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Best Golf Cart Heater: Top Picks for a Warm Ride on the Course

Last Updated on April 12, 2024

Navigating a golf course in cold weather can be challenging, with the open design of golf carts offering little protection from the chill. This makes golf cart heaters a crucial accessory for players who want to stay warm and focused. Drawing on my years of experience in the golfing industry, I’ve rigorously tested various heaters to find the best options. In this article, I’ll share my insights on selecting a heater that ensures safety, efficiency, and comfort, so your game remains uninterrupted by the cold.

Our Top Choices

As avid golfers, we understand the importance of staying comfortable on the course, regardless of the weather. Our selection of the top golf cart heaters ensures that chilly mornings or late autumn rounds won’t keep you from enjoying your game. These heaters are chosen for their reliable performance, ease of use, and safety features, making them the ideal companions for any golf enthusiast looking to extend their season.

Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater

We find the Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater to be a reliable companion for those chilly morning rounds, ensuring comfort and warmth effectively.


  • Effortless to start with one-button ignition
  • Robust build that withstands windy conditions
  • Handy cup holder adapter fits most golf carts


  • The heater can feel top-heavy, potentially affecting stability
  • May not fit all golf cart cup holders snugly
  • External propane tank required but not included

Recently, we had the opportunity to take the Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater for a spin on a brisk morning tee-off. Straight away, it was clear that the warmth it provided would be a game-changer for our winter rounds. The easy ignition was a breath of fresh air, eliminating the need for matches, and within moments, a steady stream of heat was emanating from the unit.

However, navigating the cart along the bumpy paths, we noticed the heater appeared a bit top-heavy in the cup holder. While it didn’t tip over, thanks to the safety switch, the wiggle was enough to keep an eye on it when moving. The design, though sturdy, suggested that it might not suit every cart model out of the box.

During the round, we found the warmth more than sufficient to keep us comfortable without a full propane canister. Even as we cruised through a particularly gusty back nine, the wind-resistant screen proved its worth, maintaining a consistent output when we needed it most. The ergonomic handle made it a cinch to carry to the cart, and despite the assurance of the oxygen depletion sensor, we remained mindful of ventilation for safety.

Balancing the heater’s benefits, the necessity to bring your own propane tank did mean an extra item on the checklist before heading out. But for the added warmth and comfort on cold days, it’s a trade-off we’re willing to make. Overall, the Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater has earned its spot in our cold-weather gear lineup, with a bit of forethought to secure it properly, it’s a solid choice.

Mr. Heater Portable LP Heater

I found the Mr. Heater Portable LP Heater to be a dependable choice for outdoor warmth, despite its limitations.


  • Easy to ignite with the push-button start
  • Built-in safety features increase peace of mind
  • Compact and portable for on-the-go use


  • Limited to outdoor use, not suitable for enclosed spaces
  • Only one heat setting available
  • Propane canisters run out quickly if used often

Braving the chill in the open air recently, I was thankful for the warmth provided by this little red powerhouse. The radiant heat was a welcome reprieve from the biting cold, and within minutes, I felt more comfortable. Setting it up was a breeze; it’s clear that portability was a key consideration in the design of this unit.

I appreciated the built-in safety mechanisms. The automatic shutoff when oxygen is low or if the unit tips over was reassuring. Outdoors, you never know when a strong gust of wind might come along, and having these features made me feel secure. Furthermore, the heater’s handle made it convenient to move it to just the right location for optimal warmth.

However, it’s essential to note the restrictions. An outdoor setting is mandatory since this isn’t approved for indoor use, which might be a dealbreaker for some. Additionally, while the heat it emits is potent, users will need to make sure they have enough propane on hand, as there’s no variable control—it’s either on or off, which can consume fuel quickly on those longer, colder nights outdoors.

Mr. Heater Tank Top Heater

I recommend the Mr. Heater tank top heater for its fast heating ability and convenience, making outdoor gatherings more enjoyable even in cold weather.


  • Heats up spaces quickly
  • Portable and easy to mount on propane tanks
  • Built with a tip-over safety shut-off switch


  • Consumes propane relatively quickly
  • Requires open air for safe operation
  • Lacks an integrated ignition system

When I first fired up this heater, the chill in my garage dissipated within minutes, creating a comfortable workspace. Its compact size didn’t clutter my already tool-filled garage, and moving it around was no hassle at all, thanks to its straightforward tank-mounting design.

