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Best Golf Wedges for Beginners: Top Picks for New Players

Last Updated on March 26, 2024

Selecting the right wedge is crucial for golfers, especially beginners who need clubs that enhance learning and performance. Wedges, essential for shots within 120 yards of the green, vary in types like pitching, sand, gap, and lob wedges, each serving a specific purpose. Our focus has been on identifying wedges that offer beginners forgiveness, ease of use, and the ability to improve. Through comprehensive testing, we’ve pinpointed the best wedges for beginners, aiming to boost confidence and skill on the course.

Our Top Choices

As we scout the vast market for golf equipment, we understand that selecting the right wedge is crucial for novices aiming to elevate their game. Wedges are the clubs that can make or break your short game, so it’s essential to choose one that offers the best combination of forgiveness, control, and versatility. Our carefully selected list is designed to assist beginners in finding a wedge that is not only of high quality but also suits their developing skillset and style of play.

LAZRUS Premium Wedges

We believe these LAZRUS wedges are a smart pick for beginners due to their quality construction at a fraction of the cost of high-end brands.


  • Exceptional value for a complete set
  • High-quality forged build for durability and performance
  • Milled face enhances spin and control


  • Grips may require upgrading for some players
  • Black finish may wear over time
  • Limited customization options compared to premium brands

Stepping onto the green with the LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set, one immediately notices the substantial feel and balance in hand. This trio of wedges instills confidence even before taking the first swing, a testament to LAZRUS GOLF’s commitment to crafting clubs that rival the best in the game.

Performance-wise, there’s a clear difference when approaching from the fairway or rough. The micro-milled face adds spin and precision to your shots, letting you lay up close to the pin with consistency. This feels particularly rewarding when executing those tricky short game plays that can make or break a round.

On the downside, while the wedges excel in playability, the grips might be the first place you’d look to make personal enhancements. For some, the stock grips feel adequate, but for those who play frequently, a customization may be warranted. Over time, the sleek black finish tends to show wear, especially after frequent use, but this is mostly an aesthetic concern and doesn’t detract from the wedges’ performance.

In essence, whether you’re chipping onto the green or extricating yourself from a sand trap, these LAZRUS wedges offer a level of control and reliability that we find reassuring. They may not carry the status symbol of more expensive brands, but for those of us just embarking on our golfing journey, or looking to improve without breaking the bank, these wedges are an excellent choice.

Mile High Life Golf Wedges

For beginners seeking to improve their short game without breaking the bank, we recommend the Mile High Life Golf Wedges as a valuable addition.


  • Forgiving for novice players
  • Exceptional value for a set
  • Versatile loft options


  • Less feel compared to premium brands
  • Could be heavier for some players
  • Limited feedback on off-center hits

When we took these wedges out for a round, the first thing we noticed was their ease of use. The thick sole of the club helps tremendously in preventing digging, which is a common problem for those new to the game. The variety of loft angles available in the set made it simple to choose the right tool for each shot around the green, and we were pleasantly surprised by the wedges’ performance, especially given their affordability.

The Mile High Life wedges impress with their classic design, giving the look of a higher-end set without the hefty price tag. While using the wedges, we found they provided consistent ball flight and decent spin control. This set could definitely help shave a few strokes off a beginner’s game, which is what we all aim for when working on our short game.

Durability is a common concern with lower-priced golf clubs, but after multiple rounds, these wedges have held up well. Although they might not have the exquisite balance of premium wedges, they certainly fill the gap without compromising much on quality. For beginners looking to expand their club selection, this set offers a practical route to enhancing your greenside strategy.

Pinemeadow 68° Wedge

If you’re starting out in golf and wish to improve your short game, we find this wedge to be a reliable choice for its performance and value.


  • Expanded face area for easier play out of tough lies
  • Available in a variety of lofts to fit your short game needs
  • Affordability paired with a high-quality build


  • High loft angle can be challenging for some beginners to master
  • The dark finish may not appeal to all golfers
  • May lack the advanced features of more premium wedges

We’ve recently had the chance to hit the greens with the Pinemeadow 68° Wedge and were quite impressed with its capabilities. Getting out of challenging lies is made simpler thanks to the larger face area, which provides that crucial under-the-ball contact needed to execute a sound shot.

