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Best Disc Golf Towel: Essential Picks for a Dry Game

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

Disc golf towels are crucial for maintaining a good grip and consistent flight path by keeping discs clean and dry. In this guide, we focus on selecting the best disc golf towels, considering factors like material, size, and additional features like carabiner clips. Our recommendations are based on thorough testing for absorbency, durability, and convenience across various weather conditions. Our goal is to help disc golfers find a towel that meets the unique demands of the sport, enhancing both performance and enjoyment on the course.

Our Top Choices

Our experience has led us to select disc golf towels that stand out for their durability, absorbency, and convenience on the course. We’ve prioritized options that help players keep their discs clean for optimal play, and our selections reflect a range of styles and materials to suit various preferences.

BLUPARK Disc Golf Towel

We believe disc golf enthusiasts will appreciate the BLUPARK Disc Golf Towel for its humor and functionality on the course.


  • Quick-drying and super absorbent, perfect for wet conditions
  • Convenient grommet and hook for easy attachment to bags
  • Quirky embroidery adds a fun touch to your disc golf gear


  • Limited size options
  • May not appeal to players preferring a plain design
  • Humorous saying isn’t to everyone’s taste

Holding the BLUPARK Disc Golf Towel, we immediately noticed the quality. The microfiber waffle material feels soft yet durable, capable of handling the outdoor conditions you face on the course. Playing through a morning dew or after a light rain, the towel’s quick-drying ability came in handy, never leaving us with a soggy mess.

The embroidery “Suck My Disc” certainly caught the eye of our fellow players, sparking laughter and conversation. It’s a quirky addition to our gear that stands out but might not be everyone’s cup of tea. On a practical note, the silver grommet and hook were a breeze to connect to our bags for quick access during play.

After using it in multiple games, we noted it remained odor-free and maintained its plush texture. Stored in our bag between games, the towel stayed nicely folded, avoiding any crinkling or damage. Its effectiveness on both discs and hands, paired with the spot-on size, made our rounds more enjoyable.

DALLAHASEE Golf Towel Trio

We think these towels are a solid pick due to their convenient design and multipurpose utility, making them suitable for avid golfers and sports enthusiasts alike.


  • Comes with a handy clip and grommet for ease of attachment
  • Exceptional absorbency for maintaining clean gear
  • Multi-use functionality, adaptable for various sports


  • Some may find them smaller than preferred for wetter conditions
  • Clips may occasionally be missing in the pack, causing inconvenience
  • Limited to one color option, which may not appeal to all

Out on the course, the DALLAHASEE Golf Towel Trio has been a reliable accessory. The microfiber material’s waffle pattern deals with dirt and moisture like a champ. No matter how early we hit the links, dew is no match for these towels. Their ultra-absorbency ensures our clubs and hands stay dry, giving us that perfect grip for each swing.

You know how a bulky towel can be a nuisance? That’s not an issue here. Their tri-fold design keeps them compact and out of the way. Even on days when our bags are packed to the brim, these towels don’t add bulk. Plus, they’re not just for golf – we’ve used them to wipe off sweat while playing tennis and even during a trip to the gym.

We’ve all been there — getting ready for a tee-off only to find a necessary item missing. That’s why it’s a letdown when the pack isn’t complete, and it’s missing a clip or two. It’s mostly a minor inconvenience, but it can be frustrating. And while grey is a classic, some might crave a pop of color to spice up their gear. However, if you value efficiency over aesthetics, these towels won’t disappoint.

Xgunion Golf Towels

In our experience, these towels are a must-have for any disc golfer looking for a durable, easy-to-clean option that efficiently removes dirt and moisture.


  • Exceptionally absorbent and quick-drying microfiber material
  • Convenient heavy-duty clip and loop for easy attachment
  • Set of three classic colors to suit individual preferences and easy rotation


  • Carabiners may lack durability
  • Towels are on the lighter side, which might affect longevity for some
  • Some users may prefer a larger size towel for more extensive cleaning

After just finishing up a round of disc golf, I immediately appreciated the Xgunion Golf Towels for their superb ability to whisk away dirt from my discs. The microfiber waffle weave not only got the job done effectively but also felt remarkably soft against my hands. No irritation or discomfort whatsoever, just a clean set for the next game.

