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Best Golf Grips: Top Picks for Enhanced Control and Comfort

Last Updated on February 8, 2024

Golf grips are pivotal in influencing a player’s performance, being the sole point of contact with the club. With years of expertise in golf equipment, this guide is crafted to help you select the ideal grip, focusing on material, size, and texture tailored to your playing style. Our thorough testing and analysis assure you of recommendations that enhance both comfort and control in your golf game.

Our Top Choices

We’ve meticulously gathered the finest golf grips currently available, aimed at optimizing your performance on the course. Our selection is based on grip quality, comfort, and feedback from a diverse range of golfers. These grips are designed to improve your swing stability and hand comfort, which can lead to better control and lower scores. Here, you’ll find options that cater to a variety of preferences and needs, ensuring that every golfer can find the perfect grip for their clubs.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grips

We recommend these grips for their superior feel and performance enhancement, especially for players looking to improve their lower hand grip.


  • Enhanced lower hand grip due to larger size
  • Soft rubber material offers a comfortable feel
  • Promotes lighter grip pressure, which may increase power


  • Premium pricing compared to some other options
  • Specific design not suitable for all hand sizes
  • Limited color options may not appeal to everyone

Having just had the pleasure of playing a round with the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 grips, we instantly noticed a significant difference in our shots. The larger lower hand profile of these grips really does the trick to encourage lighter grip pressure, which helped us achieve a more fluid swing. Typically, grips don’t make a drastic impact, but these, with their hybrid design, absolutely did.

The soft rubber material provided a luxuriously comfortable feel throughout our game. It stayed tacky even as the heat index went up, and that ensured consistent shot quality without the usual hand fatigue. It’s as if you could almost forget the grips were there, allowing a natural, effortless shot execution.

Capping off our experience, we appreciated how the subtle texture did wonders for our confidence in wet conditions. No slips, no adjustment, just pure focus on the game. It’s impressive when a piece of equipment functions so seamlessly that it becomes an extension of oneself, and the MCC Plus4 grips master that.

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Grip

We recommend these grips for their exceptional blend of comfort and stability, enhancing your performance on the course.


  • The grip’s tackiness enhances our hold, especially in damp conditions.
  • Torsional performance is solid due to the firm inner layer, providing reliable feedback.
  • Minimal taper design promotes even hand pressure, allowing for a more natural swing.


  • Installation can be trickier than other grips, requiring a bit more patience and solvent.
  • Some may find the grips slightly shorter than expected.
  • The added firmness might not appeal to those used to very soft grips.

The SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip’s exterior tackiness provided a secure and comfortable hold, an essential feature when needing to control our swing. Its well-designed texture, with the “X-style” pattern, gave us an added grip confidence which was particularly noticeable in wetter conditions.

We also appreciated the consistency of the grip’s texture across the entire surface. The dual-layer construction with a soft outer layer and a firm inner core delivered stability and feedback, which translated into better control when driving the ball.

The minimal tapering of the grip is a feature we found very useful in promoting even pressure across our hands. This helped us to achieve a more natural and powerful swing, facilitating improved clubface alignment at impact.

Nonetheless, we recognized that installing the SuperStroke grip can be somewhat more challenging compared to others. The first attempt required a little extra solvent than usual, though subsequent installations were smoother. The grip length could be an issue for some, particularly if you’re accustomed to a longer handle. Lastly, individuals preferring an overall softer grip might find the firm inner layer less appealing.

In summary, if you’re searching for a grip upgrade that offers superior traction, comfortable use, and enhanced stability for more accurate shots, the SuperStroke Cross Comfort Grip is a worthy contender.

SuperStroke Traxion Tour

We recommend this grip for golfers seeking enhanced stability and feedback, complemented by a unique texture that promotes consistent hand placement.


