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Best Golf Clubs for Short Guys: Top Picks for a Tailored Game

Last Updated on March 20, 2024

Finding the right golf clubs is crucial for shorter golfers, as standard equipment may not suit their build and swing mechanics. This guide, based on rigorous testing and deep expertise, focuses on clubs with shorter shafts, proper weight distribution, and tailored clubhead size to enhance swing, comfort, and performance. Our recommendations consider shaft flex, club weight, grip size, and adjustability to ensure an ideal fit that promotes a natural swing posture and reduces strain. Our goal is to help shorter golfers find the best clubs to improve their game and confidence on the course.

Our Top Choices

Finding the right golf clubs is crucial for players with a shorter stature. We understand that a proper fit can significantly improve your game and overall comfort on the course. Our selection focuses on clubs that offer the right shaft length, lie angle, and head design to optimize performance for those who don’t fit the standard golf club mold. Whether you’re looking for irons, drivers, or wedges, we have meticulously curated a list that meets our high standards for quality and playability, ensuring you get the most out of every swing.

Pro Golf Elite Set

We believe this Pro Golf Elite set is a smart buy for shorter gents who want to elevate their game without the inconvenience of longer clubs.


  • Custom fitted for our shorter stature, enhancing our swing mechanics
  • Oversized clubheads provide us with greater forgiveness on mis-hits
  • A comprehensive set with all we need to tackle any course


  • The set may not be suitable for all skill levels, particularly advanced players
  • Graphite and steel choice may not align with personal preferences for club feel
  • Regular flex shafts might not fit golfers with faster swing speeds

Sinking that impressive birdie during last week’s round was a breeze with the Pro Golf Elite set. The shorter shafts meant easier handling, allowing our swings to feel more natural and controlled. It’s noticeable how these clubs are tailored for those of us not blessed with towering height – no more awkward stances or modified grips to make contact with the ball.

Maneuvering through the fairways, the forgiving nature of the oversized drivers gave us a delightful edge. Errant shots weren’t as punishing as before; it’s as though the clubs were working with us to improve our game. This sense of forgiveness instilled a confidence that kept our spirits high throughout the 18 holes.

Switching between the hybrid, irons, and putter, the transitions were seamless. The regular flex of the shafts gave a good balance of control and power, propelling our shots down the fairway surprisingly well. Honestly, it felt like these clubs were an extension of our own arms, and we’re convinced they can help shave a few strokes off anyone’s game at our height.

After the round, it was clear that the Pro Golf Elite set was created with our needs in mind. We walked off with a sense of achievement, looking forward to the next outing with these trusty clubs in our bag.

Callaway Strata Complete Set

We think this set is a smart buy for newcomers to the sport or for anyone of shorter stature looking for a forgiving and comprehensive golf set.


  • Ideal for beginners with its forgiving design and construction
  • Comprehensive set caters to all the essentials needed on the course
  • Lightweight stand bag with ample storage for convenience


  • May not suit advanced players seeking specialized club performance
  • Durability concerns with prolonged heavy use
  • Driver may lack the sophistication expected by experienced golfers

When I first picked up the Callaway Strata Complete Set, I noticed the immediate comfort in the grip and the balanced weight of the clubs—ideal for shorter players not looking to be overpowered by their gear. The driver, generous in its sweet spot, allows for more forgiving shots off the tee, boosting confidence right from the start. The oversized 3 wood complements this nicely, adding consistency to those long fairway shots.

Transitioning to the hybrid, it reliably bridges the gap where long irons would be challenging to handle, adding versatility to my shots without overcomplicating my club selection. This set’s irons and wedge further impressed me with their blend of forgiveness and control, a balance that’s often hard to find at a beginner level.

On the greens, the mallet putter stood out with its solid feel and helpful alignment features, which improved my putting accuracy significantly. Bringing this set onto the course felt like bringing a well-rounded toolkit; each club played its part without any glaring weaknesses in performance. And the stand bag—lightweight and full of pockets—made carrying my gear around the course completely hassle-free.


We believe shorter golfers will appreciate the PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 for its ease of playability and value, especially if they’re new to the game.


  • The hybrids are a game-changer for those tricky long iron shots.
  • Graphite/steel shafts offer a good balance between control and power.
  • The cart bag is durable and provides ample storage.


  • The standard size may not be ideal for shorter players without modification.
  • Stiff flex may not suit all swing speeds and skill levels.
  • The driver’s oversized clubhead requires some getting used to.

Upon taking the PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 out on the course, we noticed the immediate benefits of the hybrid clubs. They’re more forgiving than long irons and definitely help improve confidence when facing down a long approach. The graphite/steel shafts also struck a nice balance—providing both the flex needed for a bit of whip and the control desired for precise shots.

Carrying the bag from hole to hole was a breeze. Its durability stood out, as did the thoughtful compartment design, making it easy to stay organized on the move. The padded top helped protect the club heads, which is always a concern for us when transporting our gear.

The only challenge we encountered was adapting to the oversized club head of the driver. It took a few rounds of golf to adjust, but once we did, it added some serious distance to our drives. However, shorter players might need to have these clubs shortened, as the standard length might not be optimal for their swing.

