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Best Cheap Golf Shoes: Top Affordable Picks for 2024

Last Updated on January 23, 2024

Golf demands not just skill and precision, but also the right gear. Crucial among these is your footwear, which can greatly affect your performance and comfort on the course. As an expert with years of experience in golfing gear, I understand the challenge of finding quality golf shoes without overspending. In this article, I’ll guide you through selecting affordable yet effective golf shoes, ensuring you get the best value and performance for your game.

Our Top Choices

I’ve gathered a list of the best affordable golf shoes on the market for you. Let’s dive into our top picks that offer exceptional value without compromising on comfort and performance.

adidas Men’s Ultraboost Golf Shoe

A solid and stylish choice for casual golfers seeking affordable comfort and performance.


  • Lightweight and supportive design
  • Environmentally-friendly materials
  • Flexible spikeless outsole


  • Not waterproof
  • Narrow waist compared to toe box
  • Might be difficult to put on

I recently tried out the adidas Men’s Ultraboost Golf Shoe and was impressed by the lightweight and supportive design. The shoe has a PRIMEKNIT upper that hugs and supports your foot, making it comfortable to walk around the course. Plus, it’s made with a mix of recycled polyester and Parley Ocean Plastic, which is great for the environment.

However, I noticed that the shoe isn’t waterproof, so it might not be the best option for golfers who frequently play in wet conditions. Additionally, the waist of the shoe is rather narrow compared to the toe box, which could be a problem for people with wider feet. That said, it worked well for my narrow feet.

Another issue I encountered was getting the shoes on – the tongue and upper are integrated, which can make putting them on a bit tricky. Once they were on, though, I found the fit and feel to be quite comfortable and supportive. The flexible spikeless outsole is another notable feature, as it lets you extend your day beyond the golf course.

All in all, the adidas Men’s Ultraboost Golf Shoe is a reliable, eco-friendly option for casual golfers looking for comfortable, lightweight shoes that won’t break the bank. Just be prepared to deal with a few minor drawbacks in terms of fit and waterproofing.

adidas Men’s Retrocross Spikeless Golf Shoes

These stylish and comfortable golf shoes blend recycled materials with a retro design, making them a great choice for eco-conscious players.


  • Stylish retro design with recycled materials
  • Lightweight feel and flexible fit
  • Waterproof upper


  • Limited color options
  • Not ideal for players needing maximum support
  • May run a bit narrow

I recently tried out the adidas Men’s Retrocross Spikeless Golf Shoes and was pleasantly surprised by their overall quality and performance. The Retrocross design does a fantastic job of combining style and function, making them perfect for casual golf rounds and off-course wear. The recycled materials used in the construction not only give the shoes a unique look, but they also contribute to the global movement against plastic waste.

The lightweight feel of these shoes makes them incredibly comfortable during long walks on the golf course, and the flexible fit adds to that comfort. My feet stayed dry in damp conditions, thanks to the waterproof upper. I appreciate the eco-friendly approach adidas took with at least 50% of the upper materials being recycled, which aligns with my personal values.

However, I do have a few minor reservations about the Retrocross Spikeless Golf Shoes. Firstly, the color options are relatively limited, so those looking for more unique colors may be left wanting. As someone who tends to prefer more support within their shoes, I also found these spikeless shoes lacking in that regard. Finally, I noticed that they run a bit narrow, which could cause discomfort for players with wider feet.

In conclusion, the adidas Men’s Retrocross Spikeless Golf Shoes are a stylish and comfortable option for casual golfers who prioritize sustainability. While they may lack some features needed by higher-level golfers, they are perfect for those seeking a more eco-friendly option on the golf course.

FootJoy Men’s Fj Fuel Golf Shoe 10.5 White/Black/Orange

The FootJoy Men’s Fj Fuel Golf Shoe offers excellent comfort and grip at an affordable price for golfers seeking both style and performance.


  • Comfortable fit and excellent support
  • Easy-to-clean synthetic upper
  • Pro|SL inspired outsole technology for enhanced grip


  • May feel slightly narrow in the heel area
  • Not made in the USA
  • Insole cleats are not removable

I recently tried out the FootJoy Men’s Fj Fuel Golf Shoe for myself and was pleased with its comfort and design. The 100% leather synthetic upper not only gave the shoe a sleek, dynamic look, but also made it really easy to clean. Perfect for those days on the golf course when you’re left with muddy kicks.

The Fuel golf shoe also features Stratolite EVA midsole and patented Stability Bridge, making it an excellent choice for golfers who value support and stability on the course. I particularly appreciated the Pro|SL inspired outsole technology, as it provided me with excellent grip and performance during my swings. The shoe’s full rounded toe character and slightly narrow heel made the shoe fit snugly but remained comfortable throughout the day.

