessive speed, which may lead to injury or damage.

Tools Needed for Removal

Governor removal from a golf cart requires that the appropriate tools are on hand prior to beginning the project. These tools include some speciality items, making it important to confirm the availability of all necessary parts and equipment before commencing with the task.

The following is a list of governor-removal-tools:

  • Spanner wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Socket set
  • Torque wrench

Moreover, additional supplies may be needed depending on the model of the golf cart being serviced; therefore, consulting an owner’s manual or other reference material will help to ensure that all required components for the successful completion of this job are available. Additionally, special care should be taken when working with any electrical connections in order to avoid potential safety hazards associated with servicing golf cart governors. Taking proper precautions during this process can prevent damage to property and injury to personnel.

Step-By-Step Instruction

Golf-cart-governor removal is a process that requires special tools and safety precautions. First, disconnect the battery before attempting any work on the golf cart’s governor system. Next, remove all necessary components as instructed by the manufacturer’s manual. This may include removing hoses connected to the carburettor or fuel line, depending upon how the governor is configured in each specific model of a golf cart. Once these components are removed, locate bolts securing the governor to the engine block and unscrew them with an appropriately sized socket wrench. After this step has been completed, carefully lift off the unit from its mounting plate and set it aside for further disassembly if needed. Lastly, it is important to ensure proper disposal of all parts that were removed during the governor-removal process according to local regulations regarding hazardous materials.

Diagnosing Issues With the Governor

Having discussed safety considerations when removing the governor from a golf cart, it is important to be able to diagnose any issues with the governor. This section will discuss how to effectively troubleshoot and identify common problems that can arise with the governor.

Governor not engaging properlyLoose or worn components such as drive belt, clutch arm, throttle cable or linkage assemblyTighten all loose parts, and replace broken/worn components. Test system after replacement before use
Engine running at too high of an RPMsVacuum leak in the intake manifold, faulty carburettor settingsCheck for air leaks around intake manifold gaskets; adjust carburettor idle setting if necessary
Poor accelerationWorn ignition module, distributor cap or rotorReplace damaged part and check timing settings

To ensure proper operation of the governor on a golf cart, regular maintenance should be performed to prevent potential problems from arising. Checking for loose bolts and hoses, as well as inspecting all moving parts regularly, can help reduce possible issues with the governor. It is also recommended to clean any dirt buildup off of the engine components which could inhibit its performance. With these steps in mind, diagnosing issues with the governor should become easier over time, allowing for the successful removal of the governor from a golf cart.

Adjusting the Governor Settings

old man adjusting the governor settings to enhance speed of golf cart

Adjusting the governor settings on a golf cart can be an involved process. The first step is to remove the governor from the golf cart entirely. To do this, begin by disconnecting the battery and removing any covers that are blocking access to the governor. Then use a wrench or socket set to unscrew the governor bolts and take out the entire unit. It may also be necessary to disconnect the wiring harnesses connecting it to other components of the golf cart. Once removed, inspect for any damage or signs of wear that might affect its performance.

After taking out the governor, adjust it according to manufacturer instructions based on your desired operating speed, typically indicated in revolutions per minute (RPM). This involves turning one or more screws counter-clockwise until reaching the ideal setting; each screw regulates a different limit within which RPMs must stay when running at full throttle. Make sure all parts are properly tightened before reinstalling the golf cart and reconnecting any wiring harnesses as needed. Finally, test drive the vehicle after ensuring everything has been installed correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Risks in Removing the Governor?

When considering the risks associated with removing a governor from a golf cart, it is important to understand what altering this component involves. In general, modifying or replacing the governor can have an impact on both the performance and safety of the vehicle, which could result in voiding warranties. When assessing these potential risks, some key factors should be taken into consideration.

The most obvious risk when removing a governor is that it will create higher speeds than are intended by the manufacturer or other regulations such as those set by local authorities. This presents both physical dangers for passengers onboard and also potential legal issues if speed limits are exceeded while operating the golf cart. Additionally, improper installation or modification of any type may lead to damage or failure of components within the engine itself, leading to costly repairs.


Removing the governor from a golf cart can be beneficial for those who wish to increase their speed and performance. When done properly, removing the governor can significantly improve acceleration and provide additional power. However, it is important to consider several factors before deciding if this modification will suit your needs.

It is essential to understand any potential risks that are associated with modifying the governor of a golf cart, as voiding manufacturer warranties or damaging components due to improper installation could lead to costly repairs or replacement parts in the future. It is also important to research what type of maintenance may be required after the governor has been removed and how much extra power will be gained in order to decide whether this modification is worth it.

Finally, understanding if there are legal implications associated with making such modifications should also not be overlooked. It is recommended that users consult local laws and regulations prior to making changes that may affect their ability to drive on public roads or trails. Ultimately, weighing all these considerations carefully will help determine whether removing the governor from a golf cart is an appropriate choice for each individual’s particular situation.

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