Safety is paramount for me, especially with heating devices. The built-in tip-over switch gave me peace of mind – no worries about accidents if things got a bit too rowdy in the gazebo during a get-together.

Despite the efficiency of this heater, I noticed the propane usage was quite high. It might not be the most economical choice if you plan to use it very frequently or for extended periods. The absence of a built-in igniter was slightly inconvenient, but it was nothing a simple stick lighter couldn’t handle. Overall, this heater is a powerful ally against the cold, just remember to use it in a well-ventilated area and keep an eye on the fuel levels.

Mr. Heater Golf Buddy

We found that the Mr. Heater Golf Buddy is a reliable companion for those brisk mornings on the green, providing consistent warmth with a thoughtful safety design.


  • Compact design for easy portability and fits most golf cart cup holders
  • Wind resistant burner and pilot system ensure a steady heat output
  • Safety features like the tip-over switch and oxygen depletion sensor add peace of mind


  • Some units may have a limited lifespan
  • Needs to be near users for optimal heat distribution
  • Heavier than some might expect for a portable heater

There’s nothing like teeing off with the comfort of warmth on a cold morning, and our round with the Mr. Heater Golf Buddy confirmed just that. Its easy-to-use interface allowed us to get it running swiftly, keeping our hands toasty between shots. Fitting snugly into the cup holder, it didn’t jostle even when we took the cart path less traveled.

The wind resistance of this heater is impressive, maintaining a steady flame when a chill breeze tried to intervene. We noticed this staple feature as we moved between holes, uninterrupted by gusts that would have dampened our spirits and our game.

Safety is paramount with any heating device, and the Golf Buddy excels here. The 90-degree tip-over switch gave us confidence, knowing that a slight knock wouldn’t lead to an unsafe situation. The oxygen depletion sensor is an added safeguard, especially when used in less ventilated spaces, like under a golf cart canopy.

All in all, our experience with the Mr. Heater Golf Buddy was favorable. It’s a game-changer for those chilly days, ensuring that the weather doesn’t dictate our golf schedule.

Stansport Radiant Heater

I highly recommend this heater for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a portable and efficient heat source that’s easy to manage.


  • Compact size makes it easy to transport and use in confined spaces.
  • Adjustable control knob allows for precise temperature settings.
  • Silent operation due to the brass fuel valve is a bonus.


  • Requires manual ignition which may not be convenient for everyone.
  • Heat output might be insufficient for very cold conditions or larger areas.
  • Without an attached propane cylinder, additional purchases are necessary.

Having just field-tested the Stansport Radiant Heater on an early morning round of golf, I was thoroughly impressed with its performance. It’s remarkably compact, and the handle makes it a breeze to transport. Nestled in my golf cart, the heater provided a comforting warmth that took the chill off without being overwhelming.

Adjusting the heat is a straightforward affair, thanks to the 4-step control knob. On a low setting, it maintained a gentle warmth, and on high, it ramped up quickly to stave off the morning cold. It was also pleasantly quiet, a nice touch when you’re enjoying the peacefulness of the outdoors.

The heater does require a manual light, but once ignited, it stays consistent. Its focus on a smaller area is ideal for personal space, ensuring my hands were ready for each swing. It’s worth noting, though, that the heater won’t replace a bonfire; its size limits its heat distribution to a fairly intimate range, which in my case, was exactly what I needed.

For golfers and outdoor enthusiasts who need a quick solution to fight off the cold, the Stansport Radiant Heater strikes the right balance between portability and warmth, quiet operation, and ease of use. Just remember to pick up a propane cylinder, and you’ll be ready to go.

Heat Hog Piglet

I recommend the Heat Hog Piglet for anyone who needs a compact, portable source of warmth that is surprisingly powerful for its size.


  • Directs heat effectively with its fixed 45-degree angled head
  • Wider heating coverage thanks to its curved plaque design
  • Easy to transport and provides steady heat with a simple propane setup


  • Limited heating for larger spaces despite its wider angle
  • Propane tanks can freeze in cold temperatures, potentially affecting performance
  • Base stability may be questionable on very uneven ground

I recently took the Heat Hog Piglet out on a camping trip, and despite the chilly evening air, this little heater made a significant difference. The angled heat head meant I could set it up and point it where I needed warmth the most, and it managed to keep us cozy around the picnic table.