The variety of loft options impress us as they cater to different scenarios on the course. Whether you need a subtle lift over a sand trap or a steeper angle for a delicate drop onto the green, there’s a loft for that situation.

The affordable price point is a welcome benefit. It’s cozy with our wallet while offering the build quality of more expensive brands. Plus, the familiar feel of the steel shaft gives us confidence to swing freely, knowing the wedge won’t let us down.

On the downside, for some of us, the 68-degree loft presents a steep learning curve. It takes practice to consistently achieve clean, high-arcing shots without fluffing them. The dark, tumble finish, while sleek, may not catch the eye of everyone, with some of us preferring a classic chrome look.

Also, once we’re ready to elevate our game, we might outgrow this model in search of a wedge with more elite features. Though this high-lofted wedge has improved our bunker play significantly, we recognize its limitations in more skilled hands.

It’s evident that while the Pinemeadow Wedge has its quirks, it’s overall a solid performer on the course, especially when finesse and control in the short game are paramount for a beginner.

Autopilot xE1 Wedge

We found the Autopilot xE1 Wedge to effectively improve our sand game with little practice needed.


  • Simplifies escape from bunkers
  • Enhances flop shots without changing stance
  • Forgiving on off-center hits


  • Limited benefit for low handicap golfers
  • May take time to adjust to the wide sole design
  • Potential over-reliance on the wedge for chipping

After a round with the Autopilot xE1 Wedge, we were delighted by its performance in the sand traps. Its AutoGlide Sole really prevents the club from sinking into the sand, saving us from the frustration of a second bunker shot. This wedge glides through with ease, which seems to be a game changer for those of us who usually struggle with beach escapes.

The xE1 Wedge certainly takes the complexity out of hitting flop shots. Even for our novice golfers, the ability to hit a high arching shot over obstacles without opening the blade was not just convenient but confidence-boosting. Where other clubs can demand a precise technique, this wedge is more forgiving, giving our shots a higher likelihood of landing close to the pin.

Though it’s marketed towards beginners, we wondered if this club might make us a tad lazy with improving our chipping technique, relying on the club’s design rather than skill development. It was also noted among our more skilled golfers that while the xE1 is great for its specific uses, it doesn’t necessarily replace a more traditional wedge where finesse and control are required. In short, the xE1 Wedge made a noticeable impact on our short game, and we can see why it’s an asset for beginners or those struggling with their bunker play.

Mile High Life Wedges

We found the Mile High Life Golf Wedges are an excellent choice for beginners seeking quality without breaking the bank.


  • Provides an easy short game approach for players at any level
  • Highly cost-effective compared to name-brand options
  • Selection of lofts suits a range of situations on the course


  • General feel may slightly differ from premium wedges
  • Paint durability could be improved
  • Standard grip may not suit all personal preferences

Having recently had the opportunity to swing the Mile High Life Golf Wedges, we experienced first-hand their ease of use around the green. Playing with these wedges, our short game felt supported by their design, allowing us to focus on the shot at hand. Their value extends beyond simple functionality, as the sleek black titanium finish adds a professional aesthetic to your golf bag.

These wedges are a smart investment, especially when considering the cost of keeping a set of name-brand wedges. With the Mile High Life, you get a variety of loft options that cater to almost all the shots you’ll encounter on the course. After testing them out, we appreciated the full spectrum of shots—from escaping bunkers to making precise approaches on tight lies.

We always keep an eye out for the level of control and forgiveness a wedge can offer, and these clubs did not disappoint. The regular flex and weight felt balanced, providing a comfortable level of feedback on each swing. While they might not match the elite performance of high-end wedges, for beginners taking their first forays onto the course, this set is a gem. Users will need to adapt to the standard grips and may notice some wear on the paint over time, but these are minor concerns considering the overall value they bring to the game.

GoSports Tour Pro Golf Wedges

We believe these wedges offer a fantastic blend of functionality and cost-effectiveness, making them ideal for beginners stepping onto the course.


