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Best Golf Putter Grips: Top Picks for Enhanced Control and Feel

Last Updated on March 21, 2024

Selecting the right putter grip is crucial for golfers seeking precision and control in their putting game. Our guide focuses on identifying the best putter grips that offer a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and weights to suit individual preferences and enhance stroke consistency. Drawing on years of experience and thorough testing, we evaluate grips based on comfort, hand placement, material feel, and overall performance. Our recommendations aim to instill confidence on the green, acknowledging that the ideal putter grip varies from player to player.

Our Top Choices

Our selection of golf putter grips represents the finest offerings available, ensuring you get a comfortable, stable, and reliable connection with every putt. We’ve rigorously tested and carefully assessed a variety of grips to aid your search for that perfect feel and performance on the greens. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our recommendations cater to every level of experience and style of play.

SuperStroke Fatso 5.0

We find the SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip is a game-changer for golfers looking for a steadier, more controlled putting stroke.


  • Enhances even grip pressure, reducing wrist movement
  • High-tack, textured surface ensures a firm hold
  • Oversized design suitable for those with larger hands or preference for a thicker grip


  • May be too large for golfers with smaller hands or those accustomed to standard grips
  • Could be a tight fit in some golf bags
  • The size might take some getting used to before it feels comfortable

When we wrapped our hands around the Fatso 5.0, the first thing we noticed was the undeniable comfort from the tacky Polyurethane outer layer. The grip felt secure in our hands, vital for maintaining control throughout the putting stroke. We were immediately impressed by how the larger size dissuades any unwanted wrist action – it felt like the big muscles were doing all the work, promoting consistency.

As we played through various conditions, the CROSS-TRACTION surface texture proved its worth, offering steadfast grip even as the humidity climbed. We barely noticed slippage, which has often thrown off our game in the past.

However, we should mention that while the oversized grip was a boon for our stroke, we had to struggle a bit to fit the putter back into our bag. It was clear that the lack of tapering and the substantial size, while beneficial on the green, does add a few logistical challenges. Despite this, after several rounds, we adjusted to the feel of the Fatso 5.0. It swiftly became a favorite, and we noticed a more fluid and reliable putting stroke as a result.

Adopting this grip might feel like a leap for traditionalists, but the feedback we received from our strokes reassured us. We can confidently say it could mark the beginning of a new level of precision in your game. Having seen our own scores improve with the SuperStroke Fatso 5.0, we suggest giving it a try, especially if standard grips have left you wanting more stability in your putt.

CHAMPKEY Premium Grip

When you fit your putter with the CHAMPKEY Premium Grip, your putting game feels revitalized, thanks to its comfortable texture and reliable performance.


  • Enhanced control with the pistol shape design
  • Comfortable polyurethane material aids in accuracy
  • Lightweight construction reduces hand fatigue


  • May be too thick for those who prefer slimmer grips
  • Some users might find the texture different than expected
  • Durability over time could vary with frequent use

The moment you wrap your hands around the CHAMPKEY grip, you notice the comfortable polyurethane material—it’s soft, yet firm enough to give you a confident hold.

Switching to the CHAMPKEY grip has been a game-changer for us; the lightweight design is notable as it noticeably reduces strain during extended practice sessions. There’s a tangible sense of improved control, which naturally translates to our putting accuracy.

However, some of us had to adjust to the thickness of the grip. While it offers a substantial feel that many of us prefer, a few found it a bit bulkier than their previous grips.

Overall, integrating CHAMPKEY’s grip into our routine has been a positive move. Despite the few of us who took time to adapt to its unique shape, we’ve collectively experienced a boost in our putting performance.

SuperStroke Traxion Tour Grip

We think the SuperStroke Traxion Tour Grip is a worthwhile investment due to its excellent tackiness and enhanced feedback, leading to a more stable putting stroke.