During a tailgate party, my friends and I were impressed. Even though the heater is small and lightweight, it provided us with a comfortable and odorless heat source. We weren’t huddled on top of it, as the curved design seemed to spread the warmth out more than other models I’ve used.

I also used it in my garage on a particularly cold day. While it’s not the powerhouse you’d need for a large space, it kept my workstation pleasantly warm. I’ve learned that for an increase in output duration, insulating the propane tank could be beneficial as it does tend to freeze in lower temperatures.

I found the Heat Hog Piglet easy to set up and operate. It’s been a reliable addition to my outdoor gear for the times I need a heat boost without access to electricity.


Investing in the CAMPLUX 15K BTU Heater ensures your outdoor activities stay warm and cozy, especially during those nippy mornings on the golf course.


  • Quick and effective heating with 15,000 BTU
  • Three heat settings allow for flexibility
  • Safe and easy to transport


  • Requires an external propane cylinder
  • Not suitable for indoor use
  • Lighting may be tricky for some users

After trying out the CAMPLUX Portable Heater on a chilly morning, I immediately felt the area around me get warmer. The compact design made it incredibly simple to set up next to my golf cart, ensuring my hands and equipment stayed warm between shots.

With the ability to adjust the heat output, it was effortless to find the perfect level of warmth. The lowest setting kept the frost at bay, while the highest setting was ideal for the coldest part of the day.

What stood out to me was the heater’s safety features. The chrome guard and sturdy plastic stand added a level of stability and protection that gave me peace of mind while focusing on my game.

However, one thing to note is that you’ll need to supply your own propane. It felt like a minor inconvenience, but it allowed for the heater to be highly portable. I suggest having a spare cylinder on hand so you’re never caught cold.

Although it’s emphasized for outdoor use only, it’s exactly why it excelled in the open space around my golf cart. Remember, it’s not for indoor environments, so always ensure proper ventilation when in use.

Lighting the heater took a bit of practice. It’s not as straightforward as some other models, but once you get the hang of it, the quick heating more than makes up for the initial learning curve.

Overall, the CAMPLUX gives off a remarkable amount of heat, considering its size. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to extend their outdoor activities into the cooler seasons.

Flame King Outdoor Heater

If you enjoy outdoor activities even when it’s cold, the Flame King is a solid pick for staying warm without the hassle of traditional heaters.


  • Flameless operation provides a safe heat source
  • Directs heat efficiently with its adjustable stand
  • Long-lasting on a single propane cylinder


  • Ignitor reliability may be an issue over time
  • Not suitable for enclosed spaces, limiting its use
  • May not produce enough heat for extremely cold conditions

After taking this heater out for a chilly evening on the patio, I immediately noticed the silent operation. It’s truly impressive how it generates a consistent, comfortable warmth without an open flame. The absence of sound adds to the ambiance of peaceful outdoor settings.

Positioning is a breeze with the adjustable stand, which is perfect for directing heat exactly where you need it. Whether it’s a tabletop setup for dining al fresco or close to your chair while stargazing, the Flame King caters to your comfort.

One drawback is the ignitor; while initially responsive, I’ve heard murmurs of it being less reliable over time. That said, when the heater’s up and running, it manages to hold up quite well in moderately cold conditions, providing an even heat that is more than adequate for small gatherings.

Please note that you’ll want to keep this heater in open spaces. It’s not designed for tents, trailers, or homes, so its utility is inherently weather-dependent. On extremely cold nights, it might struggle to keep you warm enough, but for brisk evenings, it’s more than sufficient.

While using the product, the catalytic element was efficient, barely sipping at the propane while still kicking out ample heat. Be prepared to carry a lighter just in case the ignitor decides to be finicky, but once lit, you’re set for hours of comfortable warmth.

GASPOWOR Portable Heater

I’d recommend the GASPOWOR 6200BTU Propane Heater for outdoor enthusiasts who need a portable, reliable source of heat during their adventures.


