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Best Golf Club for Driving Range: Top Picks for Distance and Accuracy

Last Updated on April 11, 2024

Selecting the right golf club for the driving range is crucial for improving your game, suitable for both beginners mastering their swing and experienced players refining their skills. This guide focuses on finding drivers that offer a mix of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. We’ve evaluated drivers for features like adjustability, head size, shaft flex, and loft angle, essential for optimising performance and correcting inconsistencies. Our goal is to recommend drivers that help golfers of all skill levels enhance their driving range practice, leading to better performance on the course.

Our Top Choices

When we hit the driving range, we’re all looking to improve our game. The right equipment can make a significant difference in both practice sessions and performance. We’ve scoured the market to compile a list of golf clubs specifically designed to enhance your driving range experience. Our selection promises to offer excellent durability, performance, and feel, catering to a variety of skill levels and preferences.

MOMENTUS Power Hitter

We believe the MOMENTUS Power Hitter is a solid investment for any golfer looking to boost their drive distance with a professional-grade training tool.


  • Enhances swing strength and flexibility
  • Promotes a more disciplined, controlled swing
  • Endorsed and used by professional golfers


  • May be too weighty for some users
  • Not a direct substitute for regular drivers in actual games
  • Limited to right-hand orientation which may not suit all golfers

After spending a session at the driving range with the MOMENTUS Power Hitter, the immediate difference in our swing was noticeable. The extra heft of the club trained our muscles to manage a more disciplined swing. Shorter backswings and more focused follow-throughs became instinctual, translating to improved technique with our standard driver.

The weighted design indeed leveraged our warm-up, allowing us to transition to our regular club with a feeling of lightness and control. The feeling of the clubhead through the swing effectively ingrained the right sequence of movements, enhancing our overall performance.

Our play suggested that repeated practice with this trainer could viably add those much-desired extra yards to our drives. Although it’s important to note that the MOMENTUS Power Hitter’s weight might not suit everyone and could be challenging for golfers with lower strength levels. This club is crafted for right-handed golfers exclusively, potentially excluding left-handed players from its benefits. Despite this, for the right-handed golfer looking to refine their swing and potentially up their game off the tee, the Power Hitter makes a strong case for inclusion in any serious golfer’s training arsenal.

BombTech One Iron

The BombTech One Iron could be a game-changer for those of us who need piercing, low-flying shots with the bonus of that classic iron feel.


  • Promotes control with its heavier head
  • Capable of low, penetrating flight with great roll
  • Confident turf interaction due to generous sole radius


  • Not suitable for those who prefer high-launching shots
  • May require adjustment period for optimal results
  • Limited forgiveness compared to hybrid clubs

On a recent trip to the driving range, we had the chance to swing the BombTech One Iron. Right off the bat, we noticed how it favored a more controlled, penetrating ball flight. It’s refreshing to have a club in the bag that can promise such consistence from the tee and fairway. When shots need to stay under the wind or roll out on firm courses, this club delivers.

We found the generous sole radius to be quite a perk. It aids significantly in tricky lies, gliding through the grass rather than digging in. This feature particularly shone through on less than perfect range mats, where other irons might struggle.

A point worth noting is the additional weight in the clubhead, which we feel enhances the feel through impact. It imparts a satisfyingly solid strike that seasoned golfers will appreciate and can increase accuracy by providing extra feedback.

In using the BombTech One Iron, we discovered that while it might not suit every style, especially for those who love the ease and forgiveness of a hybrid, it stands out as a sturdy option for the player looking for precision and the challenge of mastering a legendary club.

Pinemeadow EGI Hybrids

We find the Pinemeadow EGI Hybrids to be an excellent choice for golfers seeking to enhance their game with clubs that combine the best features of irons and fairway woods.


  • Versatile club selection replaces hard-to-hit irons
  • Widened sweet spot for more forgiving shots
  • Useful from a variety of lies, enhancing playability


  • Club length may be short for taller players
  • Basic design may not appeal to all golfers
  • May take a few rounds to fully adjust to the club

I had the chance to take these hybrids out for a spin, and the experience was telling. Right off the bat, the weight distribution throughout the club head created a nice feel of balance in my hands. This isn’t just talk; you can genuinely sense the extended sweet spot as you make contact – a forgiving feature that’s always appreciated.

