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Best Electric Golf Caddy 2024: Top Picks & Expert Guide

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

Golfers increasingly turn to electric golf caddies for a more enjoyable, less strenuous round of golf. Drawing on years of expertise in the sport and extensive testing, this article aims to guide you in selecting the best electric golf caddy. We’ll consider crucial factors like battery life, usability, and extra features, ensuring you find a caddy that enhances your game and matches your needs. Let’s explore the top picks that blend performance, convenience, and innovation.

Our Top Choices

I’ve compiled a list of the top electric golf caddies available on the market. Check them out below to find the perfect fit for your golfing needs.

Motocaddy M7 Remote Electric Golf Caddy

The Motocaddy M7 is a reliable electric golf caddy that offers hands-free control and smooth navigation to enhance your golfing experience.


  • Remote control operation for convenience
  • Smooth and stable movement on various terrains
  • Long-lasting battery for a full round of golf


  • Slightly expensive
  • Some users experienced technical issues
  • Accessories not included with all vendors

My experience with the Motocaddy M7 has been an enjoyable one. I appreciate the remote control feature, which allows me to operate the caddy from up to 150+ feet away. This frees up my hands, making it easier to focus on my game. The caddy has forward, left, right, and reverse controls, as well as pause and resume functionality, which is a major advantage on the course.

The M7 Electric Golf Push Cart provides smooth and stable movement thanks to its 9 speeds, downhill control, anti-tip rear wheels, and all-terrain tires. I’ve found it easy to navigate various types of golf courses with this caddy, all with the touch of a button.

One of the highlights of the M7 is its long-lasting battery, which can last for up to 27 holes on a single charge. This means that I can rely on the caddy to be ready when I am, without worrying about it losing power midway through a game. Additionally, the caddy is foldable, making it convenient for storage and transportation.

It’s important to note that some users have experienced technical issues with their M7 caddy after a few months of use. Although the single service center in the US is responsive, this could be a concern for some potential buyers. Another drawback is that not all vendors include the accessory package (drink holder, card holder, umbrella holder), so it’s crucial to double-check when purchasing.

In conclusion, the Motocaddy M7 Remote Electric Golf Caddy is an excellent investment for golfers who seek convenience and enhanced control over their caddy on the course. Despite some potential technical issues and the accessory package not being consistently included, the M7’s advanced features and smooth navigation make it a valuable addition to your golfing experience.

Super E Caddy The Weekender 3-Wheel Electric Golf Cart

The Weekender is a solid choice for those seeking a convenient and easy-to-use electric golf caddy with plenty of useful features.


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Two modes: electric and manual
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 18 holes


  • No parking brake
  • Accessories could be better designed
  • Potential battery charging issues

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Super E Caddy The Weekender 3-Wheel Electric Golf Cart, and overall, I was quite pleased with its performance. The lightweight and portable design of this electric golf cart is one of its most significant assets. It easily folds up in seconds and fits comfortably in the trunk or backseat of a car. With three wheels, the Weekender is simple to maneuver over various terrains, making it ideal for use on a diverse range of golf courses.

The Weekender offers two modes to accommodate different golfing preferences – electric and manual. While the battery life of this cart typically lasts up to 18 holes, if it does run out of power, there’s no need to worry. With a quick release of the wheels, you can easily convert the electric cart to a manual push cart and continue benefiting from the convenience of a mobile golf caddy.

However, there are a few drawbacks I noticed while using this electric golf cart. The lack of a parking brake can be problematic when stopping or stationing on hills, leading to some instability. Additionally, the Weekender’s accessories, such as the cup holder and scorecard holder, could be better designed for improved practicality.

Lastly, some users have reported battery charging issues with this cart. Although I didn’t encounter such problems during my usage, it’s worth keeping this in mind before making your purchase.

In conclusion, the Super E Caddy The Weekender 3-Wheel Electric Golf Cart is a reliable, convenient, and easy-to-use option for those looking to enhance their golfing experience. While there are some areas that could be improved, the overall functionality and portability of this electric golf cart make it a worthy investment for golf enthusiasts.

