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Best Golf Grips for Arthritis: Top Picks and Expert Advice

Last Updated on January 24, 2024

Golfing with arthritis can be challenging, but the right equipment makes a world of difference. As an experienced golfer living with arthritis, I’ve dedicated myself to finding golf grips that ease discomfort and improve playability. This article, backed by thorough testing and personal expertise, will guide you through selecting the best golf grips designed for arthritis sufferers, focusing on material, size, and design to ensure maximum comfort and control on the course.

Our Top Choices

As someone living with arthritis, I understand how important it is to find a good golf grip that reduces strain on the joints. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the best golf grips for arthritis to improve your game without compromising on comfort.

Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips Oversize Jumbo

The Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips are an excellent choice for golfers with arthritis looking for comfortable, non-slip grips in any weather.


  • Designed with golfers with arthritis in mind
  • Non-slip nubbed texture
  • Effective shock absorption


  • Might not be compatible with all clubs
  • Slightly smaller than other jumbo grips
  • Shorter lifespan compared to other brands

I recently played a round with the Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips and was impressed by the grip’s design specifically for golfers with arthritis. The proprietary nubbed texture makes it easy to hold the club without straining my hands, and it greatly enhances the anti-slip strength.

These grips felt comfortable to hold and the shock absorption feature made them gentle on my hands. Made from thick rubber material, the grips ensured I could play without discomfort, even during long practice sessions. They were ideal for use in all sorts of weather conditions as they never slipped in my hands.

However, I noticed that these grips might be slightly smaller than other jumbo grips on the market, which might not be suitable for everyone. Additionally, despite their overall good quality and performance, some golfers have reported a shorter lifespan compared to other brands. It is important to consider these factors when deciding if these grips are the best choice for you.

Overall, the Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips Oversize Jumbo Golf Club Grips are a great investment for those looking for a comfortable, non-slip grip tailored for golfers with arthritis.

Karma Arthritic Jumbo Plus Golf Grip

I believe that the Karma Arthritic Jumbo Plus Golf Grip is a great investment for golfers with arthritis, thanks to its comfort and excellent grip.


  • Textured surface for enhanced grip
  • Oversized design for reduced pressure
  • Shock-absorbing material to lessen impact on joints


  • Some users find it uncomfortable
  • May not suit individuals without arthritis
  • Durability concerns in extreme weather

I recently tried the Karma Arthritic Jumbo Plus Golf Grip on my clubs, and I was quite impressed. The textured grip was perfect for my arthritis, as the raised surface made it easier to hold onto the club without straining my hands. Additionally, the oversized design helped reduce the grip pressure, resulting in a comfortable, tension-free hold.

The shock-absorbing property of this grip was another standout feature. Since it’s made from a thicker rubber material, I found that it absorbed the impact well, lessening the stress on my hands and joints. This is beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis, as it can make swinging the club more comfortable and enjoyable.

However, I did notice some drawbacks to the Karma Arthritic Jumbo Plus Golf Grip. Some users may find the grip uncomfortable due to its firmness, and those without arthritis might not appreciate the oversized design. Additionally, there are concerns regarding the grip’s durability in extreme weather conditions, particularly in hot climates.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a golf grip specifically designed to address the challenges faced by those who have arthritis, the Karma Arthritic Jumbo Plus Golf Grip is a good choice. While it might not cater to everyone’s preferences, it’s worth considering for a more comfortable golfing experience.

Karma Arthritic Golf Grips Oversized

These Karma Arthritic Golf Grips are perfect for those with arthritis looking for comfortable and secure grips.


  • Nubbed micro-textured surface for palm sensation and relief
  • Oversized to minimize excessive grip pressure
  • Shock absorbing, lightweight material


  • Might be too big for some golfers
  • May not provide enough tackiness for some preferences
  • Could be challenging for beginners to install

I recently had the chance to try out the Karma Arthritic Golf Grips, and I must say, they are a game-changer for anyone dealing with arthritis. The nubbed, micro-textured surface not only provides great sensation in the palms but also offers relief for sore hands, making it easier to enjoy playing.

The oversized design of these grips (+3/32” over men’s standard grip size) helps minimize excessive grip pressure for a tension-free hold, which is perfect for those with arthritis or other medical ailments that make it difficult to hold onto a club well. Additionally, the thicker walled rubber material works to reduce shock better than thinner or standard-sized golf grips, which allows for enhanced comfort while playing. Plus, they are lighter weight compared to other arthritic grips on the market, which helps maintain swing weight.

