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Best Golf Chipping Nets: Top Picks for Sharpening Your Short Game

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Mastering chipping is crucial for improving golf performance, making a golf chipping net an invaluable tool for practice. This guide, built on extensive experience and thorough testing, focuses on selecting the best golf chipping nets for effective practice in any space. We’ve evaluated durability, size, portability, and ease of use to recommend nets that enhance your chipping skills. Our goal is to help golfers focus on accuracy and consistency, key elements for success on the course.

Our Top Choices

In our quest to perfect the art of the chip shot, we have gathered a selection of top golf chipping nets available on the market. These nets offer a blend of durability, portability, and design excellence, making practice sessions both productive and enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual weekend golfer, our curated picks aim to enhance your chipping game.

GoSports Chipster Range

If you’re keen to sharpen your chipping skills conveniently, we highly recommend the GoSports Chipster Range for its instant setup and versatile practice options.


  • Versatile targets for various distances
  • Sets up and stores away in seconds
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use


  • May require additional weighting in windy conditions
  • Limited utility without sufficient space
  • Not a substitute for full-swing practice nets

Having given the GoSports Chipster Range a thorough workout, we’re impressed with its straightforward setup. The three different target sizes are perfect for honing accuracy, and they pop up in an instant, which means less time fiddling with assembly and more time practicing chips.

The convenience continues with the included carrying case. After a practice session in the backyard, it was a breeze to collapse the nets and pack everything away neatly. We found it to be just as easy to transport for a quick practice session at the park.

Using these nets with real golf balls outdoors gave us a realistic feel of a proper chip shot. When the weather didn’t permit an outdoor session, we switched to foam balls and shifted the practice indoors without missing a beat. However, in gusty conditions, there was a need to secure the nets to the ground.

Remember, while the GoSports Chipster Range excels at chipping practice, it won’t replace a full-sized net for practicing drives or longer shots. Make sure you’ve got enough room to safely chip without endangering windows or passerby. Overall, the versatility and convenience make this a top pick for anyone serious about improving their short game.

CHAMPKEY Chipping Set

We believe any avid golfer would benefit from the CHAMPKEY Chipping Set: perfect for honing chipping skills both indoors and out.


  • Offers varied chipping practice with a dual-side design
  • Features a durable, high-quality mat with realistic turf feel
  • Pops up and disassembles with remarkable ease


  • May require additional weight to stabilize in windy conditions
  • Limited to chipping practice; not suitable for full swing training
  • Included foam balls differ from traditional golf balls in flight and feel

Setting up the CHAMPKEY Chipping Set was a breeze—we had it ready for action in no time. The dual-side design allowed us to switch from practicing chip shot accuracy to working on distance control just by turning the net around. The additional pockets on the front offer a great challenge to really dial in our precision.

While using it outside, we noticed the need to secure it with the provided fixing pins, especially when the wind picked up. However, in calmer conditions or indoors, it remained stable.

The hitting mat impressed us; with a substantial rubber backing, it didn’t slip while we were chipping. The quality of the mat simulated the feel of a fairway well, contributing to a more authentic practice experience. Although the foam balls included served their purpose, they couldn’t replicate the exact flight path or the feel of striking a real golf ball, which is something to consider if you’re looking to perfectly emulate on-course conditions.

In conclusion, the CHAMPKEY Chipping Set is a practical investment for a golfer looking to improve their short game. With easy setup and a good quality mat, it’s a valuable addition to any golfer’s practice gear, especially for those with limited space or adverse weather conditions.

SAPLIZE Chipping Net

If you’re after a chipping net that brings stability and versatility to your practice sessions, the SAPLIZE is a worthy pick.


  • Exceptional stability with a sturdy X-shaped frame
  • Quick to set up and conveniently portable
  • Comes with a full set including a tri-turf mat and multiple tees


  • The chipping mat could be more substantial in size
  • May be on the smaller side for outdoor use
  • Limited to three target areas for chipping

We’ve been swinging away at the SAPLIZE Chipping Net and it’s clear this net is designed with serious golfers in mind. Its enhanced stability is a standout feature; no wobbles or collapses as we practiced our shots. And the ease of setting up this net made it apparent that we could be swinging in seconds – it’s that simple.

