Where Is Royal Birkdale Golf Club

Unveiling the Splendor: Where Is Royal Birkdale Golf Club?

Last Updated on November 6, 2023

If you’re looking to tee off at one of the UK’s most iconic golf clubs, then you’ll want to know where Royal Birkdale Golf Club is. Situated in Southport, England’s northwest coast is home to this legendary golf club with a long history of hosting major tournaments and players. From discovering its rich heritage and playing a round or two yourself – there are plenty of reasons why it should be top-of-mind for any avid golfer. So if you’re wondering where is Royal Birkdale golf club located, read on as we explore everything about this legendary course.

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Exploring Royal Birkdale Golf Club: Where to Find It

Situated along the Lancashire Coast, Royal Birkdale Golf Club is renowned as one of Britain’s most iconic courses. Nestled on the picturesque Lancashire Coast, Royal Birkdale Golf Club has been a beloved destination since its inception in 1889. Boasting magnificent sights of the Irish Sea and verdant fairways, Royal Birkdale Golf Club is a renowned destination for golfers from near and far.

For those looking for Royal Birkdale Golf Club, you’ll find it nestled between Southport and Formby in Merseyside County. It’s just off the A565 road, making it easily accessible by car or public transport. Once you get to the Royal Birkdale Golf Club, there are numerous parking spots both at the location and in its vicinity.

When playing at Royal Birkdale Golf Course, there are two main loops: The Championship Loop, which consists of nine championship tees (par 72) and The Open Loop, which consists of nine open tees (par 70). Both loops offer challenging but rewarding rounds where players can test their skills against some truly magnificent scenery – perfect for an afternoon spent outdoors with friends or family members alike. In addition to these two main loops, there are also practice facilities such as driving ranges and putting greens available should anyone need them prior to teeing off.

No matter what type of golfer you may be – beginner or professional – everyone who visits Royal Birkdale Golf Course will experience something special thanks to its unique location along England’s coastline combined with its rich history spanning more than 130 years. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable round filled with breathtaking views, then look no further than Royal Birkdale Golf Club; the home of champions awaits.

Exploring Royal Birkdale Golf Club has been a great journey, and now it’s time to discover the history of this iconic golf club. By delving into its past, we can gain an even deeper appreciation for what makes Royal Birkdale so special.

Key Takeaway: Royal Birkdale Golf Club is a renowned course in Lancashire, offering experienced players the opportunity to challenge themselves against stunning views of the Irish Sea. With two main loops and practice facilities available, it’s no wonder why this 130 year old golf club has become such an iconic destination for golfers worldwide.

Discovering the History of Royal Birkdale Golf Club

Royal Birkdale Golf Club is a renowned golfing spot in the United Kingdom, established in 1889 and crafted by the acclaimed George Lowe. Situated on the North West coast of England, Royal Birkdale Golf Club has been a popular destination for golfers since its inception in 1889, designed by George Lowe who had already crafted courses at Prestwick and Royal Liverpool. The course was designed by legendary golfer and architect George Lowe, who had previously created courses at Prestwick and Royal Liverpool.


Royal Birkdale Golf Club was founded by members of Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club when they decided to move to their current location near Hillside. It quickly gained popularity due to its challenging yet rewarding layout that allowed players to take full advantage of their skillset. Over time, Royal Birkdale has become renowned as one of the best championship links courses in Europe and regularly hosts some of the biggest tournaments on the professional circuit, including The Open Championship, Ryder Cup Matches, and Walker Cup matches.

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The 18-hole course stretches over 6,854 yards with an array of hazards such as bunkers, streams and dunes, ensuring that each hole presents a unique challenge for players regardless of ability level or experience. With five sets of tees available from forward through championship lengths, there’s something for everyone here at Royal Birkdale.

Royal Birkdale Golf Club has been the stage for some of golf’s most prestigious events, with ten Open Championships (1965-2008), two Ryder Cups (1969 and 1977), three Curtis Cups (1962, 1986 and 1996), as well as the Senior British Open Championship in 2008/2009 season gracing its grounds. It is a testament to its challenging yet rewarding layout that it can accommodate such high profile tournaments without fail.


Along with providing a great test for all levels, this world-class venue also offers top notch facilities, such as a driving range practice area where you can hone your game before heading out onto the course. There are also several restaurants available should you need refreshments after your round. Additionally, there are pro shops located both onsite and online where you can purchase anything from clubs right down to accessories needed during play.