  • Quick setup and immediate heat production
  • Safety features such as face guard and stable base
  • Adjustable heat levels for tailored comfort


  • Can’t be used with flammables nearby
  • Fuel tank sold separately
  • Propane heaters require ventilation for safety

Winter fishing has never been so comfortable since I started bringing my GASPOWOR Heater along. It’s light enough to carry in one hand, and the fact that it hooks up to those easily found 1lb propane tanks makes it convenient. I was impressed by the heat it kicks out — felt warm in seconds, not minutes.

Safety is no joke out in the wild, and that’s another area this heater wins. The protective guard saved me from singing my fingers more than once when adjusting the temperature, and the sturdy stand means I don’t worry about it tipping over in my tent. It’s reassuring, especially when you’re getting cozy in an enclosed space.

Despite the chilly air outside, with this heater, I’ve lingered longer by the lake under the stars, fishing rod in hand. The warmth it provides is not just about comfort; it’s about extending those precious moments outdoors. Just remember that you’ll have to buy the propane separately, and always ensure ventilation to stay safe.

Red Hawk Propane Heater

If you enjoy golfing on chilly mornings, this heater delivers comfort directly to your cart, making it a solid buy.


  • The stand allows for versatile use off the course.
  • Stainless steel burner exudes durability.
  • Safety is enhanced with an auto shut-off valve.


  • Requires a separate purchase of a Coleman propane bottle.
  • Match lighting might be inconvenient.
  • No carry bag included, despite the potential need for one.

On a brisk morning out on the back nine, a dash of warmth can be a real game-changer. That’s exactly what you get with the Red Hawk Propane Heater. I found setting it up a breeze, with the cup holder fitting snugly into my cart’s dash. It feels sturdy, too, with its stainless steel construction reassuringly robust in my hands.

The heat output is impressive. With a simple twist of the regulator knob, I adjust the warmth to my comfort. The heater is efficient, radiating enough heat to keep the space cozy. It strikes me that this device could also be quite a boon on a boat.

Safety-wise, the auto shut-off valve provided peace of mind. Knowing that the fuel will cut off automatically if the flame does go out allows me to focus on my game without worry. Additionally, the heater’s stand means I can use it on a flat surface for a post-game gathering.

While it’s a slight nuisance that I have to ignite it with a match, it’s a small trade-off for the portable comfort it provides. Also, I had to remember to buy the recommended Coleman propane bottle, as it’s not included. And although not a deal-breaker, a carry bag would make transport of the heater more convenient.

In summary, while there are a couple of minor inconveniences, the Red Hawk Propane Heater is a reliable source of portable heat that I find enhances my golfing and outdoor experience.

Buying Guide

An old man testing a golf cart heater

Key Features to Consider

When choosing the best golf cart heater, it’s important to consider several key features to ensure comfort and safety during chilly rounds of golf.

  • Portability: A compact and lightweight design is essential for easy transport and installation.
  • Power Source: Most heaters are either electric or propane-powered. Evaluate accessibility to power and fuel.
  • Heat Output: Measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units), a higher number indicates more warmth.
  • Safety Features: Look for auto shut-off mechanisms and sturdy bases to prevent accidents.

Note: Avoid plastics that could melt or damage easily.

Compatibility and Installation

Assess the compatibility with your golf cart model. Heaters should securely attach to the cart and not interfere with driving or passenger space.

  • Mounting Options: Carts vary in design, so a universal mounting system or multiple adapter sizes are beneficial.

Controls and Adjustability

Opt for heaters with adjustable settings for better control over the temperature.

  • Thermostats: Allow for precise temperature control.
  • Variable Heat Settings: Enable customization for different weather conditions.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Since golf carts are exposed to the elements, durability is crucial.

  • Materials: Metals and ceramics are typically more durable than plastics.
  • Weatherproofing: Sealed components prevent damage from moisture.
FeatureDesired Quality
PortabilityLightweight, easy to handle
Power SourceConvenient and readily available
Heat OutputHigh BTU for increased warmth
SafetyAuto shut-off, stable base, heat-resistant
CompatibilityUniversal mounting or adaptable fittings
AdjustabilityThermostat, multiple heat settings
DurabilityRobust materials, weatherproof

Maintenance and Warranty

Lastly, consider ease of maintenance and warranty length for long-term reliability and peace of mind.

  • Maintenance: Simple to clean and requires minimal upkeep.
  • Warranty: Longer warranties provide better coverage against defects.

By taking these factors into account, we can select an efficient and reliable golf cart heater that suits our needs.

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