Portability is another feature that didn’t go unnoticed. We could pack it up quickly and carry it to various practice locations. Whether we were indoors or taking advantage of a sunny day in the backyard, the SAPLIZE Net came with us without a hassle.

While the included tri-turf mat added a realistic touch, giving us the feeling of being on an actual course, there’s an itch for something a bit more expansive. A larger mat would better simulate a diverse range of lies. However, the mat provided was sufficient for essential practice.

This net’s design with three targets sharpened our accuracy, turning our session into a challenging game. Though this setup might be less suitable for those seeking a vast, open-net experience, we found it beneficial for focusing our skills.

A minor drawback we noticed was the size when considering outdoor use. A larger net might better suit those looking to replicate a full-range session. However, for our focused chipping practice, it did the job well.

In summary, the SAPLIZE Chipping Net with its stable design, ease of installation, and the full range of accessories included, delivers an effective at-home practice solution that, despite its size limitations, remains.

CHAMPKEY Chipping Net Bundle

We believe this CHAMPKEY net set is a wise choice for those wanting versatile, reliable practice gear to sharpen their chipping skills.


  • Versatility in chipping practice with a double-sided design
  • Quality turf mat provides realistic feel and stability
  • Compact and portable, suitable for both indoors and outdoors


  • Limited to chipping and short game practice
  • May not withstand very high-impact drives
  • Aesthetic may not appeal to all users

Having recently given the CHAMPKEY Double-Sided Golf Chipping Net a rigorous test out in the backyard, we’re quite impressed by its dual-turf mat. The turf is thick and mimics real fairway conditions, helping us to perfect our short game right from home. Its rubber backing is sturdy, providing a stable platform, ensuring the mat stays in place with every stroke.

The net’s dual-sided feature has been ingenious for practice; the multi-pocket front side refines our precision, while the other side caters to longer shots. Its assembly was smooth sailing, and with quick folding capabilities, it’s effortless to move from garage to yard and back.

We’re also very pleased with the foam balls included in the set. Their realistic texture has helped us fine-tune our stroke without worrying about breaking a window. It’s become clear to us that the CHAMPKEY net is suitable for anyone from weekend warriors to more avid golfers who want frequent practice without a trip to the driving range.

Golfguru Chipping Net

If you’re looking to elevate your chipping game with a fun, portable, and durable net, this Golfguru model could be the right fit.


  • Immediate feedback on chipping accuracy
  • Motivation boosted by gamified points system
  • Portable and easy to set up


  • Limited to chipping practice only
  • May require additional stakes for stability
  • 18-inch size may be small for advanced players

Honing our short game just became more engaging with the Golfguru Golf Chipping Net. Its 420D Oxford Cloth construction held up well against repeated use, proving both durability and quality. It was a breeze to store away in the compact carry bag, and we could take it out to practice almost anywhere, from our backyard to the local park.

What stood out to us was the motivational aspect. The color-coded points system added an element of challenge, encouraging us to keep trying for that perfect shot. We saw clear improvements in our chipping accuracy over time, which is a testament to the net’s effectiveness as a training aid.

We also appreciated the net’s mental game benefits. Targeting different point values required focus and mimicked on-course pressure, helping us build the resilience needed for real game situations. It’s proven to be more than just a practice tool; it’s a confidence-builder for our chipping strokes.

JEF World of Golf Chipping Net

We believe this chipping net is a solid choice for golfers looking to improve their short game due to its versatility and design.


  • Highly portable and easily collapsible design
  • Three different-sized chipping baskets enhance practice sessions
  • Constructed with durability to withstand frequent use


  • Might be too lightweight to resist windy conditions without additional anchoring
  • Limited size may not be suitable for all practice environments
  • Higher price point compared to some simpler models

Our hours spent chipping into the three baskets of the JEF World of Golf Chipping Net have shown us its value. Its collapsible feature is seamless, transforming from a full 23-inch diameter to a compact 7 inches, simplifying storage and transport.

