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Best Golf Driver for Slicers: Top Choices to Correct Your Swing in 2024

Last Updated on March 25, 2024

Finding the right driver is crucial for golfers struggling with a slice, a common issue where the ball veers sharply to the right or left, depending on the player’s handedness. The best drivers for slicers are designed with specific features like a draw-biased ball flight and a square clubface at impact to help straighten shots. Our extensive testing and research focused on factors such as the centre of gravity placement, loft adjustability, and shaft flexibility, aiming to identify drivers that effectively reduce slicing. With our expertise, we guide you to drivers that not only minimise slicing but also enhance your overall game performance.

Our Top Choices

We’ve scoured the market and tested numerous drivers to bring you our top selections designed specifically for players who struggle with a slice. These drivers have proven to be the most effective at reducing that frustrating side-spin and helping keep your shots flying straighter off the tee. With attention to detail on weight distribution, shaft flexibility, and clubhead design, our list prioritizes options that enhance forgiveness and promote a square clubface at impact. Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your game or correct a persistent slice, these drivers are sure to improve your performance on the course.

Performance Golf SF1

If you’re tired of watching your golf ball veer off to the right, the SF1 by Performance Golf could be your game-changer.


  • Deadens the dreaded slice with innovative slice-correcting technology
  • Designed to improve shot straightness and consistency
  • Combines aesthetics with functionality for both appeal and performance


  • Might take a few rounds to fully adjust to the new club dynamics
  • The anti-slice features could be less beneficial for players without a slice issue
  • Limited to a single stiff flex option which might not suit all swing speeds

After giving this club a swing on the fairway, it’s clear to see how the AeroSquare Crown and the Anti-Slice Face Curvature work in tandem. Rounding the bend at our usual golf haunt, I was impressed by how this driver helps to straighten out drives right from the first tee-off. The Performance Golf SF1 genuinely lives up to its name, giving golfers the firm reassurance that they can keep their slices in check.

One thing we noticed was how this driver didn’t just improve our slice—it seemed to boost our confidence too. The feeling of setting up to the ball and knowing that your equipment is designed to counteract a common flaw changes how you approach the game. It’s no gimmick; the controlled cuts and baby draws were a consistent part of our rounds.

While praising this driver’s corrective capabilities, we can’t overlook its sleek design which is as satisfying as its performance. It’s a treat to look at and sparked a few envious glances from our playing partners. On the practical side, the SF1’s design isn’t just for show; it complements the functionality to encourage better performance and makes you proud to have it in your bag.

Orlimar Slice Killer

For those struggling with a persistent slice, the Orlimar Slice Killer can be a game-changer on the course.


  • Remarkably reduces slicing
  • Generally improves ball flight direction
  • Includes headcover for protection


  • Less distance compared to some traditional drivers
  • Durability concerns noted in some reviews
  • May not suit players without a slice issue

After spending some time on the course with the Orlimar Slice Killer, we’ve noticed a significant improvement in keeping drives in play. It’s no exaggeration to say that it has the potential to transform your tee-off game if you’re constantly fighting a slice. The driver’s offset hosel design is instrumental in helping to square the clubface at impact, promoting a straighter ball flight and injecting a newfound confidence into your drives.

We admired the sleek black finish and the modern touch it adds to the bag. Plus, it’s always a bonus to have a headcover included to keep the club safe from dings and scratches. We managed to hit some satisfyingly straight shots which would have been unheard of with our regular drivers.

However, while we weren’t slicing off into the rough, it has to be mentioned that some shots lacked the distance we’ve achieved with other drivers. A few fellow golfers have also raised concerns over the club’s build quality after extended use, which is worth considering before purchase.

Overall though, we found it to be a worthwhile pick for any golfer who wants to combat a persistent slice and enjoy their game more. The Orlimar Slice Killer isn’t just about correcting faults; it has genuinely helped us focus on our swing technique and shave strokes off our rounds.

Cobra Air X Offset Driver

If you’re looking to straighten out your drives with a club that feels almost effortless to swing, this driver is for you.