Zii ROBOT G2 Electric Golf Push Cart

The Zii ROBOT G2 is an outstanding electric golf caddy that offers great convenience and versatility for golfers at any skill level.


  • Easy and quick setup
  • Multiple control modes
  • Accessory bundle included


  • A bit heavy at 27 lbs
  • Limited customer reviews
  • Warranty length varies for different parts

After trying out the Zii ROBOT G2 Electric Golf Push Cart, I can confidently say that it greatly enhanced my golfing experience. The setup was a breeze – it took me less than 20 seconds to assemble the components. The compact folded size allowed me to effortlessly fit it in my car trunk and transport it to the course.

The G2 offers a combination of remote, manual, and free-wheel control modes that cater to every golfer’s preference. I particularly found the remote control mode to be a game-changer as it allowed me to focus on my game while easily maneuvering the caddy with the 25.2V lithium-ion battery. The programmable buttons let me customize the speed and turning to suit my needs.

The included accessory bundle, featuring an umbrella mount, drink holder, and scorecard holder, contributes to the overall convenience of the G2. Although the push cart weighs 27 lbs, it’s a small trade-off for the benefits it offers. Despite having a limited number of reviews on Amazon, it has earned a 5-star average rating, making it a reliable choice for potential buyers.

The warranty duration varies depending on the parts, with a one-year warranty for the golf cart and a half-year warranty for the battery. Zii ROBOT’s customer support is efficient, ensuring any issues are handled swiftly and effectively.

In summary, the Zii ROBOT G2 Electric Golf Push Cart is a fantastic investment for golfers seeking an easy-to-use, versatile, and practical electric golf caddy.

Cart-Tek Yellowstone Electric Golf Caddie

I highly recommend the Cart-Tek Yellowstone Electric Golf Caddie for those seeking a reliable and feature-packed caddy that can handle various terrains and conditions.


  • Versatile with three modes: Remote, Trolley, and Free-Wheel
  • Dual 240w motors and anti-tip wheel for stability on hilly courses
  • Comes with useful accessories: umbrella holder, scorecard holder, drink holder, and tool kit


  • Remote control not included and requires an additional purchase
  • Might be too heavy for some people to lift in and out of the car
  • Instructions for assembly can be unclear

I recently used the Cart-Tek Yellowstone Electric Golf Caddie and was thoroughly impressed with its performance. Setting it up was a breeze, thanks to the simple three-step daily setup process. Unfolding the caddy, loading my golf bag, and plugging in the battery took no time at all. The rugged steel frame not only ensures durability but also gives the caddy a sleek look in its available high-gloss black or silver color options.

Navigating through the golf course was a satisfying experience with the Yellowstone caddy’s dual 240w motors and anti-tip wheel, allowing me to focus more on my game rather than worrying about the caddy’s stability. The various accessories such as the umbrella holder, scorecard holder, and drink holder proved to be invaluable during my time on the course, enhancing my overall golf experience.

One minor drawback I encountered during the initial assembly was the unclear instructions. However, once I figured it out, it was smooth sailing from there. Also, I would’ve preferred if the remote control came included with the caddy, as purchasing it separately felt like an additional expense.

In conclusion, the Cart-Tek Yellowstone Electric Golf Caddie is an excellent investment for golfers seeking a reliable and feature-packed golf caddy. Its versatile modes, powerful motors, and useful accessories outweigh its minor drawbacks, ultimately providing a top-notch golf experience.

Super E Caddy The Pro Wireless Remote Control Electric Golf Cart

The Super E Caddy is a fantastic choice for golfers looking for convenience, quality, and an enjoyable walking experience on the course.


  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery
  • Easy-to-use variable-speed remote control
  • Comes with many useful accessories


  • Can be heavy for some users
  • Seat might be too close to the bag
  • Potential issues with remote control responsiveness

When I took my new Super E Caddy out for its first spin, it was evident that this electric golf cart was designed with the golfer in mind. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for an impressive 27 hours on a single charge, allowing multiple rounds of golf without worrying about battery life.