We noticed a significant improvement in our short game accuracy after regular sessions with this net. Its multi-target design offered us the challenge we needed to refine our chipping from various distances. The quality of materials used promises durability, reassuring us that this net can take the repetitive impact of golf balls.

Although we appreciate the net’s lightweight nature, a downside we experienced was the need to weigh it down in breezy conditions. While this was a minor inconvenience, it’s worth considering if you’ll be practicing in an open or windy space. Overall, our experience suggests that the JEF World of Golf Chipping Net is a robust tool for any golfer’s practice regimen.

Relilac Chipping Net

We believe the Relilac Chipping Net is a solid choice for golfers who want to enhance their chipping game with a convenient and enjoyable practice tool.


  • Quick, hassle-free setup enables more practice time
  • Lightweight and portable for golfing on the go
  • Multi-target design simulates different chipping distances


  • May shift with each swing if not properly secured
  • Limited size compared to larger practice nets
  • Arrival delays could be a concern for eager customers

Taking the Relilac Chipping Net out for a spin, we noticed right away how effortlessly it popped up, ready for use. It’s an ideal tool for squeezing in practice sessions, be they indoors, out in the backyard, or even during a quick office break. Made with durability in mind, this net can withstand the repetitive impact of golf balls, which is crucial when you’re working on refining your chipping prowess.

The standout feature must be the multi-target design. Having various hoops to aim for closely mimics the course environment, challenging us to hit with precision at different distances. It’s gratifying to watch the ball sail into the desired target, and this tangible feedback keeps the practice engaging.

Encouraging some friendly competition, we invited friends over for a chipping contest. The net held up well, and everyone had a blast attempting trickier shots. Despite traveling with the net to different locations, its portability never became a burden, thanks to the light carry bag.

However, we did notice that if the net isn’t anchored correctly, it could shift when striking balls from a closer range. This didn’t detract much from the overall experience but is worth mentioning. Also, although it’s compact enough for convenience, some golfers might prefer a larger net for a broader practice area. Finally, while we didn’t experience any shipping delays, some buyers might find it frustrating if their order isn’t prompt.

In sum, the Relilac Chipping Net offers a practical and enjoyable way to work on your chipping skills. The setup is a breeze, its portability allows for practice anywhere, and the net’s design keeps your sessions both challenging and fun. Despite a couple of minor drawbacks, we believe it’s a worthy addition to any golfer’s training arsenal.

Callaway Chipping Net

If you’re keen to sharpen your chipping skills with convenience and ease, the Callaway Chipping Net is a must-have in your golf training arsenal.


  • Quick to set up and incredibly user-friendly
  • Portable design simplifies transportation and storage
  • Durable construction ensures longevity and consistent performance


  • May move with wind or on impact with balls when not adequately secured
  • Targets might be too challenging for beginners
  • Smaller size may not catch errant shots which could limit its use for more advanced drills

Having tried out the Callaway Chipping Net in our own practice sessions, we found its pop-up design a breath of fresh air, setting up in no time flat. The three vertical targets genuinely make for a versatile training tool, helping us fine-tune our chips and pitches at various distances and trajectories.

In transporting the net to the practice field, we appreciated how light it felt and how smoothly it fit into our car with its fold-down feature. A quick shake, and it pops into form, ready for use.

However, the lightness comes with a slight downside; without proper anchoring, the net can shift upon impact, especially when used outdoors in breezy conditions. We also noted that the net’s size, while convenient for portability, might not capture the full array of chip shots, particularly those with a wider berth. This is something to consider if your training involves an extensive range of chipping drills.

In essence, the Callaway Chipping Net serves its purpose well, providing an efficient and straightforward way to practice chipping. With some minor adjustments for stability, this net is a beneficial tool for any golfer looking to improve their short game.

Guecar Golf Net Bundle

If you’re looking to improve your golf game from the comfort of your own space, we believe this golf net bundle is a solid choice.