  • Improves grip control with Traxion Control texture
  • Promotes consistent swings through Taper Control Technology
  • Aids alignment with Spyne Technology


  • May not suit those preferring a traditional taper
  • Could feel oversized for players with smaller hands
  • Higher price point compared to some standard grips

After wrapping our clubs with the SuperStroke Traxion Tour grips, we noticed a significant uptick in our shot control. The distinctive tackiness and texture offered us a comfortable yet firm hold through varied weather conditions.

The Taper Control Technology made a noticeable difference in our hand pressure, and we found ourselves swinging with more confidence. The reduced taper allowed our lower hand to stay more relaxed, which seems to directly impact our swing speed positively.

Alignment was notably easier, too, thanks to the Spyne Technology that the Traxion Tour boasts. It subtly guided our hand placement, and we managed to achieve a more consistent and square clubface at impact.

KINGRASP Multi Compound Grips

We recommend these grips for golfers looking to enhance their game with a comfortable, stable grip without breaking the bank.


  • Enhanced stability through all weather conditions due to anti-slip design
  • Grips provide a comfortable feel, especially for those with larger hands
  • Straightforward installation process, even for those new to re-gripping clubs


  • Does not come with mounting tape included
  • Some may find the texture different from more premium brands
  • Limited color options available, which might not be to everyone’s taste

Our time on the course with the KINGRASP Multi Compound Grips was impressive, particularly due to their anti-slip features which come in handy in damp conditions. Their textured rubber material gave us a sense of confidence with every swing, knowing that slippage was unlikely. Golf can be an all-weather sport, so having grips that can withstand various conditions is essential.

Comfort is crucial, and that’s where these midsize grips excelled. They have a reassuringly firm yet comfortable hold, which is a boon for players with larger hands. These grips allowed us to have more control without having to apply extra pressure, leading to a more relaxed and natural swing.

Installation posed no challenge. We found the process to be smooth, taking about an hour to complete a full set without prior experience. While the lack of mounting tape was noted, it was not a significant obstacle and did not detract from the overall positive experience with the grips.

In conclusion, golfers will appreciate the KINGRASP Multi Compound Grips for their comfort, ease of installation, and reliable performance in various conditions. They are an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their club grips without spending excessively.

KNLY Golf Grips

We recommend the KNLY Golf Grips for their superior comfort and high-traction design, enhancing our game in various weather conditions.


  • Exceptional grip due to 360° “Lightning” texture
  • Comfortable feel from premium rubber material
  • Easy to install with a consistent appearance


  • Limited color options available
  • Not as widely recognized as some other brands
  • Some players may prefer a softer grip

Swinging the clubs with the KNLY Golf Grips installed gives a satisfying feel, thanks to the innovative “Lightning” texture pattern, which wraps 360° around the grip, offering enhanced skid resistance and shock absorption. Our shots felt more stable, and our hands adhered to the grips effortlessly, even in damp conditions. This improvement was noticeable from the first swing.

The quality of the rubber material contributes greatly to the premium feel of the grips. It’s the kind of tactile pleasure you’d expect from a top-tier grip. The grip comfortably fits in our hands, boosting our confidence at the tee box and on the approach.

Installing these grips was a breeze, providing a uniform appearance regardless of shaft orientation. They came with grip tapes which facilitated the replacement process, making it uncomplicated even for those of us who are not particularly handy with club maintenance. Utilizing KNLY’s offering has made our time on the course more enjoyable, highlighting the necessity of a dependable grip.

In conclusion, our experience with KNLY Golf Grips adds to the evidence that they can match the performance of pricier options. We found them to deliver a reliable, comfortable grip for our golf game, at a value that’s hard to beat.

Lehui Midsize Grips

We recommend these grips for golfers looking for a comfortable and stylish handle that enhances control and feel.


  • Exceptional grip in various conditions due to advanced texture
  • Shock-absorbing material aids in reducing hand fatigue
  • Eye-catching light green color adds flair to your golf clubs


  • Color may not appeal to all golfers
  • Original tackiness diminishes over time with use
  • Some may find the midsize grip larger than preferred

After personally experiencing the Lehui Golf Grips on the course, we’re impressed by the stability and control they offer. The rubber construction is soft to the touch and the scaled texture keeps hands from slipping, even in the midst of a humid round. Undoubtedly, a secure grip is crucial for a confident swing, and these grips deliver just that.