While I found the oversized design beneficial for my arthritis, I can see how some golfers might find it too large or not tacky enough for their preferences. It’s also worth noting that installing these grips might be more challenging for beginners, so seeking professional help is recommended if you’re inexperienced in re-gripping clubs. Overall, I highly recommend the Karma Arthritic Golf Grips for anyone with arthritis or other grip issues that need a comfortable, secure solution on the course.

Yamato Performance Arthritic Golf Grips

I highly recommend these Yamato grips for golfers with arthritis seeking comfort and performance in their golf game.


  • Effective for those with arthritis
  • Enhanced grip with small nubs
  • Excellent shock absorption


  • Nubs may be uncomfortable without a glove
  • Can be slippery when damp
  • May be challenging to install

After using the Yamato Performance Arthritic Golf Grips, I found they provided a substantial improvement in my golf game. The arthritic grip was specifically designed for golfers with arthritis, making it easier for me to hold and swing the club. The small nubs all over the grip offered an excellent anti-slip feature and contributed to the improved swing effect.

The thick rubber material used in the construction of these grips provided impressive shock absorption. It ensured that I enjoyed a comfortable experience throughout my game, making it easier to focus on my swing technique. However, without wearing a glove, the small nubs on the grip could be slightly uncomfortable, but this was easily resolved by using gloves.

One thing I noticed was that the grips could become slippery when damp or in high humidity, which required me to be extra cautious in such conditions. It’s worth mentioning that initially, installing these grips on my clubs was somewhat challenging, but once in place, they held up well and proved their worth in terms of comfort and performance.

In conclusion, the Yamato Performance Arthritic Golf Grips are a great choice for anyone with arthritis looking to improve their golf game. Despite some minor issues, their benefits in terms of grip, shock absorption, and comfort outweigh any drawbacks.

Winn Dri-Tac LT Oversize Golf Grip

I highly recommend the Winn Dri-Tac LT Oversize Golf Grip for golfers with arthritis, as it delivers superior comfort, reduced hand fatigue, and an easy, non-slip grip.


  • Enhanced control and lighter grip pressure
  • Suitable for golfers with arthritis or hand injuries
  • Comfortable, non-slip feel


  • Might require frequent replacements for heavy users
  • Price may be higher than other grips
  • Oversized grip may not suit everyone

After using the Winn Dri-Tac LT Oversize Golf Grip, I immediately noticed a significant improvement in my control and grip pressure. The less tapered profile, combined with the larger lower hand diameter, made it much easier for me to grip the club and reduced the pain and fatigue I usually felt after a round of golf.

As someone who has arthritis in my hands, I found that this grip provided me with much-needed relief and support. The Dri-Tac material not only offers excellent shock absorption to minimize vibrations during swings, but it also ensures a comfortable, non-slip grip that’s perfect for golfers with arthritis or hand injuries.

Despite all these benefits, there are a few minor drawbacks to consider. The grips may require more frequent replacements for those who play golf frequently, and the price may be slightly higher than other golf grips on the market. Additionally, the oversized grip may not suit everyone’s preference, so it’s essential to try it before committing to a full set.

In conclusion, the Winn Dri-Tac LT Oversize Golf Grip has significantly improved my golfing experience, especially as someone with arthritis. The enhanced control, non-slip feel, and comfortable grip allowed me to play with less pain and fatigue. While there are a few potential cons to consider, I believe the benefits far outweigh these for anyone looking for an arthritis-friendly golf grip. Give it a try and feel the difference for yourself.

Tacki-Mac Arthritic Golf Grip Bundle

I highly recommend the Tacki-Mac Arthritic Golf Grip Bundle for golfers struggling with weakened hand strength or arthritis.


  • Unique serrated design for enhanced control
  • Soft compound for comfortable grip
  • 13 grips included in the bundle


  • A bit shorter than standard grips
  • May require a significant amount of solvent for installation
  • Can be rough on hands during extended play

I recently tried out the Tacki-Mac Arthritic Golf Grips on my clubs, and I must say they did wonders for my grip control. The unique serrated design gave me outstanding control, and the soft compound material made it very comfortable to hold throughout my rounds. These grips are perfect for those with weaker hand strength or arthritis.

While installing the Tacki-Mac grips, I noticed that they were a bit shorter than standard grips, so I had to adjust my setup accordingly. On the other hand, I found that the installation was quite straightforward, but it does require a considerable amount of solvent. Make sure you have enough solvent to install all 13 grips in the bundle.

During my game, the grip felt great, but after playing a few rounds, I noticed that the grips can be a bit rough on the hands. Those who play golf frequently or have sensitive hands might want to consider wearing gloves while using these grips. Despite this, for occasional golfers or those with arthritis, these grips are a fantastic option.