Engagement with the ball felt solid, and I noticed a definitive improvement with shots that previously would have been challenging with traditional irons. The hybrids truly shone when it came to versatility. Whether I was hitting from the fairway or rough, the performance remained consistently high, underscoring the adaptability of these clubs.

A point to consider: some fellow golfers mentioned they found the shaft a tad short. While it worked fine for my height, you might want to double-check if you’re on the taller side. Despite that, after adjusting to the club’s unique dynamics, I was quite satisfied with the trajectory and distance of my shots. The Pinemeadow EGI Hybrids are a notable addition to any bag, especially if you’re looking to replace harder-to-hit irons with something more player-friendly.

Pujoy Swing Aid

We recommend the Pujoy Swing Aid for golfers looking to improve their swing tempo and warm-up routine before hitting the course.


  • Enhances understanding of swing mechanics
  • Offers immediate feedback on your swing
  • Flexible shaft aids in establishing proper rhythm


  • Not a replacement for professional coaching
  • Some users may find the head quality lacking
  • Shaft flexibility may be too soft for some preferences

Swinging the Pujoy Swing Aid, it’s noticeable how it encourages a focus on body movement over arm action. The aid’s flexibility is commendable; it gives that instant feedback necessary for refining swing tempo. Its well-designed grip contributes to an intuitive feel, helping us polish our swing before stepping out onto the range.

Using this club at the driving range, it became apparent that it isn’t just a warm-up tool—it’s a full-blown training aid. It’s beneficial for beginners and intermediate players alike, aiming to ingrain a consistent tempo. Despite that, it’s clear it can’t fully mimic the experience of a personal coach’s guidance.

The last couple of times out, we’ve noticed some minor drawbacks. While its flexible shaft provides excellent training feedback, it may not suit those used to a stiffer club. Additionally, the club head could have benefited from a more premium finish to match the rest of the build. Regardless, we’ve found it’s a fine addition to our golf regimen, particularly for those who value developing a solid and repeatable swing.

Strata Men’s Complete Golf Set

If you’re hitting the driving range and want a set that delivers on performance and forgiveness, this Strata set is a surefire choice.


  • Forgiving driver enhances distance off the tee
  • Hybrid offers versatility for a range of shots
  • Putter alignment aids greatly improve accuracy


  • Basic set may not suit advanced players
  • Limited customization for individual preferences
  • Driver durability could be an issue for frequent golfers

My first impression was the quality of the clubs, their sleek design, and the vibrant colors that make the set stand out. On the driving range, the driver’s lightweight design and large sweet spot really helped in sending those balls far down the fairway. It’s always a delight when clubs respond so well and add yards to your drive.

The hybrid club in this set was a real game-changer. Replacing those tricky long irons, it gave me the confidence to make a variety of shots. It glided through the turf effortlessly which is always appreciated, especially on those iffy days when my swing isn’t as smooth as I’d like.

Finally, putting with this mallet putter was intuitive. Its alignment features worked wonders for my accuracy. Putting can often be frustrating, but this putter felt like it was guiding the ball into the hole. The entire set provided a balanced experience with clubs that felt just right for a beginner to intermediate player and made my time at the driving range both enjoyable and productive.

LAZRUS Premium Hybrid

After hitting the range with the LAZRUS Premium Hybrid, I’m convinced it’s a solid choice for golfers seeking quality without the hefty price tag.


  • Exceptional value for high-quality build
  • Impressive performance across different levels of play
  • Delivers solid hits with reduced hand strain


  • Grip quality may not meet everyone’s standards
  • Aesthetic finish could be prone to damage over time
  • Swing feel may differ from other hybrids

Holding the LAZRUS Premium Hybrid, I could feel the deliberate balance and craftsmanship that went into its construction. A few swings in, and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortably it fit into my playstyle. The graphite shaft provided a responsive feel, offering precision that I would expect from more expensive brands.