In conclusion, the PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 offers an excellent experience for those who don’t want to invest heavily in their first set of clubs. While it might require a few personal adjustments for shorter golfers, the overall feel and performance on the course are impressive for a set at this price point.

PGM Complete Golf Club Set

We believe this set is a solid investment for shorter golfers seeking quality and comfort on the course without breaking the bank.


  • Tailored to provide comfort and performance for short statured players
  • High-quality materials add to the durability and longevity of the clubs
  • Inclusive set with a variety of clubs and a practical stand bag


  • A total of 36 reviews may not reflect a wide variety of golfer experiences
  • The set may be geared more towards beginners than seasoned players
  • Regular flex shafts might not suit all swing speeds and styles

After swinging these clubs, it’s clear that PGM has taken care to cater to shorter golfers who often struggle to find clubs that suit their build. The weight and balance felt just right, which significantly enhanced control over each shot. The quality of materials used in these clubs was evident as soon as we took them on the course, promising longevity even with regular play.

True to the product description, the graphite shafts provided a comfortable grip, and the stand bag was a breeze to carry around, making it a great set for those of us who enjoy walking the course. It was advantageous to have a variety of clubs on hand, allowing us to approach each situation confidently.

We found the driver and woods were especially good at aiding with distance off the tee, a common concern for players of shorter stature. On the green, the putter offered a reassuring level of accuracy and feedback, rounding out a set that we felt more than comfortable with from tee box to final putt.

Pro Power Elite Golf Set

We recommend the Pro Power Elite Golf Set for shorter golfers seeking clubs tailored to their stature, offering improved playability and confidence on the course.


  • Custom fit for shorter players enhances control and swing
  • Lightweight graphite shafts aid faster swing speeds
  • Set includes a variety of clubs for complete gameplay


  • Limited to left-handed golfers only
  • May not suit players taller than 5′ 6″
  • Premium price point might not fit all budgets

Holding this golf set, we could feel the difference the shorter shafts make. Finding golf clubs that cater to players below average height can be challenging, but Pro Power Elite has filled that niche beautifully. The grip felt comfortable in our hands, offering a steady hold without the strain we’ve experienced with standard-sized clubs.

Swinging these clubs on the fairway delivered a refreshing experience. We noticed how the lighter weight graphite shafts assisted in achieving greater swing speeds, which translated into better distance on the course. Each club in the set seemed optimally balanced, giving us the finesse needed for those precise shots.

What truly stood out was the versatility within this set. From the dependable driver to the sleek irons and practical hybrids, it allowed us to approach various situations on the course with confidence. The putter gave a satisfactory response, enhancing our short game. Our rounds felt more efficient, clearly benefitting from the specialized design meant for our height range.

Wilson Profile SGI

We believe this set is a smart choice for shorter golfers seeking a comfortable, effective fit right out of the box.


  • Tailor-made for shorter players enhancing swing control and comfort
  • Deep cavity back irons support accuracy and distance
  • The lightweight stand bag offers easy transportation and convenience


  • Some may find the bag’s quality to be less than premium
  • Limited adjustability in club options
  • May not satisfy experienced golfers with specific brand preferences

Navigating the golf course as a shorter player becomes a breeze with the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Golf Set. Each club grants us the control and flexibility needed without any awkward adjustments. Swinging the irons, we noticed a significant improvement in our accuracy, a clear testament to their low center of gravity design.

The lightweight stand bag caught our attention immediately. Carrying it was nearly effortless, and the numerous pockets provided ample storage for all our golfing essentials. Shoulder comfort is paramount when trekking from hole to hole, and these straps did not disappoint.

Still fresh from our last round, we can vouch for the high-launch fairway wood – it’s a game-changer for achieving powerful, soaring shots. Although the bag could have used a touch more durability, it doesn’t detract from the overall positive experience. For those just getting into the game or coming back after a break, these clubs will not only serve well but also boost confidence on the green.

Precise M5 Complete Set

We believe this set should be on your radar if you’re a shorter golfer seeking clubs that offer comfort and performance out on the course.


  • Improved control with the oversized clubheads
  • Enhanced shot consistency due to forgiving driver design
  • The included stand bag is both stylish and functional


  • May need to replace grips for optimal comfort
  • Some users reported issues with driver durability
  • Stand bag balance could be improved

Having recently hit the greens with the Precise M5, we can comfortably say that they are worth considering, especially for those who aren’t towering over the tee. The oversized clubheads ensure that each swing translates to a smooth contact with the ball, helping improve the game of golfers who aren’t on the taller side.

The weight distribution of the driver facilitates a nice draw, aiding golfers in achieving that gratifying distance off the tee. It’s forgiving, so even mishits have a chance to turn out better than expected.

The deluxe stand bag caught our eye with its ample storage and sleek design, making it a great accessory for any golfer. However, after a few rounds, it became clear that, although comfortable to carry, the bag could do with a more stable stand system.

All in all, the Precise M5 set finds its sweet spot by combining style and functionality, catering well to golfers of shorter stature.

Tangkula Complete Golf Set

We believe golf enthusiasts with a shorter stature will appreciate the Tangkula Complete Golf Set for its tailored fit and performance on the green.