  • Ensures even grip pressure and minimizes wrist action
  • Traxion Control for a tacky and comfortable feel
  • Spyne Technology promotes consistent hand placement


  • May feel too bulky for those preferring slimmer grips
  • Higher price point compared to standard grips
  • Installation might be tricky for first-timers

After wrapping my hands around this grip, I immediately noticed the difference the No Taper Technology made. An equivalent pressure throughout my stroke was a game-changer, silencing wrist movements that often threw off my putts. Not once did my lower hand overpower the stroke, keeping my putts on line with an almost machine-like consistency.

The Traxion surface provided a contact so satisfyingly tacky that even in damp conditions, I was confident in my club’s handling. The grip’s texture isn’t just for show – it’s a tactile roadmap to better performance. Its design deliberately enhances the sensory experience, so every putt feels controlled and decisive.

With the Spyne Technology, hand positioning became second nature. It served as a built-in coach, subtly reminding me of the optimal grip every time. The advanced ‘Tech-Port’ also offers the flexibility for further customization, though I felt the balance was spot-on right out of the box. Overall, the Traxion Tour Grip delivers performance that can inspire confidence in putters of any skill level.

Winn DriTac Putter Grip

We believe this grip is an excellent choice due to its comfortable feel and high-quality construction.


  • Impressive tackiness for a secure hold
  • Durable material withstands regular use
  • Ergonomic design enhances putting precision


  • Midsize may not suit all hand sizes
  • Dark color can show wear over time
  • Premium grip comes at a higher price point

Having just been out on the course with the Winn DriTac Putter Grip, the first thing I noticed was the superior tackiness. The grip feels secure in the hands, and even when the pressure is on for those crucial putts, it doesn’t slip. It’s clear that quality hasn’t been compromised; the materials feel built to last, making it an investment for your golf game.

That ergonomic pistol shape fits comfortably, giving a sense of control and stability to the stroke. On the greens, our shots felt more precise, and the midsize diameter was a noticeable factor in this improved performance. The grip sat in our hands just right, enabling a fluid and confident movement through the putt.

Over several rounds, the dark gray color gave a sleek look to our putter, complementing its design. But we did start to see signs of wear after a few sessions. For those looking to stand out in their golfing circle, be mindful that while it looks impressive, sustaining that initial pristine condition may require some maintenance. Despite this, our confidence in the grip didn’t waver, and it continues to be a crucial part of our putting routine.

Overall, the Winn DriTac Putter Grip provides the reassurance you need on the greens, thanks to its ideal combination of tackiness and comfort. If you’re considering an upgrade to your equipment, this should undoubtedly be on your list despite the premium cost. After all, when that vital putt drops, the investment will feel worth every penny.


We recommend the CHAMPKEY USA Pistol Grip for golfers seeking improved control and a refreshing, patriotic aesthetic.


  • Enhanced control with its pistol profile design
  • Comfortable touch aided by the polyurethane material
  • Multi-textured surfaces to bolster grip in varied conditions


  • May feel oversize for those preferring a traditional grip size
  • Aesthetic design might not appeal to all golfers
  • Some may find the grip’s firmness less preferable

Upon wrapping our hands around the CHAMPKEY Pistol Grip, we were immediately struck by its substantial presence. The pistol shape rests comfortably in the palms, facilitating a stable, controlled putting stroke that leaves little room for wrist movement – just the sort of feedback that builds confidence on the greens.

The grip’s pleasing tactility is another standout feature. The outer polyurethane layer presents a soft yet durable feel, confirming its durability amidst our playtests. Regardless of the weather, its texture remained consistent, offering us dependable performance shot after shot.

While some avid golfers may gravitate towards subtler grips, the CHAMPKEY’s statement-making patriotic design catches the eye. Our experiences with the grip imply it’s a fine addition for those wanting to make a bold statement to complement their game. It’s clear this grip is built for players who enjoy an amalgamation of style and substance.

PING Midsize Putter Grip

We believe this grip is a smart choice for golfers seeking improved control and stability in their putting strokes.


  • Offers a firm wrist support and stable stroke
  • Textured surface enhances grip in various conditions
  • Authentic PING quality assurance


  • May not fit all hand sizes comfortably
  • Some users may find the corded texture too firm
  • Color may differ slightly from pure black

Having recently hit the green with the PING Midsize Putter Grip, I found its textured feel instills confidence during putts, especially when the pressure is on. The cord material provides noteworthy traction that proved useful in the morning dew and during a light drizzle, ensuring that my hands stayed in place throughout the stroke.

