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Brand Label: BKBY

Source: Made in Mainland China

Dimensions: Radius exceeding 62cm

Category: Umbrellas

Composition: 190T Nylon Textile

Target Demographic: Adult Users

Item: Versatile Weather Umbrella

Panel Composition: Black Coated

Design: Compact Three-Fold Style

Product Code: A-Umbrella

Operation: Manual

Functionality: Extendable


  • Feature 1: Enhanced waterproof capabilities
  • Feature 2: Superior wind resistance
  • Feature 3: Optimal UV shield
  • Feature 4: Thermal insulation

Shaft Material: Metallic

Framework: 10 ribs, 130cm span

Utility Scenarios:

  1. Angling Shield
  2. UV Blocker
  3. Expedition Shelter
  4. Gale Defense
  5. School Run Shield
  6. Corporate Hosting Accessory
  7. Journeying Companion
  8. Ultimate Umbrella
  9. Collapsible Shade
  10. Travel-friendly Design

Selection Available: Yes

Product Title: Expanded Triple-Fold Climate Umbrella

Umbrella Fabric: High-density, water-resistant fabric with advanced black adhesive

Curve Span: Roughly 152cm

Canopy Diameter: Around 130cm

Height: Approximately 78cm

Compact Size: About 32cm when folded

Greetings, valued shopper! We’re thrilled you’re considering our expansive sun and rain umbrella. Here’s a closer look at what makes this umbrella a standout choice.

Dual-Use Efficiency: Engineered with cutting-edge protection against both sunshine and precipitation, this umbrella serves as a shield against UV rays and rain, ensuring your comfort in all weather conditions. It’s your defense against the summer heat and a barrier on wet days, keeping you and your attire dry.

Windproof Build: Crafted from robust steel and premium fiber, the structure of this umbrella withstands high winds, preventing it from inverting or sustaining damage, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Travel-Friendly: This climate umbrella effortlessly folds down to a compact, lightweight form for easy transport, fitting seamlessly into bags or being carried without hassle. Deployed, it offers expansive coverage against the elements, marrying convenience with extensive protection.

Extra-Large Coverage: Its generous size exceeds that of standard umbrellas, offering ample space for 2-3 people, making it ideal for shared use with loved ones or friends, underlining its protective qualities.

Choosing our climate umbrella not only addresses your everyday needs but elevates your outdoor experience. Whether navigating city streets or exploring rural landscapes, it’s the perfect travel accessory. Let our umbrella add a layer of convenience and comfort to your life!



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