  • Optimized for control and easy ball striking
  • Lightweight and comfortable grips aid in handling
  • The putter’s visual alignment greatly assists with accuracy


  • Missing an additional club that some players may expect
  • Beginners only; advanced players might find the clubs limiting
  • There have been isolated durability concerns over time

Swinging the Tangkula irons was a smooth experience, especially notable when navigating tougher fairways. Their lower center of gravity helped our shots gain a much-needed loft. The navy color of this set gave us a professional vibe, complementing the sturdy feel of the clubs in our hands.

Out on the course, we quickly took a liking to the lightweight driver. Coming off the tee, the large sweet spot forgave our minor mishits. The graphite shafts in the woods contributed to consistent, longer flights, much to our satisfaction.

Our putting game saw some real improvements, too. The easy-to-grip putter with visual alignment reduced our off-center hits, simplifying what can often be the most nerve-wracking part of the game. This complete set genuinely made us feel more at ease from tee to green.

PGM Complete Golf Set

Whether you’re a beginner or someone with more experience on the green, we find the PGM Complete Golf Set offers a solid mix of playability and forgiveness to improve your game.


  • Optimized for players of shorter stature
  • Includes essential clubs enhanced with modern design features
  • Comes with a convenient stand bag for easy transportation


  • Limited number of clubs for advanced players seeking a full set
  • Total ratings are relatively few to gauge broader consumer satisfaction
  • The bag might lack the advanced features of specialized golf bags

When we took the PGM Complete Golf Set out for a test run, the first thing that caught our attention was how well the size suited golfers who don’t quite match the stature of the average player. The shaft lengths felt comfortable, reducing the common struggle of adjusting one’s stance excessively with standard-sized clubs.

During our trial, the high-quality construction of the club faces stood out, delivering a satisfying feel with each swing. We particularly appreciated the driver’s design, which seemed to add extra yards to our drives without demanding perfect technique, a real boon for newcomers and junior players aiming to up their game.

Lastly, the fact that this set comes with a golf stand bag simplified things for us right from the get-go. Moving to and from each hole, the PGM set was a breeze to carry and set down. Plus, the bag had enough pockets to carry our essentials, although we wouldn’t have minded a few additional storage options for those longer days on the course.

Callaway Edge Set

For short golfers seeking a quality set right out of the box, the Callaway Edge Set combines playability with the finesse required for a shorter frame.


  • Tailored club lengths ideal for shorter players enhance control
  • Lightweight graphite shafts in woods aid in creating faster swing speeds
  • Prestigious Odyssey White Hot Putter included for exceptional feel on the greens


  • Regular flex shafts may not suit all short golfers with faster swing tempos
  • The set might exceed budget constraints for beginner golfers
  • Limited adjustability to fine-tune individual club specifications

We just took these clubs out for a test and admired how the club lengths matched our shorter statures, offering a notable boost in our shot precision. The feeling of whipping the lightweight graphite shafts through the air was exhilarating—our drives visibly gained some yards. On the greens, rolling putts with the Odyssey White Hot Putter felt intuitive and satisfying.

However, we did notice a few golfers with quicker swings mentioning the regular flex was a tad too whippy for their liking. It’s always a balancing act, and individual preferences vary considerably. When it comes to the steep price tag, some of our fellow short links-lovers winced a bit, especially those just starting out. These clubs are a premium choice, so beginners might ponder if they’re ready to make such an investment.

Lastly, while the set brims with quality, the level of customizability is somewhat constrained. Golfers who relish in meticulously tweaking their clubs might find this set a trifle limiting. Overall, we’d recommend this set for intermediate short golfers looking to make a significant upgrade without the hassle of selecting individual clubs. It’s a solid, dependable ensemble from a reputable brand that promises to enhance your game.

Buying Guide

a man testing a golf club for short guys

Key Considerations

When choosing golf clubs as a shorter player, consider these factors:

  • Club Length: The length of the club should match your height and arm length. Using a standard club can be disadvantageous and uncomfortable.

  • Shaft Flexibility: A shaft with the appropriate flexibility can significantly improve your swing.

  • Lie Angle: This is the angle between the shaft and the ground. A correct lie angle can help improve your precision.

  • Grip Size: Ensure the grip fits comfortably in your hands for better control.

Club Length

Height RangeSuggested Club Length Adjustment
Under 5’5″1 to 2 inches shorter
5’5″ to 5’7″0.5 to 1 inch shorter

Shaft Flexibility

Swing SpeedShaft Flexibility
Under 75 mphSenior (A) Flex
75 to 85 mphRegular (R) Flex
85 to 95 mphStiff (S) Flex

Evaluate your swing speed to find the suitable shaft flexibility.

Lie Angle

Ensure the clubhead is flat on the ground at impact for the most accurate shot. Lie angle fitting is often required for optimal performance.

Grip Size

Proper grip size prevents too much hand action during the swing:

  • Small Hands: Undersize grips
  • Medium Hands: Standard grips
  • Large Hands: Midsize or oversized grips

We recommend trying out different grips to find one that feels natural and nonrestrictive.

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