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Best Golf Putters: Top Picks for Precision on the Greens in 2024

Last Updated on February 8, 2024

In golf, the right putter is key to improving your game, making a significant impact on your performance on the greens. This guide, drawing from my extensive experience and testing, focuses on selecting the best golf putters. We’ve evaluated putters based on design, balance, and material, considering factors like head shape, weight distribution, shaft type, grip size, and overall feel. Our aim is to provide recommendations that enhance control and consistency, helping you find a putter that matches your style and improves your short game.

Our Top Choices

Our curated selection of golf putters showcases the finest options available, combining balanced performance, precision engineering, and outstanding feel to enhance your game on the greens. Each putter in our lineup has been thoroughly evaluated to ensure it meets the high standards demanded by both amateur and professional players.

GoSports GS1

We recommend the GoSports GS1 for its impressive playability which rivals more expensive models making it a great choice for golfers looking to improve their game without breaking the bank.


  • Exceptional feel from the milled face which aids in consistent contact and roll.
  • The oversized fat grip minimizes wrist rotation, lending stability to our putting stroke.
  • Comes with a high-quality cover that adds a touch of class while ensuring protection.


  • A square grip alignment might be necessary, adding a minor inconvenience.
  • Some may find the fat grip less suitable if they prefer traditional styles.
  • High-handicap players might prefer putters with more advanced balancing.

When we took the GoSports GS1 Tour Golf Putter out for a test on the greens, the first thing we noticed was the top-notch feel and responsiveness. The milled face provides splendid feedback with each putt, instilling confidence even on trickier puts. The stainless steel head delivers a premium look, and when we compare it against high-end putters, the GoSports GS1 really holds its own in terms of aesthetics and performance.

The oversized fat grip is pleasantly comfortable and we appreciate how it encourages a more consistent stroke by minimizing wrist action. For some of us who have struggled with putter control in the past, the improvement in stroke stability offered by this grip has been quite beneficial. However, those of us with smaller hands or a preference for traditional grips might not feel the same level of comfort.

An occasional downside noted is the grip might not be aligned perfectly with the face at times. This could require a quick adjustment or re-fitting for perfectionists who require precision alignment. Aside from that, the padded cover that comes with it does a splendid job protecting both the putter and our other clubs in the bag.

In conclusion, the GoSports GS1 is a formidable ally on the green. It has won us over with its blend of premium feel and playability at a fraction of the cost of luxury putters. Whether we’re avid golfers or just enjoy occasional weekend rounds, this putter is a great addition to our golf bags.

S7K Stand-Up Putter

After giving the S7K Stand-Up Putter a few rounds on the green, we believe its intuitive alignment features can significantly enhance your short game confidence.


  • Encourages precise alignment without second-guessing
  • The self-standing functionality is ideal for checking aim from behind
  • Excellent weight distribution for a smooth putting stroke


  • The unconventional design may require an adaptation period
  • Some users have reported durability concerns over time
  • Grip texture could be too slick for players who prefer a tackier feel

Stepping onto the green with the S7K Putter in hand, the first thing you’ll notice is the ease with which it stands upright, providing a clear view to check your alignment from behind. This unique feature allowed us to set up our putts with greater accuracy and trust in our lines. The balance is just right, and the feedback from the clubhead is incredibly informative, teasing out even the tiniest missteps in our stroke so we could adjust with minimal fuss.

The putter’s refined weight and balance facilitate a natural, consistent pendulum swing. Compared to other putters, it just feels more intuitive, as if gently guiding the ball towards the hole. The roll off the face is as sweet as they come – nothing beats that sound of the ball dropping into the cup, a testament to a well-weighted and well-executed putt.

While the S7K Putter boosts confidence in alignment, it does take a moment to get used to its distinct appearance and technique. Initially, you might find yourself fiddling to get it to stand, but once you’ve nailed the setup, it’s like having a caddie confirming your line every time. Admittedly, a few golfing buddies had concerns about the grip – personally, we appreciate a little extra grip texture for those high-pressure shots. Durability is another factor to watch; treat your S7K kindly, avoiding harsh conditions, and it’ll remain a reliable part of your arsenal.