  • Remarkably lightweight for increased clubhead speed
  • Offset hosel design checks slice, enhancing accuracy
  • Heel-biased weighting fosters a more squared face at impact


  • The senior flex may not suit faster swing speeds
  • Cosmetically, its appearance may not appeal to all golfers
  • Some may experience a reduction in distance

With the Cobra Air X Offset Driver in hand, we noticed the improvements in our drive immediately. The lightweight design gave our swings a much-needed speed boost. The crafted carbon crown and offset design meant less effort to achieve straighter, more controlled shots.

We particularly appreciated the back-heel weighting. During our game, even when our swings weren’t perfect, this feature helped stabilize potentially off-center hits. The draw bias was unmistakable and truly worked to our slice’s detriment, keeping balls much more on the desired path.

The aesthetics might not be to everyone’s taste, but we were there for performance, not to make a fashion statement. And while some of our group did mention a slight drop in distance, the accuracy gains were well worth the trade-off. This driver may not be the universal answer for every golfer out there, but for those struggling with a slice and looking for a lighter, more manageable club, we think it’s a solid choice.

Bullet B52 Bomber Driver

For slicers seeking a more forgiving tee-off experience, our hands-on play with the Bullet B52 Bomber Driver suggests it deserves a spot in your bag.


  • Increases distance with high MOI design
  • Larger sweet spot due to oversized head
  • Uniflex shaft accommodates a wide range of swing types


  • Limited to one loft option
  • May not suit players who prefer a traditional weighted driver
  • Uniflex shaft might be too flexible for golfers with faster swings

On the fairway, we swung the Bullet B52 Bomber and discovered its low, back-placed weight truly increases MOI, which delivers those extra yards we all crave. The generous sweet spot on the oversized head forgave many of our off-center hits, translating to straighter drives.

Holding the club, the soft rubber grip provided a comfortable and secure hold throughout our session. The way this driver felt in our hands underscored the Bomb’s potential to instill confidence stroke after stroke.

However, we noted that players who like to fine-tune their loft might be at a disadvantage with the single 10.5-degree option. Golfers used to more heavily-weighted drivers could find this lighter option takes some adjustment. Additionally, stronger players might overpower the uniflex shaft, losing precision where they seek performance.

Overall, our time with the Bullet B52 Bomber left us impressed. Its design elements craft a solid option for those battling a slice, attempting to land their ball on the fairway with consistency.

Intech Behemoth Driver

If you’re vying for length off the tee and aren’t troubled by golf’s regulatory confinements, the Intech Behemoth Driver is your ally on the course.


  • Enormous sweet spot boosts your confidence and reduces mishits
  • Draw bias built-in to mitigate that troublesome slice
  • High MOI design for greater forgiveness and aggressive shots from the tee


  • Its immense size means it’s not legal for official tournament play
  • Some users report durability concerns with the head and shaft
  • Despite its size, a few golfers see no significant distance advantage

Recently, we took the Behemoth for a swing, and the confidence you feel with its intimidating size is palpable. The off-set hosel truly aids in squaring up at impact, a game-changer for those persistent slicers among us. Cradling this driver in your hands, you sense the potential for quite the spectacle.

During our round, the high MOI design was impressive. As promised, the forgiveness on off-center hits was notable. Adhering to its anti-slice technology, slices were indeed less frequent, and hits felt solid, even when we felt a mishit was imminent.

Yet not all that glitters is gold. While using this beastly driver, we couldn’t help but ponder its durability. Some colleagues have expressed concerns after their clubheads bid adieu mid-swing. Moreover, despite its scandalously large head, a few of us found it didn’t add the promised yardage to our drives. Still, considering its price point, it beckons as a fun and interesting choice for casual play where the rules of conformity are shrugged off like a loose jacket.

Powerbilt TPS Supertech Driver

If you’re grappling with a slice, this Powerbilt driver might just be the solution you’re seeking.