Each shot I took felt balanced and easy to control. This club’s ability to provide loft and distance without sacrificing accuracy makes it an excellent addition to any golfer’s bag. Consecutive shots on the driving range proved the club’s reliable performance, which I believe would translate well to an actual course scenario.

However, I did notice the grip didn’t offer as much traction as I anticipated. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, players who prefer a tackier feel might need to look at aftermarket grips. Additionally, the paint job, while sleek, seemed like it might not withstand the wear and tear of regular use as gracefully as one would hope.

On the whole, the LAZRUS Premium Hybrid is an impressive club. It stands out in terms of value, especially when you consider the satisfying distance and trajectory it provides. It’s a game-improver for both novices and seasoned players, albeit with a few minor caveats regarding grip and finish durability.

Callaway Rogue ST MAX Iron

I highly recommend the Callaway Rogue ST MAX Iron for its exceptional speed and forgiveness, making it a fantastic choice for any golfer aiming to improve their driving range game.


  • Impressive distance with very forgiving off-center hits
  • Excellent control and ball speed consistency
  • Pleasant sound and feel on impact due to urethane microspheres


  • Premium price point may not suit all budgets
  • Might be too game-improvement oriented for skilled players seeking workability
  • The strong lofts could require a period of adjustment to dial in distances

Just stepping off the range where I tested the Callaway Rogue ST MAX Iron and the experience was noteworthy. The sound at impact is addictively crisp, not unlike a well-struck percussion note. What’s even more gratifying is the way the ball rockets off the face, a clear testament to the Flash Face Cup and A.I. face optimization at work.

I noticed right off the bat the forgiveness of these irons. A tendency to hit a few shots off-center didn’t result in the catastrophic loss of distance you might expect. This is a testament to the precision tungsten weighting, which clearly plays its role in maintaining speed across the face. That means more confidence with every swing, knowing that not every strike has to be perfect.

Reflecting on the shots taken, there’s a distinct uptick in ball flight and landing control—factors crucial for sticking greens. While these irons do come with a heftier price tag and might not appeal to the purists seeking a blade-like iron, they unquestionably make a day at the range a pleasing and successful outing. If you’re in the market for a quality iron that will help you gain confidence and improve your game, the Callaway Rogue ST MAX Iron is certainly worth considering.

Lazrus Premium Iron

I just took the Lazrus Premium Iron to the driving range, and I believe it’s a solid choice for golfers seeking quality without a high price tag.


  • Noticeable improvement in my shot consistency
  • Quality comparable to more expensive brands
  • The deep grooves offered excellent spin and control


  • Limited to one shaft option may not suit all swing types
  • Some may prefer a broader selection from well-known brands
  • Solely based on performance, the feel might not match premium clubs

After swinging the Lazrus Premium Iron at the range, I was genuinely impressed with its performance. The iron feels well-balanced, and the deep grooves really do add an appreciable amount of spin and control, which I noticed when working on my short game on the fringe.

Handling this club felt reassuring, almost on par with some premium sets I’ve tried, but without the hefty price tag. The feedback upon impact is clear and helped me understand my shots better. Transitioning from my starter irons, the difference in quality was evident, especially in how well I could shape my shots.

What stood out to me as a potential drawback was the lack of custom options. The club’s shaft came in a regular flex, which worked fine for my game, but fast swing players might find it limiting. Although it’s a significant step up from budget irons, those used to the luxurious feel of high-end clubs might notice a difference in hand feel and vibration dampening.

In summary, the Lazrus Premium Iron made a noticeable impact on my driving range session. For golfers who are upgrading from entry-level gear or looking for a cost-effective alternative without a big compromise on quality, this iron could be an excellent addition to your bag.

Precise M5 Golf Set

If you’re looking for a cost-effective golf set that offers style and playability, this one’s a worthy contender.


  • Oversized clubheads encourage easy play for beginners to intermediates.
  • The complete set design covers almost all needs on the course.
  • Aesthetically pleasing look that also delivers on functionality.


  • Some golfers might find the grips not up to their preference.
  • Advanced players might outgrow these clubs as their skills develop.
  • Limited reports of durability concerns with the driver over extensive use.