Switching to a midsize grip often requires an adjustment period, but this one seemed to strike a balance between size and performance quickly. It’s been crafted to prevent the wrists from breaking down, which is crucial for maintaining putting consistency.

After several rounds, the durability of the grip stands out. It’s holding up well against wear and tear, showing PING’s attention to quality. While some fellow golfers commented on the grip not being fully black, this was a minor aesthetic concern and didn’t detract from the overall experience.

For players considering a putter grip change, the PING Midsize Putter Grip could very well be a game-changer on the greens.

Ping PP58 Black Midsize Grip

We believe this putter grip is a smart choice for golfers seeking improved feel and stability during their putts.


  • Enhances control with its midsize design
  • Textured surface provides a non-slip grip
  • Classic style that suits a wide range of putters


  • May be heavier than standard grips
  • Only available in one color
  • Premium price compared to some alternatives

Having recently wrapped our hands around the Ping PP58 Black Midsize Putter Grip, its quality construction left a strong impression. The slightly larger diameter offers a comfortable hold without feeling overly bulky. Ideal for those with larger hands or seeking more wrist stability, the midsize design noticeably improved our control on the greens. The textured surface gave us the confidence to putt in various weather, ensuring a secure grip that’s essential for consistent strokes.

What stands out with this grip is its sleek black look that brings a touch of class to any putter. It integrates seamlessly, adding a professional aesthetic without being flashy. We noticed how the balanced weight contributed to a smoother putting stroke, proving that the design isn’t just about appearance but also performance enhancements. The grip’s tackiness is spot on, offering just the right amount of friction for a precise feel.

Considering the overall grip market, the Ping PP58 sits at a higher price point, but we found it to be justified. It’s more than just a grip; it’s an upgrade to your putting game. The main drawback might be its single color option, which limits customization for golfers who like to match their grips to their bag or personal style. Nonetheless, for those prioritizing functionality over fashion, this grip is a durable and reliable choice. Despite the additional heft, we appreciated the way it grounded our putter, aiding alignment and stroke path.

SuperStroke TRAXION Flatso 2.0

We believe the SuperStroke TRAXION Flatso 2.0 is a game-changer for avid golfers who seek a putter grip that offers consistent stroke and superb feedback.


  • Enhances tactile feedback with a unique texture
  • Promotes even pressure thanks to its non-tapering design
  • Assists in achieving proper hand position using Spyne Technology


  • May be too bulky for those accustomed to standard grips
  • Some golfers might prefer a softer grip material
  • Tech-Port requires additional purchases for full functionality

Having just wrapped up a round with this grip in play, the level of control it affords is notable. The no-taper design distributed our grip pressure evenly, which we found to translate to a more stable and consistent stroke. It’s impressive how such a small change can so markedly improve putting confidence.

We immediately noted the firmness of this grip, which was comfortably countered by its textured surface. This combination not only helped us maintain a solid grip without exerting too much pressure but also provided valuable feedback during each putt. The red, white, and blue color scheme gave our putter a patriotic flair that stood out in the bag.

The advanced Spyne Technology caught our attention; lining up putts became noticeably easier with the tactile guide. However, we recognized that the Tech-Port aspect might not appeal to all, especially as it implies further investment. That said, for players looking to customize balance and feel through counterweighting, this is a fantastic, innovative feature.

Karma Velour Standard Putter Grips

Whether you’re refreshing an older putter or customizing a new one, we find these grips a solid choice for feel and value.


  • Provides a reliable velour grip pattern for enhanced performance
  • Aesthetic neutrality complements any putter design
  • Suitable for golfers at all levels due to its standard size and paddle shape


  • May feel a bit too firm for those used to softer grips
  • Color options are limited, which might not appeal to all golfers
  • Installation can be challenging for newcomers to regripping

Having recently got our hands on the Karma Velour Standard Putter Grip, we’re impressed by its straightforward design and the classic feel it brings to the game. The velour grip pattern catches our attention first; it offers a dependable, non-slip surface that instills confidence during putts, especially under pressure. The consistency of the response when the putter is in motion reinforces our perception of control, setting a firm foundation for accuracy.

