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What Is the Longest Golf Drive? Let’s Tee Off and Find Out!

Last Updated on October 19, 2023

Golf is a game of power and precision, but what about the longest golf drive? The amazing feats that have been achieved on the fairway over time are nothing short of incredible. From record-breaking drives to factors that affect distance, let’s look at some of these remarkable stories behind the longest golf drive in history. So, let’s explore all things related to this awe-inspiring feat – you may be surprised by just how far someone can hit a ball.

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The Record-Breaking Drive

Mike Austin’s record-breaking drive of 515 yards is a feat that has yet to be matched. On May 6th, 1974, at the Winterwood Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mike Austin made history with his impressive shot. The conditions were perfect for this remarkable event; the course was dry, and the wind was calm.

Austin used a persimmon driver head and balata ball, which gave him an advantage over today’s modern equipment. He also had a strong swing speed of around 120 mph which allowed him to hit the ball farther than most golfers can achieve today.

The hole on which he set this record was a par 5, measuring 495 yards from tee to green. It took two shots for Austin to reach the green, but it only took one shot for him to make history. His first drive flew past all expectations as it soared through the air at an incredible distance of 515 yards – shattering any previous records by more than 30 yards.

The impact of this historic moment still resonates with golfers today who are inspired by Austin’s amazing accomplishment and strive to match or even surpass his record-breaking drive. Although no one has been able to replicate such an extraordinary feat since then, many have come close, including professional golfer Jason Zuback who drove 500 yards in 2002 during a long driving competition in Canada.

Mike Austin’s legendary drive serves as motivation for aspiring golfers everywhere and proves that anything is possible if you put your mind and muscles into it. Professional golfer Jason Zuback came close to matching the record in 2002, driving 500 yards during a long driving competition in Canada. This historic moment still resonates with golfers today who are inspired by Austin’s amazing accomplishment and strive to match or even surpass his record-breaking drive.

Key Takeaway: With determination and the right conditions, anything is possible; Mike Austin’s record-breaking 515-yard drive serves as an inspiration for golfers to push their limits.

Factors That Affect Distance

Club head speed is one of the most important factors that affect how far a golf ball can travel when hit by a driver. The faster you swing your club, the farther your ball will go. However, it’s not just about swinging as hard as you can; proper technique and form are also essential for maximising distance. Make sure to keep your arms straight and follow through on each shot to ensure maximum power transfer from the clubhead to the ball.

club head and a golf ball on a tee

Launch angle is another factor that affects how far a golf ball travels when hit with a driver. Generally speaking, higher launch angles result in more carry distance (the total distance travelled by the golf ball). To achieve this effect, try using an open stance and aiming slightly left of the target (for right-handed players). Additionally, make sure to use enough loft on your driver so that you don’t spin out too much backspin, which would cause the ball to drop quickly after hitting it off the tee box.

Spin rate is yet another factor that influences how far a golf ball travels when hit with a driver. Low spin rates tend to produce longer drives since less backspin causes less drag against air resistance resulting in more carry distance overall. To reduce spin rate while driving off tees, try using stiffer shafts or lighter weights on drivers as well as choosing clubs with lower lofts for better control over shots taken from further distances away from greenside hazards like bunkers or water hazards.

Key Takeaway: The key takeaway is that club head speed, launch angle, and spin rate are all important factors for achieving the longest golf drive. To maximise distance, make sure to have proper technique and form while also using stiffer shafts or lighter weights on drivers with lower lofts.

FAQs in Relation to What is the Longest Golf Drive

What is the longest drive by Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods holds the record for the longest drive in professional golf. On April 7th, 2002, at the Mercedes Championships in Hawaii, he hit a 341-yard drive on the par 5 18th hole. This was an incredible feat of power and accuracy that has yet to be surpassed by any other golfer. His remarkable shot set a new standard for long drives and is still remembered as one of his greatest achievements on the course. Tiger’s drive remains the longest in professional golf and is a testament to his skill and power.

Who holds the record for the longest drive in golf?

The record for the longest drive in golf is held by Mike Austin, who hit a 515-yard drive at the 1974 US National Seniors Open. The feat was accomplished on the par-5 6th hole of the Las Vegas Country Club and remains unbeaten to this day. Austin’s shot has been described as “the greatest single golf shot ever seen” and stands as an incredible example of skill and power. His record serves as an inspiration to all aspiring golfers looking to make their mark in history.

What is considered a long drive in golf?

A long drive in golf is defined as a shot that travels over 250 yards. It requires tremendous power and accuracy to achieve this distance, making it an impressive feat for any golfer. The longest recorded drive ever made was 515 yards by professional golfer Mike Austin in 1974 at the US National Seniors Open Championship. Long drives are often used to gain an advantage on par-5 holes or reach greens that would otherwise be out of range. With the right technique and equipment, even amateur golfers can experience the thrill of hitting a long drive.

Is it possible to drive a golf ball 400 yards?

Yes, it is possible to drive a golf ball 400 yards. With the right combination of technique and equipment, a golfer can hit a ball at an incredible distance. A well-struck shot with the right clubhead speed and launch angle can send the ball soaring through the air for an impressive 400-yard carry. Additionally, modern technology has allowed for clubs that are designed to maximise power and accuracy when hitting long drives, further increasing your chances of achieving this feat. With practice and the right equipment, any golfer can hit a golf ball 400 yards.


The longest golf drive is an impressive feat that requires a combination of skill, technique and luck. While the record-breaking drive stands as an incredible accomplishment, there have been many other long drives throughout history that are just as impressive. The factors that affect distance in a golf drive are numerous and include everything from the type of club used to the weather conditions on the day. No matter what your personal best may be, it’s always worth remembering that when golfing prowess, you can’t underestimate the power of a well-executed swing.

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