One thing to note is that the shoe may feel a bit narrow in the heel area for some golfers. Additionally, these shoes are not made in the USA, which may be a drawback for those looking for American-made products. Finally, the insole cleats are not removable, which could be a disadvantage for golfers who prefer to change out their cleats.

Overall, I found the FootJoy Men’s Fj Fuel Golf Shoe to be stylish, comfortable, and functional at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a dependable golf shoe that doesn’t break the bank, this one might be worth considering.

adidas Men’s Zg23 Vent Golf Shoes 12 Dash Grey/Ftwr White/Silver Met.

The adidas Zg23 Vent Golf Shoes offer an incredibly lightweight build, tournament-level performance, and a ventilated design perfect for hot days on the course.


  • Breathable mesh upper for enhanced airflow
  • Lightstrike cushioning for optimal comfort
  • Made with at least 50% recycled content for a more eco-friendly option


  • May feel too lightweight for some players
  • Not exceptionally waterproof
  • Limited color options

As a casual golfer, I found these adidas Zg23 Vent Golf Shoes to be incredibly comfortable during my time on the course. The breathable mesh upper allowed for great airflow, keeping my feet cool and dry even on the hottest days.

Moreover, the Lightstrike cushioning added extra comfort to each step I took. This reduced the overall fatigue I experienced during an 18-hole round. It’s also great to know that the upper features at least 50% recycled content, making these shoes a more environmentally-conscious choice.

On the downside, these shoes might not be suitable for those who prefer a more robust golf shoe. They are lightweight and may not provide ample support for more aggressive players. Additionally, these shoes lack sufficient waterproofing, which could be a concern during wet conditions. Lastly, the limited color options might not cater to everyone’s preference.

However, considering the affordable price, comfort, and eco-friendly design, I believe these adidas Men’s Zg23 Vent Golf Shoes are an excellent option for golfers looking for the best cheap golf shoes.

adidas Men’s Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoe

The adidas Men’s Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoe is an excellent choice for affordable, comfortable, and stable golf footwear.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Comfortable Cloudfoam cushioning
  • Durable non-marking adiwear outsole


  • Not weather-resistant
  • Wide fit may not suit everyone
  • Limited color options

I recently started wearing the adidas Men’s Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoes and immediately noticed their lightweight and breathable design. My feet stayed cool and comfortable throughout the entire game, thanks to the Cloudfoam cushioning.

The shoe’s durable non-marking adiwear outsole features X-Traxion primary lugs for excellent grip and balance on the greens, as well as green-friendly thintech EXP cleats. These shoes not only provided optimum support during my swings but also prevented any damage to the course itself.

However, I must point out that these shoes are not weather-resistant, so they might not be suitable for golfers who frequently play in wet conditions. Additionally, the shoes have a wide fit, which may not be ideal for everyone, but they worked well for me. Finally, there are a limited number of color options, although the available colors are quite versatile.

Overall, the adidas Men’s Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoe offers a fantastic combination of comfort, stability, and affordability.

PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe

These PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes are an excellent choice for those seeking comfort, style, and performance without draining their wallets.


  • Comfortable fit and feel
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Good traction on the course


  • May not be suitable for those with wider feet
  • Insole support could be better
  • Not as durable as some competitors

I recently wore these PUMA Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes and was pleasantly surprised by their comfort and overall performance. The breathable mesh upper kept my feet cool during my round, while the rubber sole provided reliable grip on various surfaces. This made walking the course a more enjoyable experience, even on longer days.

However, I noticed that the insole support could be better. For those who need extra support, swapping it out with a more cushioning insole might be necessary. Additionally, these shoes may not be suitable for golfers with wider feet, as the anatomically-shaped grip comfort last has a more tapered and narrower design.

In terms of durability, the PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe held up well during the time I used them, but I suspect they may not last as long as more expensive options. Regardless, for the affordable price, I think these shoes offer excellent value, especially for golfers who prioritize comfort, breathability, and style on the course.

In summary, if you’re in the market for affordable, comfortable golf shoes with reliable traction and breathability, the PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes are worth considering. Just bear in mind the potential limitations regarding support and durability before making your decision.

adidas Men’s S2g Spikeless Golf Shoes

These comfortable and stylish adidas golf shoes offer a great balance of comfort and performance at an affordable price.


  • Comfortable and flexible Bounce midsole
  • Durable and grippy Traxion rubber outsole
  • Primegreen construction using recycled materials


  • Some durability concerns with the fabric upper
  • Sizing might be slightly off for some users
  • Not a significant improvement to your golf skills

I just played a round of golf in these adidas Men’s S2g Spikeless Golf Shoes and I must say they were pretty comfortable. The Bounce midsole provided a cushioned and flexible feel throughout the game, which is important when walking through the course. Additionally, the spikeless V-Traxion outsole offered excellent grip and stability, making me feel confident and steady even on wet surfaces.