GoSports GS2 Tour Putter

With a steady hand and the GoSports GS2 Tour Putter, we improved our putting consistency, appreciating its premium look and smooth roll during our latest round on the greens.


  • Impressive milled face for smooth contact and consistent roll.
  • Exceptionally comfortable oversized grip, enhancing stroke stability.
  • Comes with a protective cover which is ideal for maintaining the putter’s condition.


  • Some golfers might prefer a heavier putter for more feedback.
  • Oversized grip may not suit all playing styles or personal preferences.
  • Aesthetic and design choices might not appeal to all golfers.

Using the GoSports GS2 Tour Putter, we immediately noticed the improvement in our stroke consistency, thanks to the fat grip that minimizes hand rotation. It felt as though the putter was doing half the work, gently guiding the ball with precision across the putting surface.

The look and feel of this club belie its modest price point. The stainless steel head with a milled face provided a contact with the ball that could easily be likened to that of a much more expensive putter. Holding it, there’s a sense of confidence that’s borne from the quality materials and construction.

While the fat grip added to our control and feel, we recognize this is a subjective element and won’t align with every golfer’s preferences. Also, the silver finish and overall design, while sleek, may not win over those who opt for a more traditional or understated look. Despite these considerations, our outings on the course left us with a clear takeaway: the GoSports GS2 Tour Putter is a commendable ally for anyone aiming to refine their short game without breaking the bank.

PGX Mallet Putter

We found the PGX Mallet Putter to be a standout option for those seeking to improve their alignment on the greens without spending a fortune.


  • High-contrast white finish aids in alignment
  • Additional weight perfect for fast greens
  • Comes with a protective headcover


  • White finish may scuff over time
  • Might be too heavy for some players’ preferences
  • Headcover durability could be improved

After spending some time on the course with the PGX Mallet Putter, it’s clear why it’s a fan favorite. The white finish isn’t just for show; it really does help with keeping the putt on line, making alignment a breeze. When I’m standing over a tricky six-footer for par, this visual aid gives me an extra boost of confidence.

Sinking putts on faster greens can be a challenge, but the extra weight in this putter head seems to smooth out our stroke. We’ve noticed a more consistent roll and better control, which is crucial for those slick, downhill putts. Honestly, it feels like we’ve got a tour-level tool in our hands without the hefty price tag.

Another big plus is the included headcover. It’s a nice touch to keep the putter safe during travel and storage. While it’s functional, we’ve seen some room for improvement in terms of the material’s long-term resilience. But it’s a minor gripe when you consider the overall quality and performance you’re getting.

The only true drawback we encountered was the potential for the white finish to show wear over time. It’s more of an aesthetic concern, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re meticulous about your clubs’ appearance. Also, while we appreciate the heft of the putter, it’s worth considering if you’re used to or prefer a lighter touch.

To wrap up, the PGX Mallet Putter has definitely earned its place in our bag as an indispensable asset on the green. It blends performance with value in a way that can speak to golfers of all skill levels. If you’re on the fence about trying a mallet putter, or simply looking to give your putting game a fresh edge, we’d recommend giving this one a go.

Hiboom Adjustable Putter Set

Our time on the green with the Hiboom Adjustable Putter Set has been a delight, with its versatility proving ideal for players of all skill levels and heights.


  • Versatile design caters to both left and right-handed players
  • Adjustable shaft length ensures a comfortable fit for any user
  • Quality construction with non-slip rubber grip enhances performance


  • Limited feedback as a training aid due to non-traditional materials
  • Included practice balls are foam, which may not accurately simulate a real golfing experience
  • Aesthetic appeal may not satisfy all personal preferences

Our recent putting practice sessions have been enhanced significantly by the Hiboom Adjustable Putter Set’s adaptability to different users’ needs. The simple-to-adjust length feature is especially useful for families with avid golfers of varying ages.

Despite the set’s commendable durability and practicality, we’ve noticed the lighter feel of the putters compared to traditional options. While the putters offer a superb grip and a solid swing, discerning golfers may need time to adapt to the balance and weight.

