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Best Golf Grips for Seniors: Top Picks and Expert Tips

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

Golf is a game of skill and enjoyment, a sport particularly popular among seniors. However, aging brings changes in strength and dexterity, making the right equipment, like golf grips, essential for a comfortable game. With years of expertise in golfing equipment, I’ve thoroughly tested various grips to find the best for seniors, considering grip size, material, texture, and shock absorption. These factors are crucial in ensuring a grip that enhances comfort and performance, helping senior golfers enjoy their game to the fullest.

Our Top Choices

As a senior golfer, I understand the importance of having the right golf grips for improved performance and comfort. Below is my carefully curated list of the best golf grips for seniors.

Majek 13 Piece Senior Men’s Jumbo Oversize Golf Grips

I highly recommend Majek’s Jumbo Oversize Golf Grips for seniors with large hands or arthritis for a comfortable and confident golfing experience.


  • Excellent for large hands or arthritic fingers
  • Non-slip surface pattern for secure grip
  • State-of-the-art rubber blend compound for durability


  • Might be difficult to install for some
  • May wear down slightly with extensive use
  • Can be mistaken as midsize instead of jumbo

After recently trying out the Majek Grips, I definitely see the benefits, especially for seniors and players with large hands or arthritic fingers. The jumbo size, which is +1/8″ thicker than standard, offers a comfortable hold, reducing fatigue and strain on hands during play. Moreover, the rubber blend compound used in making these grips ensures they last longer and are more durable.

I was quite impressed with the non-slip surface pattern on the Majek Jumbo Oversize Golf Grips, as it instilled a sense of confidence in my swing. Even during particularly hot or sweaty rounds, I noticed my grip stayed secure, which really helped me maintain a steady performance throughout my games.

The only drawback I encountered was a slight challenge during installation. It might be tricky for some to put these grips on, but I do feel that it could be due to my inexperience in the process. Additionally, with extensive use, I noticed the grips began to wear down a bit, with visible imprints from my grip. However, this didn’t affect their level of comfort and performance.

In conclusion, Majek’s Jumbo Oversize Golf Grips provide an excellent and comfortable solution for seniors with large hands or arthritic fingers. Despite minor drawbacks, these grips offer a secure grip, added comfort, and durability, which can enhance an individual’s golfing experience.

13 Piece Senior Men’s Majek Jumbo OverSize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips

Majek Jumbo OverSize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips are a great addition to any golfer’s arsenal, particularly seniors with large hands or arthritic fingers.


  • Comfortable and non-slip surface
  • Suitable for large hands or arthritic fingers
  • High-quality rubber blend material


  • Might feel very similar to standard grips
  • Not much difference for some golfers
  • Not as soft as expected for some users

I recently had the chance to try out the Majek Jumbo OverSize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips on my clubs and found they provided me with the comfort and control I required. The non-slip surface pattern and state-of-the-art rubber blend material offered maximum playability and confidence in my swings.

Installing these grips was a breeze, and they fit perfectly on my clubs. Their slightly larger size made it much easier for me to grip the clubs, as I have larger hands. Additionally, my friend with arthritic fingers felt much more comfortable using these grips compared to the standard ones they were using earlier.

However, some golfers might find there is not much difference between these jumbo grips and the standard ones they are replacing. They might expect a more significant difference in size or softness, which leaves them not completely satisfied with the product.

In conclusion, the Majek Jumbo OverSize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips are worth considering for seniors and golfers with large hands or arthritic fingers. They provide a comfortable, non-slip surface and are made from high-quality materials. But keep in mind that they might not feel very different from the standard grips for some users.

Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips

Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips are perfect for seniors looking to enhance their grip and playing experience, especially for those with arthritis.


  • Excellent grip for golfers with arthritis
  • Impressive shock absorption
  • Comfortable, oversized design


  • Smaller than some other “jumbo” options
  • Slightly rough texture may take some adjusting
  • Inexpensive but not a premium brand

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips, and I found them to be quite comfortable despite the nubbed texture that may take some getting used to. The oversized design is especially accommodating for those with arthritis, making it much easier to maintain a secure hold on the golf club.

One of the standout features of these grips is their shock absorption abilities. Made of thick rubber, they significantly reduce the impact on your hands during swings, providing a more enjoyable playing experience. I also appreciated the fact that these grips never slipped in my hands, regardless of weather conditions.

While the Yamato grips are a great option for seniors and those with arthritis, it’s worth noting that they are slightly smaller than some other “jumbo” options on the market. This might not be a huge issue for most people, but those looking for an even larger grip may want to consider other brands. The texture of the grips, while effective at providing a secure grip, is quite rough and may take some getting used to.