I also appreciate the use of Primegreen materials in these shoes. They’re made with 50% recycled content, which is an eco-friendly bonus. The design and style itself are sleek, with the white, grey, and subtle color options blending well with any golf attire.

However, I did notice some splitting on the fabric upper after playing for almost an entire season. Durability may be a concern for those who frequently walk the course. Another issue was the sizing – my regular size felt a bit large, so consider checking other buyers’ reviews for their sizing experiences.

All in all, if you’re looking for an affordable, comfortable, and eco-friendly golf shoe, the adidas Men’s S2g Spikeless Golf Shoes are worth considering. Just be aware of the potential durability and sizing issues.

adidas Men’s Tech Response 3.0 Golf Shoe

I highly recommend the adidas Men’s Tech Response 3.0 Golf Shoe for golfers seeking comfort, stability, and eco-friendly materials at an affordable price.


  • Comfortable Bounce midsole
  • Waterproof upper with 50% recycled content
  • Spiked Traxion outsole for excellent grip


  • May need to size up for a better fit
  • Not fully waterproof for heavy rain conditions
  • Premium pricing for recycled materials

When I first slipped on these adidas Men’s Tech Response 3.0 Golf Shoes, I immediately noticed the bounce midsole providing a cushioned feeling with every step I took. The padded tongue and collar further enhanced the overall comfort, making them perfect for long hours on the golf course.

The spiked Traxion outsole offered excellent grip and stability during my swings and transitions. I was particularly impressed by its multi-directional grip, which kept me confident and secure on various terrains. While golfing in damp conditions, the waterproof upper effectively kept my feet dry, giving me one less thing to worry about.

One of the noteworthy aspects of this shoe is its commitment to eco-friendliness, with at least 50% recycled content in the upper. It’s a great initiative by adidas to contribute to ending plastic waste, while still maintaining a high-quality construction.

However, I did find the sizing to be slightly off, and you may need to go a size up for a more comfortable fit. Moreover, these shoes may not be suitable for heavy rain conditions, as they are not fully waterproof. Lastly, though the use of recycled materials is commendable, the premium pricing may not be to everyone’s liking.

In conclusion, the adidas Men’s Tech Response 3.0 Golf Shoe offers a comfortable, stable, and eco-friendly option for golfers. With excellent grip, waterproof upper, and a commitment to sustainability, these shoes are a reliable and responsible choice for your golf game. Just be sure to order the right size and keep in mind the limitations regarding waterproofing and pricing.

Callaway Men’s Balboa Sport Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe

The Callaway Men’s Balboa Sport Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe is an exceptional choice for those seeking high performance and comfort without breaking the bank.


  • Waterproof leather uppers with a 1-year warranty
  • Opti-Vent mesh liner for breathability
  • Spikeless Dura-Rubber outsole for traction


  • Limited color options
  • May require a break-in period
  • Heavier than some competitors

I finally had the chance to try out the Callaway Men’s Balboa Sport Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe on the course this past weekend. Straight away, I could feel the waterproof Opti-Dri leather uppers doing their job and providing my feet with excellent protection from the damp conditions. These shoes truly lived up to the waterproof claim, and the 1-year warranty definitely gives me peace of mind.

Apart from keeping me dry, the Opti-Vent mesh liner helped regulate the temperature inside the shoe and provided much-needed breathability during my round. Moreover, the 5-millimeter molded PLUSfoam insoles offered comfortable cushioning and the Opti-soft EVA midsoles ensured a natural ground feel.

One of the main highlights of these shoes is the spikeless Dura-Rubber outsole. Each step felt secure, and the multi-directional traction-control lugs proved to be very effective. They enabled me to make confident swings and maintain stability on various types of terrain.

Just be prepared for a possible break-in period. In my experience, the shoes needed some time to adapt to the shape of my feet, but after that, they were extremely comfortable. Additionally, be aware that they are a bit on the heavier side compared to other golf shoes in the market. However, considering their durability and performance, this is a trade-off I’m willing to accept.

In conclusion, the Callaway Men’s Balboa Sport Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe offers great value with its effective waterproofing, breathability, and traction. While there could be some minor drawbacks regarding break-in time and weight, the overall performance makes them a worthwhile choice for golfers seeking high-quality footwear at an affordable price.

adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoe

I highly recommend the adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoe for its perfect blend of performance and affordability.


  • Durable full grain leather upper
  • Comfortable BOOST midsole
  • Eco-friendly, made with at least 50% recycled content


  • Limited color options
  • Leather sole may be less breathable
  • Spikeless design might not suit all players

When I slipped on the adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoe, I instantly appreciated the premium feel of the full grain leather upper. Not only does it look stylish on the course, but it also offers impressive durability, which is a great bonus for a budget-friendly golf shoe.