In summary, we’ve had a positive experience with the Hiboom set. The putter’s aluminum alloy construction and comfortable silicone wrap grip demonstrate quality and thought in design. This set can be an excellent addition to any golfer’s collection, especially for those seeking an adaptable and inclusive option for practice sessions at home or work.

Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter

We think you’ll appreciate the value and performance of the Wilson Harmonized M1 putter as it brings style and precision to your short game.


  • Improved putting accuracy with precise clubface.
  • Comfortable grip enhances control and feel.
  • Affordable option with a professional touch.


  • Some golfers may prefer a heavier putter.
  • Paint finish may be prone to chipping.
  • Lacks a headcover which is valuable for protection.

Out on the greens today, the Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter immediately proved its worth. Its alignment features and comfortable handle allowed for a consistent putting stroke, which is key when you’re aiming for those clutch par saves.

The larger diameter grip provided a secure and smooth feel throughout the stroke, transferring confidence straight from our hands to the ball. We quickly noticed how well the ball rolled off the clubface, indicative of the quality craftsmanship of the putter.

While the M1 feels light during the stroke, it has the ideal balance for beginners and experienced players alike. The blend of reliability and affordability makes it stand out. It’s a solid choice for any golfer looking to upgrade their putting game without breaking the bank.

Wettarn Adjustable Putters

These Wettarn putters provide an enjoyable and versatile putting experience, ideal for golfers who value adaptability and comfort in their game.


  • Customizable shaft length caters to various heights
  • Two-way clubhead serves right and left-handed players
  • Comfortable grip and durable construction


  • Only three total reviews may not fully represent user experiences
  • Bright colors might not appeal to all golfers
  • Limited information on long-term durability

We recently had the opportunity to try out the Wettarn Adjustable Golf Putters and were impressed by their versatility. The ability to change the length of the putter made it easy to find a comfortable stance, which is especially beneficial when sharing the club with friends or family of differing heights.

The two-way design is a thoughtful feature that accommodates both right and left-handed players seamlessly. No need to switch putters; this one does the job for all. It’s a fantastic advantage for groups with mixed dominant hands.

Handling the putter felt natural. The grip provides a non-slip hold, letting us maintain control and stability during our strokes. The quality of materials was immediately noticeable, with a solid head that smoothly contacts the ball every time.

Overall, our sessions with the Wettarn putters were enjoyable. Whether we were practicing indoors or out in the backyard, the putters performed well in different settings. They proved to be a hit for quick practice rounds and leisurely family games, alike.

Their bright colors could be a bit much for traditionalists, but they do add a fun twist to the game, especially for younger players trying to add some vibrancy to their equipment. They might not be the choice for serious competition, but they offer a lot of fun for casual play and practice.

Orlimar Tangent T1

After taking a few rounds with the Orlimar Tangent T1, we can confidently say it offers solid performance at a generous price point.


  • Enhanced forgiveness due to the high MOI design.
  • The plumber’s neck hosel promotes a forward hand position.
  • Soft TPU face insert ensures a responsive feel upon impact.


  • May not appeal to those accustomed to premium brand putters.
  • The traditional grip might not satisfy players who prefer larger-sized grips.
  • The 3-degree loft might not suit all putting styles.

In our latest outing, the Tangent T1 putter from Orlimar made an impression with its forgiving nature, especially on mis-hits, courtesy of the high MOI design. Its plumber’s neck hosel was a standout, keeping our hands in the correct position to ensure a smooth stroke. When it came to impact, the soft TPU face insert delivered a pleasant tactile feedback, something we always appreciate for judging distance.

A glance down at address and we admired the putter’s contrasting bi-color sightline, which really popped against the green, aiding immensely in alignment. It’s not just functional but also has a sleek, no-nonsense appearance that many of us find appealing.

However, not all was perfection on the greens. Those of us with a preference for over-sized grips found the traditional grip a bit lacking and some players had to adjust their stroke to accommodate the 3-degree loft. Yet, when considering its price bracket, the Orlimar Tangent T1 brings a lot to the putting green. Its overall value and performance are hard to beat, and it’s an accessible option for golfers looking to improve their game without breaking the bank.


In our experience, this THIODOON putter set is a versatile choice for families and putting enthusiasts of all skills.