After spending some time on the driving range with the Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set, I appreciated the ease of use that the oversized clubheads provided. Right from the tee, the 460cc driver added a noticeable yardage to my drives, while still being forgiving on off-center hits. This kind of forgiveness is great for those just getting a feel for the game.

Switching between the fairway woods, the hybrid, and the various irons, I found the transition smooth. Each club carried a balanced weight, which enhanced my swing without demanding too much effort. The putter’s aiming mechanism helped me with my alignment, which can often be tricky for beginners. Plus, the stylish look of the black and red bag with the matching headcovers always got a few admiring looks from fellow golfers.

What did give me pause was the grip. While they provide decent traction, I reckon they might not suit every golfer’s hands. Moreover, for those seasoned players who require more intricate feedback, these clubs might lack that refined touch. And while the overall quality is commendable, I’ve heard mention of the driver’s head not standing up to the test of time for a minority of users.

Nevertheless, for someone looking to play occasionally or just getting into golf without investing a small fortune, the performance and versatility of this Precise M5 set are compelling.

Square Strike Wedge

I believe the Square Strike Wedge is a solid choice for anyone who wants to improve their short game efficiently.


  • Simplifies chipping around the greens
  • Minimizes the risk of hitting fat shots
  • Suitable for both novices and experienced players


  • May require practice to master the feel
  • Not as versatile as traditional wedges for advanced shots
  • Heavier head might not appeal to all players

After taking the Square Strike Wedge to the range, I noticed immediate improvements in my chipping consistency. The wide sole design really comes into play, skimming over the turf instead of digging in, which instills a lot of confidence when you’re setting up for the shot. And it’s pretty much as simple as using a putter; a straight back and through motion pops the ball nicely onto the green.

In real-world conditions, this club shines for bump-and-run shots, which so many amateur golfers struggle with. The anti-rotational weighting is a huge help — my clubface stayed square through the strike, resulting in straighter shots. It felt like I had a little extra control, probably due to the putter-like lie angle that makes it easier to avoid accidentally rotating my wrist during the swing.

However, I quickly realized that there’s a learning curve, especially for someone used to playing with a very handsy chipping technique. It took a bit of time to adjust to the heavier head, and while I appreciated the simplicity, I missed the creativity that more traditional wedges offer around the greens. But for sheer ease of use and the reduction in mishit chips, the trade-off was worthwhile for my game.

Buying Guide

a man testing a golf club for driving range

When we choose the best golf club for the driving range, it’s important to consider several features that can significantly affect our performance and comfort.


The choice of material is critical for durability and performance:

  • Steel is robust and offers a consistent feel.
  • Graphite is lighter and can help increase swing speed.

Club Type

Select the right type of club tailored to our specific needs:

  • Drivers are designed for maximum distance off the tee.
  • Irons vary from low to high numbers; lower ones are for longer shots.
  • Wedges help with shorter, high-precision shots.
  • Putters are specialized for the green.


The flex of a club’s shaft determines how much it will bend during our swing:

  • Extra Stiff (XS)
  • Stiff (S)
  • Regular (R)
  • Senior (A)
  • Ladies (L)

Our swing speed dictates the required flex.

Shaft Length

Longer shafts can generate more distance but may sacrifice accuracy. Ensure the length matches our height and arm length for a comfortable stance.

Head Design

Different head designs influence our game:

  • Cavity Back – Forgiving, suitable for beginners.
  • Blade – Offers control for experienced golfers.


Comfort and control are paramount, hence selecting the right grip size and material aids in preventing slippage and reducing hand fatigue.

Loft Angle

Refer to this table to understand the general impact of loft angle:

Loft AngleImpact on Ball Flight
Lower loft (9-11°)Longer, more penetrating ball flight
Higher loft (12-16°)Higher ball flight, potentially more carry

The right choice hinges on our swing speed and desired ball trajectory.

Set Composition

We don’t necessarily need a full set at the driving range. Opting for a selection that focuses on our weaknesses or the shots we want to practice the most can be more beneficial.

By considering these key features, we can select the most suitable golf club for our driving range needs without leaning on any brand preferences.

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