What I loved most about the Super E Caddy was its variable-speed multifunctional remote. It made controlling the cart a breeze, ensuring a smooth walking experience. Plus, the added option of forward and backward movement only increased the overall convenience.

Perhaps one of the most notable features was the wide array of accessories included with this electric golf push cart. It has a built-in cooler that holds up to six cans, an integrated seat for those needed breaks, an umbrella holder, a drink holder, and more. These accessories were very practical for a day on the golf course.

One thing to consider is that the Super E Caddy weighs about 44 lbs, which might be heavy for some users. Additionally, the seat was somewhat close to my golf bag, but these downsides were relatively minor compared to its many advantages.

Lastly, I must mention that the cart had some issues with remote control responsiveness. However, the manufacturer quickly replaced the faulty remote free of charge, so their customer service was excellent.

Overall, the Super E Caddy electric golf cart offers a great combination of convenience, quality, and a pleasurable walking experience for golfers. If you’re looking for a reliable option to enhance your golf game, this cart is definitely worth considering.

PlayBetter MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddy Bundle

The PlayBetter MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddy Bundle is worth considering for those who want full control and convenience on the golf course.


  • Full directional remote control
  • Innovative Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology
  • Compact and lightweight design


  • Might struggle on rough or uneven terrain
  • Rear wheel design could be better
  • Charging wire for the remote might be missing

The PlayBetter MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddy Bundle has been a great addition to my golfing experience. The full directional remote control allows me to effortlessly navigate my cart around the course, making my time on the green much more enjoyable. The Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology ensures the cart stays on track in various terrains, reducing the stress of constantly trying to adjust its course.

However, I did find that the cart had some difficulty on rough or uneven terrain. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, it’s essential to be aware of the limitations when using this caddy on different courses. The design of the rear wheel could also be improved to provide better stability. Another minor issue is that the charging wire for the remote might be missing from the package, so make sure to double-check that everything is included when you receive the product.

In conclusion, the PlayBetter MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddy Bundle is a good choice for golfers seeking a user-friendly and functional electric caddy. Its full directional remote control combined with the innovative Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology makes controlling the cart a breeze, while its compact and lightweight design allows for easy storage and transport. Despite some drawbacks in handling rough terrain and minor design issues, overall, this electric golf caddy is worth considering for added convenience on the golf course.

Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC Electric Golf Caddy

The Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC is a reliable electric golf caddy with excellent technological features, but it has a few minor drawbacks to consider.


  • Advanced touchscreen GPS for accurate shot measurement
  • Smart connectivity with Bluetooth and built-in WiFi
  • 2 step folding system with ergonomic height adjustment


  • Sensitive speed control
  • May flip on steep downhill courses
  • Accessories are good, but not very durable

I recently tested the Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC Electric Golf Caddy on the golf course. With its 3.5″ LCD touchscreen and 40,000 pre-loaded courses, I was able to discover real-time updates, analytics tracking, and dynamic green view, leading to improved shots and better game performance.

The smart connectivity was a pleasant feature. While on the course, I could connect my smartphone via Bluetooth and receive alerts for calls, emails, and notifications on the touchscreen, keeping me up-to-date and focused on my game. It was great not having to take my phone out to stay connected.

Downhill control was adequate but not perfect. The dual motor system with Downhill Control technology (DHC) does maintain a constant speed, but in some steep descents, I noticed the caddy had the potential to flip. I was cautious on inclined terrain to prevent accidents.

The folding mechanism was useful, allowing me to easily transport and store the golf caddy. I also appreciated the adjustable height to fit my preferences.

While the accessories included with this electric caddy certainly hold value, some seemed to lack in durability. Accessories such as the cell phone device cradle, drink holder, and umbrella holder lost their grip over time.

Overall, the Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC Electric Golf Caddy is an excellent choice for those looking for advanced technological features and convenience in an electric golf caddy. However, be cautious of the sensitive speed control and potential for flipping on steep downhill courses.

MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Cart

The MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Cart is a reliable and efficient option for golfers looking to ease their game with less fatigue.


  • Easy and quick setup with compact one-piece frame
  • High-performance lithium 36-hole battery
  • Powerful twin 230 Watt motors for smooth and quiet operation


  • Front wheels are too close together, causing occasional instability
  • Seat height might be too short for some users
  • Customer support could be improved

I recently had the pleasure of using the MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Cart on the course. The innovative zip fold technology and lightweight design make it incredibly easy and quick to set up, and the compact size when folded makes it a breeze to transport to and from the course. With the high-performance lithium 36-hole battery and powerful twin 230 Watt motors, I was able to enjoy a smooth and quiet ride along the course, allowing me to fully concentrate on my game.

One thing I noticed while using the MGI Zip Navigator is that the front wheels are a bit too close together, which may cause the cart to do a wheelie when it first starts moving. This can be managed by using the middle hill wheel at all times, but it’s something to keep in mind. Also, the seat doesn’t quite reach the ground, which might be a minor issue for taller users. However, this didn’t affect my overall enjoyment and convenience when using the cart.

I did experience some difficulties when trying to contact customer support, so be aware that their responsiveness might not be top-notch. However, this doesn’t take away from the overall quality and performance of the MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Cart. This electric caddy is definitely worth considering if you’re looking to upgrade your golf game with less fatigue and more ease on the course!

CaddyTrek R3 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Caddy

The CaddyTrek R3 is a convenient, innovative golf caddy worth considering for those seeking a hands-free experience on the course.


  • AI technology for hands-free control
  • Foldable, lightweight design for easy storage
  • Energy-efficient battery allowing 27 holes coverage


  • Requires a learning curve for control gestures
  • People avoidance feature may need improvement
  • Limited customer reviews to gauge overall satisfaction

I recently had the opportunity to try out the CaddyTrek R3, which boasts smart AI technology, making it the first electric golf cart that doesn’t require a remote control. The cart follows me using hand gestures, allowing me to focus on my game without being encumbered by a heavy golf bag.

The CaddyTrek R3 is lightweight and foldable, which makes it easy to transport in the trunk of my car. However, some golfers may need a few rounds to get the hang of the R3’s hand gestures when activating the follow mode. But once you’ve become familiar with controlling the cart, it feels like having a personal caddy at your service.

I appreciated the people avoidance feature when someone accidentally walked between me and the cart. The R3 slowed down, letting the person pass, before continuing its path to me. Nevertheless, the people avoidance system could be more reliable as there were a few times when the cart slightly wobbled before continuing.

One drawback about the CaddyTrek R3 is the limited number of reviews available, making it difficult to assess the long-term satisfaction of other golfers. However, my experience with the product has been satisfactory so far, and I am impressed by the overall convenience it brings on the golf course.

Overall, I recommend trying the CaddyTrek R3 for golfers seeking a hands-free, tech-friendly caddy that can enhance their game experience. Just be prepared to invest some time in mastering the hand gestures for controlling the cart.

Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart with Remote Control – GRi-1500Li V2

The Cart-Tek GRi-1500Li V2 is an excellent investment for golfers looking for a convenient and easy-to-use electric golf caddy.


  • Great slope control for uneven terrain
  • Remote-controlled with adjustable settings
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery


  • Could be more user-friendly during daily setup
  • Adaptive slope control can be improved
  • Slightly heavy compared to some alternatives

When I tried out the Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart, I was immediately impressed by how well it performed on the golf course. The remote control feature allowed me to easily steer the cart. In addition, the adjustable settings enabled me to customize my caddy to suit my needs.

Of course, as with any product, there were a few challenges. The cart’s daily setup required a bit of time to get used to, but it didn’t take long before I could get it ready in under a minute. I also found that while the slope control was helpful, it could use some improvement for a smoother experience on uneven ground.