Overall, the Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips are a fantastic option for seniors and golfers who struggle with arthritis or maintaining a secure grip on their clubs. They offer a comfortable, slightly oversized design, excellent shock absorption, and a secure grip in all weather conditions. While they may not be a premium brand and the texture may take some adjustment, these grips provide great value and can significantly improve a golfer’s playing experience.

Winn Dri-Tac 9 Piece Golf Grip Bundle Standard Dark Gray

The Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grips offer exceptional comfort and performance, making them ideal for senior golfers.


  • Excellent tackiness for a secure grip
  • Comfortable feel, reducing hand fatigue
  • Durable design for extended use


  • Price may be higher than other options
  • Some users may not prefer the softer feel
  • Potentially quicker wear for aggressive swingers

After recently re-gripping my clubs with the Winn Dri-Tac 9 Piece Golf Grip Bundle, I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed with the level of comfort and performance they provide. The tackiness of these grips ensures a secure hold on the club, even during sweaty summer rounds.

The soft and comfortable feel of the Winn Dri-Tac grips helps reduce hand fatigue, leaving me confident in my club control throughout my entire round. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my hand and wrist comfort compared to my previous grips.

While the price point may be a bit higher than some alternative options, the quality and performance of these grips justify the investment. However, they are not for everyone – some players may not prefer the softer feel, and those with aggressive swings may experience quicker wear and tear. But overall, I am delighted with the Winn Dri-Tac 9 Piece Golf Grip Bundle and would highly recommend it to any senior golfer looking for an upgrade.

8 Majek All Senior Men’s Tour Pro Black Midsize Golf Grips

I recommend these grips to senior golfers for their comfortable, non-slip surface and high-quality material.


  • Exceptional non-slip surface
  • Comfortable and easy to grip
  • Top-notch rubber blend compound


  • May require professional installation
  • Limited styles and colors
  • Heavier than some other grips

After trying out the Majek Grips for a few rounds, I can say that they live up to their reputation. The Tour Pro Senior Men’s Midsize Grips offer a non-slip surface that ensures maximum comfort and playability. I found that my confidence on the course improved significantly with these grips installed.

The rubber blend compound used in these grips is truly state-of-the-art. This, combined with the advanced computer design, results in a high-quality, long-lasting product. I noticed improved control, and my hands felt comfortable even after a long day on the course.

If there is one downside to these grips, it would be the need for professional installation. While some golfers prefer to install their own grips, others might find this a hassle, as the task requires a certain level of expertise. Additionally, the grips are available only in black and in a limited range of styles. Finally, these grips are heavier than some other options on the market, which may affect the swing of some golfers.

In conclusion, the Majek All Senior Men’s Tour Pro Black Midsize Golf Grips are a solid option for senior golfers seeking a comfortable, non-slip grip. With a few minor drawbacks, these grips offer a significant improvement to the average golfer’s experience on the course.

Majek All Senior Women’s Tour Pro Black Midsize Golf Grips

These Majek golf grips are an excellent choice for senior women golfers seeking comfort, playability, and confidence on the course.


  • Co-Engineered for ideal blend of comfort and functionality
  • Non-slip surface pattern for improved grip
  • Midsize design ideal for senior women golfers


  • Only available in black color
  • Might be too soft for some preferences
  • Limited online customer reviews

As a golfer, I found the Majek Grips to be incredibly comfortable during my time on the course. The non-slip surface pattern allowed me to maintain a dependable grip on the club, even during rainy conditions. Thanks to the state-of-the-art rubber blend compound, I was able to swing with confidence without worrying about my grip slipping.

I appreciated the midsize design of the grips as it seemed to cater specifically to senior women golfers like myself, providing the perfect balance between maneuverability and control. The level of comfort during extended periods of play was especially noticeable, as there was no strain on my hands or fingers.

However, the color options for these grips were limited – they were only available in black, which might not suit everyone’s taste. Additionally, some golfers might find the softness of the grips to be a downside if they prefer a firmer feel. Lastly, despite the excellent rating, the limited number of customer reviews available online might make it difficult for potential buyers to get a more comprehensive understanding of the grips’ quality.

In conclusion, senior women golfers in search of a comfortable and reliable grip should definitely consider the Majek All Senior Women’s Tour Pro Black Midsize Golf Grips for their clubs. While they may not suit everyone’s preferences in terms of firmness or color, their performance on the course more than makes up for these minor cons.