Discovering the history of Royal Birkdale Golf Club was an enlightening experience that revealed a rich and fascinating past. Continuing on our journey, let us now delve into the experience of playing at Royal Birkdale Golf Club – from its amenities to its stunning landscape, it is an unforgettable adventure.

Key Takeaway: Royal Birkdale Golf Club is a world-renowned course that has hosted some of golf’s most prestigious tournaments, boasting an impressive layout with challenging hazards and five sets of tees for all skill levels. It offers top notch facilities such as driving range practice areas and pro shops both onsite and online, making it the perfect place to hone your game or buy equipment.

Playing at Royal Birkdale Golf Club: What to Expect

Players visiting Royal Birkdale can expect a challenging and rewarding round of golf that will test even the most experienced players.

The Course

The fairways are wide but demanding, with tight lies and plenty of bunkers to challenge your shot accuracy and strategy skills. The greens are also well-defended by bunkers and other hazards making for an interesting round that rewards good play while punishing bad shots.

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Weather Conditions

As is common with any outdoor sport in Britain, weather conditions can vary greatly depending on when you visit Royal Birkdale, so be sure to check ahead before booking your tee time. You may find yourself battling strong winds off the Irish Sea or enjoying sunny skies – either way, it’s always best to come prepared for anything Mother Nature throws at you during your game here.

Playing at Royal Birkdale Golf Club is an unforgettable experience that no golfer should miss out on during their travels through England’s northwest region. From its breathtaking views across Morecambe Bay to its challenging yet enjoyable layout, this course provides something for everyone who loves playing golf regardless of skill level or handicap rating. So what are you waiting for? Grab your clubs and get ready for an amazing day out at one of Britain’s top courses; it won’t disappoint.

Key Takeaway: Royal Birkdale Golf Club is a renowned championship course located in Southport, Merseyside, that offers an exciting and challenging round of golf. With wide fairways, well-defended greens, pro shop with lessons available and a clubhouse restaurant to refuel after your game – it’s no wonder this prestigious venue has hosted numerous tournaments over its storied history. So what are you waiting for? Tee up at Royal Birkdale today and get ready for the ultimate golfing experience.

FAQs in Relation to Where is Royal Birkdale Golf Club

In which town is Royal Birkdale golf course?

Royal Birkdale golf course is located in Southport, England. It is a championship links course and has hosted many major tournaments over the years, including The Open Championship nine times since 1954. Royal Birkdale Golf Club was founded in 1889 and remains one of the most renowned courses on the British Isles today. Golfers seeking to advance their skills can take pleasure in the breathtaking vistas of both land and sea at this celebrated course.

What is Birkdale famous for?

Birkdale, renowned among golfers for its testing terrain and scenic views, is one of the UK’s most celebrated courses. Located near Southport on Merseyside, it has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments over the years including The Open Championship eight times since 1954. It also regularly hosts other major events such as the Ricoh Women’s British Open and Senior Open Championship. Its signature hole is widely regarded as one of the toughest par 4s in Britain – measuring over 500 yards from tee to green with a water hazard running down its left side. Birkdale’s lush fairways and fast greens make it an enjoyable yet demanding test of golfing ability that will challenge even experienced players.

Who are the captains of Royal Birkdale Golf Club?

The captains of Royal Birkdale Golf Club are James J. Corless and Paul Atherton. James’ extensive amateur golfing career has been followed by his role as captain at Royal Birkdale since 2023, while Paul’s involvement with the club dates back to 2006, and he is currently serving as captain since 2023. Paul has held various roles within the club since 2006, including secretary and vice-captain prior to his current position as captain from 2023 onwards. Both men are highly experienced and knowledgeable, providing a guarantee that Royal Birkdale will remain one of the top clubs in Britain for many years.


Whether you’re looking for a place to practice your golf game or just want to experience the history of Royal Birkdale Golf Club, this course is sure to impress. Situated in Southport, England, Royal Birkdale Golf Club is easy to locate for those familiar with the area. With its stunning views and challenging courses, Royal Birkdale Golf Club has something for everyone – so why not take a trip there today? Who knows – maybe one day you’ll be able to call yourself an honorary member at the prestigious club that is Royal Birkdale Golf Club.

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