We’ve noticed immediately how the shock absorption of these grips comes into play, as they mitigate the vibration that travels up the club during a strike. This feature is particularly appreciated towards the end of a long day on the links when hands and wrists can become fatigued from repetitive swings.

Finally, the pop of light green color truly sets our clubs apart from the standard black grips most of our playing partners use. While the visual aspect may not directly affect performance, it’s always a pleasure to own equipment that looks as good as it feels. The included set of tapes makes the installation process manageable, even for those who may be fitting them for the first time. In our rounds of play, these grips have consistently proven to be a reliable choice.

KINGRASP Conical Putter Grip

After a round on the greens with the KINGRASP grip, we found its tacky texture and ergonomic shape does wonders for putting precision.


  • Enhanced feedback due to micro-gel particle technology
  • Pistol shape naturally aligns in the palm reducing hand strain
  • Exceptional water resistance maintains performance in wet conditions


  • Limited total customer reviews to gauge long-term performance
  • Higher price point compared to basic grips
  • Suboptimal adhering of the outer layer mentioned by one user

Having recently had the chance to play with the KINGRASP Conical Putter Grip, we were immediately impressed by the anti-slip capabilities it offers. The micro-gel particles don’t just give it a unique feel; they actually seem to translate into a more steady hold throughout the putting stroke.

It’s the grip’s shape that genuinely shines through. As soon as we repositioned our hands around the pistol style design, our putting stance felt more controlled, and there was a notable decrease in grip pressure. This translated into a more consistent club head path and superior ball striking stability on the green.

When caught in an unexpected drizzle, the KINGRASP passed the wet weather test with flying colors. We washed it without a hitch, and it maintained its excellent tackiness. Even on the wettest of mornings, this grip stayed as reliable as under clear skies. However, do take note that one golfer reported issues with the outer grip’s durability, which is something to keep an eye on over time.

SuperStroke S-Tech Grips

We highly recommend these grips for their superior feedback and all-weather performance.


  • Ensures a steady hold with its non-slip texture
  • Optimal feedback from the specialized rubber blend
  • Reliable in varied weather conditions


  • May feel smaller in size compared to some standard grips
  • Installing can be a bit more challenging due to thinness
  • Some users may find them less durable than expected

We’ve recently had the chance to play a few rounds with the SuperStroke S-Tech Rubber Golf Club Grips, and they’re quite impressive. Right away, the tackiness and feedback help steady the club during swings, which surely ups the confidence level. The CROSS-TRACTION surface lives up to its promise, providing that much-needed grip even when the skies open up.

Swapping out our old grips for these was straightforward–a good solvent and some grip tape is all it took. The process, though a tad more time-consuming due to the slim profile of these grips, was worth it once we felt the finished result. These grips are lean and mean, a favorable choice if you’re looking to sense the club’s every move.

On the other hand, we did notice the grips felt a bit slimmer than the standard ones we had on our wedges, an important note for those accustomed to a thicker handle. And while the quality is evident, long-term durability could be a concern, as some materials tend to wear down faster than others. All in all, the SuperStroke S-Tech Grips deliver an admirable blend of control and sensitivity, especially considering the competitive price point.

SuperStroke S-Tech Grips

We find these grips offer a superb combination of feel and control that will resonate with players at any level.


  • Enhanced grip stability in all conditions
  • Promotes even grip pressure, aiding swing consistency
  • Reduces overall hand tension due to non-slip texture


  • Might feel too soft for golfers who prefer firmer grips
  • Midsize may not suit players with smaller hands
  • No warranty coverage, which could be a concern for some

Instantly, upon wrapping our hands around the grip, the tactility of the rubber compounds welcomes us, imparting confidence even before the swing begins. This grip features a non-slip surface that is not merely a claim, but a reliable trait that stands out in wet and dry weather alike. Its CROSS-TRACTION texture reduces the hand strain typically associated with maintaining a secure hold, translating to a more relaxed and technically sound golf swing.