  • Versatile set covers common scenarios
  • Enhanced spin and control from the milled face
  • Excellent value for a complete wedge set


  • One-size approach may not suit all
  • Potential weight difference compared to premium brands
  • Limited finish options could deter some

Having recently swung the GoSports Tour Pro Golf Wedges, we found their inclusive design caters well to novices. The trio of lofts covers various situations on the course, from precision shots to getting out of bunkers. On the green, the grooves’ milling promoted a satisfying ball spin that improved our play considerably.

The wedges feel solid and aid in making consistent contact, a vital aspect when we’re still fine-tuning our swing technique. We also appreciated the grips, which offered comfort without sacrificing the feedback we look for when taking shots.

One minor setback noted was the collective weight; newcomers used to lighter clubs might take a while to adapt to these. However, after a few rounds, their robust build seemed to translate into reliable trajectories. The understated style of these black satin finish wedges won points for looks on the course, too.

Bombtech Beginner-Friendly Wedges

We think these wedges are a fantastic choice for beginners due to their forgiving design and great value.


  • Exceptional forgiveness makes for easier shots
  • Hefty weight enhances control and feel
  • Generous grooves for optimal spin


  • Slightly large head might not appeal to all
  • Distinctive green grooves might be distracting for some
  • Limited brand recognition compared to mainstream names

The moment we took the Bombtech Golf Wedge Set to the course, we noticed the quality of the build. They felt solid in our hands, a testament to their robust construction. The specially milled face of the wedges allowed us to confidently approach each shot knowing that the club would provide the necessary spin and control, regardless of whether we were on the fairway or battling it out from the rough.

Adjusting to the Bombtech wedges was a breeze. We appreciated the heavier weight as it gave us a better sense of where the club was during the swing, leading to greater consistency. After a few swings, we started feeling the wedges working with us, not against us, which is exactly what you want from a club when you’re trying to improve your game.

The set’s visual design is bold, with black wedges accented by green grooves, which might not mesh with everyone’s taste. However, the color had no impact on performance, and by the end of the round, we were making clean contacts and watching our balls land closer to the pin. The increased confidence we felt with these wedges was palpable, and we believe that any beginner would benefit from adding them to their golf bag.

Mile High Life Beginner Wedges

We think these wedges are a solid choice for novices thanks to their straightforward design and forgiving playability.


  • Simplifies the short game for learners
  • High-quality construction ensures durability
  • Traditional blade shape offers versatility across many shots


  • Limited customer feedback to gauge long-term performance
  • May not suit advanced players seeking specialized wedges
  • Basic design might not appeal to all aesthetics

Having just spent time on the course with the Mile High Life Golf Wedges, we’ve noticed they offer beginner golfers an uncomplicated approach to mastering the game around the greens. The simple yet effective design allows us to focus on consistently repeating the same shot, which is key when just starting out.

The premium steel construction along with the durable rubber grip gave us the confidence that these wedges are built to last. It’s nice to hold a club that feels sturdy and well-made, especially when taking those critical sand shots and pitches.

We appreciate the classic blade shape that comes with this wedge; it not only looks good in the bag but also performs well for a variety of golf shots. From chipping near the green to getting out of bunkers, these wedges have proven to be quite versatile.

However, we have to acknowledge that with only a handful of reviews, it’s tough to predict how these golf clubs might hold up over many seasons or how other golfers have felt about their longevity. And while perfect for beginners or casual players, more seasoned golfers might opt for a wedge with more advanced features that can be fine-tuned to their game. The aesthetic is standard, so those looking for a bit of flare might be left wanting.

All in all, the Mile High Life Golf Wedges seem like a dependable choice. They offer the functionality and quality that should ease the learning curve for folks new to golf without overwhelming them with complexity. Whether upgrading your existing set or buying your first, these could be a valuable addition to your golf bag.

Pinemeadow Pre Wedge

If you’re just getting into golf and need a reliable wedge without breaking the bank, the Pinemeadow Pre Wedge is a smart pick.