  • Oversized 460cc head builds confidence and provides a forgiving sweet spot
  • Lightweight graphite shaft aids in generating faster swing speeds
  • Includes headcover to protect your investment


  • Limited feedback from only a handful of users
  • Some golfers may prefer a more premium material than aluminum
  • May not be the best choice for very experienced golfers with low handicaps

When we took the Powerbilt TPS Supertech Driver out on the course, the first thing we noticed was the confidence it inspired. The generous 460cc head size means you’re less concerned about mis-hits. The large face is much more forgiving, making it easier for us to hit impactful shots off the tee.

The lightweight nature of the graphite shaft was a significant boon for our swing speeds. We observed extra yards on our drives, which is always a welcome result. The Powerbilt TPS Supertech felt balanced, which helped us in achieving better control over our wayward shots.

After several rounds, we appreciated the included headcover. It’s a thoughtful touch, protecting our driver from the usual wear and tear associated with regular play. For golfers who often contend with a slice, this club offers an affordable path to straighter, longer drives. While this driver might not be the final club choice for scratch golfers, it’s certainly a solid option for mid to high handicappers looking to improve their game.

Pinemeadow SPR Driver

We found that this driver offers a commendable blend of forgiveness and distance, making it well-suited for those struggling with a slice.


  • Enhances launch angle for better distance
  • Forgiving sweet spot improves accuracy
  • Affordably priced for budget-conscious golfers


  • Durability may be a concern over time
  • May not compete with premium brand drivers in terms of advanced technology
  • Some users reported issues with the club head attachment

Taking this Pinemeadow SPR Driver to the course, its ability to correct a pesky slice was immediately noticeable. With a design catering to a higher launch angle, our drives soared with a decisive arc, hinting at the club’s solid construction. This driver felt light and manoeuvrable, easing the transition from backswing to impact.

The sweet spot’s generous size on the clubface was a highlight during our rounds. Its forgiveness seemed to stabilize our shots, a crucial advantage for inconsistency off the tee. While it lacks the sophistication of some higher-end drivers, this club’s performance was unexpectedly robust given its price point.

We observed the driver’s build quality meticulously; it’s certainly not indestructible. Although it admirably withstood typical use during our tests, we did wonder about its longevity after prolonged use. This driver doesn’t pack groundbreaking technology, but for those seeking a straightforward fix to their slice without emptying their wallet, it’s a worthy contender.

Callaway Rogue Draw Driver

We think the Callaway Rogue Draw Driver is a smart pick for golfers grappling with a slice, thanks to its impressive shot shape correction capabilities.


  • Expertly minimizes slicing
  • Promotes greater ball speed and distance
  • High-quality, premium feel and durability


  • Unusual sound upon impact may not appeal to all
  • Premium pricing may be beyond some budgets
  • Limited to right-hand orientation only in this model

As soon as we took the Rogue Draw Driver out on the course, the difference was noticeable. That annoying slice that used to send our balls careening off to the right has all but disappeared, thanks in part to the innovative weighting designed to enhance the gear effect.

It wasn’t just the ball flight that impressed us; the ball speed was through the roof too, which we attribute to the so-called ‘Jailbreak Effect.’ We were hitting longer and more powerful drives from the tee-box, which is every golfer’s dream.

Finally, the premium feel and build cannot be overstated. The Rogue Draw Driver exudes quality, from the grip to the shaft. Yet, despite its top-notch construction, it’s not an overly heavy club, maintaining a balance that caters to comfort and swing control. Sure, the sound is a bit different from your traditional driver—a bit more of a ‘thunk’ than a ‘ping’—and the price tag might be steep for casual players. However, for the right-handed golfer who struggles to keep the ball straight, it’s a game-changer.

Intech Behemoth Driver

We found this driver to be an audacious choice for weekend warriors who aren’t bound by equipment regulations and are seeking serious distance off the tee.