In our experience, the tactile feedback from this grip lived up to the expectations set by the blend of high-grade rubber materials. It delivers a reassuring connection to the club, ensuring that our strokes translate accurately to the ball. This sense of connectedness especially shines through on full swings, where the ability to maintain a consistent grip pressure can make or break the shot precision.

After extensive rounds and numerous swings, the durability of the S-Tech grips impresses us. Often, golf grips can start to wear and lose their effectiveness, but these have resisted that decline admirably. This makes them a reliable choice for regular golfers aiming for consistent performance without frequent replacements. However, golfers accustomed to a firmer grip might find the S-tech’s softness a bit of an adjustment, and those with smaller hands may not find the midsize as comfortable. Despite these considerations, the grips continue to offer a dependable and high-quality experience every time we hit the links.

CHAMPKEY Premium Hybrids

We found these CHAMPKEY grips enhance our game by providing excellent all-weather performance and stability.


  • Superior moisture-wicking capability
  • Reduced taper for lighter grip tension
  • Enhanced micro-texture for better traction


  • Tape length may be too short for some preferences
  • Solvent bottle cap could be better designed
  • Not as well-known as some premium brands

The brushed cotton thread technology of the CHAMPKEY Premium Hybrids fuses comfort with performance, creating a stable yet soft feel in the hands. During a particularly damp morning on the greens, we were impressed by how well they managed to wick away moisture, keeping our hands dry and our swings consistent.

What impressed us about these grips is the extra wraps of rubber material in the lower hand. This design choice seems to relieve tension in our hands during swings, enabling a more powerful and confident driving down the fairway. Their claims of reduced taper promoting lighter grip pressure rang true in our experience, and it’s a feature we think many golfers would appreciate.

The grip’s micro-texture deserves praise as well. The amount of traction it provides feels just right, not to mention it has ramped up the comfort factor. While out on the course, we could feel the difference these grips made even when our swings were off, as they delivered a reassuring hold and control over the club. The all-weather control claim is more than just marketing—it genuinely holds up in various playing conditions.

Buying Guide

a golfer testing out his golf grip

Grip Material

We consider the grip material as it directly affects the feel and durability. Common options include:

  • Rubber: Offers a classic, reliable feel and generally has good durability.
  • Corded: Enhances grip in wet conditions by wicking away moisture.
  • Polymer: This can provide a softer feel for added comfort during play.

Size and Comfort

The right grip size plays a crucial role in preventing unwanted hand action during swings and ensuring comfort.

  • Standard: Works for most golfers.
  • Undersize: For players with smaller hands.
  • Oversize: Helps reduce grip pressure for those with larger hands.

Surface Texture

The texture influences the grip’s traction. We assess this based on our playing environment and personal preference.

  • Smooth: Provides a comfortable feel for those who do not prefer additional grip.
  • Rough/Patterned: Increases the friction between our hands and the grip.

Weather Resistance

We look for grips that can perform well in varying weather conditions.

  • All-Weather: Offers consistent performance no matter the weather.
  • Wet Weather: Specialized grips that focus on performance during rain.


Firmness affects feedback and control. We decide on a grip firmness that complements our swing:

  • Soft: Can help to absorb unwanted vibrations.
  • Firm: Provides more direct feedback, which might be preferred by experienced players.
MaterialRubber, Corded, PolymerDurability, feel
SizeStandard, Undersize, OversizeHand size, comfort
TextureSmooth, Rough/PatternedTraction, personal preference
Weather ResistanceAll-Weather, Wet WeatherPerformance in different weather conditions
FirmnessSoft, FirmFeedback, control, swing characteristics

We keep a neutral stance and base our choices on these core features to enhance our golfing experience.

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