The variety of colors added a nice touch, as I could coordinate them with my bag and the rest of my gear. Swapping them out was a breeze, and I always had a fresh one ready for use while the used towels went through the wash. Speaking of which, they came out of the laundry looking pristine without any color fading, which speaks to their quality build.

However, during the game, one of the carabiner clips gave out, which was a bit disappointing. Though lightweight towels have their advantages, I could see how some might prefer a more substantial feel for handling rougher terrain or wet conditions. Despite this, it’s hard to deny how handy these towels are, and having a set of three ensured that I was never caught without one when I needed it most.

Axiom Watermelon Towel

For disc golfers seeking style and efficiency, this Axiom Watermelon Towel is a game-changer.


  • Exceptional absorbency for quick disc drying
  • Handy clip for easy bag attachment
  • Vibrant design doubles as an eye-catching accessory


  • Size may be too large for some bags
  • Clipping to bag risks dirt accumulation if dragged
  • Specialized design may not appeal to all

After using the Axiom Watermelon Towel on the course, we immediately noticed its superb absorbency. Its textured weave excels at whisking away moisture, ensuring our discs were dry and grip-ready after a wet encounter. Despite an unexpected downpour, our discs returned to the bag in perfect condition, ready for the next throw.

We loved the convenience of the attached clip. Fastening the towel to our bag was a breeze, keeping it within arm’s reach for a quick clean-up. This feature proved particularly useful, as we didn’t have to rummage through our bags during play, saving us time and hassle.

While out on the field, this towel’s bright watermelon pattern frequently caught the eyes of our fellow disc golfers, making it a fun conversation starter. It’s not just a utilitarian piece of gear; it’s a statement. However, as much as the quirky design appealed to us, it’s clear that it might not be for everyone’s taste.

We did find the size to be notably large, which, while useful for drying, made it slightly cumbersome when attached to smaller bags. On a crowded course, the towel occasionally brushed the ground, collecting dirt and leaves. A more compact version would be a welcome addition for those who prefer a lighter load or have compact bags.

In essence, the Axiom Watermelon Towel stands out as a practical and stylish accessory for the disc golf course. Its performance and design make it a standout choice, with just a couple of caveats regarding its size and distinct aesthetic.

Innova DewFly Towel

We think the Innova DewFly Microsuede Towel is a dependable choice for disc golfers who need to keep their gear and hands dry during a round.


  • Exceptionally absorbent, making quick work of dew and moisture
  • Convenient loop ensures easy attachment and access
  • Material resists debris pickup, staying clean throughout play


  • Thicker towels may be needed for fully submerged discs
  • Might not be as effective in very muddy conditions
  • Limited to one color option may not appeal to all users

When you’re out on the course and the early morning dew is still clinging to the world, the Innova DewFly can be a real game-changer. Its absorbent micro-suede fabric makes short work of moisture, keeping your discs and hands dry after every throw. We’ve found the towel’s performance reliable, especially during those humid rounds when grip is everything.

The built-in loop is something we didn’t know we needed until we used it. This handy feature means it’s always within reach, clipped securely to our bag. No more rooting around in pockets or compartments; just grab, wipe, and play on. We appreciate the simplicity and efficiency it brings to our game.

Although the DewFly towel is thinner than some of the bulkier options out there, it compensates with its superior absorption rate. However, after an errant shot finds water, you might wish for something a bit more substantial. We learned that the DewFly is better suited for lighter drying tasks, so it’s worth carrying an additional thicker towel for those rarer, heavier soakings.

Playing through the back nine, this towel has done a commendable job of not picking up every bit of grass and dirt like some others we’ve used. It’s a noticeable advantage, keeping our gear tidy without the annoying cling of the natural debris you encounter on the field. Yet, we’ve noted that in muddier conditions, a good wiping might still leave a bit more residue than we’d like on our discs.

For disc golfers searching for an efficient, no-fuss solution to keep their hands and equipment dry, the Innova DewFly is a strong contender. It’s clear to us that Innova has designed this towel with the player’s needs in mind, offering practicality and performance in a simple package.