Overall, the Tacki-Mac Arthritic Golf Grip Bundle is a solid choice for golfers with weakened hand strength or arthritis. The unique design provides excellent control, and the soft compound offers a comfortable grip. Keep in mind the cons mentioned, but don’t let them deter you from giving these grips a shot.

Lamkin Arthritic Golf Grips

I recommend these Lamkin Arthritic Golf Grips for anyone dealing with arthritis, as they make swinging more comfortable and enjoyable.


  • Larger size and nubbed grip for better control and minimized effort
  • Reduced hand pressure leading to less pain during play
  • Improved play experience with longer and more enjoyable rounds


  • Somewhat harder texture than expected
  • Might not suit players who prefer conventional, smooth grips
  • May cause discomfort for barehanded golfers after extended use

I recently got to use the Lamkin Arthritic Golf Grips for my clubs, and I was quite impressed with the changes it brought to my game. The nubbed texture and slightly larger size made it much easier for me to grip the club, which ultimately reduced the pressure on my arthritic hands. This allowed me to play longer rounds with less pain and discomfort.

Another advantage of these grips was how it minimized the effort I needed to exert during my swing. The enhanced control they provided helped me better manage my clubhead throughout the swing, improving my overall game. Additionally, I noticed that I didn’t need to wear a glove when using these grips, as they offered great traction and grip even in wet conditions.

On the downside, I found the texture to be a bit harder than I initially expected. This may not be ideal for those who prefer softer grips or those without arthritis who enjoy the feel of a traditional, smooth grip. Furthermore, I can see how these grips might cause discomfort for barehanded golfers after long practice sessions or playing multiple rounds.

In conclusion, the Lamkin Arthritic Golf Grips are a great solution for golfers with arthritis or other hand issues, as they provide enhanced grip and comfort during play. However, golfers without arthritis or those who prefer softer grips may not enjoy these grips as much due to their harder texture.

Velpeau Elastic Thumb Support Brace

No products found.

This Velpeau Elastic Thumb Support Brace is a considerable option for those suffering from arthritis, providing a balance between comfort and support.


  • Thin design allows for layering with other braces
  • Soft and lightweight for comfortable wear
  • High-quality, breathable fabric


  • May require additional wrist support for some users
  • Modest compression may not suit everyone
  • Sizing issues reported by some customers

Recently, I tried out the Velpeau Elastic Thumb Support Brace to help alleviate my arthritis-related thumb discomfort. What I immediately appreciated was its thin and lightweight design that allows me to wear it in combination with other thumb braces. The soft material and ergonomic low-profile design make it easy to put on and take off.

As someone who spends much of my day using a computer, I was pleased to find that the premium fabric offers breathability, preventing my hand from sweating throughout the day. While some users may require additional wrist support, I found the overall level of support satisfactory for my needs.

However, despite its many benefits, I did experience some drawbacks. The compression offered by this brace is relatively modest and may not be sufficient for everyone. Additionally, a few customers have reported sizing issues, so be sure to consult the size chart and measure your hand before purchasing.

Overall, the Velpeau Elastic Thumb Support Brace is a great option for those seeking a balance between comfort and support. Its slim design, soft and breathable fabric, and ease of use make it a worthy consideration for arthritis sufferers.

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip

These grips are a great choice for golfers with arthritis due to their soft, tacky texture and stable performance.


  • Excellent comfort and tackiness
  • Non-slip X-style surface texture
  • Taper Control Technology for even hand pressure


  • May not be durable enough for some users
  • Only comes in undersize and midsize options
  • Pack of 13 may leave one grip unused

I recently installed the SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grips on my clubs, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my grip comfort and performance. The “X-style” surface texture provides an exceptional non-slip grip, which is especially helpful for those dealing with arthritis.

The Taper Control Technology in these grips promotes even hand pressure, allowing me to swing faster and square the clubface more naturally. This has not only enhanced my swing but also reduced the strain on my hands. As someone who occasionally experiences joint pain, I appreciate this feature.

However, there are a few downsides to these grips. They don’t appear to be as durable as I had hoped, and I worry they may wear out sooner than other grips I’ve used. Additionally, they only come in the undersize and midsize options, which may not suit all golfers. Lastly, the pack of 13 grips may leave one unused, depending on your club set.

Overall, the SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip is a valuable option for golfers with arthritis. Their soft, tacky texture and stable performance make a notable difference in comfort and on-course performance. While the durability and size offerings may not be perfect for everyone, I still recommend giving these grips a try to improve your golf game.