The BOOST midsole made a noticeable difference in my overall comfort throughout a long day on the course. It provided ample cushioning and energy return, allowing me to focus on my swing and enjoy the game. Additionally, I was impressed by the eco-friendly aspect of the shoe, knowing that at least 50% of the upper is made from recycled materials, demonstrating adidas’ commitment to reducing plastic waste.

However, I did find the leather sole to be less breathable compared to some other golf shoes I’ve tried. Additionally, the spikeless outsole may not suit players seeking maximum traction and stability during their swing. Lastly, the limited color options might not satisfy everyone’s aesthetic preferences.

In conclusion, the adidas MC80 Spikeless Golf Shoe is an excellent choice for those looking for budget-friendly golf shoes that offer a blend of style, comfort, and durability. The eco-friendly aspect is a noteworthy bonus, making it a perfect option for environmentally-conscious golfers.

Buying Guide

When it comes to finding the best cheap golf shoes, it’s important to balance quality, comfort, and price. In this buying guide, I’ll share some tips on what to look for when choosing the right pair of golf shoes within a budget.

Comfort and Fit

The most crucial aspect to consider is the comfort and fit of the shoes. I recommend trying on multiple sizes and styles to find the one that fits your feet best. Remember that everyone’s feet are different, so be patient and find a pair that feels comfortable and snug without causing any pain or discomfort.

Material and Build Quality

Look for golf shoes made from durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of walking on the golf course. Some materials to consider include:

  • Synthetic leather: Lightweight, water-resistant, and easy to clean, but may not offer the same level of breathability as natural leather.
  • Natural leather: Provides excellent breathability and comfort, but may be more expensive and require more maintenance.

Ensure that the shoes have solid construction with reinforced stitching and proper arch support to prevent potential injuries and enhance overall stability.


Depending on the weather conditions and the courses you play, waterproof golf shoes may be a necessity. When looking for budget-friendly waterproof shoes, make sure they have a waterproof lining or treatment to prevent water from seeping in during those rainy days on the course.

Traction and Grip

The outsole of the golf shoe plays a crucial role in providing grip and traction. There are two types of outsole options to consider:

  1. Spiked golf shoes: Feature plastic or metal spikes on the outsole for better traction on the grass. However, they might not be allowed on certain courses, and you’ll need to replace the spikes over time.

  2. Spikeless golf shoes: Offer rubber nubs or dimples on the sole for traction. They are more versatile and can be worn off the golf course, but may not provide the same level of grip as spiked shoes.

Style and Design

While aesthetics should not be your main priority, it’s still nice to have shoes that complement your golf attire. Look for designs that match your personal style and suit your golf wardrobe.

By considering these factors, you’ll be well-equipped to find the best cheap golf shoes that offer both quality and value. Happy golfing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top affordable golf shoe brands?

In my experience, some of the top affordable golf shoe brands include Adidas, Skechers, Puma, and FootJoy. Each of these companies produces quality golf shoes at budget-friendly prices. I have personally worn shoes from these brands and found them to have a comfortable fit and great traction on the greens.

Which golf shoes provide the best value under $100?

Under $100, I recommend Skechers Go Golf Elite 3, Adidas Tech Response, and Puma Grip Fusion Sport. These golf shoes offer excellent value, with decent cushioning, good stability, and solid performance on the course. I have tried various models in this price range and these shoes have impressed me the most.

What are the most comfortable budget-friendly golf shoes?

For the most comfortable budget-friendly golf shoes, my top picks are Skechers Go Golf Max and Puma Ignite Fasten8. These shoes boast superb comfort, thanks to their cushioned insoles and flexible construction. Based on my experience, they feel great throughout the entire round, helping to avoid fatigue and discomfort.

Are there quality men’s golf shoes under $50?

Yes, there are quality men’s golf shoes available under $50. Brands like New Balance and Callaway offer decent options, such as the New Balance Minimus SL and Callaway Balboa Vent. While they may not have all the bells and whistles of higher-priced models, my experience with these shoes has been positive in terms of comfort and performance.

What types of affordable golf shoes do professionals wear?

While many professionals wear high-end golf shoes with premium features, some do opt for affordable models. One example is the Adidas Tour360, which offers a nice balance of comfort, stability, and performance without breaking the bank. I’ve seen professionals sporting similar shoes on the course, showcasing that you don’t always need to spend a fortune to play your best golf.

Can I find performance-oriented golf shoes at a low price?

Yes, you can find performance-oriented golf shoes at a low price. Some of my recommendations in this category include the Adidas Tech Response, Skechers Go Golf Elite 3, and Puma Grip Fusion Sport. These shoes offer great traction, stability, and support while remaining affordable, allowing you to remain competitive without overspending on footwear.

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