MVP Orbit Towel

After a thorough round with the MVP Orbit Towel, we’re convinced it’s a reliable choice for keeping your discs dry and your game on point.


  • Excellent moisture absorption due to cotton material
  • Conveniently portable with its tri-fold design
  • Easy to attach to any bag with its built-in clip


  • The towel’s large size might be cumbersome for some
  • The clip cannot be detached, complicating the washing process
  • Some users report it’s not the most absorbent towel on the market

Our recent jaunts on the course have taught us the value of a good disc golf towel. After all, gripping a soggy disc could easily derail your game. With the MVP Orbit Towel, we noticed it sopped up dew and rainfall from our discs with ease, thanks to its absorbent cotton construction. Its sizable dimensions meant we could use it throughout multiple rounds before needing a dry patch.

We appreciated the tri-fold feature, letting us conserve space in our already crowded bags. Plus, the attached clip proved indispensable, as we could quickly snatch the towel for a brisk wipe-down between shots.

However, we did encounter a couple of drawbacks. For one, the towel is a bit on the larger side, so it can be a bit much if you favor a minimalist setup. Also, not being able to detach the clip when washing means being careful so as to not damage the clip or a washing machine. Lastly, while it outperforms many, it’s not the ultimate towel in terms of absorbency – a point to consider if you’re playing in particularly damp conditions.

In sum, the MVP Orbit Towel has shown itself to be a worthy companion on the disc golf course. It meets the basic needs of drying and maintaining a clean disc, which is what you need to maintain that competitive edge.

Treenied Quick-Dry Disc Golf Towel

For those in need of a reliable disc golf towel, the Treenied Microfiber Towel is a solid choice offering easy accessibility and quick drying.


  • Clip-on design for easy access
  • Microfiber material dries rapidly
  • Fun design adds character to your gear


  • May be smaller than some prefer
  • Material feels thin
  • Durability of print may be a concern

After spending a day on the course with the Treenied Disc Golf Towel, we’ve found it extremely handy. Its clip-on feature allows for effortless attachment to our bags, keeping our discs spotless with a quick wipe. No more fumbling through the bag searching for a towel.

The microfiber fabric is a blessing, particularly on those damp mornings. It absorbs moisture effectively and dries in a flash, so we’re always ready for the next throw. Plus, it doubles up as a great hand dryer, eliminating any slip-up worries before a crucial shot.

We’ve also got to mention the style; the bold Treenied logo brings a bit of fun to our gear. However, we noticed the towels are on the smaller side, which might not suit all players. Some of us found the material to be thinner than expected, raising a few questions about long-term wear and tear. And after a few rounds, we’ve observed the print beginning to show signs of cracking, suggesting it may not withstand heavy use.

Hyzer Hound FlighTowel

We believe this FlighTowel is a game-changer for disc golf enthusiasts looking to enhance their warm-up routine and protect against injuries.


  • Warms up your arm effectively
  • Built-in resistance simulates real disc feel
  • High-quality microfiber for drying discs


  • Limited utility if not used for warm-ups
  • Resistance pocket may take getting used to
  • Color of the grip is not selectable

From personal experience, this towel has made an impression on us for its practicality on the field. The FlighTowel by Hyzer Hound Discs boasts a sort of genius simplicity with the built-in resistance pocket. It’s like having a disc in your hand, giving a proper sense of weight and grip. While rotating through our throwing routine, we could literally feel our arms loosening up, ready to make those crucial throws without straining cold muscles.

What’s more, the microfiber material comes in handy, not only for the warm-up but also for keeping our discs clean and dry between throws. This dual purpose adds to the value of having the FlighTowel in your disc golf arsenal. After just a few quick flicks with it, you may find your actual throws more controlled and less prone to those frustrating early-round jitters.

Over time, as we’ve continued to incorporate the FlighTowel into our sessions, two things became apparent. Firstly, the initial oddness of the resistance pocket dissipated, replaced with an appreciation for the feedback on our form. Secondly, we must admit, we missed the option to choose the color—it’s a small gripe, but customization adds a personal touch that many players appreciate. Despite that, the tangible benefits of using this towel have significantly outweighed this minor shortfall.