  • Affordability makes it accessible to beginners
  • Solid construction provides dependable playability
  • Effective for those tough shots around the green


  • Basic design may not appeal to all players
  • May lack advanced features of higher-end wedges
  • Some players may outgrow it as their skills develop

While not claiming to be a professional golfer, we’ve recently had the chance to use the Pinemeadow Pre Wedge, and it’s proven to be a practical tool on the course. Amidst the vast array of golf clubs that can be overwhelming for newcomers, this wedge stands out for its straightforward design and effectiveness.

We found the weight and balance of the club suited for those initial, tentative shots beginners often face. Its steel construction feels sturdy, instilling a sense of confidence when approaching the ball, a sensation that’s vital for new players. Transitioning into shots near the green, the club performed admirably, offering enough loft to clear obstacles without overly complicating the process.

Despite its advantages for novices, the Pre Wedge may not captivate the attention of seasoned golfers in search of cutting-edge technology or customized enhancements in their wedges. Yet, the wedge’s simplicity is its greatest asset for those learning the complexities of golf. We’ve seen the contentment in players’ eyes after making that clean, arching shot to the green—this club makes such experiences more attainable for rookies.

Over time, some players may seek to upgrade as their skills improve and they require more specialized clubs. However, as an introduction to the game, the Pinemeadow wedge allows beginners to hone their craft without a significant financial outlay. It’s a robust tool that reliably performs its intended task, serving as a solid stepping stone in the development of any new golfer’s repertoire.

Ram Pro Spin Wedge Set

We think this set is an excellent choice for beginners looking to improve their short game without breaking the bank.


  • Comprehensive set perfect for various scenarios on the course.
  • Solid feel and consistency thanks to stainless steel construction.
  • Offers impressive backspin for better control around greens.


  • Some users may find clubs lack a premium brand’s finish.
  • Not the best for golfers seeking a soft, forged feel.
  • Limited aesthetic options which may not appeal to all players.

Having spent some time on the course with the Ram Pro Spin Wedge Set, we were genuinely impressed by the versatility it adds to your game. Whether you’re facing a tricky up-and-down from the sand or trying to hit a precise shot from 100 yards out, this set has you covered. Golf is a game of finesse, especially near the green, and these wedges are adept at offering the kind of nuanced shots that can save par.

One aspect worth noting is the reassuring weight of the clubs. While they might not boast the cachet of some higher-end brands, they felt robust and well constructed when lining up shots. Beginner golfers will appreciate that extra bit of feedback during their swing.

We also observed a decent amount of spin, even from the rough. We’ve seen that shots tend to stop nicely on the green, a clear indicator of the grooves’ quality in these wedges. Precision is key, and these clubs helped us get closer to the pin consistently.

For novice players or those needing a budget-friendly set to enhance their arsenal, the Ram Pro Spin Wedge Set is hard to overlook. It’s accessible, performs solidly, and offers a great starting point for those learning the critical parts of wedge play.

Buying Guide

a man testing a golf wedge for beginners

When we’re choosing the best golf wedges for beginners, there are several key factors we need to consider. Our selection process should focus on features such as loft, bounce, and the grind of the wedge. These elements will influence our game, especially around the greens where precision is crucial.


We must look for a variety of lofts to suit different shots. A good range for us to start with is from around 45 to 60 degrees.

DegreeTypeBest for
45-48Pitching WedgeFull Shots, Approaches
50-52Gap WedgeIntermediate Distances
54-56Sand WedgeBunker Shots, Soft Lies
58-60Lob WedgeHigh Shots, Flop Shots


The bounce angle helps us avoid digging into the turf or sand. We should select a bounce that matches the conditions we usually play in.

BounceBest for
LowFirm Conditions
MediumAverage Conditions
HighSoft, Sandy Conditions


The grind affects the edge of the wedge and allows us better playability for different shots. We have to consider the type of courses we play and our standard swing style.

Grind TypeBest for
Full SoleStandard Shots
Heel ReliefOpen Face Shots

Finally, we should also pay attention to the feel of the wedge, shaft material, and our own comfort with the club. By keeping our focus on these areas, we can ensure a sound investment in our golfing journey.

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