  • Highly adaptable for all height ranges
  • Both left and right-hand compatible
  • Lightweight for ease of transport


  • Not ideal for serious golfers requiring specialized putters
  • Durability may be an issue with heavy use
  • Basic design lacks advanced putting technologies

Our time on the green with the THIODOON putter set has shown it to be a user-friendly option that caters to a wide demographic. Its adjustable shaft is a game-changer; whether we’re teaching youngsters or joining a casual game with friends, it seamlessly adapts to our height requirement of the moment. Since its ambidextrous design lays down the barrier of left or right dominance, we enjoy smooth transitions between players during family golf sessions.

Considering its portability, this golf putter set has become our go-to for impromptu putting practice no matter where we are: at home, in the office, or outdoors. It’s especially light and compact, fitting comfortably in our golf bag, which invites us to sharpen our skills whenever the mood strikes. We can attest to the convenience of being able to quickly adjust and secure the shaft’s length, making it a hit among various age groups within our circle.

However, we’ve observed that while the THIODOON putters serve as a fantastic introduction to golf and cater well to casual play, they fall short for those of us with a more serious approach to the sport. The feel and response of the putter during a stroke lack the finesse found in professional-grade clubs. Over time, we’ve noticed that with frequent use, the structural integrity of the club may become compromised, leading to potential durability concerns. Thus, while they meet basic requirements, their simplistic makeup means they aren’t replacing our trusted putters anytime soon.

Kacezugi Putter

We recommend this putter if you’re looking for a versatile and travel-friendly option for both casual and beginner golfers.


  • Suits both left and right-handed players
  • Easy to assemble for travel and storage
  • Comfortable and non-slip grip


  • May feel too lightweight for some advanced golfers
  • Not ideal for very tall players
  • The included practice golf balls are basic plastic

Our time on the green with the Kacezugi Putter was quite enjoyable. The putter feels sturdy in hand, and the ambidextrous design is a smart feature that caters to all players. Whether we played left or right-handed, the performance remained consistent – an aspect newcomers will greatly appreciate.

The alloy shaft held up well against repeated use, showcasing its durability. It also provided a clear and satisfying ‘ting’ on contact with the ball, adding a pleasant auditory feedback to our strokes.

Transforming this full-sized putter into a compact form for travel was seamless. We effortlessly split and packed it in our golf bag, which made it ideal for impromptu trips to the putting green. Once reassembled, the connections felt secure and we experienced no wobbling during play.

Buying Guide

a man testing out a golf putter

When we’re in the market for a new golf putter, there are several key features we look at to ensure we’re making an informed choice. Below, we break down the aspects that can significantly influence our putting game.

Putter Type

Knowing the right type of putter for our stroke style and preferences is critical.

  • Blade Putters: Ideal for players with an arcing stroke.
  • Mallet Putters: Better suited for a straight-back, straight-through stroke.


The length of the putter is crucial for our stance and stroke.

  • Standard: Best for most golfers.
  • Belly: Good for those who want extra stability.
  • Long: Favors a pendulum-style stroke.


The weight affects the feel and stability during our stroke.

  • Head-Heavy: For a smoother stroke on faster greens.
  • Balanced: Provides a consistent performance across various green speeds.


We consider the toe balance to match our putting stroke.

  • Face-Balanced: Designed for a straight putting stroke.
  • Toe-Hang: Complements an arcing stroke.


Different materials can alter the feel and sound of our putts.

  • Steel: Offers a traditional feel and sound.
  • Inserts: Can provide a softer feel and more muted sound.

Grip Size and Style

Grips contribute to our hand placement and stroke.

  • Thinner Grips: Encourage wrist movement.
  • Thicker Grips: Minimize wrist action for better stability.
Putter TypeBlade, Mallet
LengthStandard, Belly, Long
WeightHead-Heavy, Balanced
BalanceFace-Balanced, Toe-Hang
MaterialSteel, Inserts
Grip Size and StyleThinner Grips, Thicker Grips

By carefully considering each of these aspects, we position ourselves to select a golf putter that complements our individual playing style and improves our performance on the greens.

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