  • Large net size caters to various swing practices
  • Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble
  • Includes multiple targets for precision training


  • May slide if not properly secured indoors
  • Fiberglass rods could be more robust
  • Netting may struggle with extremely high-speed impacts

Every golfer yearns for more practice time, and with the Guecar Golf Net, we hit balls with ease and confidence. The generous dimensions allowed us to swing freely without worrying about stray balls. We found installation to be a breeze, having it ready for action within minutes, and the carry bag’s convenience made it a mobile practice station.

During use, we appreciated the thoughtful inclusion of multiple targets. It challenged us to refine our accuracy and not just our swing power. It was like having a mini-range at our fingertips, allowing for productive sessions that we controlled entirely.

Discussing portability, the golf net exceeded our expectations. We could set up a practice area quickly in various locations, which significantly enhanced our training sessions’ frequency and efficiency. The net’s capacity to cater to all levels of golfers made it a versatile addition to our golfing arsenal.

However, it’s important to ensure the net is secured or weighted down well when indoors, as it can move if struck with enough force. During our play, we adjusted to keep our practice steady. While it stood up well to our test swings, those with stronger drives should be mindful of the net’s limits.

REYSHIN Golf Net & Mat

We recommend this golf chipping net to those seeking compact and versatile home practice equipment.


  • Enhances chipping accuracy with 3 targets
  • Quick assembly and portable for convenient use anywhere
  • Includes a bonus hitting mat and additional accessories


  • Smaller than expected, might not suit everyone’s space
  • Foam balls included don’t mimic real golf ball weight
  • Stability might be an issue without proper anchoring

After spending the afternoon with the REYSHIN Golf Net & Mat, it’s clear this is a handy tool for improving our short game. Its three-target design has precisely challenged our ability to control distance and trajectory. The net also conveniently captures balls that don’t hit the mark, saving us time chasing after them.

Setting up the net was a breeze, it virtually assembled itself with a satisfying pop when released from its bag. We anchored it down with the provided stakes, giving it a much-needed stability during some windy moments out in the yard.

The golf mat addition is a great touch, allowing us to practice on a simulated turf that’s gentler on our clubs than the bare ground. The lightweight build was perfect for moving from the backyard to the living room, so weather constraints never stopped our practice session. However, we did note the foam balls didn’t quite have the heft we’re used to with standard golf balls, which affected the practice feel slightly.

In short, the compact size and thoughtful design make the REYSHIN Golf Net & Mat a solid choice for golfers looking to sharpen their technique outside the course. Whether practicing indoors or out, this net provides the flexibility and utility any avid golfer would appreciate.

Buying Guide

a man testing a golf chipping net in the backyard

Assessing Your Needs

We must consider our individual practice needs. A compact, lightweight net is ideal if portability is crucial. For those with limited space, a smaller net would be suitable. Meanwhile, if we plan on practicing a wide array of shots, a larger net with more than one target may be beneficial.

Material Quality

Durability is a key factor we must examine. Weather-resistant materials like nylon or polyester should feature in our selection process, especially for outdoor use. An included feature is UV protection to prevent the net from degrading in sunlight.

Design and Features

The net’s design influences usability. Pop-up nets are quick to set up and take down, making practice sessions more efficient. We should also look for nets with reinforced edges and sturdy frames to endure repetitive use.

Ease of Assembly

A frustration-free assembly is also important. We should look for a chipping net that assembles without tools or excessive effort. Some nets come pre-assembled, while others include easy-to-follow instructions.

Customer Reviews

Before making our choice, we should read customer reviews to gauge overall satisfaction. Look for common themes in reviews, such as ease of use, sturdiness, and durability, to inform our decision.

Price Point

We need to balance cost with quality. More expensive doesn’t always mean better, but we should be wary of extremely cheap options that might compromise on quality or durability. It’s about finding a product that offers good value for our investment.

Here is a simple table to summarize the features to look for:

Material QualityHigh
Net SizeVariable
Design & FeaturesHigh
Ease of AssemblyHigh

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