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Wales’ Golf Course Count: Surprising Tally!

Golf has become an increasingly popular sport in Wales, with the number of golf courses growing steadily over recent years. But just how many golf courses are there in this lovely country? This article will explore that question and examine the reasons why so many people have been attracted to playing golf in Wales.

History Of Golf In Wales

Golf in Wales has deep roots, with some of the earliest golfing origins recorded here. The game was first played in the 16th century, and developed a strong culture over subsequent centuries that remains today. Golfers from Wales excelled at the sport during its formative years, with Welsh-born golfers winning several British Open Championships throughout history.

In more modern times, Wales is home to many world-class courses which attract players from all parts of the globe. Nowadays, it is one of Britain’s most popular destinations for golf enthusiasts looking to enjoy an idyllic round on some truly spectacular terrain. To sum up, Wales has a long and proud heritage within the world of golfing – making it an ideal setting for any avid golfer.

Types Of Golf Courses In Wales

Boasting around 180 golf courses and 23 links courses, Wales has a wide range to choose from, all offering an enjoyable experience for the avid golfer. Links courses dominate the Welsh coastlines, taking advantage of the rolling sand dunes and sea views. The Porthmadog Golf Club is one such example of a traditional links course in North Wales. Championship courses are also popular across Wales, providing both amateur and professional players with challenging layouts that test every aspect of their game. Machynys Peninsula Golf Club near Llanelli is considered one of the best championship courses in Wales due to its beautiful lake feature on the back nine holes. Parkland courses can be found inland throughout Wales and provide an ideal setting for leisurely rounds or competitive tournaments alike. The Bulkeley Arms Hotel and Golf Course near Wrexham offers stunning parkland views as well as excellent facilities making it perfect for any occasion. With so many options available, there’s something to suit everyone when considering playing golf in Wales.

Accessibility To Public Golf Courses In Wales

There is a wide range of public golf courses in Wales, offering accessibility to all. Courses are found across the country, allowing for a variety of options regardless of one’s location. Most clubs offer various membership packages and have different levels of difficulty that appeal to players at varying experience levels.

The Welsh Government provides support for the development of new or existing golf courses through their Golf Development Wales initiative. This has enabled more people in Wales to access public golf courses than ever before, providing an opportunity for everyone to get involved with the sport. Moreover, there are also several driving ranges available which allow anyone from beginners up to professional level players to practice their swing without having to travel too far away from home. All this goes towards making it easier for avid golfers in Wales to enjoy the game and improve their skillset.

Professional Tournaments Hosted In Wales

professional tournaments golf course in wales

Wales is no stranger to professional golf tournaments. There have been several high-profile events held in the country over the years, including:

  • The Ryder Cup Matches – hosted at Celtic Manor Resort in 2010 and won by Europe
  • The Solheim Cup Matches – hosted at Wales National Golf Club in 1996 and again in 2000
  • The Welsh Open – which has taken place annually since 1995
  • The ISPS Handa Wales Open – which began in 2014

These major competitions attract some of the best players from around the globe, with many of them setting course records during their time here. Additionally, they provide an opportunity for local fans to get up close and personal with the game they love while supporting their home nation. Furthermore, these tournaments boost tourism in Wales as well as providing a great platform for sponsors, allowing them to reach a global audience. As such, they are hugely beneficial both economically and culturally. Ultimately, it’s clear that professional golf tournaments play an important role in Wales’ sporting landscape; making it one of Britain’s most popular destinations for fans of the sport.

Weather Conditions In Wales

golf course in wales with low rainfall climate

Golfers in Wales enjoy a temperate climate, making it ideal for golfing. The country experiences mild winters and cool summers with low rainfall averages throughout the year. This makes playing on the many courses across Wales relatively comfortable all year round. Nevertheless, rain can often be an issue in some parts of the country due to its high average annual rainfall levels.

The weather plays a key role in determining when you should play golf in Wales; strong winds or heavy downpours can make certain holes difficult to complete. It’s important to check local forecasts before venturing out onto the course so you’ll know what kind of conditions you’ll face while playing. Additionally, if there is significant risk of thunderstorms or frosty temperatures then it may be best to postpone your game until more favourable weather arrives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Play Golf In Wales?

When it comes to golfing in Wales, one of the main questions people have is ‘How much does it cost to play?’ The answer depends on a few different factors such as which golf course you plan to visit and what type of fees they charge. Some courses may offer discounts for members or special packages that include green fees and other benefits.

Golf fees in Wales can range from £15-£50 per round, depending on the location and time of day. For instance, some courses will offer discounted rates during off peak times while others may not be open at all. Additionally, many courses also offer reduced membership fees if you choose to become a member of their club. This could help reduce your overall costs significantly over time.

Are There Any Courses Suitable For Beginners?

When it comes to golf courses in Wales, many people are interested in finding ones that are suitable for beginners. There are a number of beginner golf courses available in the country as well as several options for those who may be more experienced players. Whether you’re looking for a challenging course or something a little easier, there’s sure to be something that fits your needs.

Wales is known for its excellent golfing opportunities and has some of the best beginner golf courses around. With plenty of scenic views and lush greenery, these courses offer an enjoyable experience no matter what level player you are. Many of them also have special discounts and offers which can make them even more attractive to potential customers. Additionally, they tend to be quite affordable so even if you don’t play regularly, it won’t break the bank.

No matter what kind of golfer you are – whether a novice or an expert – there’s bound to be a course in Wales that suits your skill set and budget. With so many great options available, why not give one of these beginner-friendly courses a try? You never know, it could turn out to be your new favourite game.


In conclusion, Wales is a great place for golfers. With over 100 courses to choose from, it’s easy to find one that suits your level and budget. Prices vary across the country, with some courses offering discounts or special offers. Beginners are also catered for with many courses suitable for all levels of experience. Equipment hire is widely available should you need it when you arrive in Wales. Plus there are plenty of restaurants and cafes onsite so you can enjoy refreshments after an enjoyable round of golf. Wales has something to offer everyone who enjoys this popular sport – so why not take advantage of these fantastic opportunities?

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