Tacki-mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Golf Grip

I believe the Tacki-mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Golf Grip is a fantastic choice for those with arthritis seeking comfort and control during their golf game.


  • Exceptional tacky feel
  • Durable and comfortable material
  • Serrated design for improved control


  • Might feel closer to midsize than jumbo
  • Material may wear down over time
  • Limited color options

When I first tried the Tacki-mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Golf Grip, I instantly appreciated its exceptional tacky feel. This grip is made from high-quality thermo plastic rubber (TPR), allowing for a comfortable and soft compound that doesn’t lose its tackiness, even when exposed to extreme temperatures or wet conditions.

The serrated design of the grip gives me outstanding control, which is crucial when dealing with arthritis. The 3/32″ oversized grip allows for a firm hold without putting too much pressure on my hands, providing me with increased comfort during my golf sessions.

However, some users might find the grip to feel closer to a midsize version rather than a jumbo one. Personally, I found the sizing to be a comfortable fit, but those with larger hands might require additional wraps of tape underneath the grip for a perfect fit. Additionally, the material may show some wear and tear over time, though my experience so far with the Tacki-mac grip has been impressive in terms of durability.

In conclusion, the Tacki-mac Arthritic Serrated Oversize Golf Grip is an excellent choice for golfers with arthritis seeking a comfortable, tacky, and durable solution for enhancing their game. Despite some potential concerns regarding size and material wear, the overall quality and performance of this grip make it a valuable purchase for those in need of a specialized grip.

Buying Guide

When I’m looking for the best golf grips for arthritis, there are certain features I consider to help me choose the right product. It’s important to find a grip that’s comfortable, effective, and caters to my specific needs. Let’s take a look at some of the factors I focus on while making a decision.

Grip Size

One of the first things I examine is grip size. A grip that’s too small or too large can cause discomfort and make it difficult to maintain a proper hold on the club. I keep in mind the following sizes:

  • Standard: Suitable for individuals with average hand sizes.
  • Midsize: Ideal for those with slightly larger hands, or if I need more cushioning.
  • Oversize/Jumbo: Designed for golfers with very large hands or those who require significant cushion support.


Next, I pay attention to the material when choosing a golf grip. Grip material can vary in terms of comfort, durability, and traction. There are two common materials I consider:

  • Rubber: Rubber grips are durable, weather-resistant, and can provide a soft but firm grip. There are also various textures available to accommodate my preference.
  • Corded: Corded grips use rubber as the base but have strands of fabric woven in for added traction. These grips are great for added control in humid or wet conditions.


Tackiness refers to how sticky or grippy the grip feels. As someone with arthritis, I prefer a grip with good tackiness, as it helps keep my hand in place and minimizes the need for excessive grip pressure. A high-tack grip can provide me with added control and comfort.

Shock Absorption

To reduce strain on my joints, I look for grips that offer good shock absorption. Many grips include features like padded inserts or extra layers of material to help absorb shock and vibrations. This can help make my swings more comfortable and reduce the risk of pain or injury.

By focusing on these features, I can find the best golf grips for my needs and enjoy the game without my arthritis getting in the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top arthritic golf grips on the market?

I have noticed that some of the most popular arthritic golf grips currently available are Winn Dri-Tac, Golf Pride CP2 Pro, and Lamkin Arthritic grips. These grips offer excellent comfort, reduced grip pressure, and better traction for golfers with arthritis.

Which golf grips are ideal for senior players?

For senior players, I recommend grips that provide excellent cushioning, promote light grip pressure, and are designed for durability and long-lasting performance.

How do I choose the right size golf grip for my arthritic hands?

When choosing a golf grip for arthritic hands, it’s important to consider the grip size. Measure the length of your dominant hand from your wrist crease to the tip of your middle finger. Based on this measurement, refer to the golf grip size chart available online or consult with a golf professional to find the appropriate size for you.

How do arthritic golf grips compare to regular ones?

Arthritic golf grips have some distinct differences compared to regular golf grips. They generally offer more cushioning and support, designed to reduce the pressure on your joints when gripping the club. This helps provide comfort during the swing and minimizes the strain on arthritic hands.

What techniques can ease holding a golf club with arthritic hands?

Some helpful techniques to ease holding a golf club with arthritic hands include using a lighter grip pressure, keeping the club more in the fingers rather than the palm, and incorporating finger-extension exercises to improve flexibility and reduce stiffness.

Can high handicappers benefit from arthritic golf grips?

Yes, high handicappers can benefit from arthritic golf grips. These grips are designed to provide comfort and reduce grip pressure, which can help improve consistency and control for golfers of all skill levels, including high handicappers.

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