Super Mario Towel

We believe the Super Mario Towel is a must-have for any disc golf enthusiast who values style and functionality while on the course.


  • Vibrantly celebrates Mario fans
  • High-quality microfiber for superior drying
  • Includes carabiner for easy attachment


  • The design might not appeal to all
  • Only 11 reviews may not reflect a wide range of experiences
  • Premium price for a themed towel

After a full day on the disc golf course, it’s clear that the Super Mario Towel from Hyzer Hound Discs stands out. The nostalgic Mario World design is an instant conversation starter, bringing a unique flair to our game. Functional too, this towel’s premium waffle microfiber has kept our discs spotlessly dry, even through morning dew and after water hazards.

Its large dimensions effortlessly handle the rigors of an 18-hole course; we didn’t need an extra towel. The convenience doesn’t end there, as the included carabiner clips onto a bag or belt loop, ensuring the towel stays with us and not forgotten on a fairway bench.

We appreciate practicality and the Super Mario Towel delivers. Tossed into the washing machine post-round, it’s easy to care for, maintaining its bold colors and quick-drying features. After several cycles, the vibrancy remains, and the microfiber has shown no signs of wear – it’s equipped to tackle countless more rounds.

Sure, its bright Mario design may not align with every player’s tastes, and with a handful of reviews, broader feedback is limited. Despite this, our time using the towel has been nothing short of excellent. It’s an investment that adds personality to our kit and delivers performance that any serious disc golfer would appreciate.

Disc Raptor Cleaning Tool

After taking this innovative disc cleaner out for a spin, we believe its efficiency makes it a prime choice for every disc golfer’s bag.


  • Superior dual cleaning action that handles dirt and moisture with ease
  • Durable materials and design, alongside practicality as a knee pad
  • Compact and aesthetically pleasing in a variety of colors


  • Limited to three cleaning surfaces
  • May not outperform a regular towel in some situations
  • Slightly pricier compared to basic towels

When out on the course, we found the Disc Raptor indispensable. The mud and wetness that usually spell trouble for our discs were tackled effortlessly, thanks to the innovative dual cleaning area. The microfiber and turf combination is quite the game-changer, making the cleaning process quick and thorough. As frequent players, we’re impressed by how well it lives up to its promise, even in the muddiest conditions.

The quality of materials can’t be overstated. The Disc Raptor withstood the wear and tear of our rigorous play, and we appreciated how the water-repellent nylon exterior kept it looking as good as new. Also, we’ve had our fair share of kneeling shots, and this cleaner doubles nicely as a knee pad – a welcome bonus.

Another aspect we can’t overlook is the convenience factor. It’s lightweight, sports a handy loop for easy attachment, and saying goodbye to lugging around a bunch of wet towels felt liberating. However, we do notice that when faced with an extremely dirty disc, we sometimes reached for a regular towel for an additional wipe down, which could be a consideration for some.

All things considered, the Disc Raptor is a solid piece of gear for disc golf enthusiasts. Its smart design, ease of use, and multifunctionality far outweigh any minor drawbacks. Having used it ourselves, we see it as a valuable upgrade from traditional towels.

Buying Guide

a man testing out a disc golf towel

When looking at disc golf towels, several features stand out as key considerations to ensure you choose the best one for your needs.


MicrofiberQuick-drying, lightweight, absorbent
CottonSoft, highly absorbent

We prefer towels made of microfiber for their quick drying properties and lightweight design, making them ideal for players who need to keep their discs dry throughout the game.

Size and Weight

Portability is essential in disc golf. The towel should be compact enough to carry without hassle yet large enough to be effective. Aim for a towel that balances these traits—typically around 16″ x 16″.


Most towels come with a loop or clip for easy attachment to a bag. Check the attachment mechanism to ensure it’s sturdy and makes attaching or detaching the towel simple and quiet, to avoid distractions during gameplay.


Our towels should endure the wear and tear of the course. Look for reinforced edges and high-quality stitching to increase longevity, as well as towels that maintain integrity and absorption after multiple washes.


High absorbency is crucial for performance in all weather conditions. Towels that can absorb several times their weight in water are preferable for keeping discs clean and dry.

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