  • Immense sweet spot for boosted confidence
  • Non-conforming size offers greater carry and distance
  • Includes a headcover to protect the investment


  • Not suitable for official tournament play
  • Craftsmanship may not be on par with premium brands
  • Potential inconsistency in performance

Swinging the Intech Behemoth, you immediately notice the heft and size as it towers over traditional drivers. The colossal head’s promise of crushing distances is no empty claim; off-center hits still rocket down the fairway. There’s a tangible edge we felt when teeing up, as if the mere presence of the Behemoth on the greens could psyche out competitors.

As golf enthusiasts, we always look for gear that can tweak our game for the better. This driver nudges you toward more forgiving play. Mishits still suffered from the dreaded slice, but significantly less so, with a noticeable uptick in our drives’ consistency. It’s a boon for the casual golfer who values enjoyment over adherence to professional standards.

Despite its size and power, it’s evident the Intech Behemoth isn’t aiming to dethrone top-tier manufacturers. There’s a disparity in finish and refinement when held alongside more prestigious clubs. But we argue it plays its role perfectly within its niche—maximizing fun and distance for recreational play, especially among golfers who relish every yard gained over precision engineering.

Orlimar Big Buddha Driver

If you struggle with a slice and crave more distance, the Orlimar Big Buddha Driver can be your game changer on the tee box.


  • The 520cc titanium head provides an impressive distance boost.
  • A well-crafted aerodynamic design aids in increasing club head speed effortlessly.
  • Comes equipped with a headcover for protection.


  • Non-conforming size may not be legal for tournament play.
  • Lower spin and higher launch might not suit all swing types.
  • Limited customer reviews to validate performance claims from a broader user base.

Slicing the ball can wreak havoc on your golf rounds, but the Orlimar Big Buddha Driver has a knack for straightening things out. The unmistakable pop at impact as the oversized titanium head lets loose on the ball gives a satisfying sense that you’ve just launched it significantly farther than usual. It felt like the aerodynamic design did shave off some unwanted energy loss during my downswing.

Despite its size, the club doesn’t feel unwieldy. When I teed up with the Big Buddha, there was a noticeable difference in the ball’s trajectory—higher and with less spin, which is exactly what you need to combat that pesky slice. The added distance was evident, and honestly, it felt great seeing my shots extend down the fairway.

The lower spin does mean you’ll need a stable swing to fully capitalize on its benefits. Golfers with a more erratic swing might struggle initially. Also, keep in mind that the non-conforming driver size won’t be allowed in official tournaments. This can be a drawback for players who toggle between casual and competitive play.

That said, for those casual rounds, or if you’re simply aiming to get the ball further and straighter during your practice sessions, the Orlimar Big Buddha makes an enjoyable addition to the bag. It’s one of those drivers that offer an immediate sense of gratification, especially when you see the slice getting ironed out shot by shot.

Buying Guide

a man testing out a golf driver for slicers

Understanding the Problem of Slice

We often find that a slice results from incorrect club path and face alignment at impact. Finding the right driver can significantly improve our game by compensating for these common errors and promoting a straighter ball flight.

Key Features to Consider

  • Shaft Flexibility
    Stiffness: Ideal for fast swingers.
    Flex: Better for players with moderate swing speeds.
    Senior/Ladies: Offers the most flex for slower speeds.
  • Weight Distribution
    A driver with weight toward the heel could encourage a closed clubface at impact, countering the slice.
  • Loft
    Higher lofted drivers can help to reduce sidespin, which often contributes to a slice.
  • Club Head Size and Shape
    A larger clubhead size offers more forgiveness and can help straighten out shots. We should look at the shape that increases MOI (Moment of Inertia) for better stability.
  • Adjustability
    Drivers that offer adjustable weights and loft can be fine-tuned for our individual swing.
  • Grip Size
    Proper grip size is crucial for our swing. An incorrectly sized grip can cause the club to open or close during our swing.

Evaluating Our Choices

Before we purchase, we should try out different drivers with varying features. We need to assess which combinations of features provide the best results for our particular swing. The data from these testing sessions can guide our final decision, ensuring we choose the driver that best addresses our tendencies towards a slice.

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