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What Is Greensomes in Golf? Get Ready to Tee Off and Find Out!

Last Updated on October 26, 2023

Golfers who are looking to spice up their game should look no further than greensomes in golf. This unique twist on the traditional fourball format offers players a chance to test their skills and strategies for an exciting round of golf. Greensomes is quickly becoming one of the most popular formats among amateur and professional players alike, so if you’re wondering what it’s all about – read on. We’ll explain how this interesting variant works, discuss its benefits, outline some key rules, and provide strategies for winning your next greensomes match. So grab your clubs (and maybe even a partner) and get ready to learn more about greensomes in golf.

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What Is Greensomes?

Greensomes is a popular golf format that has been around for many years. It’s a variation of the fourball match play game, and it’s played by two teams of two players each. The idea behind greensomes is to combine the best shots from both players on each hole.

Greensomes differs from other formats like stroke play and match play because there are no individual scores kept; instead, only team scores are recorded at the end of each round. This makes it an ideal format for friendly competition between friends or family members who may have different skill levels when playing golf.

Greensomes offers a great way for golfers with varying abilities to enjoy some friendly competition without having any one person feeling left out due to lack of experience or skill level compared to others in their group. With its simple rules and easy-to-follow scoring system, it is no wonder why so many people continue choosing this fun format over traditional stroke play or match play games.

Rules of Greensomes

Greensomes is a type of golf game that is played between two teams, each consisting of two players. It’s similar to foursomes in the sense that both team members tee off on every hole and then decide which ball they will use for their second shot. The difference lies in how the decision is made; while in foursomes, it’s usually done by mutual agreement, with greensomes, it’s done by playing one another’s shots.

The first rule of greensomes is that each player must hit his or her own drive from the tee box on every hole. This means that if one player hits a better drive than the other, they can choose to play their partner’s ball instead of theirs. Once this decision has been made, both players are allowed to hit their second shots from wherever their chosen ball lies on the course – regardless of who originally drove it there.

Another important rule when playing greensomes is that all putts must be taken alternately: meaning if Player A puts first on one hole, Player B will put first on the next hole (and vice versa). If either player misses a putt within three feet (or 90 cm), then they have the option to pick up and concede rather than having to finish out the entire round with alternating putts.

Finally, remember that, like most golf games, etiquette still applies even when playing greensomes – so always treat your opponents and fellow players with respect throughout your round. Be sure to check any local rules or regulations at the course before starting your game, as these may affect how you play certain holes or strokes during your round. For example, some courses may require you to drop balls within a certain distance after hitting hazards such as water or sand traps.

Key Takeaway: Greensomes is a golf game played between two teams of two players. Each player must hit their own drive from the tee box, and all putts must be taken alternately. Remember to abide by local rules and etiquette when playing greensomes for an enjoyable round.

Benefits of Playing Greensomes

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Greensomes is a fun and unique way to play golf that involves two players working together as a team. It’s an interesting twist on the traditional game of golf, which can make it more enjoyable for those who are looking for something different.

One of the main benefits of playing greensomes is increased camaraderie between teammates. Working together in this format encourages players to communicate and strategise with each other, leading to better relationships on the course. This makes it easier for teams to stay focused and motivated during their rounds, resulting in improved performance overall.

Another great benefit of playing greensomes is that it allows players to have more fun while on the course. Since both members of a team are involved in every shot, there’s always someone else around to help you celebrate when things go well or commiserate when they don’t go as planned. Plus, since only one ball per hole needs to be played by each team, there’s less time spent searching for lost balls or waiting your turn at tee boxes – meaning more time having fun.

Finally, playing greensomes can also help improve your skills over time because you get twice as much practice with each shot than if you were playing alone. Not only do you get feedback from your partner about how well (or not) your shots went, but also seeing how they hit their own shots gives you valuable insight into what works best under certain conditions – knowledge that will come in handy when facing similar situations down the line.

All these factors combine to make greensomes an excellent choice for any golfer looking for an exciting new way to enjoy their favourite sport without sacrificing quality or skill development in the process.

Key Takeaway: Greensomes is a great way to have fun and improve your golf game. It encourages teamwork, allows for more time to enjoy the course, and provides twice as much practice with each shot.

FAQs in Relation to What is Greensomes in Golf

How does Greensomes work in golf?

Each player tees off on each hole, and the team selects the best tee shot to use for their second shots. The other player then plays from where the first shot was played, and they alternate in this way until they reach the green. On the green, both players put out with one ball and take turns putting until it is holed out. This format allows teams to play quickly while still enjoying some friendly competition between teammates.

What is the difference between Greensomes and foursomes?

Greensomes and foursomes are two different types of golf formats. Greensomes is a variation of the foursome format, where both players tee off on each hole and then select the best shot to play from for their second stroke. The other player then plays from that spot for their second stroke. Foursomes is a team game in which two players alternate hitting shots until they reach the green, with one playing the odd-numbered holes and the other playing even-numbered holes. Both greensomes and foursomes involve teams of two players competing against each other, but greensomes allows for more strategy as both players can contribute to every shot taken during play.

How is Greensomes handicap calculated?

Greensomes is a form of golf where two players compete as a team, alternating shots. The handicap for Greensomes is calculated by taking the lower handicap of the two players and adding 75% of the difference between their handicaps. For example, if one player has a handicap of 10 and the other has a handicap of 20, then the Greensomes team would have an overall handicap of 15 (10 + (10-20)*0.75). This calculation ensures that both players are equally challenged in this type of game format.

How to win at Greensomes?

Greensomes is a great way to enjoy golf with friends. It’s a team game where two players play their own ball but then choose the best of the two shots and alternate playing from that spot until they hole out. To win at Greensomes, it’s important to know when to take risks and when to play it safe. Make sure you have good communication between partners so you can decide who should hit which shot. Also, practice your short game, as this will be key in getting up and down for par or better, more often than not. Finally, stay focused on each shot and don’t get too caught up in what your partner is doing – focus on making smart decisions and executing them well.


Greensomes in golf is a great way to have fun and challenge yourself on the course. It’s an interesting format that can be enjoyed by players of all levels, from beginners to experienced pros. With its unique rules and strategies, greensomes can provide a new twist on your game that you won’t soon forget. So grab some friends or family members and give it a try – you might find your new favourite way to play golf.

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