The grip’s construction quality is notable as well. We appreciate how the buffed rubber material withstands wear and tear. It’s not overly soft but maintains enough give to stay comfortable through multiple rounds. Cleaning dirt or debris off the grip after a match isn’t a hassle either, which keeps our putter looking sharp.

As we consider the aesthetic, the classic black with a modest Karma logo is refreshingly understated. It effortlessly matches any putter without clashing, assuring a seamless integration into our golf setup. Furthermore, the paddle shape design is an asset for maintaining a stable grip; it aids in limiting wrist rotation, thus promoting a straighter putting stroke.

In the context of cons, we’ve noticed that the grip is on the firmer side. For players who’ve grown accustomed to a softer feeling grip, there might be a slight adjustment period. Additionally, the color choice is not particularly broad, which could be a downside for those looking to make a style statement with their putter. Finally, the installation process can require a bit of effort; specifically, those who are new to regripping may need some practice or professional help to get it right.

In sum, the Karma Velour Putter Grips stand out for their balance of quality, function, and cost-effectiveness. While they could offer more in terms of softness and color variety, the pros clearly outweigh the cons, making them a valuable pick for golfers aiming to improve their game without breaking the bank.

SuperStroke WristLock Grip

If you’re after a grip that can level up your putting consistency with wrist control, this one’s a game-changer for us.


  • Locks the wrist to improve stroke consistency
  • Even pressure distribution thanks to No Taper Technology
  • Traxion Control for enhanced tactile feedback


  • May take time to adjust to the wrist lock position
  • Lacks CounterCore weight, an extra purchase if needed
  • The unique shape might not suit all putting styles

The SuperStroke WristLock Grip offers a substantial upgrade to our putting game. Utilizing it recently, its wrist-locking feature has indeed kept our strokes consistently straight, controlling putter face rotation effortlessly.

We really appreciate the Traxion surface texture. It provided us with a grip that felt secure yet comfortable, improving our feel and feedback on every putt. Moreover, there’s noticeable stability in our strokes, which we credit to the even grip pressure manufactured by the patented No Taper Technology.

Admittedly, there’s a bit of a learning curve. Initially, we found the wrist lock design slightly awkward, but after a few practice sessions, the benefits were undeniable. While it might not include the CounterCore weight, the Tech-Port option is there if we decide to add it. Our putting style felt rejuvenated, with the grip contributing to a more repeatable putting stroke.

Buying Guide

a golfer testing out a golf putter grip

When selecting a golf putter grip, we consider several crucial factors to ensure an excellent fit for our putting style and comfort. Here’s what to look for:


  • Standard: Suitable for most golfers, promoting a wrist-led stroke.
  • Midsize: Slightly larger, for players with bigger hands or those who prefer a softer grip.
  • Oversize: Reduces wrist action, can improve stability for players with unsteady hands.
Grip SizeAdvantages
StandardBetter for wrist action and feel
MidsizeComfortable for larger hands, reduces tension
OversizeMinimizes wrist movement, increases stability


  • Rubber: Durable and tacky, providing consistent performance.
  • Corded: Excellent in wet conditions, offers a firmer feel.
  • Polymer: Soft and tacky, absorbs vibrations well.


  • Pistol: Contoured to fit the palm, encouraging a lighter grip pressure.
  • Non-Pistol: Flat-front designs that aim for a more consistent hand placement.


The grip texture influences the feel and our hold on the club:

  • Smooth: Less feedback, but can slip in wet conditions.
  • Rough: Better grip in wet weather, may be less comfortable.


Firmness is a preference variable—a firmer grip provides more feedback, while a softer grip may be more comfortable but less responsive.

By examining these aspects, we can better match a putter grip to our individual needs, potentially improving our comfort, stroke consistency, and overall performance on the greens.

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