Despite the cons, the Cart-Tek GRi-1500Li V2 is still an outstanding electric golf caddy. Its durability and long-lasting battery life made it a reliable companion on the golf course. Although it’s slightly heavier than some alternatives, the trade-off in performance and longevity is worth it in my opinion.

In conclusion, the Cart-Tek Electric Golf Push Cart offers solid performance and convenience for golfers looking to save their energy for their swing. With a few minor improvements in user-friendliness and slope control, this cart would be perfect for any golfer in need of an electric caddy on the course.

Buying Guide

As a passionate golfer, I know how important it is to choose the right electric golf caddy that fits my personal preferences and needs. In this buying guide, I’ll share some essential factors to consider while purchasing the best electric golf caddy for your game.

Battery Life

One of the most critical aspects of an electric golf caddy is its battery life. Look for a caddy that offers a long-lasting battery that can easily cover at least 18 holes. Always consider the charging time and the overall battery life to ensure you are not left stranded mid-game.

Weight and Portability

A lightweight and portable caddy is much easier to use and transport. When choosing an electric golf caddy, ensure it is light enough to easily maneuver on the golf course. Additionally, it should be foldable or collapsible for effortless storage and transportation.

Tire Design

The tire design plays a crucial role in ensuring stability and smooth maneuverability on various terrains. Opt for a caddy that features sturdy, airless tires that provide excellent traction and do not require frequent maintenance.

Control and Speed

The ability to control your electric golf caddy’s speed is vital for an enjoyable golfing experience. A good caddy should have an adjustable speed setting, allowing you to move at your own pace. Moreover, look for easy-to-use remote controls for a seamless operation.

Warranty and Customer Support

A solid warranty can provide peace of mind when investing in an electric golf caddy. It is important to choose a caddy that comes with a reasonable warranty period, covering any possible manufacturing defects or performance issues. Additionally, reliable customer support ensures you get timely assistance with any issues that may arise.

By considering these factors, I can confidently find the perfect electric golf caddy to enhance my golf game and make it more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which electric golf caddy has the best features?

As a passionate golfer, I can say that the best features vary depending on personal preferences. However, some electric golf caddies stand out due to their advanced technology and convenience. The MGI Zip Navigator and Motocaddy M7 Remote are two popular models with impressive features, such as remote control and compact folding designs.

What are the top electric golf caddies with remote control?

From my experience and research, the top electric golf caddies with remote control are the MGI Zip Navigator, Motocaddy M7 Remote, and the Stewart Golf X9 Follow. These models offer precise movement, long battery life, and an abundance of features that make them worth the investment for avid golfers.

How does MGI Zip Navigator compare to Motocaddy?

Both the MGI Zip Navigator and Motocaddy are powerful and reliable electric caddies with their unique characteristics. The MGI Zip Navigator shines with its built-in gyroscope and twin calibrated motors, ensuring accurate control. On the other hand, the Motocaddy M7 Remote boasts a high-resolution LCD screen and nine-speed settings. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preferences when choosing between these two excellent options.

Are electric caddies a good investment for golfers?

In my opinion, electric caddies can be a great investment for golfers, especially those who play regularly. They save energy by reducing the strain on your body from carrying or pushing a traditional cart. Additionally, they allow you to focus more on your game by making it easier to navigate the course.

What is the most reliable electric golf caddy brand?

While there are several reliable brands in the electric golf caddy market, one brand stands out for its consistency, durability, and customer support – Stewart Golf. Known for their exceptional engineering and attention to detail, Stewart Golf’s caddies have a loyal following and consistently receive high praise from users. That said, other brands like MGI and Motocaddy are also quite reliable.

How do Stewart Golf Q Follow carts perform on the course?

Speaking from personal experience, the Stewart Golf Q Follow carts perform exceptionally well on the course. With features like their Follow and Remote modes, the cart maintains a consistent pace behind you, automatically stopping and starting when needed. The robust design, combined with a high-quality lithium battery, ensures a smooth, enjoyable experience on the course.

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