SV3 Yellow Square Fairway Wood Set

The SV3 Yellow Square Fairway Wood Set is a great investment for seniors seeking enhanced stability and forgiveness in their golf game.


  • Innovative square head design for improved stability
  • Large hitting face offers more forgiveness on off-center shots
  • Premium arthritic golf grip for increased comfort


  • Only available for right-handed players
  • Senior flex shaft may not suit all players’ preferences
  • Limited loft options compared to other sets

Upon trying out the Senior Men’s SV3 Yellow Square Fairway Wood Set, I instantly appreciated the square-shaped head design, which strategically re-positions weight to the club’s corners. This innovation resulted in noticeably better stability, even when my shots weren’t perfectly centered.

Another standout feature was the premium arthritic golf grip. As a senior golfer, I often experience discomfort during prolonged play, but this grip made those long sessions much more enjoyable. The senior flex graphite shaft also felt great, but some players might prefer a different flex depending on their swinging style.

In terms of loft, the set includes a 3-wood, 5-wood, 7-wood, and 9-wood. While these are good options, seniors with unique requirements might find the choice of lofts limiting compared to other sets on the market. Also, it’s worth noting that this set is only suited for right-handed golfers.

Overall, the SV3 Yellow Square Fairway Wood Set is a solid choice for senior golfers seeking style, comfort, and forgiveness. If you’re right-handed and prefer a senior flex, give it a shot.

3 Men’s Majek Jumbo Size Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips

The Majek Golf Grips offer comfort, playability, and confidence for seniors looking to improve their golf grip.


  • Comfortable non-slip surface
  • Made from a high-quality rubber blend
  • Jumbo size perfect for seniors


  • Some users reported no notable difference from stock grips
  • Grip solvent required for installation
  • May not be suitable for smaller hands

I recently tried out the Majek Jumbo Size Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips on my clubs, and I was impressed with the comfort and control they offered. The non-slip surface pattern gave me more confidence in my grip, especially during those crucial swings.

The high-quality rubber blend used in these grips provided a good amount of cushion, which is crucial for seniors who may be dealing with arthritis or simply want more support for their hands. The jumbo size of these grips is also helpful for people with larger hands or those seeking extra grip stability.

Despite the overall positive experience, there were a few minor drawbacks. I noticed that, for some users, the grips might not feel significantly different from their stock grips, which could be disappointing for those expecting a considerable upgrade. Additionally, these grips require grip solvent for a smooth installation process, but this is a common requirement for most golf grips.

In conclusion, the Majek Jumbo Size Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips provide a comfortable and stable grip solution for seniors looking to enhance their gameplay. While they might not offer a dramatic difference from traditional grips for some users, their non-slip surface and high-quality rubber blend make them a worthy consideration for those seeking an upgrade.


The CHAMPKEY Y-LITE Golf Grips are an excellent choice for seniors seeking high-traction and comfortable grips for an enhanced golfing experience.


  • Great hand feeling and traction with Texture Control Technology
  • High-feedback rubber material for precise ball feedback and comfortable grip
  • Tapered profile promoting less tension in the hands and fluidity during a swing


  • Potential durability concerns compared to well-known brands
  • Installation may be tricky without a vice clamp
  • Messy tape removal process during installation

The CHAMPKEY Y-LITE Golf Grips are designed to provide excellent hand traction and control during a swing, thanks to its advanced “Y” texture. I particularly appreciated the grip’s proprietary rubber material, which not only offered a comfortable feel but also precise ball feedback every time I took a shot.

Another noteworthy feature of these grips is their traditional tapered profile. It encourages lighter grip pressure, which in turn reduces tension in the hands and promotes more fluidity and power during a swing. This aspect was especially helpful in enabling me to maintain proper grip posture throughout my round.

One potential drawback to keep in mind is the durability of these grips. I have only used them for a short period, and although they have held up well so far, it remains to be seen how they would compare to more established brands like Lamkin or Golf Pride in terms of longevity.

As for installation, it can be a bit tricky if you don’t have a vice clamp on hand. The tape removal process during installation can be messy, so be prepared to spend a bit of time on it. However, once installed, the CHAMPKEY Y-LITE Golf Grips provided excellent all-weather performance, thanks to their proprietary rubber material.

Overall, I can confidently recommend the CHAMPKEY Y-LITE Golf Grips for seniors in search of a high-traction and comfortable golf grip. With excellent hand control and a comfortable feel, these grips can enhance your overall golfing performance despite potential durability concerns and a slightly challenging installation process.

SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Club Grip

The SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Club Grip is an excellent choice for seniors looking for a comfortable, high-performance grip to enhance their game.


  • Advanced surface texture for improved feedback and tackiness
  • Torsional performance provides stability and control
  • Taper Control Technology for reduced tension and increased clubhead speed


  • Not specifically designed for putters
  • Thinner than some other options
  • Higher price point compared to standard grips

When I first started using the SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Club Grip on my clubs, I instantly noticed its soft and tacky outer layer that provided me with excellent grip and comfort. It was exactly what I needed to reduce tension in my hands, ultimately improving my clubhead speed.

The multi-layer construction of the grip combines a soft outer layer and a firm rubber core for optimum performance. Moreover, the Taper Control Technology is perfect for seniors as it promotes even hand pressure and a more natural swing. As someone with experience using this grip, I can confidently say it has improved my performance on the course.

Although the grip offers an exceptional performance, it’s worth noting that it’s not specifically designed for putters. Therefore, seniors who mostly play with putters may need to explore other options. Additionally, the grip might be thinner than some golfers prefer, but its benefits in terms of control and stability outweigh this minor drawback.

In conclusion, the SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Club Grip is a remarkable option for seniors looking to improve their game, offering a comfortable, stable, and high-performance grip that caters to their needs. While not specifically designed for putters, its advantages make it well worth a try.

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best golf grip for seniors, there are a few key features that should be considered. As a senior golfer, it’s important to select a grip that offers both comfort and control, while also accommodating for any reduced hand strength or dexterity.

Grip material is of utmost importance. There are several materials available, but as a senior golfer, you should look for a grip made from a soft, tacky material. These materials offer good traction with minimal pressure, ensuring a comfortable, secure hold on the club.

Grip size also plays a crucial role in selecting the right grip. It directly affects the ease of holding and maneuvering the club. As a senior, I would recommend considering an oversized or midsize grip for better control and reduced hand fatigue during the game.

Grip texture is another essential aspect to consider. Golf grips come in a variety of textures, ranging from smooth to rough. Depending on my preferences and needs, I may opt for a grip with more texture, like corded grips, for better traction in wet conditions. On the flip side, if I prioritize comfort, a smoother, less textured grip may be more suitable.

Shock absorption is an often-overlooked feature, but as I age, it becomes increasingly vital. A grip with proper shock absorption can prevent discomfort and even injury by reducing the vibrations transmitted to my hands and wrists during impact.

While there are plenty of golf grips out there, as a senior, it is essential to ensure that the grip I choose meets my individual needs and preferences. By considering these key features – material, size, texture, and shock absorption – I can confidently select the best golf grip to enhance my game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top golf grips for seniors with arthritis?

As a senior golfer with arthritis, I recommend checking out these top golf grips for comfort: Winn Dri-Tac, Golf Pride CP2, and Lamkin Arthritic Grip. Winn’s Dri-Tac line of grips is known for cushioning and non-slip performance. Golf Pride CP2 grips have a comfortable and soft rubber feel, while Lamkin Arthritic Grip is explicitly designed for arthritis sufferers.

What is the ideal golf grip size for senior players?

As a senior player, the ideal golf grip size can vary depending on factors like hand size and comfort. Start considering standard size golf grips, but sometimes, midsize or jumbo grips might provide a better experience for seniors. Measuring one’s hand length and middle finger circumference is crucial when determining grip size.

Which golf grips provide the best accuracy for seniors?

Accuracy depends not only on the quality of the grip but also on personal preferences. Find a grip that suits your preferences and provides you the desired level of comfort and tackiness for optimal accuracy.

How to choose the best golf grip for wet conditions?

When playing in wet conditions, I suggest opting for golf grips with increased tackiness and water resistance. Some great options to consider include Golf Pride’s Tour Wrap 2G, Lamkin’s UTx, or Winn’s Dri-Tac series. These grips are designed to perform well in damp or humid conditions, maintaining a good grip for better control.

What makes Golf Pride grips suitable for seniors?

Golf Pride grips are suitable for seniors because of their design features tailored for senior players. Their CP2 series, for example, showcases reduced taper with a larger lower hand for improved comfort. Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet line enhances traction for consistent performance, while their Tour Wrap 2G provides excellent tackiness and soft material for easy gripping.

How can a senior golfer determine the perfect grip size?

To find the perfect grip size, a senior golfer should measure their hand size and consult a grip sizing chart, available at golf shops or online. Start by measuring the distance from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm, along with the circumference of your middle finger. Comparing these measurements with a grip sizing chart can help you select the ideal grip size for your needs.

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