Golf Club Cleaning Brush and Cotton Towel Golf Clubs Head Groove Cleaner Set Drop Ship


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Brand Information:

– Brand: GOG
– Origin: Mainland China
– Model Number: HZQJQ005
– Series: Pendant/Chaining
– Product Type: Swing Trainer
– Selection Available: Yes

Golf Club Care Set: Brush & Cotton Towel

Golf Towel Details:

– Material: Cotton
– Available Colors: White, Blue, Green, Black
– Dimensions: Approximately 40cm x 32cm (15.75in x 12.6in)

Towel Features:

– Designed for easy attachment to your golf bag or belt, ensuring your golf clubs and balls are clean.
– Constructed from a cotton blend for a soft, durable finish.
– Features a hook for quick access.
– Fast-drying material, lightweight and portable.

Golf Club Brush Specifications:

– Materials: Plastic handle, PP and wire bristles
– Color: Black
– Size: Approximately 18.5cm x 3.5cm (7.28in x 1.38in)
– Weight: 65g

Brush Benefits:

1. Effective Cleaning: Designed for optimal cleaning power to maintain spin on the ball and improve contact, with wire bristles for irons and a sharp pick for cleaning grooves and removing tough dirt.
2. Durable and Comfortable: Constructed with sturdy plastic for lasting use, complemented by a soft rubber grip for comfortable, heavy-duty scrubbing.
3. Easy to Carry: Comes with a retractable 2-foot zip-line carabiner for easy attachment to your golf bag, ensuring quick access.
4. Ultimate Golf Club and Spike Cleaner: Ideal for cleaning club grooves and golf shoes, ensuring peak performance.

Package Contents:

– 1 x Golf Towel
– 1 x Golf Club Brush

Please Note:

– Measurement Conversion: 1cm = 10mm = 0.39 inch.
– Allow for a slight measurement deviation of 1-2 cm.
– Color variation might occur due to differences in monitor settings.

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Blue Towel w Brush, Black Towel w Brush, Green Towel w Brush


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